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Making Animal Plant Pal Stakes - stake in the leaves of an African violet

Making Animal Plant Pal StakesHere is another shopping inspiration you could recreate for less. Urban Outfitters sell Plant Pal animal plant stakes for $10, on sale for $2.99, but factor in the shipping at $4.95, that'll be $8 and some change for something that you could make at home for free!


Recycled Snow and Heart Vase - finished vase with a flower and stems

Making a Recycled Snow and Heart VaseMake an inexpensive vase to express your love for Valentine's day. Using a recycled jar, acrylic paint, and left over Christmas art supplies you can create a special gift.


Halloween Hair Accessories - spider bobby pin and google eye clip

DIY Halloween Hair AccessoriesThese Halloween hair accessories are inexpensive and easy to make. They can be worn as part of your costume or as a small nod to the day.


Floating Necktie Organizer - bouquet version

DIY Floating Necktie OrganizerTies rolled and tucked into cut down empty water bottles give the appearance that they are floating. This recycled craft is an excellent way to organize your ties. It would also be a fun gift for Father's Day or a birthday. Let us show you how!


Making a Fabric Octopus - yellow and white striped octopus on grey background

Making a Fabric OctopusHere is a fun little stuffed animal you could make out of simple supplies. Also, this octopus doubles as an indoor or outdoor toss activity. My daughter isn't good at catching balls, so this is easier for her to catch.


Mini Wreath Bunny - cute bunny wreath with flowers at base of ears and bow around its neck

Mini Wreath BunnyI saw a larger version of this and while I didn't have the materials, I did have them for a smaller version. I hope you like it.


Abstract Acrylic Painting - painting on an easel

Creating an Abstract Acrylic PaintingThis abstract painting method is easy to do, even the kids can join in. For a list of supplies and instructions scroll down this page.


Upcycled Mini Easter Hat - finished

Upcycled Mini Easter HatHere is a fun way to turn a sink basket strainer into a mini hat for Easter or spring. This is a nice way to use socks that are missing their mate!


Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing Glove - other paw and back paws drawn in place - it is done

Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing GloveThis is a way to turn a dishwashing glove into an Easter bunny rabbit puppet.


Wrapping Paper and Bow Made from Packaging Items - wrapped gift

Making Wrapping Paper and a Bow from Packaging MaterialsUse bubble wrap to create a fun design on kraft paper to use as wrapping paper. Tissue paper is used to fashion a fluffy bow. Learn how to use recycled materials to make gift wrap.


Folded Paper Star - folded paper star

Making a Folded Paper StarPaper stars are fun and easy to make. They can be used in many crafts and as decorations for different holidays. Learn some techniques for making your own.


Chick or Duckling Easter Decoration - finished chick/duck

Chick or Duckling Easter DecorationYou can make this cute chick or duckling Easter inspired paper decoration to hang, as a garland, or simply as is with double sided tape to stick on a flat surface. Either way, this is cute and can be made at home with paper, scissors, and some tape!


Party Hat Volcano Experiment for Kids - erupted volcano

DIY Party Hat Volcano Experiment for KidsBaking soda and vinegar make a dramatic foaming volcano to make with your kids. Save a party hat for the classic cone shape or make one yourself.


Naïve House Unisex Birthday Card - finished card

Making a Naïve House Unisex Birthday CardThis simple house card can be made by children or adults alike. This makes a great birthday card or to congratulate someone on their new home.


Summer Door Decor - finished red door hanging

Making Summer Door DecorMake a patriotic display of red, white and blue stars to hang on your door or wall. Colorful placemats are cut up for this project but you can make the stars with construction paper too.



An array of different colored craft paints.

Rehydrating Dried Out Acrylic Craft PaintAcrylic crafts paints can dry out before you have used them up. Sometimes they can be rehydrated, often by adding a little bit of water at a time. For more options read on.


Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game - ready to play

Outdoor Tic Tac Toe GameHere's a fun way to enjoy tic tac toe outdoors made with simple supplies. After the quarantine, this would be a good game to make for parties to keep guests entertained as an option too!


