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A drain with a rusty stain around it.

Cleaning Stains Around a Bathtub DrainThe color of the stain around your tub drain may give a hint as to the cause and thus to the best cleaner for the job. This page offers suggestions for cleaning stains around a bathtub drain.


cleaning tub without hurting back

Cleaning a Tub/Shower Without Straining Your BackThere are many reasons that a person may have trouble kneeling down and leaning into a bathtub for cleaning. There are some clever ways to clean a tub or shower without straining your back.


Pumice Stone for Removing Calcium Buildup

Use a Pumice Stone for Removing Calcium BuildupThese mildly abrasive stones are the perfect cleaning tool to remove calcium deposits from tubs and toilets. This page talks about using a pumice stone for removing calcium buildup.


Someone cleaning a toilet seat with a large sponge.

Removing Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stains from a Toilet SeatThis is a page about removing liquid toilet bowl cleaner stains from a toilet seat. Liquid toilet bowl cleaner often is bright blue in color. The dye in the cleaner can easily stain non-porcelain parts of the toilet, such as the seat. Here are some tips for removing the stains.


Bottle of cheap shampoo.

Clean Your Shower with Cheap ShampooInexpensive shampoo can be used to clean shower walls with good effect. This is a page about clean your shower with cheap shampoo.


A porcelain sink in a bathroom.

Cleaning a Porcelain SinkPorcelain sinks are common in bathrooms and older kitchens. With regular care and cleaning, they can look great for years. This is a page about cleaning a porcelain sink.


Closeup of a marble shower.

How to Clean Buildup on a Marble ShowerThis is a page about how to clean buildup on a marble shower. Marble tiles and other surfaces need to be cleaned with products that are especially made for marble or approved for use on it, to avoid damage to the stone's surface.


One piece marble bathroom sink.

How to Clean a Marble SinkIf your sink is actual marble and not cultured marble, one recommenced cleaner is D2 Biological Solutions. This is a page about how to clean a marble sink.


A soap dispenser and a water glass inside terra cotta planter bases.

Say Good-bye to Wet Bathroom Counters and FloorsI store my soap dispenser, bathroom cup, and toilet plunger on clay plant pot bottoms. They contain the drips and the water evaporates fast. To clean, I use soap and water and rinse with vinegar or rubbing alcohol to sanitize.


Person spraying the shower head into the tub.

Cleaning a SafeStep TubWalk-in tubs may require special cleaning processes. This is a page about cleaning a SafeStep tub.


A toddler sitting on a plastic portable potty.

Removing Calcium on a Plastic Portable PottyHard water can leave deposits on a child's porta-potty. Vinegar or lemon juice with a plummer's cloth can be helpful for cleaning them. This is a page about removing calcium on plastic portable potty.


Shaving cream smeared on a dark background.

Clean Mirrors and Bathroom Fixtures with Shaving CreamShaving cream has a second life as an easy to use cleaner for bathroom mirrors and fixtures. You do not need to buy an expensive brand. This is a page about cleaning mirrors and bathroom fixtures with shaving cream.


Cast Iron Tub in a white tiled bathroom.

Cleaning a Cast Iron TubKeeping your cast iron tub clean and shiny is best done by using a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft sponge. For older damaged and stained tubs, some people have had success with Bar Keepers Friend. This is a page about cleaning a cast iron tub.


Cleaning Marble Counter

How to Clean Hairspray from a Marble CountertopRemoving hairspray from your marble countertop is easy enough to do. Wipe down with alcohol, then use a vinegar and water mixture to scrub, followed by a baby shampoo wash and it is done. This is a page about how to clean hairspray from a marble countertop.


Sweeping up Dust and Hair from Floor

How to Clean Hair Off a Bathroom FloorYour vacuum cleaner can help make it easy to clean hair off the bathroom floor. This is a page about cleaning hair off the bathroom floor.



A stain above the water line in a toilet.

Removing Stains Above Toilet Water LineTo remove stains above the water line in a toilet there are a couple of good methods to try. Using a pumice stone may work. Also, shut off the water and fill the bowl to just below the rim and add a cleaner or vinegar, soak, and then scrub. This is a page about removing stains above the toilet water line.


Elevated Toilet Seat

How to Clean an Elevated Toilet SeatAn elevated toilet seat can sometimes create a unique cleaning situation. Here are some ideas about how to clean an elevated toilet seat.


