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The completed note pads.

Upcycling Expired PlannersIt's 2023 now! Do you have any 2022 planners? While cleaning, I found a few 2022 planners that I used half way but never really utilized the planner to the fullest. While flipping through the planner there were lots of potential.


Two heart shaped stockings for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day StockingsI started the tradition of Valentine Day stockings a few years ago. We enjoyed filling them with sweets and love notes.


My TO-GO Notes

My TO-GO NotesThis is very budget-friendly notes because you need not to spend to have this. As long as you have a piece of bond paper and a stapler, you can make one for you. This is also very easy to bring because of its customized sizes, which depends on what size you want, and on where you will put them. Just like mine, I usually make a size of this which is not bulky in my little wallet so that I can bring it with me wherever I go.


A multi colored crocheted blanket.

Crochet ArtI am a crochet artist. I learned to crochet on my own when I was in special ed classes by watching a video. I like to sit and design my own patterns now and I use scrap yarn to make my art.


The completed origami flower.

Origami Paper FlowersThese paper flowers could be used for a party decoration.


The completed heart quilt.

Heart Quilt BlockI made this quilt block into a table runner for Valentine's Day.


The completed paper flower chandelier.

Paper Flower ChandelierIt's inspection season in schools. My sister asked for my help in making her classroom decorations. Her idea was to make a chandelier out of craft paper to hang in the reading corner. This can also be used as Christmas decor.


A close up of the completed bow tie.

Crochet Bow TieMade this for a Halloween costume.


Dried Flower Candle Vase

Dried Flower Candle VaseMade from one of my grandma's jars from her canning days. It has a unique shape and I wanted to display it.


The completed basket.

Crochet BasketMade with a CD base, this was a fun little basket to make. I filled it with a small tube of lotion and some treats for a friend's birthday gift.


the finished egg carton cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Out of Egg CartonsFor my son's school project, he only needed the plastic bottle vase. As a "mom of extra", I insisted on making the flowers to put into his vase. What I like about making this project is that I don't have to go to the craft shop to find the materials. I used what I can only find around the house.


The completed vase.

Decorative Flower Vase Made From Plastic BottleEvery day I'm learning a lot of ideas from my children, specially my eldest since he's now in grade school. I actually was planning to do this craft before but I forgot about it and since it's not that really important. This time, it's my child who needed it in school so we have to look for materials right away that wouldn't cost us much.


The completed paint brush covers.

Copycat Paint Brush CoverI found a good use for all those political ads and other ads I have received in the mail. I pulled one out of my recycling paper. The size and thickness was perfect for making the paint brush cover that I needed. I had one that I liked and I traced it.


The completed basket.

Woven T-shirt Yarn BasketWith my leftover t-shirt yarn from another project, I made this basket to hold mail. It is nice and sturdy made from the yarn.


The finished decorative bowl.

Decorative Bowl Made from Cardstock and Hot GlueThis one is pretty amazing. Imagine creating a bowl out of paper. Well, that's not really impossible but this is my first time to try. It's a very simple craft you can make out of just scrap cardstocks and hot glue. Let's see how it is made.



The completed card.

Teacher's Day Greeting Card for MenNot all teachers are women. Some are men and they are great, too. So here's a 5 minute craft to pay tribute to our wonderful men teachers out there.


A basil plant growing in a canning jar.

Indoor Canning Jar Herb GardenI used these cute Mason jar glasses to plant an indoor herb garden.


The finished Teacher's Day Card

Teacher's Day CardTomorrow we'll be celebrating World Teacher's Day. My son asked me to help him do a simple greeting card with a small token attached to it. He chose to put a box of chalk since "it's the best reminder of being a teacher", he said.


The finished Roll Holder Basket

Roll Holder BasketOld-fashioned roll basket!


Tissue Paper Roll Face Switch Toy

Tissue Paper Roll Face Switch ToyI got the idea from my eldest son. I found him playing with a tissue paper roll as if he was telling a story with 3 characters and changing his voice as he switched the tp roll.


The folded necktie.

