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Make Your Own Bra ExtendersMy bras started getting too tight and were extremely uncomfortable. My bras are still in very good condition and all I needed was an extra inch in the band width, so I found my answer on this website.


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Free Stained Glass PatternsWebsites with free stained glass patterns.


Jar with lights.

Warning About Lights in JarsThriftyFun recently had an article about using glass jars. Notice the wires that were taken out of the glass vase. They are discolored due to the heat produced inside the glass.


A rocking chair made from clothespins, for a doll or dollhouse.

Clothespin Rocking Chair PatternMany have been looking for how to make clothespin rocking chairs. Thanks to Ray for sending in this pattern and pictures. These would be fun to make for Christmas presents or for a doll house.


Candy Bouquet

Candy BouquetThese are perfect for graduations, birthdays, thank yous, or get well soon!


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Remedies for Hot Glue Gun BurnsHot glue gun burns can be serious burns and extremely painful. Do not be hasty and try to pull the glue off as it will take skin with it! I protect myself each time I use a glue gun by placing a bowl big enough to fit my hand with cold water and ice cubes.


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Crochet Wire Hanger CoversI have a pattern for crocheting wire hanger covers. The pattern is simple. Use two wire hangers tied together by the hook.


Cemetery Decoration for Christmas

Cemetery Decoration for ChristmasEvery year we make grave decorations for our loved ones who have passed away. Here is this year's decoration.


Toothbrush Rag Rug - pink and purple rug

Toothbrush Rag RugIt is about the 15th rag rug I have made. I've gotten lots of comments on this one.


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Add Plastic Toys to Homemade SoapHere is a tip to help encourage children to love washing their hands and bathing with lots of soap without a huge hassle. When making your own soap, a very cheap thing to do is to buy a bag of small plastic toys from a dollar store.


Painted Rocks in the Garden - three black painted rocks that combine to make a tree with cherry blooms

Painted Rocks in the GardenMy son had to make painted rocks for a project in his high school art class this year. He chose to do a design that incorporated 3 rocks. I am in love with these cherry blossom rocks and am so glad that he let me display them in the yard!


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Holiday Autograph TableclothMy best holiday tip! Buy a nice new or vintage linen tablecloth for your dinner table. Before, after or during have everyone autograph and date it. It's a very special tradition in my family.


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Rope Dresser HandlesWhen we were younger we bought our kids dresser at a garage sale, but the handles were missing. We couldn't afford to buy any. So, my husband strung rope through the holes and tied a knot inside to hold it in place.


Homemade Bird Feeder

Homemade Bird FeederHere is a bird/squirrel feeder hubby made for our yard. Although the design is not his own, he saw one in his customer's yard and came home, made it out of scrap wood (leftover from a boat he is working on), and a large pickle jar we had in the house.


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What to Do With Finished Jigsaw PuzzlesMy girls love to do jigsaw puzzles and hate to break them apart after doing them. What to do with all those puzzles?



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Canned Milk As GlueUsing canned milk instead of household glue.


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Hot Glue for Gift WrappingAfter running out of tape during a Christmas present wrapping marathon I decided to try hot glue. It worked so well I haven't used tape since.


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Stiffening Silk Flowers for ProjectsIf you are making a craft projects with silk flowers, you can stiffen them, and still keep their bright color, by using the strongest hair spray you can find.


finished pom pom loom

Pompom LoomI have just made a loom to make pompom blankets or cushions. I made the frame approx 30" x 26" then put 1 1/2" nails all the way around the edge about 1 1/2" apart.


Red knit hat and mittens.

Hand Knitted Hat and MittensI enjoy knitting and crocheting during these long cold winter months. My Catholic church has a collection box for children's hats, scarves, and mittens which will be sent to an orphanage. I've saved all my new left over yarn from other projects, and now I'm on a knitting craze.


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Using Dryer Sheets When QuiltingWhen quilting with thin, flimsy fabrics, use "used" fabric softener sheets as an inexpensive backing. It gives it body and makes it a whole lot easier to work with.


