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Two women at a garage sale.

My Frugal Life: The Garage Sale HuntMy house is filled with large and small surprises throughout, treasures that I have collected over the years at garage sales. Treasures from around the world.


Trinkets on a table with price tags.

Planning an Indoor Yard SaleIf you live in an apartment or where the weather is too inclement for an outdoor sale, consider having an indoor yard sale. Just keep the sale items clearly marked and separate from personal property not included in the sale. This is a page about planning an indoor yard sale.


Garage Sale Table

Garage Sale FindsShopping garage sales can result in some useful and unique finds. This is a page about garage sale finds.


Garage Sale Items With Price Stickers

Preventing Customers from Changing Prices at a Garage Sale?Despite the lower prices that you can typically find by shopping yard sales, sometimes unethical customers will attempt to swap prices on items to get even better deals. This is a page about preventing customers from changing prices at a garage sale.


Couple Putting up Yard Sale Sign

Mapping My Garage Sale RouteModern technology can make mapping out your route for yard sale stops simple and streamlined. This is a page about mapping my garage sale route.


Clothes hanging at Yard Sale

Displaying Clothes at a Yard Sale?There are a number of creative ways to hang or layout clothes so that your prospective yard sale buyers can easily see them. This is a page about displaying clothes at yard sale.


Yard Sale

Selling at Yard Sales vs Online AuctionsThis is a page about selling at yard sales vs online auctions. Choosing the best way to sell your unwanted things can make a difference in how much time it takes you, and how much money you get for them.


Garage Sale

Selling at Garage SalesThis is a page about selling at garage sales. When planning a rummage sale you want to make sure you have good advertising and have it set up so you will maximize the number of purchases.


garage sale

Preparing for a Garage SaleThis is a page about preparing for a garage sale. A garage sale is a fantastic way to get rid of unused items and make a little extra money. Planning your garage sale well helps ensure it's success.


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Selling Food at a Garage Sale?Can we sell foods at the garage sale?


A woman taking a photo of a vase to post it on eBay.

eBay vs. Garage Sales?This is a page about eBay vs. garage sales. Garage sales are still a very popular way to sell items you no longer can use or want. However, it is not the only method of selling household possessions. You can also sell many things on eBay.


Items for sale at a yard sale.

Using Virtual Yard SalesThis is a page about using virtual yard sales. You can take advantage of this Facebook function and sell individual items to a group online.


Garage Sales

Shopping at Garage SalesThis is a page about shopping at garage sales. There are many good buys waiting for you at garage sales. A bit of pre-planning can make it not only a fun, but also a worthwhile adventure.


Clothing hung up on a bar.

Garage Sale SuccessThis is a good time to get ready for this years Garage Sale. Go through your closets, the kids toys, kitchen cupboards and your basement/garage or storage areas for items you will be selling.


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Tips for Successful Moving Sales?I would appreciate any suggestions you all could provide concerning what makes a moving/garage sale successful. I live in Arizona, so it is incredibly hot here, but have to move due to financial constraints. Thank you!



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Price for Garage Sale Food?How much should I charge for a bottle of water, can of soda, box of juice, a brownie, a cookie, and a Rice Krispy treat?


A woman putting a balloon on a garage sale sign.

Garage Sale Tips and TricksThis is a page about garage sale tips and tricks. Knowing a few tips and tricks can help make your garage sale successful.


Woman holding a box for a garage sale

Posting Your Garage Sale on CraigslistPosting your garage sale on Craigslist is easy. Knowing the right things to say will get people coming your way. This is a page about posting your garage sale on Craigslist.


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Having a Successful Garage SaleHere are some tips to have a great garage sale. Pick the right date, the first and fifteenth are when people receive their social security checks and/or pay checks.


A sign announcing an estate sale.

Finding Estate SalesThis is a page about finding estate sales. When a person or family is liquidating nearly all their possessions, great deals can be found, but you have to know where to look for them.


Yard Sale Sign

Making Garage Sale SignsThis is a page about making garage sale signs. Garage sale signs are one of the best ways to advertise your sale. Making your sign standout from all the rest is key to getting the "garage salers" to come your way.


Garage Sale Sign in Front of House Having a Sale

Promoting Your Garage SaleThis is a page about promoting your garage sale. Having a garage sale can be be a lot of work with little reward if very few people show up. Promoting your garage sale will help ensure you have a successful sale.


A table full of items for sale at a garage sale.

Finding Garage SalesThis is a page about finding garage sales. Everyone loves getting a good deal. Garage sales often have the best bargains you can find. Knowing how to find garage sales is key to getting the best deals.


Yard sale on the front lawn of a house.

Throwing a Neighborhood Garage SaleThis is a page about throwing a neighborhood garage sale. Organizing a neighborhood garage sale can be a fun and lucrative event. There are many things to coordinate to have a successful sale.


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Planning a Church Yard Sale?I need help planning a yard sale at my church. I have never planned a yard sale before and I like things to be well organized.


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Free Wire Coat Hangers?I am having a huge moving sale and need 200-300 wire hangers. Where can I find them for free? I would be willing to pay shipping.


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Displaying Pierced Earrings for a Garage Sale?I am spending these cold winter months sorting through things I no longer want/need for a spring garage sale. Can someone give me some ideas on how to organize and display pierced earrings I no longer want, that is fast and convenient for the shoppers (and me)? Thank you.