Old tub with yellow stains.

Cleaning Yellow Stains on an Old Porcelain TubIf your porcelain tub has yellow stains in it, a strong cleaner and some elbow grease may be what is needed to get it cleaned up. Cleaning yellow stains on an old porcelain tub can be a tough job, but it is worth it to have a nice clean tub to use.


bathroom drain

How to Get Rid of Gnats in a BathroomGnats can sometimes find a home in bathroom drains. This is a page about getting rid of gnats in bathroom.


Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning Between Glass Shower DoorsGlass shower doors can get soap scum build up pretty easily and be difficult to clean. This is a page about cleaning between glass shower doors.


Woman Cleaning Bathroom Mirror

How to Clean White Streaks on Bathroom MirrorGlue residue, some cleaners, and other household products sometimes leave hard to remove white marks on mirrors. This is a page about how to clean white streaks on bathroom mirror.


Cleaning a shower door.

Using Baby Oil for Cleaning Shower DoorsSome people have good results removing soap scum from shower doors with baby oil. Applying a light coat after cleaning will help prevent future buildup for a time. This is a page about using baby oil for cleaning shower doors.


Shaving Cream Cans

How to Avoid Rust Rings from Shaving Cream CansThere are some easy ways you can prevent rust rings on your tub from the can of shaving cream. This is a page about how to avoid rust rings from shaving cream cans.


A clean tub after stains have been removed.

Cooktop Cleaner for Bathtub StainsThe cleaner used for ceramic cooktops works very well for other cleaning jobs such as a dirty bathtub. This is a page about cooktop cleaner for bathtub stains.


A yellow broom with white handle being held by a hand wearing a rubber cleaning glove.

Use Your Broom to Clean The BathtubUsing a broom to clean your tub eliminates the bending and kneeling associated with more traditional methods. This is a page about use your broom to clean the bathtub.


black toilet illustration

Cleaning Water Spots in a Black ToiletWhite hard water spots are unsightly on black fixtures. This is a page about cleaning water spots in a black toilet.


Shower Mildew

Preventing Mildew Around the ShowerA damp shower in the bathroom can easily grow mildew, especially on tile grout. This is a page about preventing mildew around shower.


Cleaning Chrome Faucet

Cleaning Chrome FixturesChrome fixtures can easily become spotted or show finger prints. This is a page about cleaning chrome fixtures.


Denture Tablets

Using Denture Tablets for Toilet CleaningThe cleaning ingredients in denture tablets that remove stains from dentures also work to clean your toilet bowl. This is a page about using denture tablets for toilet cleaning.



Hair dye in the bottom of a bathtub

Preventing Hair Dye Stains in a BathtubDyeing your hair at home can result in stains in your tub or sink, especially if it is older and has cracks in the finish. This is a page about preventing hair dye stains in a bathtub.


Antique faucet with green stains.

Green Stains in Tub and Around FixturesGreen stains in your tub and around the fixtures are usually the result of corroded copper fittings. While difficult to remove it can be done. This is a page about green stains in tub and around fixtures.


A clean white toilet in a home.

Keeping Toilets Clean at a Vacation HomeYour vacation home sit empty for long periods of time and sometimes the moisture from the toilet can cause mildew issues. This is a page about keeping toilets clean at a vacation home.


Spraying Hairspray

Removing Hairspray From TileWhen using hairspray it seems to go everywhere, including the tile in you bathroom. This is a page about removing hairspray from tile.


Children washing their hands in a school bathroom.

Removing Urine Odors in an Elementary School BathroomElementary School bathrooms are known for having a certain scent. This page has tips on removing urine odor in elementary school bathroom.


Person wearing rubber gloves cleaning a bathtub.

Using Alcohol for Cleaning a Fiberglass TubAlcohol can be safely used to clean stains and soap scum off of your fiberglass tubs. This is a page about using alcohol for cleaning a fiberglass tub.


Fiberglass Shower Pan

Cleaning a Fiberglass Shower PanFiberglass is a common material used to make shower stalls. Using the right cleaners and methods will help you keep them clean and looking good. This is a page about cleaning a fiberglass shower pan.


Glass bottle of Vinegar next to a jar of baking soda.

Cleaning Your Tub with Vinegar and Baking SodaThis is a page about cleaning your tub with vinegar and baking soda. Instead of using expensive and sometimes harsh chemicals try this method of cleaning your bathtub.