Save Ribbon from Shopping Bag for Crafting

Save Ribbon from Shopping Bag for CraftingBefore tossing out shopping bags, see if you can salvage any pieces. This Victoria's Secret bag has had it's fair share of being recycled/reused. I was able to salvage the ribbon and it will be perfect to use for crafting!


Painted Coaster Tiles

Painted Coaster TilesI'm a rubber stamper/scrapper. This is a photo of a set of coaster tiles that I make for gifts and to sell. They're hand stamped and painted.


A hat made from leftover fleece

Make Hats from Leftover FleeceAfter altering 3 pairs of fleece pants for my mother-in-law, I was left with 3 pairs of pant leg bottoms (about 7 inches each). I made these hats from them. The pom-poms are made from left over yarn I had.


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Making a New Candle With a Birthday Candlef you love to burn scented expensive candles, but aren't fond of wasting what's left when the wick is gone, you can "recycle" the candle wax to make a new candle utilizing a used child's birthday cake candle as your new wick.


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Removing Spray Adhesive From HandsI have been using spray adhesive for some different crafts lately. I have noticed once it gets on your hands, it is stuck quite well. You can't use rubber gloves, because all you'd do is stick to your project.


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Think Before You Toss An Old Blanket Or QuiltAn old blanket, though still offering warmth and comfort, can certainly show signs of it's age and former life! But buy a set of colorful sheets, preferably at a Thrift Shop and make a duvet cover out of the sheets for the vintage blanket.


Crocheted Hanging Dish Towels - fall towels

Crocheted Hanging Dish TowelsWhen I was a young girl my aunt always had one of these hanging on the stove and fridge. I use the whole towel; some like to cut it in half, but it looks nice with the whole towel. I only use 100% cotton yarn. I use Sugar and Cream crochet thread.


Sticks of chalk.

Making Homemade Sidewalk ChalkMake your own sidewalk chalk.


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Making BowsWhen making bows of any type or size, you will get a much tighter bow if you wrap the wire around the bow as usual, but twist the bow instead of twisting the wire.



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Sew Two Twin Blankets To Make A Big King Sized OneNeed a big king size blanket that won't fall short of keeping you and your husband warm? Buy 2 twin size and tack them together.


Photo of Quilt made from fabric sample

Fabric Sample QuiltWhen I worked at a wallpaper store, periodically they would toss out outdated books and I would save the fabric samples. Eventually, I had enough to make a quilt and then bought enough of the navy fabric to finish it.


A cabinet with a spoon as hardware.

Silverware Cabinet HandlesThe knobs and handles for kitchen cabinets are so expensive unless you want to settle for plain old wooden knobs. Here is how my husband and I were able to have something a little fancier with lots less money.


Crown Royal quilt on bed with puppy

Crown Royal QuiltThis is my second attempt at making a quilt. My first one like this. I looked on Pinterest and found this quilt so I just kept looking at the picture on Pinterest and tried to get it like the picture.


Fleece Draft Guard

Polar Fleece Draft Guard for Your DoorWith all the frigid weather in the northern parts of the U.S. I thought I'd better get this one online. It is a draft guard for your door using polar fleece, a window shade or dowel and some velcro.


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Bed WarmersThey are telling us we are going to get our first snow tonight here in Colorado and I was thinking that I needed to do something to warm up our bed to keep us warm at night when we turn down the furnace. So here is what I am going to do.


Afghan displayed on deck chair.

Jacob's Ladder Crochet AfghanI made this afghan up in just a couple of weeks choosing my own color combination. The main stitch used is double crochet (dc) and a multiple of ten chains between (dc) groups of ten.


Angel made from thrift store purchases

Shop Thrift Stores For Craft SuppliesSave on craft supplies by shopping at thrift stores. If you like to craft or have just a single project to make, you can't go wrong by checking out some thrift stores before purchasing new supplies.


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I Love My Hand Crank Sewing MachineI love to sew and have been using the same machine for forty plus years. It doesn't do fancy stuff, but I'm not fancy. A few years ago I came across a hand crank Singer sewing machine.