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How Do I Have a Successful Yard Sale?I am having a yard sale in a few weeks. I have 10 garbage bags filled with baby girl clothes 0-12 months. Some clothes have never been worn, but most are in great shape. Can I get some tips on how to display, price, and where to advertise? Thanks in advance.


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Planning a Moving Sale in the Fall/Winter?I want to do a moving sale and I do have access to indoors. Are November and December bad months to have a moving sale?


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Planning the Date for Your Yard Sale?Can you have a yard sale during the week? I am not sure about the yard sale etiquette, but have been needing to have one for a long time now.



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Look For New Items At Garage SalesGoing to garage sales has always been a hobby of mine. Something that is very cost effective is when people have new items that have never been used. It might not be something that I particularly use but get it and put it away for gift giving throughout the year.


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"Everything is 50 Cents" Garage SaleIf you aren't selling a lot of high-priced items at your garage sale and want to go the low-maintenance route, have an "Everything is 50 cents sale (unless otherwise marked)".


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Be Considerate When Parking for Garage SalesRegarding yard sales, please use kind driving and parking etiquette when attending yard sales. I cannot count how many potential accidents I have encountered by:


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Free Printable Yard Sale Price Tags?Where can I find free, printable yard sale tags?


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What To Look For At Garage SalesWhen I go to garage sales, I always look for certain things first. I look for tools in good shape, vases of all sizes, pretty pieces of mismatched china, and anything copper or silver. These items always come in handy.


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Look For Craftsman Tools At Garage SalesThis is a tool tip. Many times when going to yard sales you can find a Craftsman tool that might be broken and you can purchase it for next to nothing.


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Buying Food at Yard Sales?Would you buy food -- new boxes of cereal, cake mixes, canned goods etc -- from a yard sale?


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When Should I Start My Garage Sale?What are the BEST hours to start and end a garage sale? How many days should I have a sale? I was thinking if EVERYONE else starts theirs at 8 am, then I would start mine between 9 and 10 - this way, customers get a stab at fresh, not "picked-thru" inventory.


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Clever Ad for a Rummage Sale?I am going to have a rummage sale soon. I am looking for a cleverly worded ad to put in the newspaper to attract the attention of the readers. I hope to bring them here by the 100's.


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Selling Books at Your Yard SaleIf you have lots and lots of books to sell at your yard sale, rather than letting them sell for .25 cents each. Put a pail or small bucket nearby so your shoppers can use as a shopping cart and then sell the bucket load for a bigger price, say $2-$3 minus the bucket.


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Getting Rid of Small Items at a Yard SaleWhen having a yard sale in order to get rid of all those little items that you don't want to pack up after the sale, choose a desirable item that is worth about $5 to $10.00 place into a box with the little items you want to get rid of (that might not sell on their own).


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Keeping Items Together at Your Yard SaleWhen planning a yard sale or clothing swap, if you've got any 2 pc. or 3 pc. clothing sets, pin them together, so parts of them don't get sold and the others are left.


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Selling Extra Recipes at Yard SalesI print off recipes all the time, occasionally, I'll run across one that didn't suite our tastes. Rather than tossing it in the trash. I put it in a zipper style baggie. I do the same with recipe pamphlets I pick up at the grocery or get in the mail. Once the bag is full, I mark a price on it, $1 at the most and stash it away with my accumuluating stuff for my next yard sale.


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Yard Sales in Expensive NeighborhoodsCheck out the yard sales in the ritzy towns near by, they let stuff go for cheap, but it is good name brand stuff!


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Bring a List When You Go To Garage SalesWhen garage saling always carry a list of the family's sizes (clothes, coat & shoe) as well as window sizes along with a measuring tape. By Pattcatt



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Sell Refreshments At Your Garage SaleTo make more money at your next yard sale, sell refreshments, too! Watch the sales for a few weeks before your event, and stock up on canned sodas at bargain prices. The day of the sale, put them in a cooler with ice and put up a big sign "cold drinks, .50" or whatever ...


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Tips for Throwing a Successful Garage Sale1. Guerilla Advertising: Make lots of signs to post around your neighborhood before the morning of your sale. The sign should include your address (obvious yes, but easily forgotten!) and directional arrows pointing the way.


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Buying Used Goods"This page is for the elderly and not-so-elderly who may find it profitable and personally gratifying to shop and buy used goods.


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What's Fair for Both Buyer and Seller?Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum in which to present this dilemma, but I can't find a site to answer this! We are moving and want to sell a living room set. It is about 14 months old and in very good condition, so we are asking half the price of when it was new. We would like to sell the whole set, but have people asking for just the couch, just the coffee table, etc. We're not sure how to price these individually. Why would it be so hard to sell the set? It's seven pieces, and today we had someone offer us just $400 ($600 asking price), and they wanted us to arrange delivery! What is fair, and when should we throw in the towel? Again, it's in great condition! Are we asking too much since it is used, or are people wanting too much for too little? Thanks. vmargret in Houston


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Get the After Sale BargainsOn the weekends, I sometimes go by garage sales even after they have closed. Sometimes they are getting rid of stuff or throwing it away! By Cindy Esparza


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