Necktie OrigamiPreviously, I submitted a craft entitled "Teachers Day Greeting Card for Men." I would like to share about how the necktie was made. Although you can just cut a drawing of a necktie, it would look more appealing when you use an origami for detail emphasis.


The completed patchwork table topper.

Fall Pumpkin Patchwork Table TopperA good way to use scraps. My daughter-in-law loves the fall season and pumpkins, so I made this for her.


Assembling the screw and nail organizer.

Screw and Nail OrganizerGreat organizer for small spaces! Holds sixteen jars in a 15 inch space! My husband's original storage container.


Newspaper Pen Organizer - pens, pencils, glue, and marker in organizer

Newspaper Pen OrganizerI had nothing to do with an old newspaper insert so I decided to create a simple pen organizer out of it. It will take a little longer rolling the paper, but it's actually fun to do.


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Mini Pumpkin as Candle HolderUsing an apple corer, core a small hole into the top of a mini-pumpkin ( about 2 in deep) and use as a candle holder. Apples work, too! By Linda


The finished pumpkin candle holder.

Pumpkin Candle HolderA nice fall table centerpiece!


A latch hook project in process.

Latch Hook Craft ProjectsLatch hook is a popular craft project using yarn and plastic canvas. You can make sturdy rugs, pillows and wall art in a variety of patterns and colors.


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Paper Mache Pumpkin?Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a paper mache (sp?) pumpkin for Halloween? Instead of buying a pumpkin I'd like to make some that I can keep and reuse. Any ideas would be welcome.


A small origami cup.

Origami Party Favor HoldersWe learned how to make these on a cruise ship. I thought they would come in handy for a party favor bag to fill with small candies at a place setting at the table.


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Making Doll "Ghosts" with Starched Linen?Once I saw the cutest little "ghosts" made out of white linen. The person told me they were put into laundry starch then formed over dolls in spooky poses (arms out like they were walking towards you). Very cute.



Quilled flowers on a card.

Paper QuillingThese can be used to decorate cards or name tags, etc.


Two socks made into octopus dolls.

Octopus SocksHere is a way to reuse old socks and turn them into octopus sea creatures !


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Holiday Craft Ideas For Fourth Grade?This year I am homeroom mother for fourth graders. Really need some game/craft suggestions for upcoming Halloween party.


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Reusing Embroidery From Old Shirts?Tips for reusing embroidery from worn out clothing. Post your own ideas here.


The completed Kinetic Wind Spoon Sculpture

Kinetic Wind Spoon SculptureI saw a kinetic wind sculpture on Facebook and so I looked up a few ideas with how to make one. My husband was the brains behind this project and used a few ideas from various sources and added his own. Following is what we came up with.


The completed strip square quilt.

Strip Quilt SquareI was given a lot of fabric from a friend. Part of the donation included long strips of fabric so I found this quilt pattern for using up strips of fabric.


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Crafts Using Old Jewelry?I am looking for fresh ideas to craft with old and or mismatched earrings and jewelry.


The hanging fan pull.

Fan PullMade from a wooden spool and a few trinkets


Zippered and Lined Patchwork Pouch

Zippered and Lined Patchwork PouchI wanted to make a transformer toy bag for my grandson for Christmas but I only had a few small scraps of transformer fabric, so I made this patchwork transformer pouch.


The completed quilt pattern.

Nine Patch Quilt SquareSimple instructions for making a nine patch quilt square.


The completed quilted hot pad.

Loghouse Hexagon Quilted Hot PadMade from scrap strips of fabric.


The completed decorative rosettes.

Rosette DecorationI wanted to add an embellishment to a nightgown I made so I made these little rosettes from the leftover fabric.


A bookmark made from a favorite photo.

Personalized Photo BookmarkI wanted to come up with a homemade personalized gift for my best girlfriend of 42 years. She happens to be an avid reader and this is what I came up with, and with items I already had on hand :-)


Simple Little Birdhouse

Simple Little BirdhouseMy husband made this cute birdhouse when we went to visit grandkids. The neighbor donated wood from a swing set and my husband used it to make the birdhouse. Even the dowels were saved from an old project. We already had the screws. So the birdhouse was no cost.