Minimizing Damage from Hot Glue Burns While Crafting

Minimizing Damage from Hot Glue Burns While CraftingIf you craft a lot, then you most likely own a hot-glue gun. If so, you are surely familiar with the nasty burns that inevitably come with using one! Hot glue is very painful and continues to burn your skin for several minutes after contact. I always keep a bowl of ice-water within easy reach on my work surface.


Two Styrofoam balls, one painted and melted and one unpainted.

How to Paint StyrofoamStyrofoam is a basic element to many craft projects. It can be used with different shapes, styles, and mediums. However, because of its bland appearance, Styrofoam also often needs to be painted.


Complete quilt.

Chicken Scratch Prayer QuiltUsing checkered fabric, polyester fleece, and 2 colors of embroidery thread, I created a prayer quilt for my friend that will soon have major surgery.


Bleach Bottle Piggybank

Craft: Bleach Bottle PiggyUse a regular bleach bottle, rinse it out with water and baking soda (takes the bleach smell away). Let dry. Paint with acrylic pink paint and let dry. Paint your spots on with either black or brown acrylic paint and let dry for about and hour.


Rag Rug From Recycled Fleece Clothing

Rag Rug from Recycled Fleece ClothingI have just joined the site and thought you might like to see a rug made from recycled fleece jackets. They are very cheap to buy in the charity shops, there are some brilliant colors and make a super rug.


Glass block with photo.

Memorial Glass BlockI recently made a memorial block for the family of a lady in my Sunday School class who had passed away. I got sick of paying too much money for a few flowers that died in a few days.



Two baby cradle church purses with Kewpie dolls inside.

Crocheted Kewpie and Baby Cradle PurseThe original pattern I found on the Thrifty Fun website. I printed it in hopes of making it someday. They are just so adorable and turned out so cute.


Jeans tennis racket cover.

Recycle Blue Jean MaterialWhen my children were growing up, I cut the legs off their bluejeans and made shorts for the summer months. I saved the legs and made several things from them. I remember one being a cover for the dog bed and another a tennis racket cover.


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Many Uses For Dollar Store Shower CurtainsI do many painting and craft projects, both inside and outside. Each spring, I pick up 5 or 6 plastic shower curtains from the dollar store. You wouldn't believe how many uses I've found for them. They even come in clear, to cover drafty windows in the winter!


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Use Leftover Yarn As StuffingDon't throw away those yarn tails and left over small amounts. If you have an extra skein of yarn laying around, it makes great stuffing instead of the polyester stuffing.


Pants Too Long

Pants Too Long?Fold the pants up, cut the extra off and re-hem, keeping the original hem/seam. Picture shows a better example. If you are using a sewing machine no need to change out to a heavier needle either.


A sleeve on a mug.

Easy Sock Top Mug SleeveI used a child's sock and cut it off where the ribbing ended and made a mug sleeve. I did add a little embroidery but it's just fine as is, if you just want a basic sleeve for your mug. Super easy and a cute little protector for your hands.


A cupboard with decoupaged pages on the panels.

Cupboard MakeoverThis cupboard makeover takes it from boring to amazing! Find a cupboard with a straight sided recessed part. It could be a jelly cupboard or armoire type of cupboard or anything else that works.


Pictures showing how to keep thread from unwinding.

How to Keep Thread From UnwindingSome spools have a ring. You can pop this ring up, wrap the thread around the visible part of the bobbin and then pop back down the ring to keep the thread from unwinding. Not all spools have this ring. Then make such ring yourself.


An ironed ribbon using a hair flat iron.

Hair Flat Iron for Wrinkled RibbonHere is a way to dewrinkle ribbon using a hair flat iron. Just pull the ribbon as you iron. I use my foot to hold the ribbon down. Use a water spray bottle if wrinkles are tough.


Using a card to lift up the tines that hold the picture.

Card To Lift Edge of Picture FrameSome picture frames have these little backings that you need to open. Using your fingers to open the backing can hurt after awhile, so this is what worked for me.


