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Cigarette Smoke Stains on Drapes?How can i remove cigarette smoke stains from draperies?


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Cleaning Bird Feathers Off Blinds?I have a bird cage near my blinds. I have tried everything to clean them, vacuuming, dusting and taking some cleaner and trying to get the bird feathers and whatever she shakes off of her, the dow, i guess.


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Tempura Paint Stain on Roman Blinds?I have tempura paint - the block paint that is mixed with water to make a powdery type paint, on my roman blinds which are poly cotton backed with blockout lining - triple pass. I have tried to sponge off the stain to no avail.


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Water Stains on Vertical Blinds?My vertical blinds have fabric inserts, how do I get water stains out?


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Removing Melamine Paint From Polyester?We used a Melamine paint and accidentally 1 drop was detected on a polyester sheer drape after it dried.


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Cleaning Roman Shades?Does anyone know how to clean Roman Shades? Can they be washed, or dry cleaned? Mine have been up for quite some time and rather filthy!


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Removing Paint From Gazebo Curtains & Canopy?My partner was painting the fence with green fence paint and the paint accidentally splattered onto my neighbors gazebo curtains and canopy which are cream. How can I get it out? I feel really awful.


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Organic Cleaner For Blinds?I was wondering if anyone had any great tips for organic cleaning products for blinds? My dogs have got my patio ones really dirty and they need to be cleaned badly. Thanks.


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Permanent Marker on Blinds?I need to know if anyone has any tips on how to get black permanent marker (sharpie) off vertical blinds still on the window! My 2 year old went crazy and scribbled all over them! I'm desperate.


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Removing Blinds To Clean?How do you remove blinds in order to clean them?


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Hair Dye on Curtains?I accidentally got brown permanent hair dye on a plain cream faux-silk curtain. Does anyone have any ideas how to remove it, or make it less noticeable? Thanks.


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Tobacco Stains on Wooden Shades?I just purchased a home and the previous owner was a heavy smoker. The window coverings are nice wood shades but they are stained with tobacco. How do I get this off without ruining the shades? Please help.


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Yellow Streaks on Curtains After Washing?I bought off-white curtains and washed them per the instructions. They came out with yellow streaks. How can I get rid of them?


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Cleaning Thermal Blackout Curtains?I have thermal blackout curtains that have mold on them and I am too scared to clean them with anything. What can I use, as washing machine is out and so are dry cleaners.


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Cleaning Pleated Fabric Shades?Does anyone know a way to clean the horizontally pleated fabric shades? They are so expensive to have cleaned, but I am afraid the pleats will come out if I clean them myself.



Cleaning mini blinds square

Cleaning Mini BlindsThis is a page about cleaning mini blinds. Mini blinds are dust magnets. Cleaning between each and every blind can be time consuming and difficult.


Fabric Window Blinds

Cleaning Fabric Window BlindsThis page is about cleaning fabric window blinds. Whether you have cellular, pleated or honeycomb fabric shades, cleaning them can present a challenge.


Starching Curtains

Starching CurtainsThis page is about starching curtains. In order to keep that smooth, crisp look you may want to starch your curtains.


Pulled Back Curtain

Cleaning CurtainsThis is a page about cleaning curtains. Keeping your curtains clean can seem to be a daunting task. Many can not be simply tossed in the washer.


Strings on Window Blinds

Cleaning Strings on Window Blinds?This is a page about cleaning strings on window blinds. Due to their constant usage the strings on your window blinds are likely to get quite dirty.


Wood Blinds

Cleaning Wood Blinds?This is a page about cleaning wood blinds. There are actually several ways to effectively clean your wood blinds.


Canvas Blinds

Cleaning Canvas Blinds?This is a page about cleaning canvas blinds. Canvas is used to make both awnings and indoor blinds. Over time you blinds may become dusty or stained and need to be cleaned.


Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Cleaning Venetian BlindsThis is a page about cleaning Venetian blinds. Depending on how dirty your blinds are there are various ways to clean your Venetian blinds.


Cleaning Window Blinds

Cleaning Window BlindsThis is a page about cleaning window blinds. Depending on what type of blinds you have on your windows there are differing methods for cleaning them.


Crisp and Clean Curtains

Getting Curtains Crisp and Clean?This is a page about getting curtains crisp and clean. Clean, crisp curtains look great as part of your home's decor.



Removing Mold and Mildew From CurtainsThis page is about removing mold and mildew from curtains. A difficult stain can develop when window coverings come in contact with moisture from condensation.


Cleaning Blinds

Cleaning Nicotine Stains on Blinds?This is a page about cleaning nicotine stains on blinds. Nicotine stains from smoking can develop on many surfaces in a home or office.


A boy holding onto white curtains as he looks out the window.

Cleaning Sheer White Nylon Curtains?Overtime, as dust collects on white nylon curtains, they can become dingy. This is a page about cleaning sheer white nylon curtains.


Honeycomb Fabric Blinds

Cleaning Honeycomb Fabric Blinds?Cleaning honeycomb style blinds can be quite difficult to do without damaging their rather delicate structure. This is a page about cleaning honeycomb fabric blinds.


Use a duster on blinds.

How to Keep Blinds CleanBlinds can be an easy place for dust and dirt to build up. Here are some ideas on how to keep blinds clean in your home.



A living room with fancy blinds.

How to Clean Levelor Blinds?Levelor blinds can become quite dusty and dirty over time. Cleaning Levelor blinds can be a bit of a chore, but there are some tricks that can make it easier.


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Removing Burn Marks on Wood Blinds?I let my candle burn for quite a few hours and it left candle burn marks on the bottom of my blinds. Is there any way of getting the burn marks out of the blinds?


Lace curtains on a window.

Cleaning Lace CurtainsLace curtains are best hand washed. If you must wash them in the machine use the gentlest setting. For stains or yellowing try vinegar or epsom salts. This is a page about cleaning lace curtains.


Vertical blinds hanging in a window.

Steam Cleaning Vertical Blinds?Steam cleaning is possible for many types of vertical blinds. This page contains some very specific points to consider before you attempt this cleaning process yourself.


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