The completed ceramic looking vase.

Recycled Ceramic Look VaseI used plaster of Paris to make this ceramic looking vase from a soda bottle.



The completed loom knit bag.

Loom Knit BagThere are many options for making things from a knit hat loom besides a hat. I found this fairly simple pattern to make a "purse" which could be used for a swimming bag (has holes for the wet swimming suit to dry) or for whatever purpose you might want to use it for.


A pinwheel quilt square.

Pinwheel Quilt SquareAnother quilt square idea!


A green coat or towel hanger.

How to Make a Coat or Towel HangerThis coat or towel hanger is a great conversation piece in your home.


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Making a Hanger Snowflake?I made the snowflake from plastic hangers, but what can I use in the center to keep the snowflake from flopping around when you pick it up. I didn't use duct tape to join. I used zip ties to hold the hangers together.


Cutting white paper snowflakes.

Snowflake Craft IdeasSnowflakes are a popular winter craft subject, for Christmas decorations, ornaments or just to brighten up the cold months. They can be made with a variety of different materials but paper is by far the most common.


The completed fabric playhouse.

Portable PlayhouseThis is a Goldilocks and the Three Bears playhouse. I used a pattern online and adapted it for this fairy tale story.


Bow Quilt Pattern

Bow Quilt PatternTrying out another simple quilt pattern. This project shows how to make one bow square. These squares can then be put together to make a cute quilt, whatever, size you want.


The finished Jewelry/Silverware Vintage Wall Hanging

Jewelry/Silverware Vintage Wall HangingI saw this idea online. I had collected a lot of old jewelry and bought some old silverware from our neighbor's garage sale. So I put the two together to create this unique wall hanging.


The completed 4th of July candle jar.

4th of July JarJust in time for 4th of July. This simple painted jar with a tea light inside maks a fun centerpiece.


The completed ribbon embroidery project.

Ribbon EmbroideryA twist on embroidery using ribbon. I love how it turned out.


The finished money bouquet.

Money BouquetMy mom's birthday is like a double celebration since Mother's Day is approaching next to it. My siblings and I had decided to double the surprise, so I made another money craft for her. I gathered scrap materials since my prep time has almost ran out.


The surprise money umbrella.

Surprise UmbrellaI made this craft for my mom's birthday. Money cake has become too popular and common so I thought of a different way to surprise her on her birthday.


A homemade fishing lure.

Tootsie Roll Wrapper Fishing LureOnce when I went fishing, I caught a fish in the ocean using a shiny metal lure. I decided to make my own lure out of a Tootsie Roll candy wrapper with a little bit of a semi melted tootsie roll. I squished it and used the wrapper and twisted it and twisted it again and again to make a replica of a fish. Now I do not know what fish looks like a barcode but the inside liner was shiny foil like material, which I think during the day time the light to reflect off of it and produce an eye-catching lure for the fish!


The finished origami twirly-copter.

How to Fold an Easy Origami Twirly-CopterIf you're looking for a fun and easy origami project, look no further than the origami twirly-copter! This project is perfect for kids of all ages, and it's a great way to teach them about geometry and aerodynamics. Plus, it's a lot of fun to fly!


Upcycle Vitamin Container into Flower Vase

Upcycle Vitamin Container into Flower VaseYou can make flower vases with your empty vitamin containers. Here is a minimalist design made with duct tape (to cover the vitamin container) and some copper wire for a 3D effect.


The completed flags next to a sign.

Create Your Own Pride FlagFor a Pride month activity I created this craft for the art room. Everyone can make their own flag, either a traditional rainbow, or one of the many other flags which represent different identities.


The completed knot purse.

Knot PurseVery simple, quick-to-sew reversible purse.


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Tiered Serving PlateUsing some coordinating pieces of stoneware, you can make a beautiful serving piece.


The finished Wooden Plant Riser

Wooden Plant RiserDo you have left over wood scraps? If you do, you can make some wooden plant risers for your backyard.