An Alice in Wonderland Painted Cedar Chest

Alice in Wonderland Painted Cedar ChestCedar chest restored and hand painted with Alice in Wonderland. Polyurethane finish. Donating it to a group that help children that have been abused.


A bottle of clear nail polish.

Keep Thread Knots SecureAfter finishing any type of hand sewing, I use a small dab of clear nail polish right on the knot to keep the knot/thread secure and from unraveling.


Plastic packaging with scraps inside.

Cut Up Craft Supplies Inside Clear PackagingI saved this clear zippered packaging from my shower curtains. You can save pillowcase or bedding packaging; anything clear would work best so you can see where to cut.


Recycled and painted storage containers

Thrifted Pots For StorageI found some great metal pots while out thrifting. I wanted some additional storage for my potting bench that is solid, air tight, and will keep the elements out. To dress it up, I spray painted them and added a few colors using a sponge to make them look rustic. Added a stencil and sealed with sealer. Now they hide my work gloves, extra tools, and garden supplies. This keeps my things together and also gives a decorative flare!


The wrought iron table after being painted.

Paint Touch Up on Side TableJust a little color can change the look of something and add a new "feel" to your decor.


Removing dye from a marker to add to a body scrub.

Alternative Dye for ProjectsWhile looking on Pinterest, I find cool bath bomb recipes, body scrub recipes, etc. They all had something in common, they required some kind of dye. Either soap dye or food coloring. I didn't have any of that, and so I thought of what I could use instead. I came up with the idea of cutting open a marker and using the ink out of that!


A homemade mask with a flexible nose bridge.

Nose Bridge for MasksHave you and your friends save the metal closures from coffee bags. I use them for my masks. Works wonders when wearing glasses.


Natural Paint Brushes - fir branch painting

Natural Paint BrushesThis is a fun kids' activity! Collect items such as leaves, branches, and grasses from outside. Dip the items into paint and use them as paint brushes.


Rainbow Nature Hunt - printout of the rainbow colors with cut flowers matching each color

Rainbow Nature HuntCan you find natural items outside that make up the colors of the rainbow?


Nature Collection Bracelets - tape on wrist covered with flowers and leaves

Nature Collection BraceletsThis is a fun way to collect items outside, especially if you are out on a walk. First wrap a piece of masking tape loosely around your wrist, sticky side out.


Worm Play Mat - play mat with purple Play-Doh worm

Worm Play MatHere is a fun play mat that I created. Kids can make worms for it out of Play-Doh, pipe cleaners, or even paper. If you laminate it they can also draw worms and tunnels onto the mat with a dry erase marker. Enjoy!


Frog Play Mat

Frog Play MatTo go along with the worm play mat that I created, I also made a simple frog pond play mat. My son enjoys using small plastic frogs on it. He created lily pads and plants to put in and around the pond as well. We will also be making some origami jumping frogs for the pond. I would suggest laminating it so that it will stay clean and last longer. Have fun!


Decorative Junk Wood Window Frame - scarp shipping wood packaging made into a window with a flowerbox decoration

Decorative Junk Wood Window FrameWe recently got a new dishwasher and in the bottom of the box was a wooden frame. I couldn't throw it out so I made a window box out of stuff I had on hand.


My First Wreath - grapevine wreath with sunflowers and a tan burlap ribbon bow

My First WreathThis is the first wreath I have ever made. I just had to post it. I know it's not the best, but hey! I am pretty proud! The supplies that I used were: a grape vine wreath, burlap ribbon, faux flowers, and a hot glue gun.


Remaking 'The Scream'- montage of the painting and the recreation

Remaking 'The Scream'One of the projects assigned in my daughter's art class was to recreate a famous painting with items found at home. My son loves the painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch and volunteered to help her in recreating it. They used clothing, blankets, and strips of cardboard to create the background. My son posed as the figure in the painting. I think it turned out pretty amazing!


Touchpoint Math Key - closeup of points on 4 - 7

Touchpoint Math KeyMy son is in kindergarten and they have been working on touchpoint math. His most recent worksheets don't have the touch points on the numbers and he doesn't have all of them memorized to do it without the dots.