A man using a plunger in a toilet.

Removing Plunger Marks in a ToiletThis is a page about removing plunger marks in a toilet. An old plunger may leave marks on your toilet bowl when it is used.


Photo of a shower enclosure.

Removing Hard Water Stains in the ShowerThis is a page about removing hard water stains in the shower. Cleaning and preventing mineral deposits in a shower enclosure can be a challenge.


Someone cleaning a tub with rubber gloves on.

Removing Hard Water Stains from a TubHard water can leave a ringlike deposit in your tub just as it does in the toilet. This is a page about removing hard water stains from a tub.


A claw foot tub in a bathroom.

Cleaning a Bleach Stain in a Claw Foot TubThis is a page about cleaning a bleach stain in a claw foot tub. Despite its usage to clean and whiten, bleach can also cause stains on some surfaces.


White toilet against blue tile floor and wall

Repairing a Toilet Scratched by a Plumber's SnakeThe use of a plumber's snake is common for removing clogs in a toilet. Unfortunately, the metal snake can leave unsightly marks in the bowl. This is a page about repairing a toilet scratched by a plumber's snake.


Long black hair near shower drain

Cleaning Up Hair in the BathroomThis is a page about cleaning up hair in the bathroom. The damp surfaces in the bathroom often act like a hair magnet.


Toilet with lime deposits being cleaned with toilet brush

Cleaning Lime Deposits Off a ToiletThe minerals in your home water supply may leave what are called, lime deposits, in your toilet, the beginning of the infamous ring. This is a page about cleaning lime deposits off a toilet.



Scrubbing toilet with a sponge

Cleaning Calcium Deposits in a ToiletThis is a page about cleaning calcium deposits in a toilet. The calcium in your water can leave a ring inside the toilet bowl that can be difficult to clean.


Sink drain with blobs of toothpaste surrounding it

Cleaning Up Toothpaste MessThis is a page about cleaning up toothpaste mess. With regular usage some toothpaste tubes look like they are leaking paste; there is such a mess around the opening and elsewhere.


Toilet being scrubbed with a toilet brush by someone wearing pink rubber gloves

Cleaning Hard Water Stains from a ToiletThis is a page about cleaning hard water stains from a toilet. Hard water leaves mineral deposits on many surfaces.


Large and small white toilets on a white background

Removing Scratches from a ToiletThis page is about removing scratches from a toilet bowl. A plumber's snake can leave behind marks in your porcelain toilet bowl that can be a challenge to remove.


cleaning a tub

Cleaning Soap Scum from a BathtubThis is a page about cleaning soap scum from a bathtub. Removing soap scum on bathtubs is waking nightmare for us all.


A toilet being cleaned with blue water.

Cleaning Blue Stains in a ToiletThis page is about cleaning blue stains in a toilet. Determining what is causing blue cleaner stains to develop in your toilet bowl can be a mystery.


Smiling woman cleaning a shower door

Cleaning Water Spots on Shower DoorsThis is a page about cleaning water spots on shower doors. Hard water can leave spots on your glass shower doors that are difficult and time consuming to remove.


Soap Scum covered shower doors

Cleaning Stubborn Shower DoorsThis is a page about cleaning stubborn shower doors. Soap scum and hard water marks can make your shower doors a chore to clean.


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Mouthwash Left Mark on LaminateThe mouthwash bottle has stained a laminated countertop in my bathroom. Is there anything I can use to remove it? The top is a black marbled effect and it seems to have made it go whiter like a bleaching effect. When I wash it, it goes back to black, but as it dries the white staining comes back.


Wet, sudsy bar of soap on a shower soap shelf

Preventing Soap ScumThis is a page about preventing soap scum. One way to reduce your time scrubbing off soap scum buildup in your shower is to find ways to prevent it.


Cleaning a Very Dirty Toilet

Cleaning a Very Dirty ToiletSometimes a toilet needs some extra work to get it clean. This is a page about cleaning a very dirty toilet.


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"Gumption" Paste Cleanser for ShowerI had some very intractable marks on the window that forms part of the shower in the bathroom (it's very private here!). These seemed to be marks and residue left by water evaporating to leave the calcium and magnesium salts behind, rather than soap scum from the shower.


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Cleaning Stain on Toilet SeatHow can I remove a green stain on my hard rubber toilet seat? I think it was caused by urine. I have tried cleaning it with baking soda and vinegar, but that didn't work.