The completed reverse stained glass window.

Reverse Stained Glass WindowFor those of you who can't paint, here is a simple technique.


Gag Incontinence Cake for Seniors Birthday

Gag Incontinence Cake for Senior BirthdayYou and your recipient will need a good sense of humor for this Incontinence cake for a birthday party but it raised a lot of laughs at our recent event!


The completed hanging flag decoration.

Fourth of July Stick FlagSimple, quick, and inexpensive


The finished package, tied with string.

Homemade GiftwrapMaking a small piece of gift wrap using brown paper and my computer printer. I needed some gift wrap for a small book, and because I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery, I didn't want to have to drive into town (7 miles round trip) to buy more.


Two completed money sashes.

Money Sash For All OccasionAfter being able to do all the money surprises (money cake, money umbrella and money boquet), I thought that will be the last money project I can make. Then here comes my sister in-law asking me to make a money sash for her younger brother's wedding.


A decoration to hang bows on.

Bow DollsIt's what girls hang their hair bows on. There is ribbon all the way around the skirt that you put the bows on. If you run out of room, it has a long braid in the back and a mirror face so she can see to put the bow in her hair.


A dog wearing crocheted shoes.

Doggie ShoesIt gets pretty hot here in Arizona so I made these crochet doggie shoes for my daughter's dog to wear when we take her on walks at night when it "cools" down to 100 degrees!


A garden themed wreath.

My Garden WreathIt's made out of black garden hose, has metal lady bug, flowers and a horse fly, with a sign that says "Welcome To My Garden."


The completed baby quilt.

Baby QuiltThis is a fairly easy baby quilt I made using scraps. I like how the design turned out.


The completed name tags.

Table Reservation Card or Table Name TagThis will be used to reserve or assign a table for a group of participants in a seminar or certain event in order to help them easily find where to sit upon arrival. Also, this will make the event organized and minimize waste of time arranging seats.


The completed violet jar.

Vintage Valentine Violet JarsI love decorating bottles. I wanted to make a unique candy jar this year to give to some lady friends. I found violet candy to put in my violet decorated jars. These are recycled spice jars.


Mother Goose and her new bonnet.

Mother Goose's New BonnetThis is my old Mother Goose stuffed toy I had as a child in the late 50's, early 60's. She was missing her bonnet so I decided to make her one. I found what the original bonnet looked like but came up with this simple bonnet that could also be used for a doll.


The completed Surprise Candy Cake

Surprise Candy CakeThis craft is not a cake. I made this one for my son's birthday last December so that I don't have to make loot bags. Indeed I was able to save half of my budget. Anyway, I am sharing this to give you a gift idea for Valentine's Day. It's a DIY surprise candy cake.


The completed pouch.

Bunny Candy PouchesI made these for my daughter-in-law's school class so she could give them a fun little treat.


Adding valentine notes to the mailbox.

Love MailboxThe best Valentine activity we had in high school was putting up a Love Mailbox. Receive your love notes and valentine goodies thru this cute looking mailbox.


The completed frame.

Reverse Glass LetteringDon't want to buy vinyl lettering? Don't have good handwriting? I came up with this idea after researching "reverse glass painting" projects.


The completed vintage framed magazines.

Recycle Magazines in a Picture FrameThis is another idea I came up with to use some of my vintage magazines. I was born in 1957 and all of these magazines are, month by month, from the year I was born. I had to "think out of the frame" to decide what to do with them and since I had a large picture frame, I decided to display them in it.


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Balloon Dip BookmarksThis is such a simple technique with amazing results. Both adults and children can have a fun, slightly messy, crazy craft session together - although children may need a bit of guidance and probably some help blowing up the balloon


The front of the card.

Greetings Cards from Vintage MagazinesI made a Valentine's card and a birthday card from these old magazines I had stored from my childhood.


The finished candlesticks.

Recycled Chair Leg Candlestick HoldersI had four chair legs left from a previous craft project (posted on Thriftyfun a few months ago). Rather than discard them, I made them into candlestick holders.