Kids' Award Medals - finished medals

Kids' Award MedalsDo you have little kids at home that you are now homeschooling as well? To spice it up and make outdoor activities fun you could make obstacle courses/games for free time, PE time, and outdoor time. And, to make it more fun, I made these award "medals" for them from plastic coffee lids, some paint, stickers, and ribbon.


Blue Flew and the Bottle Top Kids!! - door hanger on knob

Blue Flew and the Bottle Top Kids!!Raise your hands if you sang "the lollipop kids" in a Munchkin voice! Okay, so today I have something for the old and the young. A message tag on the door tells other of your home situation. I got the idea from a gal who lives in an assisted living community. A bottle topper tells which drink belongs to who?


Valentine's Day Plant Stake - two gift plants

Making a Valentine's Day Plant StakeGive a plant for Valentine's day. Make a personalized plant stake with a paper heart to express your love.


Tufting a Comforter - tufted comforter on bed

Tufting a ComforterTufting is one method of tying the layers of a comforter or quilt together to keep the batting from moving or bunching up inside the fabric sandwich. Learn how to add tufting to a comforter on this page.


Vampire Corner Bookmark - done

Making a Vampire Corner BookmarkThis cute bat winged vampire corner bookmark is fun to make. Get the kids involved.


Color Explosion Summer Wreath - finished paper liner wreath hanging on a door

How to Make a Color Explosion Summer WreathUse cupcake liners dyed in bright colors to assemble this pretty summer wreath. It's a great way to use up leftover liners and celebrate the summer season.


Recycled Ice Cream Box into Giftbox

How to Make a Recycled Ice Cream Box into a GiftboxDecoupage colorful clippings from a magazine or catalog onto a recycled ice cream box. Voilà you have created a unique gift box.


Salt Spider Web Painting - touch Q-tip to the salt and watch it absorb the paint

Making a Salt Spider Web PaintingA spider web painting can be made with glue and salt. Once dried paint the salt with a q-tip and acrylic paint.


Crocheted Carrot - carrot hanging below a seed packet garland in the window

Crocheted CarrotWith the foam Christmas tree forms, some yarn, a hook, and some pins, you can make this cute "temporary" carrot for your windows! I ended up not using hot glue.


Wood Craft Magnetic Sticks - different color sticks on fridge

Making Wood Craft Magnetic SticksDyed craft sticks work well for making your young child some fun magnetic strips. They can create on the fridge front while you work in the kitchen.


Watermelon Stone Paperweights - finished watermelon stones

Making Watermelon Stone PaperweightsPaint stones to resemble watermelon slices. These can be used as a cheerful decoration or paperweight.


Honeycomb Shadow Shelf - shelf on wall with two items displayed

Making a Honeycomb Shadow ShelfUse craft sticks to make this creative honeycomb shelf. It's great for displaying mementos and curios. Make more than one and cluster them for a stunning effect.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Starting a Business Selling Simmering GranulesI am looking into starting a business selling simmering granules. Can anyone give me any tips on things I need to know and do? I know how to make the granules, it's all the other things I need to do, that I need help with.



Birthday Gift Card - finished card standing ready to give

Making a Birthday Gift CardInstead of purchasing birthday cards for your loved ones, make them at home. This is a great craft to do with your kids.


Let's Smile Box Sign Desk Decor - sign box standing on desk

"Let's Smile" Box Sign Desk DecorBox sign decor items are really popular, but you can upcycle a box to make your own. I upcycled this sturdy belt box (that was going to go in the trash anyway) into this sign! Times are hard right now so I want to remember to smile so I wrote "Lets Smile" and this will be at the corner of my desk!


Foil Lined Mason Jar Light  - glowing red light filled Mason jar

Making a Foil Lined Mason Jar LightUse aluminum foil and a canning jar to create this pretty light. They would be perfect to light the garden at night.


Ribbon Wand - finished wand on tabletop

How to Make a Ribbon WandThis pretty ribbon wand is easy to make with supplies you may already have at home. This is a great project to do with your kids.


DIY Cheering Pom Poms  - finished red and silver pom pom

DIY Foil Cheering Pom PomsIf you have a young cheerleader in your home, make a set of these sparkly foil pom poms. They can be customized to match any school or professional sports team.


