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Angel air freshener cover.

Angel Doll Air FreshenerAngel doll is an air freshener. You can use it in any room of your house. I crochet the dolls in all colors. This doll has silver trim with silver wings. She could also be made with gold wings and gold trim.


Jewelry Made from Nespresso Coffee Cups - bracelets

Jewelry Made from Nespresso Coffee CupsI made this jewelry from empty Nespresso cups. Empty the cups. Rinse them out and let dry. Then process them into jewelry. You will find enough tutorials on the internet so do not throw that cup away anymore, but recycle them into nice jewelry.


Old Window Painting - painting of grape vine on old six pane window

Old Window PaintingThis is a free hand acrylic painting done on an old window I gifted last year to a friend. She chose the theme, the colors, and supplied the window while I did the painting. This was my first experience doing a window.


A recycled bird feeder with Autumn colors.

Recycled Autumn Bird FeederI went to a thrift shop and found these colorful dishes. I glued them together to make a bird feeder, then layered them on a hanging pot from the tree.


Pretty Clay Rocks

Pretty Clay RocksThese are the decorations that I did not get completely finished, but they are still pretty!


Homemade Scented Candles

Homemade Scented CandlesSome candles I have made; purple with dewberry scent, purple striped; musk scented, blue/beige seaside with shells ocean breeze scented.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Balloons for Decorating Flip FlopsI bought water balloons from Dollar Tree. I tied two balloons together and then tied them to a flip flop.


License Plate Bird House

License Plate Bird HouseI had never made a bird house before but I got the inspiration one day, this is the result. I had some wood scraps I had laying around and some old license plates and some left over paint.


Phone fitted with clock work.

Clock TelephoneMy husband just took the insides out and added this clock work. We wanted to keep this "oldie"


Origami Turtles

Origami TurtlesThese are my two favorite origami turtles, and they live on my refrigerator!


Make Doll Furniture from Scrap WoodDoll furniture made from scrap wood and blanket made from 2nd hand material.


Mason jar glued to candle holder.

Redneck Wine GlassRedneck wine glass made out of candle holder and Mason jar (with E-6000 glue).


Hesperus Necklace in spruce tree.

Green Hesperus NecklaceThis is a necklace I made, shown hanging in a spruce tree outside our home. The necklace and tree matched so well, that I decided to pair them up.


A wood carving of a Wester Sandpiper

Western Sandpiper WoodcarvingThis is actually a carving I made (first one) after attending a great local woodcarving event called "Roundup!" These are offered all over the country and I would recommend them to everyone.


flower pot people

Flower Pot PeopleMy friend made these flower pot people.



Old Fashioned Flower Arrangement of peonies, mock orange and weigela.

Old Fashioned Flower ArrangementPeonies, mock orange, and weigela compliment each other and create a bouquet with an old-fashioned look. Makes me smile whenever I look at this photo.


Woven Rug from Recycled Insulation Bags

Woven Rug from Recycled Insulation...Here is a rug I made in 16 parts from packaging leftover from an insulation job we did. Each part is the size of a standard place mat.


Morning Glory Dipper Gourd

Dipper Gourd (My kitchen)A decorative gourd with morning glories.


Recycled CD Pom Pom Maker - finished

Recycled CD Pom Pom MakerGlue two jumbo popsicle sticks onto a CD, then wrap your wool around the two sticks. When done, tie it in the middle then cut the sides. It's an easier way to make pom poms.


Smiley face bauble.

Craft: Shiny Glass BaublesThis is for older kids and adults who like shiny baubles to lay around, like me. This craft makes use of the glass rocks you can find in the craft section at Walmart. I like to get the clear ones.


Card made with garden photo of morning glory and rubeckia.

Photo: My Back DoorI liked this photo of my back door and garden so much, I use it for greeting cards. Sentiment inside reads "From our door to yours".


Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving CenterpieceThis is my table for Thanksgiving. I love my little pilgrims. Just when I thought I couldn't find anything cuter, I found the pilgrim squirrel salt and pepper shakers.


Upclose photo of necktie and denim skirt.

Necktie and Denim SkirtWhile at the Puyallup Fair today my mom and I saw a woman walk by wearing this adorable necktie skirt. We asked if we could take her picture and she was so sweet to agree.