Cleaning Ceramic Tile Grout

Cleaning Ceramic Tile GroutThis is a page about cleaning ceramic tile grout. Tile grout in bathtubs and showers can be difficult to get clean. Getting the grout white again will make your bath area much pleasant and sanitary.


three pink soap steel wool cleaning pads

SOS Pad Stained Bathroom FixturesThis is a page about SOS pad stained bathroom fixtures. Generally not the best cleaning tool for porcelain sinks, toilets or tubs. These steel pads can leave gray marks that are a challenge to remove.


walkin shower drain

Shower Has an Onion SmellThis is a page about cleaning a shower that has an onion smell. Sometimes a shower can have an onion-like odor. A bit of sleuthing can help you determine the cause and remedy.


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Cleaning Bathroom Cabinet HandlesHow do I get the green stuff off of my bathroom cabinet handles?


young man using hairspray in front of mirror

Cleaning Hairspray Off Bathroom SurfacesHairspray is great for keeping your hair in place. However, it is very sticky and can be difficult to remove from surfaces it lands on. This is a page about cleaning hairspray off bathroom surfaces.


black sink

Cleaning a Black SinkThis is a page about cleaning a black sink. A black sink can show water spots, white powdery stains or start to look look dull.


Antique Brass Sink

Cleaning a Brushed Antique Brass SinkThis is a page about cleaning a brushed antique brass sink. Polishing a brass sink will help keep away soap deposits.



Cleaning Up Whiskers After ShavingThis is a page about cleaning up whiskers after shaving. Whiskers on the bathroom floor or in the sink require cleanup. There are a few different ways to do this task.


Hair in Sink After Shaving

Cleaning Up the Sink After ShavingThis page is about cleaning up the sink after shaving. There are a variety of ways to contain the shavings or clean the hair up easily.


Shower Power Cleaner

Buying Shower Power Cleaner?This is a page about buying Shower Power cleaner. Shower Power cleaner is a popular cleaner for removing soap scum in your shower. Find where to buy Shower Power near you.


woman wearing gloves cleaning a tub

Nail Polish Remover Stain in BathtubThis is a page about nail polish remover stain in bathtub. Nail polish remover may leave a stain or damage the finish on your tub, creating a discoloration.


Clean white bathroom sink.

Keeping Your Bathroom Sink CleanThis is a page about keeping your bathroom sink clean. Keeping your bathroom sink clean between thorough cleanings can seem daunting. However, there are some tips you may find useful.


Wood Toilet Seat

Cleaning a Wood Toilet SeatThis is a page about cleaning a wood toilet seat. Cleaning a wooden toilet seat is not that much different than cleaning a plastic one, you will just want to make sure to use the proper cleaner.



Cleaning a Bathtub MatThis page is about cleaning a bathtub mat. These mats can get slippery if not allowed to dry out completely.



Removing Urine Stain From a BathtubThis is a page about removing urine stain from a bathtub. If urine is allowed to sit on your tub, especially fiberglass tubs, for an extended period of time it can leave a nasty yellow stain.


Toilet in a bathroom.

Removing Dried Urine in the BathroomThis is a page about removing dried urine in the bathroom. Unfortunately urine does not always end up in the toilet bowl where it belongs.


Shower door made of metal and class.

Cleaning Metal Parts on Shower DoorsThis is a page about cleaning metal parts on shower doors. The metal parts on your shower doors, such as the handle, frame, and track can become covered in soap scum and hard water spots.


Cedar Shower Walls

Cleaning Cedar Shower WallsThis page is about cleaning cedar shower walls. Knowing the proper maintenance for a wood shower walls will keep them looking beautiful.


Girl putting on hairspray.

Removing Hairspray from a MirrorThis page is about removing hairspray from a mirror. This hair product can easily end up on surfaces in your bathroom.


A porcelain sink in a bathroom.

Removing Stains from a Porcelain SinkSometimes your sink may have stains that are difficult to remove. This is a page about removing stains from a porcelain sink.


Man Cleaning Shower Tiles

Cleaning Shower TilesThis is a page about cleaning shower tiles. Cleaning the tiles in your shower can be a messy, but necessary job.


A woman wearing cleaning gloves.

Removing Stains from a Composite Granite SinkThis is a page about removing stains from a composite granite sink. Cleaning stone sinks often requires specific methods and products to prevent damage.