Recycled Cardboard Ring and Yarn Dreamcatcher - hanging dreamcatcher

Making a Recycled Cardboard Ring and Yarn DreamcatcherUse yarn and recycled cardboard to make a decorative dreamcatcher to hang over your bed. These are easily customized and make a great gift.


Planetary Artwork - finished artwork

Making Planetary ArtworkRecreate the entire solar system with supplies you probably already have at home. It's a great way to decorate a child's room and learn about the planets.


Hot Glue Spiderweb Bowl - let dry for a couple of hours before filling

Making a Hot Glue Spiderweb BowlUse hot glue to make this spooky spiderweb bowl. It makes a wonderful display piece for Halloween.


Guitar Heartstrings Card - finished card

Making a Guitar Heartstrings CardShow your valentine how much you care with this adorable handmade card. It's perfect for a guitar lover.


Recycled Bunny Friends - bunnies among the cupcakes

Making Recycled Bunny FriendsSave your toilet paper tubes to make a collection of these adorable bunny friends. These are perfect as an Easter craft and decorations.


Jellyfish Piñata for Kids - closeup of the finished piñata

Making a Jellyfish Piñata for KidsIf you have bored kids or are planning a party, make these cute little jellyfish piñatas. They also make adorable decorations.


Fun Mirror with Barrettes - mirror hanging on the wall

Fun Mirror with BarrettesThis is a fun craft to do with the kids, as long as an adult supervises the hot glue gun! With a round mirror and 3.00 in barrettes, you too can have this cute mirror.


Paper Plate Clock - finished clock

Paper Plate Clock for Teaching TimeTransform a paper plate into an inexpensive teaching tool. Follow the steps below to make a paper plate clock for teaching your little ones how to tell time.


Child's Spring Floral Artwork - ready to display

Child's Spring Floral ArtworkBrighten up your home with this tissue paper spring themed artwork. Prop up with a piece of cardboard from a tissue box. This was made by my son with the help of my handwriting "Happy Spring". This is a great way to display temporary seasonal art or to showcase your children's work (prop up with piece of cardboard).



Making Decals Using a Plotter - different design in black

Making Decals Using a PlotterIt's easy to make personalized decals with a Cricut or other plotter. Newer models allow more flexibility to plot whatever design you want.


Heart Sticks Valentine's Day Arrangement - finished arrangement

Making a Heart Sticks Valentine's Day ArrangementMake this decorated jar filled with twigs from your garden, adorned with foam hearts in various sizes and colors. It is a great project to work on with your kids.


Valentine's Day Picture Frame - man's photo in the finished frame

Making a Valentine's Day Picture FramePaint a photo frame red and then decorate it with recycled CD hearts. Follow the link in the project for instructions. It makes a fun gift. Everything you need to know can be found on this site.


Valentine Hearts Kite Vase - finished bottle with stems in it

Making a Valentine Hearts Kite VaseA clear glass vase or recycled bottle can easily be transformed into a bit of Valentine's Day decor with a heart shaped kite motif. The supplies you will need and the instructions can be found below.


Penguin Valentine's Card or Crown - finished card faced crown

Making a Penguin Valentine's Card or CrownThis amazingly cute paper penguin can be used as a Valentine's Day card or become the decoration on a crown to add to your child's stash of play wear.


Valentine Gift Jar - pink rocks added to the lid, ready to fill with candy or other small gifts

Making a Valentine Gift JarDecorate a recycled jar to create you own handmade Valentine gift jar. We can show you how. Change the motif and it works for many occasions.


Felt Crown Headband - crown on child's head

Felt Crown HeadbandI bought these headbands awhile ago for my daughter, but she doesn't wear them because they make her ears itchy. Instead of tossing these headbands out, we are making these as her dress up props. Here is a felt crown I made.


Crochet Buddy for Hook and Needle - crochet buddy tied to handle of craft basket

Crochet Buddy for Hook and NeedleI found this pattern on line and am just a bit jealous I didn't come up with it myself! It is super easy, fast, and a great way to use up scrap yarn. I loved her's but mine has a bit of a spin on it. I hope you like it!