Dogs standing on afghan blanket

Spring AfghanI just finished this crocheted afghan, my first, and was taking some pictures to share with friends and family. My two little ones decided that a picture without them wasn't worth taking.


handmade table with base made from two halves of a tree trunk

Termite Finished Side TableThis old fallen tree still serves it purpose tremendously. The termite finish is a great attraction to anyone.



Mountain LandscapeThis is a painting my dad did for me. It is so beautiful. He passed away about eight years ago. He is and was a great man!


Tables made from the wood cut down from a tree.

Tables from an Old TreeOne of the oldest trees was blocking our garage. I have no choice but to cut it down, but I did not want it to go to waste. I asked my brother if he could make it into tables for the garden.


Clay Sculpture

Craft: Clay SculptureIt has been over a year now that I have been struggling without a full-time job. I have learned that it is not necessary to buy the greatest gift at the trendiest shops to please somebody for their birthday, Christmas, or any occasion.


Boot Memory Keepsake

Boot Memory KeepsakeThis is something that I did nearly 10 years ago. My father passed away in 2001. After the funeral, I went to his closet and picked one of his work boots, or his "brogans" as he called them. My father was in timber all my life until retiring.


Necklace and earrings.

Craft: Shell Jewelry SetI had fun creating this necklace set made with shell beads and tiny glass accent beads.



Crocheted Snowflakes

Craft: Crocheted SnowflakesThese are some of the snowflakes that I have crocheted recently from patterns I got online.


Craft: Plarn "Bingo" Tote or Storage BagThis handy tote is made from plarn (recycled plastic bag yarn), acrylic yarn, and a 3 lb. margarine tub. I found combining yarn with the plarn affords wider selection of colors and extra strength.


Mai Flower Decoration For Lunar New Year (Tet)I made this last year out of a branch that was in my yard. I made the flowers with crepe paper and floral tape. These flowers are called Mai flowers. They only bloom once a year in spring.


Keepsake Christmas AlbumWait! Don't throw away those beautiful Christmas letters and photos you received as Christmas cards. Here is a great way to preserve them, and you can compare how your friends and loved ones change from year to year.


number side - door

Playhouse Slipcover For Card TableMy granddaughters love to make a play house with anything that you can put a blanket over, so I decided to sew a house that slips right over a card table.


Toilet paper holder built to resemble an outhouse.

Craft: "Outhouse" Tissue HolderI built this toilet paper holder for my daughter's birthday. I think it is just great.


Rebekah at the well block.

Craft: Bible QuiltI am very proud to have this quilt made by my mother (who has passed away) when she was 12 years old. I am sure that the blocks were mail ordered and she worked very hard to complete the quilt.


Heart with cross in center.

Craft: Matchstick CreationsI am Mr. Bill and I have been building craft items out of matchsticks since the early 50's. I make all kinds of crafts from crosses to trains. This craft began back when I was a boy and my dad had a truck stop.


Plastic canvas letter ribbons.

Plastic Canvas Ribbon DecorationI designed this ribbon for a teacher at the preschool. I made the baby one first, then the teacher did not want a bow on top of hers. I took a picture of the school then cut and colored mine to match.


Stacked Stars from Food Packaging

Stacked Stars from Food PackagingBy cutting my kitchen cardboard empties into 3 different star sizes, then stacking them I now have "chunky stars" to use in decorating. I fasten them with glue or tape, and paint them and add glitter or cover with pretty paper to disguise them from their original state.


Christmas Card: The Strom's of NorwaySince I am an art director and graphic designer, I thought it was about time to do something for my family instead of everyone else! I used a photo of an evergreen tree branch, Norway flag, Norway shield, Christmas ornament top, and of course two different pictures of my kids, Dawson and Chloe.


Watercolor of black and white cat.

Craft: Watercolor (BooBoo on My Lap)This is a quick rendering of my cat, BooBoo, as he sits on my lap. I was lucky enough to have my watercolors and paper out. I use this picture as my profile picture on Facebook and like the comments I have received.


Crayon rollups.

Craft: Crayon Roll-UpsThese are just a few of the color crayon roll-ups that I make. They are great for birthdays for either boys or girls. My 4 year old grandson takes his to church and restaurants.