Flowers Made from Nespresso Cups

Flowers Made from Nespresso CupsI made these flowers from empty aluminum Nespresso cups.


A bag made from two vinyl records

Bag Made from Vinyl RecordsI made this bag from two vinyl records.


Making Simple Sock Puppet

Making Simple Sock PuppetsMeet Bob, the sock puppet!


Natural Mandalas

Natural MandalasMy friend recently made this with her young daughter! It's a great way to get out and explore nature, looking for different colors and textures to incorporate into a natural work of art! You can also use items from home to enhance your design. We would love to see what you create, so please share them here on ThriftyFun!


Use Leftover Egg Dye for Craft Projects - blue dyed shell next to an un-dyed scallop shell

Use Leftover Egg Dye for Craft ProjectsAfter dyeing eggs, you can leftover dye for other crafts. For example: shell dyeing or an experiment.


Cheap Yarn Bowl Idea

Cheap Yarn Bowl IdeaSome of the cute ceramic bowls out there that have the notches for yarn, are 35.00! So today I had the idea of using what I have and it works great.


Play Placemats and Stovetop - closeup of the blue placemat

Play Placemats and StovetopI made these for the kids in my preschool class. They are made out of scrapbooking paper and were laminated. For the placemats I traced around a small plate, cup, utensils, and made a triangle for a napkin to create templates on cardstock. Then I used the templates to trace each shape onto scrapbooking paper. I attached all of the pieces to the placemat with a glue stick and then laminated them.


A heart made from cardboard, glitter and glue.

Heart CraftThe paper was coated with oil, water, and food coloring mixed. I just dipped it in and let it dry. The heart is cardboard, hot glue, and iridescent glitter. The bean comic was done in MS Paint.


A lighter in a cover that is made with eyelets.

Creative Lighter CoverGet a good eyelet fastener and eyelets which can be found at JoAnn Fabrics, 100 cost around 5 dollars. I used the protective material around a big fancy light bulb to make this, but you can also use craft foam.


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Paper Grocery Store Bags to Cover Craft AreaIf you have a craft area that is always getting messy, try covering it with sturdy paper bags from the supermarket. They can be used for several craft projects before needing to be replaced.


A desk filled with craft supplies.

Help: I Live in a Craft Room!I tried to clean and organize and ended up writing, instead! I hope you who can relate will enjoy, and those who can't will soon!!


A decorated and painted baby wipe container.

Baby Wipe Box Turned Medicine CaddyHere is a way to repurpose those sturdy baby wipe boxes, turning them into decorative boxes that you can cover, paint, and embellish. This piece houses my daily pills, cream, etc. With little to no money, I spray painted and added some of my collective shells.


How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond Shape - Sandi's diamond

How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond ShapeI love making triangles. It's mindless and so versatile. But as much as I love increasing my one per row, I detest decreasing. Let me know how you the difference in how I do it vs. the patterns.


Using A Large Piece Of Tile To Make Craft Cleanup Easy - gold painted leaves on a piece of white tile

Using A Large Piece Of Tile To Make Craft Cleanup EasyWorking with different craft projects can be messy especially if you are using a lot of glue or paint. Normally you need to cover your area with a newspaper or have a special plastic cloth that you use when working on a different craft project. Newspaper can be messy and the black ink can get on your hands or even on your craft project. Using a very large piece of tile is the best way to go.


Recycled Chair Back as Decorative Rack/Planter - chair back with planters attached between legs, hanging on a doorknob

Recycled Chair Back as Decorative Rack/PlanterI occasionally see discarded chairs with perfectly good backs still intact.


Oklahoma Sooners Afghan Throw pattern.

Oklahoma Sooners Afghan Square Crochet PatternHere is the pattern for an Oklahoma University afghan square I made up.


Stone Looking Pumpkin Planters - orange pumpkin outside with bow round the base and plant inside

Stone Looking Pumpkin PlantersI bought these inexpensive pumpkins for under $1 each. With craft paints in 3 colors: white, tan, and grey, a sea sponge, and clear sealant you can make as many as needed in under 1 hour.