Happy Valen-Slime Cards - card taped to gift of slime

Making Happy Valen-Slime CardsYoungsters may enjoy some slime for Valentine's day with a personalized card with the message 'will you be my Valen-slime'. Ready in a jiff with a few fabric scraps to decorate the card.


Paper Heart Display - both decorative hearts next to plants

Making a Paper Heart DisplayShow your spirit for the holiday with paper hearts. Simple to make with paper, corks and dowels. They don't take much room and are easy to display.


Re-Cycle Planter - finished planter

Re-Cycle PlanterBecause I have an old wagon in my yard with potted plants in it, and I saw a bicycle planter at Big Lots, I decided it would be fun to make my own bicycle or tricycle planter. My project ended up being a "recycle" planter because I recycled metal odds and ends I had purchased at three different local Goodwill stores and put the parts together to create a decorative planter for my back yard.


Making a Journal with a Jeans Pocketl - finished bound journal with ribbons tied to spiral binding

Making a Jeans Pocket JournalThis fun journal is for writing and even stores pencils or pens!


Recycled Eggshell Vase - finished vase with faux flowers glued to the front

Making a Recycled Eggshell VaseSave eggshells to decorate a glass vase or recycled bottle. Add artificial flowers to the outside to make a beautiful decorated vase to use as a gift.


Splatter Paint Sticker Circle Garland - hanging garland

Splatter Paint Sticker Circle GarlandNeed a splash of color in your home to add some joy? This is an easy splatter paint sticker circle garland. It is perfect for a future party decoration, gender reveal, just because, or to add some color to a room.


Hanging Memo Holder - hanging on the wall with two items clipped on

Hanging Memo HolderMake this fun and bright hanging memo holder. It is perfect for your office wall or somewhere in your home where you'd like to attach notes/reminders or clip photos!


Recycled CD Mirrored Hearts - a scattering of CD hearts

Making Recycled CD Mirrored HeartsUse recycled CDs to make these shiny hearts. They are great for Valentine's Day or to show your love anytime.


Cityscape Background for Playing with Toys - colorful paper cityscape

Cityscape Background for Playing with ToysMy son wanted to make a cityscape for the background of his Legos creation. Instead of just printing out a cityscape, gluing it to cardboard, and calling it a day - I helped guide him to make his own. Here's his creation!


Dried Banana Leaf Crown - adding a leaf

Making a Dried Banana Leaf CrownIf you have access to banana leaves, weave them together to make these festive crowns. Perfect for a luau or special birthday party.


Making Feather Bookmarks from CDs - finished feather bookmarks, with white dots added

Making Feather Bookmarks from CDsTake old computer or music CDs and make these pretty bookmarks in a feather shape. These could also be hung as suncatchers or as part of a wind chime.


Golden Butterfly Suncatcher - two suncatchers hanging, showing both the back and the front

Making Golden Butterfly SuncatchersUse old CDs or DVDs to make these pretty suncatchers. Decorate them to look like all sorts of iridescent butterflies. A great project to do with kids.


Tin Tub Easter Basket - add grass and filled plastic eggs

Making a Tin Tub Easter BasketTin tubs make wonderful Easter baskets and come in a variety of bright colors. They can be used after the holiday for storage in a bedroom or bathroom.


DIY Mail Box from a Kleenex Hand Towel Box  - finished box

DIY Mail Box from a Kleenex Hand Towel BoxIf you purchase Kleenex hand towels, you can transform the box into a mail box. I actually bought these Kleenex hand towels last year for 90% off at Target after Christmas.


Mirrored Mosaic Flower Vase - finished bottle

DIY Mirrored Mosaic Flower VaseTake old CDs and a recycled glass bottle to make this pretty mosaic vase for small floral displays. This is a good project to do with your kids and makes a great gift.


Homemade Air Dry Clay - hand holding a large ball of clay

Homemade Air Dry ClayMake this easy air dry clay to help amuse your kids during school vacations. This clay is made with ingredients you may already have at home and will stay soft and flexible.