Crocheted DishtowelsThere is no better gift for housewarmings, Christmas, first dorm rooms, or to simply share with a neighbor than good, all-purpose crocheted dishcloths.


Cat pot holder attached to crochet pillow.

Vintage Potholder PillowI have a lot of vintage potholders hanging around my kitchen, but this one was my favorite and I wanted to do something different with it. So, I crocheted a simple square pillow..



embellished mona lisa

Mona Lisa REMIXMy 8 and 10 year old students were given a color Xerox of the Mona Lisa. They had to use mixed media and whatever recycled elements they could find to give her a new look. All the embellishments came out of the recycled art bin! What do you think Leonardo would say?


closeup of purse with silk flowers and necklace

Recycled Purse DecorationI took a $.50 purse, some flowers, and embellishments and made an "old time" decoration for my bathroom. When I put it all together, I thought you might enjoy making something similar.


Make Four Small Fringed Blankets from Old Large BlanketI had this big old blanket that the dogs didn't lay on anymore, so I washed it and cut it out, and did it like a no tie blanket. I didn't double it over and do the fringe, I just cut out squares on each corner and fringed it.


Dice and white bead bracelet.

Craft: Dice BraceletI made a bracelet out of dice. Maybe it will bring luck to me!


A recycled planter with faux fall flowers.

Recycled Tube Fall Faux PlanterI had some carpet tubing and tubes from crochet thread. With some hot glue, fabric strips, and silk flowers, I made a unique planter - of sorts!


Door decorated with peel and stick leaves.

Decorate with Peel and Stick LeavesCut leaves from peel-n-stick paper and scatter them randomly on surface you wish to give a little life! I chose the inside of the hollow core door of my master bathroom and used marble green peel-n-stick.


Use Hairdryer Diffuser for Flower Arrangement

Use Hairdryer Diffuser for Flower ArrangementWhen you purchase a new hair drier, very often it comes with one of those plastic diffuser things that pop onto the end. Most of us just toss them away. But diffusers are round, have holes and little legs, so they make great stem holders for fresh flowers.


napkin flower

Paper Napkin RoseWe were eating out and when we were done, Trey, our friend's teenage child, presented us all with a "paper rose." I could not tell you how he did it, even as I watched, art is amazing, and even this photo does not do justice to how much it looks like a rose.


Flower from recycled cans.

Recycled Flower BroochI cut several cans using kitchen scissors, then used flowers die-cut by Sizzix to cut forms. I then mounted several layers to make this colorful brooch.


Various colors of yarn.

Make Striped Shawl with Leftover YarnI decided to make a prayer shawl that used some of the Lion Brand yarn stash I have accumulated while making various other prayer shawls. As you can see from the stash photo, my palate leans toward the earthy colors.


Three hearts on apron front.

Add Decorative Applique to ApronI just love the many how-to projects that I've found on the internet. I do a lot of charity projects for Vietnam Veterans of America so they can raise money for their college scholarship fund. I've been busily sewing tea towel aprons with matching hot mitts.


Tweety Bird stepping stone

Decorative Cake Pan Stepping StonesI wanted to make unique garden ornaments so I started locating cake pans with specific designs, like Tweety or Sylvester, and making concrete decorations from them.


Craft: Top Hat CenterpieceI bought plastic top-hats at a discount party store for about $1.00 each, punched a small hole in the top, and used curling ribbon to anchor gold balloons to the hat.


Wreath hanging.

Feather WreathHere is a photo of another wreath that I took the other day in a vet's office, where I was applying for a job. I am so impressed that something so beautiful can be made from discards.


Make Bible Cover from Old PurseI had a crocheted cord purse that had a hole in it. I tried to repair it, but it just didn't look the same. I decided it was a pretty pattern, so I made two things from the purse and had some leftover cording which I wound up in a ball for other miscellaneous uses later.


Paper Airplane
A centerpiece made from paper airplanes.

Craft: Airplane CenterpieceI used scrapbook paper in my school colors to make a paper-airplane centerpiece. I made about twelve airplanes and glued them to chopsticks. I spray painted a leftover flower vase with chalkboard paint.