Creating Painted Rocks  - orange rock with a dark leafless tree

Creating Painted RocksI live in Arbutus, MD. We have a group of, I don't know how many, people painting rocks and placing them everywhere, schools, stores, the library, in people's yards, or in front of mail boxes. The mail box at my building is going to get the big one as I'm not strong enough to tote it somewhere.


A crocheted bodice dress for a young girl.

Crochet Bodice DressesI'm doing needlework combined with my crochet for an income while I'm job hunting. I call it "little things" because it's a variety of things I create.


Three balls of yarn that are in different containers to avoid tangling.

Crocheting with Three Strands of YarnI love to mix yarns for projects, but they can get tangled and who needs that? So, I found a flat basket from the Dollar Tree, and using three mushroom containers, I came up with this.


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Button SwapI collect and save buttons. I look for garments with pretty, or different buttons at yard sales and thrift stores, and buy them for the buttons, alone. I remove buttons from my worn clothing.


Hand-made Paper Matting - hand made cream colored paper matting around an old magazine photo

Hand-made Paper MattingHave you ever made hand-made paper, and then wondered what to do with it? My husband bought me a paper-making kit years ago, and at first, I decided to use old Christmas wrapping paper rather than recycling. (I was learning, okay?)


Inspiration Wall Arrangement and Decor - wall decor with shelves

Inspiration Wall ArrangementMy husband made the shelves. I put together the items to decorate on the shelves, some I made or did floral arranging for some I purchased at Goodwill.


Recycled Plastic Bag Rugs and Bleacher Pads - oval rug

Recycled Plastic Bag Rugs and Bleacher PadsI have been saving my grocery bags to make rugs or pads to sit on aluminum bleachers. They work great for insulating the bottom. I got my idea from a you tube video by Mom Eberhard. You I cut the tops and bottoms off the bags and loop them together. I did a 4 string braid. I made one for a friend and she uses to sit on aluminum bleachers and said it works great.


Upcycled T-shirt Crafts - several finished projects

Upcycled T-shirt CraftsWhether you're redesigning a t-shirt or cutting it up to make something else out of it, it's fun and saves the world a little bit! I love cutting old t-shirts into strips about 2" wide +/- and braiding into 3, 4, or 5 strand braids. These can be colorful or monochrome. I've even tried macrame to make t-shirt necklaces, scarves, a garland, headbands, etc.


Getting the Perfect Length on Cut-off Pants - pink pants and the bottom of a pair of grey pants

Getting the Perfect Length on Cut-off PantsI recently found some cool pedal pushers in my community center. I hate the length, but they fit for shorts, so I had to cut them down. Sometimes, getting each leg the same is a challenge.


Several cut cardboard pieces in a drawer.

Reusing Cardboard Pieces as Sturdy Art CanvasMy kids like to save cardboard pieces from boxes that are shipped to our home. Cardboard is sturdy enough for the kids to glue or use hot glue without the cardboard bending - like with paper.


Stop Hot Glue from Slipping Off Table - glue gun attached to an extension cord wrapped around chair back

Stop Hot Glue from Slipping Off TableI use hot glue frequently for crafts. One of my biggest annoyances is that the hot glue always slips off the table because the cord is too short.


Use Tacky Glue for Ribbons on Craft Cards - paper collage

Use Tacky Glue for Ribbons on Craft CardsTacky glue is such a good glue for twine and yarn ribbons. I love to create collages with all my beautiful scraps! I bought this handy-sized bottle at the Dollar Tree, for $1.00. For other projects I use regular glue and glue sticks.


A painting of trees and birds.

I Love to PaintI recently started going to art therapy for PTSD. I've learned that I love to paint. I highly recommend painting for everyone!


A large piece of cardboard, making a clean place for kids to craft.

Use a Cardboard Place Mat for Kids' Painting CraftsPainting could get messy especially if it's your dinner table the kid's paint on.


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