Happy Easter Banner - glue the eggs in place at the ends and add lengths of ribbon for hanging, front view of banner hanging on a wood mantle

Making a Happy Easter BannerMake this Happy Easter banner to welcome your guests during the Easter season. It's easy to modify this for a birthday or other special event.


Recycled Mixed Materials Music Theme - mixed materials guitar piece

Recycled Mixed Materials Music ThemeI created this piece using an old plastic poster board, a broken mirror, magazine pages, and colored stones purchased at a recycle store.


Kids DIY Cardboard Lantern - finished lantern

Kids DIY Cardboard LanternTransform a tissue box into a lantern, or hanging light box. My son had a lot of fun painting this lantern as well as decorating it. He did need a little help.


Personalized Initial Tissue Box Easter Basket - paper cir

Personalized Initial Tissue Box Easter BasketDo you have an empty tissue box laying around? If not, you still have plenty of time. Here is how you can transform your tissue box into an Easter basket!


Leprechaun Hat Cup - filled cups

Leprechaun Hat CupSchools are shut down and my kids were looking forward to their class party. So here I am last minute, looking at what I have on hand to make to, make up for their party they were going to have.


Four-leafed Clover Hanging Door Decoration - clover hanging on a door

Four-leafed Clover Hanging Door DecorationMy kids were looking forward to their class party, but since school is cancelled, I thought it would be nice to throw a small party at home. Here is a last minute quick four-leafed clover hanging door decoration I made with supplies I already had.


Tiny Egg Nest Magnets - two magnets on the fridge

Tiny Egg Nest MagnetsI found a cute bag of plastic eggs and some looked like tiny robins eggs or smaller. I had all the other things so I made these. I hope you like them!


Cheap Yarn Bowl Idea

Cheap Yarn Bowl IdeaSome of the cute ceramic bowls out there that have the notches for yarn, are 35.00! So today I had the idea of using what I have and it works great.


Valentine's Themed Gift Basket for Him - finished snack gift basket

Valentine's Themed Gift Basket for HimShowing him your love on Valentine's Day can be a personalized gift basket. Using recycled boxes and decorating it yourself, you can fill it with things you know he likes or needs.


Decorative Fabric Covered Glass Canisters - finished canister with border on the end of the fabric

Decorative Fabric Covered Glass CanistersUsing fabric you can change the color of your glass canisters in your kitchen. Spruce up your home or make these decorative canisters as special gifts.


Drumstick Pockets - drumsticks in the pouch pockets

Drumstick PocketsMy daughter's new guy is a drummer. He is always misplacing one of the drumsticks under the couch, or in the car. So I made him this for his birthday. It's a crocheted pocket for them.


Repurposed Easter Wreath - finished wreath hanging on a door

Repurposed Easter WreathI found this cute little wreath for about 2.00 and the little buds looked like mini Easter eggs. Using things I had at home, I finished the project in less than 30 minutes.


Making a Flower Crown - partial view of the crown on a child's head

Making a Flower CrownIn our household, we like to save cardboard boxes for craft projects or arts and crafts.


DIY Tissue Box Marble Maze - looking down on finished maze

DIY Tissue Box Marble MazeBefore tossing out tissue boxes, your child may be interested in making this marble maze. You can easily make this with a few supplies: tissue boxes, hot glue, straws, scissors, and any scrap piece of art/paper. My son had lots of fun with this and he's currently altering the maze course to make it more complex by adding a third tissue box.


Paper Mosaic Art for Kids - stars and moon added

Paper Mosaic Art for KidsWhen you or your children craft using construction paper there are inevitably scraps. Turn them into fun mosaic art projects with your children. See how this technique was used to make a rocket ship and a jet.


Making Custom Push Pins - pins and ticket on corkboard

Making Custom Push PinsCreate your own custom push pins. You will need thumbtacks, hot glue, and paint. Design shapes that delight you or make sorting and posting notes and reminders more clear at a glance.


Easter Egg Wreath

Making a Plastic Easter Egg WreathPlastic Easter eggs can be used to make a pretty seasonal wreath. Make it as simple or elaborate as you like. We have some excellent examples to choose from.