Sock Baby Doll made from a sock

Sock BabiesTurn your baby's or kid's socks that they have grown out of into cute cuddly sock babies. Fill them with soft items. The other use for them is to fill them with dried beans and use them as a doorstop


Organizing Beads and Buttons

Organizing Beads and ButtonsI love the texture and color of beads and buttons. Until recently, each attempt to organize them usefully failed. I found a shelf at a yard sale and washed small bottles until all of my beads and buttons can be seen.


Decorated candle in glass stemmed dish.

Craft: Romantic Pearls and Lace CandleThis is a prepoured candle in a glass candle holder decorated with lace, pearls, and flowers. I purchased the candle at the Dollar Tree. These would make a pretty Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, or would be beautiful for wedding favors, or centerpieces on the banquet table.


Closeup of photo wallpaper.

Photo Memory WallpaperI used leftover photos from my scrapbook projects. I made a memory wall for my son so he can look at pictures of fun times with friends and relatives everyday. The rest of the family enjoys it too.


Straw wreath with green artificial leaves and ribbons.

Craft: Spring WreathWreath for a touch of spring to match my country blue hallway. I took a heart shaped straw wreath, approximately 10 inches in size. I added some greenery and put them on with straight pins.


Finished purse.

Craft: Little Girl's PurseWhat little girl wouldn't love another purse, we girls just can't have enough purses. This one is so easy to make. Just cut two shapes and join them with a short zipper. Sew the raw edges together, with the right sides together and slip some bright beads on wire for a handle.


Recovered stools.

Recovering StoolsI re-cushioned my two step stools today. One had a tear in it and the other had rust on it so it was nice and easy to recover them with a vinyl table cloth that I had bought to compliment my kitchen colors and design.


Decorative bulletin board pins.

Craft: Bulletin Board Button PinsHere is a cute way to snazz up your bulletin board. I hot glued cute buttons to thumbtacks and use these to hold up notes, etc.


Crochet slippers.

Crocheted SlippersI used this one pattern to make a whole family of fun slippers for my extended family.


A pattern for a simple baker's apron.

Craft: Baker's ApronThis is the first apron that I've ever made and yet have been sewing for over 40 years. Whenever I needed an apron, I would find one at a thrift shop or garage sale. I learned how to make it by watching tutorials on You Tube.


A rock painted to resemble a building.

Paint A Stone "Building"This is a painting I did on a stone of a local shop, using acrylic paint.


colorful lapghan

Granny Square Wheelchair LapghanI've made it a habit of taking digital photos of all my completed projects during the year. Starting in Jan. - Dec. 2009, I crocheted 3 afghans and 5 wheelchair lapghans for veterans at our local V.A. Hospital.


Pelican Yard Ornament

Garden: Pelican Yard OrnamentLiving on a lake we have a lot of white pelicans and they have become my favorite bird. They glide with such grace. Deciding they wouldn't make a very good pet, I made one from scrap wood and gave him rebar legs.


crocheted scarves

Crocheted ScarvesI do crochet for various local charities in my area. I'm supported by the ladies of my church who help by supplying the yarn needed to make these items.


A small angel pin made from safety pins.

Safety Pin AngelThis is a safety pin doll my wife used to make and sell at craft shows. It is constructed with gold safety pins and acrylic beads.


painted clay pot

Painted PotsTired of those orange clay pots? Buy some acrylic paints and give them some color. Add a plant, and you can use them in-doors or out, plus have the enjoyment of a hobby. I did not take classes, just start experimenting, its fun and creative.


Penny Rug Welcome Gourd

Penny Rug Welcome GourdThis is a half gourd, and painted in a primitive scene I call "Penny Rug Welcome". This particular design has been painted on many sizes of gourds, as it is one of a very popular request of folks. The piece measures approximately 9 inches across.


Pig and ducks on fence.

Fun Decorations for Your FenceMake your fence fun! I not only plant flowers and veggies, but I decorate the fence to make gardening even more fun. The ducks I purchased at the Goodwill for $1.00 each and they are made of hard plastic (like PVC material).


crocheted hat

Crocheted Granny HatHere is a the crocheted hat I made from a pattern found at: I like her patterns as they are simple to use and follow as well as a wide range of ideas. This picture is my daughter who loves the hats I make. Have a great week.


Doll furniture made out of clothespins.