Preventing Mineral Deposits in a ToiletMineral deposits in the toilet not only create an unsightly ring in the bowl, they can also cause problems if they disrupt normal flow of water into and out of the tank. This is a page about preventing mineral deposits in a toilet.


Cleaning Contact Lenses

Cleaning Contact LensesThis page is about cleaning contact lenses. Your vision and comfort is improved with clean contacts.


bathroom mirror

Keeping Mirrors from Fogging UpThis is a page about keeping mirrors from fogging up. Rather than having to wipe your bathroom mirror with a towel to remove the fog from your shower, you can prevent this from happening.


Bathroom toilet with the seat up.

Removing Urine Odors from a BathroomThis page is about removing urine odors from a bathroom. Although the lavatory looks clean, it doesn't always smell fresh.


Ceramic Tile

Removing Soap Scum from Ceramic TileThis page is about removing soap scum from ceramic tile. Soap film can be difficult to remove from bathroom and kitchen tiles.


Black Bathtub

Cleaning a Black BathtubThis is a page about cleaning a black bathtub. Black fixtures can be a cleaning nightmare.


cleaning a tub

Removing Soap Scum from a Plastic TubSoap scum build up on a tub can be very difficult to remove. This is a page about removing soap scum build up from a plastic tub.


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Cleaning the Inside of a Toilet TankCan I dump some bleach into the toilet flush box? I live in an apartment and have build up in the box. Can I use bleach for cleaning buildup?


Photo of a toilet.

Making "Fresh Brush" Toilet Bowl CleanerThis page is about making "Fresh Brush" toilet bowl cleaner. Keeping up with bathroom cleanliness quickly can be assisted with this tool.


Photo of a toilet bowl.

Magnetic Toilet Bowl Cleaner ReviewsThis page is about Magnetic Toilet Bowl cleaner reviews. This chemical free, magnet cleaner is said to be safe and effective.


A woman cleaning a toilet.

Using Toilet Bowl CleanersFinding the most effective cleaner makes this job easier. This page has tips and reviews for toilet bowl cleaners.


Removing Rust Stains from Toilets

Removing Rust Stains from ToiletsThis page is about removing rust stains from toilets. It is nice to be able to keep your toilet clean and stain free.


Cleaning Shower Grout With Toothbrush

Bathroom Cleaning TipsThis page contains bathroom cleaning tips. Having your cleaning supplies and tools organized can help you get the job done.


Homemade Drain Cleaners

Homemade Drain CleanersThis page is about homemade drain cleaners. There are common household products that can make a safe drain cleaner.


Person wearing pink rubber gloves cleaning a toilet with a sponge and a brush.

Removing Toilet Bowl StainsWhatever kind of stains you may have in your porcelain toilet bowl, they can be difficult to remove. This page is about removing toilet bowl stains.


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Using a Toothbrush to Clean a DrainWhen my tub drain got blocked, instead of using a caustic liquid drain opener, I stuck an old toothbrush down the opening. The bristles quickly and completely removed a disposable razor blade cover and a ton of hair!


Toothbrushes in Holder

Cleaning a Toothbrush HolderThis is a page about cleaning a toothbrush holder. While convenient to use, a toothbrush holder does require periodic cleaning to remove dried toothpaste and bacteria.


Cleaning the Bathroom Without Toxins

Cleaning the Bathroom Without Toxic ChemicalsThis is a page about cleaning the bathroom without toxic chemicals. Green cleaners are an alternative to using the commercial bathroom cleaners that warn about using them in a poorly ventilated space, like the bathroom.


Cleaning a Shower Curtain

Cleaning a Shower CurtainThis is a page about cleaning a shower curtain. Periodic cleaning will help prevent mold and mildew from building up on your shower curtain.


pictures of shower walls

Keeping Your Shower CleanNo one enjoys cleaning their shower. You can make this task less overwhelming by following a few tips for keeping your shower clean. This will help make that periodic cleaning easier. This is a page about keeping your shower clean.


Remove Soap Scum

Remove Soap Scum from FiberglassFiberglass bathroom fixtures are common in our homes. Care needs to be taken when cleaning them to avoid scratching the finish. This is a page about how to remove soap scum from fiberglass.


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Removing Gray Stains on Bathroom TilesI have some grayish black marks on my tiles. It may be from water getting to the back of them, but I don't think so. The whole tile is still very smooth. Anyone know what caused this, or how to get rid of the stain?


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