3D Pop-Up Heart Card - open card with 3-D heart

Making a 3D Pop-Up Heart CardGather together scissors, glue, and paper to create this delightful 3D pop-up heart card. Using 3 colors adds to the overall effect.


Tree Candlestick Holder - finished recycled bottle tree candle holder

Making a Tree Candlestick HolderRecycled glass bottles are decorated with layers of leaves cut from 2 liter bottles to make this candlestick holder. The following steps, supplies, and photos will guide you through the entire process for making one or more of these eye-catching crafts.


Heart Picture Frame Magnet - finished magnet on a stainless steel refrigerator door

Making a Heart Picture Frame MagnetThis magnetic heart picture frame magnet is fun to make for Valentine's Day or other occasions. Let us show you how.


Succulent Gift Tag - closeup of succulent arrangement

Making a Succulent Gift TagAdd a small succulent cutting to your homemade gift tag for a dual gift. See how in the project below.


Creating a Crackle Paint Finish on Canvas - two finished canvases

Creating a Crackle Paint Finish on CanvasIf you want to create a crackle finish on your canvas this tutorial will show you how. You will need some acrylic paint and Elmer's glue or a similar product to begin.


Several different quite time play tins made from Altoid tins.

Making Quiet Time Play Tins for ChildrenThese amazing little mint tin play boxes are a wonderful project to take on and the recipients will adore them. Check out the accompanying craft and try your hand at it. Older children might also get hooked.


Hogs and Kisses Candy Holder - finished hog holder surrounded by red and silver wrapped Kisses

Making a Hogs and Kisses Candy HolderThis Valentine's Day craft is based on a play on words. This sweet little TP pig makes the perfect container for some candy treats for you Valentine. The attached craft details the steps required to make your own.


Egg Carton Miniature Furniture - table and two chairs

Making Egg Carton Miniature FurnitureFrom egg crate to doll furniture, this project will guide you through the steps. Your kids can help made these miniature chairs and table plus have fun playing with them afterwards.


Heart-Shaped Toy Binoculars - red binoculars on dark background

Making Heart-Shaped Toy BinocularsPaint and recontour TP tubes to make these fun heart shaped toy binoculars. We can show you how.


Bamboo Decorative Box -  finished box

Making a Bamboo Decorative BoxThin pieces of bamboo, CDs, and raffia are assembled in this project to create a useful, decorative bamboo box. It is great for storing small items on your desk. If a small plate is placed inside you can add a little potted plant. There are a lot of different uses.


Making A Beading Loom - beginning to bead

Making A Beading LoomMaking beaded bracelets and chokers is a longstanding craft that has delighted children and adults for years. The first thing you need is a loom. This tutorial can guide you through the steps needed to make your own.


Bamboo & Coconut Shell Planters - planters hanging outside of a house

Making Bamboo and Coconut Shell PlantersThese bamboo and coconut shell planters are not only functional, but will bring an island feel to your garden. Use them for succulents or other plants of your choice. The tutorial published below will get you started.


Valentine's Hanging Wall Decoration  - full view of the hanging

Valentine's Hanging Wall DecorationWall hangings are fun to make for different seasons and holidays. This Valentine's Day one is no exception. It is easy to construct using crafting supplies you already have. If you don't they are inexpensive to buy and add to your stash for future projects.


Refurbishing An Old Lamp - finished desk style lamp

Refurbishing an Old LampRedecorating? Don't toss out your old lamp just because it is the wrong color or beginning to rust. Learn how to refurbish an old lamp in this tutorial. You may become addicted and start painting to redecorate rather than buy new.


Making Woven Coconut Leaf Shrimp   - finished leaf shrimp

Making Woven Coconut Leaf ShrimpTeaching kids to improve their motor skills was the impetus for this fun craft. We have a tutorial to help you make woven coconut leaf shrimp. They are fun to make, play with, and perhaps even to use as outdoor decor.


Making a Photo Christmas Card Keepsake Display - display standing on a granite counter

Making a Photo Christmas Card Keepsake DisplayCreating a collage using Christmas photo cards is a great way to display these keepsakes that often end up tucked away in a box. Give it a try using the project outlined below.


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