The completed Cupid's Arrows

Cupid's ArrowsLet me share to you another unique way of sending messages to your lovies with Cupid's arrows. I learned this cute craft way back in high school. Here's how to do it.


The completed Keepsake Shadow Box

Keepsake Shadow BoxRecently I was going through keepsakes from my childhood and from my husband's childhood. I decided rather than keep them in boxes, I would display them in a shadow box.


A before and after of the painted cork board.

DIY Geometric Painted Cork BoardWe've had these cork boards up in the basement forever and I felt like they needed a little facelift, so I gave them just that. '


A fabric drawstring backpack.

Drawstring BackpacksI made these for a charity who gives backpacks filled with various items to cancer patients who are children.


A stuffed animal wrapped around a vase.

Stuffed Animal Wrapped Flower VaseThis is so easy and takes so little time, but really adds to a vase of flowers.


The completed bear with a bow.

Simply Stuffed BearsI am making these for a charitable donation to a local police station to give to children who may be facing a traumatic situation. They are simple to make and you can use small scraps of fabric and ribbon and a little stuffing, so they are inexpensive. Just requires your time.


The finished Rope Trivet

Rope TrivetI needed a trivet to go with a lot of my placemats and dishes and found this idea.


The clipboard gallery wall.

Clipboard Gallery WallIf your kid is anything like mine, there is a slew of artwork being made each day. I wanted a way to display my child's art in a way that could be easily changed. This is the solution I came up with. I wanted to be able to have both verticle and horizontal pieces of art, so I got two sizes of clipboards so that art would be contained within the parameters of the clipboard. I added some patterned contact paper to some of the clipboards to add interest and also painted the clips black to match. In retrospect, I don't think the contact paper was needed, as I am sure these will always be full.


The completed foam bunnies.

Foam Dice BunniesCover and decorate foam dice with balloons to make a cute and easy bunny. In winter, use white balloons and make them into snowmen.


A pillow in need of restuffing.

Save That Pillow CasingI have purchased several little pillows that are stuffed with tiny beads. I think the beads are Styrofoam. After several months of usage, the beads start to break down, leak out of the seams, and the pillow begins to go flat. Because of this, I have thrown some away which I felt was a big waste. The thought of saving the casing finally hit me.


The completed men's tie.

Handmade Men's TieThis was my first attempt at making a man's tie. I made it out of fabric that matched my daughter's homemade Easter skirt. Her boyfriend wore this tie for Easter to go with her skirt. Turned out great!


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Using Painted Ceramic Tiles?I have many small 2'x2' ceramic tiles that have been painted by elementary art students. I do not know what kind of paint was used but it has adhered well. I would like to do an outdoor craft project with the tiles on cement or cinder blocks. What should I use as a bond like grout or mastics? What can I coat the tiles with to protect them from weather?


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Pattern For Flowers From 6-pack Rings?Years ago, I made hyacinth flowers from plastic 6-pack rings and wooden skewers. After completed, I spray painted them in pastels. Anyone have the directions?


A decorative vase of preserved flowers.

Replacing Evaporated Liquid in Preserved Flowers?This is a sealed vase that was my mother's. It was given to her in the late 30's-40's when she opened her first beauty shop. It has a cork that has fallen to the bottom, and appears is sealed with wax. I would like to replace the liquid that has evaporated. Would it be mineral oil? Can I just open it and add additional oil? I do not want to disturb the flowers.


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Puzzle Board or Puzzle Mat?Which is easier and cheaper to make: the puzzle board or the puzzle mat?


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Preserving Children's Art WorkThis is a "copy" of artwork I had done when fingerpainting in Kindergarten. This shows how to preserve it and use it to decorate a child's room.


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Topsy Turvey Norwegian Nellie Pattern?Does anyone have the Norwegian Nellie Topsy Turvey Doll Pattern that they can share with me? Thank you!


The completed spice container with the top lid open.

Recycled Spice Shakers for CampingRecycled spice shakers.


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