Clothespin Doll FurnitureDolls table and 4 chairs, 1 bench and 1 rocking chair for a Barbie sized doll, made from clothes pins. Cheap and easy!


A recycled market bag made from plastic grocery bags.

Making Market Bags from Plastic BagsI make market bags from plastic store bags and colored trash bags. Here is a photo of a pink one I made. With most stores going with reusable bags now, I think people will enjoy these.


Beautifully Carved MelonsI saw this at a Farmer's Market in Port Orchard WA and thought it was carved so amazingly that I just had to get a picture of it.


Stone Birdhouse

Craft: River Stone BirdhousesI love making these little river stone bird houses. Makes a great winter or summer pass time. An each one is never the same. They make great gifts.


T-Shirts for a Navy HomecomingMy son, a US sailor, was deployed for 7 months. These are the shirts I made for his nieces and nephews to wear to his homecoming . I used sharpie markers to write Freedom in bubble letters on front then used cheap crayons to color them in. If you iron the colored area covered with a sheet of paper, it will stay in cloth. Under that I put


Handmade stamped greeting card.

Craft: Hand Stamped CardI'm a rubber stamper/scrapper. This is a scan of one of my hand stamped cards.


Handstamped "purse" for a gift of greeting cards.

Gift Card PurseI'm a rubber stamper/scrapper/paper crafter. This is a photo of one of my hand stamped "purses" and matching card. I usually make 6 cards for each "purse" and give them as gifts.


Cedar Rocking Chair for Mom

Cedar Rocking Chair for MomI made this rocker from red Carolina cedar for my mom's birthday.


KoolAid Jammer Purse

Koolaid Jammer PurseI got this idea from Thrifty Fun. My 11 year-old and I loved making it. Many kids in her school are interested in having one too. Great recycling too!


Green Bay Packers coasters.

Packers Doilies and CoastersI love to crochet Packers doilies and coasters. I do take request for orders.


A denim and pink quilt made from recycled fabrics.

Denim And Pink Recycled QuiltHere's another denim craft to make. I love to recycle. Fun to recreate lovely things. I made this out of old jeans and feed bags. The one side the seams do not show, the other side they do and are cut with a scissors and washed in order to make it fringe more.


Tin can wall decorations on a shed.

Wall Pocket DecorationsThese are wall pockets made from tin cans. These are the large sized cans that schools and such use . Tops and bottoms are cut from the can, then I step on one end to flatten it together.


White bird bath in garden.

Birdbath from Found ItemsThis project consists of two items found at the thrift store. A pedestal of some sort and a dinner plate plus some other items to dress it up. The end result a very pretty bird bath.


Finished project.

Crochet With Old T-ShirtsI like to crochet rag rugs out of fabric scraps. However, you always have to deal with the edges fraying. I got an idea. My husband had about 11 old colored cotton tee shirts. I cut them up in 1 1/2 inch strips going around and around.


Garden arbor

Garden ArborThis is a garden arbor my boyfriend built for his mom for Mother's Day. She was thrilled when it was finished. It took him 3 days. He built it from a picture that was in our local newspaper. It turned out beautiful.


Matchbox doll.

Matchbox DollThis is a matchbox doll I like to make.


An angel ornament made from a domino with beads and jewelry findings.

Domino AngelI make angels with dominoes and costume jewelry.


A crocheted rag bag made out of recycled denim jeans.

Crocheted Recycled Denim Rag BagRecycle those old denim jeans or shirts into a cool Rag Bag! I crocheted this rag bag using two old denim shirts that were worn out.


Large pendant.

Sharkskin PendantI was looking for large pendants, but never found anything I liked that was not way out of the price line I wanted to spend.


Painted potato bin.

Painting a Potato BinUse acrylic paints whenever possible. They are easy to paint over if you need to make a change. This is a photo of my parents' potato bin that I decided to decorate for them as a surprise.


Chicago Bears Doily

Chicago Bears DoilyThis is my own design doily, a 20 inch Chicago Bears doily. I love to crochet, crocheting relaxes me. I make them in all team colors. Thanks for looking.


Painted GuitarPainted Guitar. This is a picture of my grandson's guitar, he asked me to paint something on it so this is what I came up with, he loves playing it and tells me he get a lot of compliments on it.


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