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Crafty Pea Trellis - finished trellis

Crafty Pea TrellisI'm a fan of sugar snap and snow peas. I've seen all sorts of trellises for vining plants like these. Most are some variation of cedar lattice or pipes and wires. I wanted something I could compost with the leaf matter at the end of the season. With a very few durable pieces I could disassemble and reuse. I came up with this design based on what I had in my garage and scrap wood pile.


Making An Easy Garden Path

Making An Easy Garden PathWe wanted something that would break up our yard and garden space. We decided on a path to break up the landscape and also help with drainage because of the slope of the back yard.


Old garden hose

Uses for Garden HosesDon't throw away your old garden hoses there are many uses for them. Cut chunks to use around trees when keeping them from leaning, just run wire or rope through the hose and tie to a stake in the ground.


Photo of tomatoes growing in a hanging basket.

Growing Tomatoes Upside DownUse hanging baskets found in yard sales and in local Dollar Tree stores as the base for your own attractive hanging plants. I added grass clippings along the outside walls to hold in the soil or you can use moss.


The completed plant trellis.

Upcycle Above Ground Pool Post into Plant TrellisDo you have an old above ground pool you're taking down? Or see someone tossing theirs out? Keep the posts! Here's another idea you could do with them for inexpensive - we made this plant trellis for our dragonfruit.


The completed circle plant trellis.

Circle Plant TrellisDo you have plants that need a trellis? You can make 4 circle trellises for just ~ 25 cents each, versus paying over $10 for one. Here's a quick, easy & inexpensive tutorial on how to make a circle trellis (for my Hoya plant).


Succulent Plant Starter - bottle with leaves in place

Succulent Plant StarterThis is a great way to always have succulent plants available for your craft projects and decorations around your home. We all love to decorate and grow succulent plants these days. When we cut our plants there are always leaves that need to be removed. Don't throw them away. Make this easy succulent plant starter and within a few days you can plant those leaves to start growing new plants.


Bamboo Garden Gate - bamboo covered metal garden gate

Bamboo Garden GateI live on a small island in the South Pacific, where everything is imported. We do not have a large variety of items to choose from. Years ago when we wanted to put a gate up all we had to choose from was a metal gate. The gate has been up for over 20 years now and is looking shabby and worn.


Reconditioning Flower Pots - used hanging pots

Reconditioning Flower PotsI have a lot of hanging basket pots that are in good condition and would be a waste to throw away! Repurpose and recondition is on my mind. Hmmmm. With cleaning them up and adding spray paint, my pots have a fresh updated look for the fall season. Here's how!


How to Make a Plant Terrarium - finished succulent terrariums made with brass edged glass containers

How to Make a Plant TerrariumHere are my step by step instructions on how to make a plant terrarium with no drainage. Plant terrariums with no drainage require little maintenance - you only need to water every 2 to 3 weeks, or when needed.


DIY Wooden Raised Garden Bed - finished raised bed framework

DIY Wooden Raised Garden BedWe would love to have a garden in our backyard, but supposedly there are gophers. We decided on having a raised garden bed and after looking at the costs of already built raised garden beds and ready to purchase and install yourself garden beds, they were definitely out of our budget!


Making a Strawberry Planter from a Laundry Basket - planted basket sitting on stoop

Making a Strawberry Planter from a Laundry BasketEven if you purchase everything new, this is not an expensive project. I found the laundry basket at the curb, got the potting soil and burlap on sale, and traded plants with a neighbor.


Use Spray Paint to Have a Choice in Planter Colors - closeup of pots

Use Spray Paint to Have a Choice in Planter ColorsI love pastels! The one problem I have is I cannot find planters in pastel colors. I can find white ones that sometimes work. While out looking for inexpensive planters I found the size and price that I loved. One problem, the color only came in black! Here's how I transformed them to more of a shabby chic look, just by using spray paint.


Make Your Own Houseplant Trellis  - tied up plant

Make Your Own Houseplant TrellisFrom a sad droopy plant to a happy structured plant - easily make your own plant trellis with a piece of simple plant wire and plant tie ribbon. This is an inexpensive solution for your own plant trellis and you're still left with lots of wire and ribbon left for other uses!


Thrifty Vertical Planter Wall - asymmetrical arrangement

Thrifty Vertical Planter WallI was inspired by the beautiful succulent decor walls at my local malls and stores. I wanted my own mini version in my backyard. However, upon research I found that vertical planters are so expensive!



Make a Little Hothouse for Early Tomatoes - large red tomato

Make a Little Hothouse for Early TomatoesI'm sharing this tip now so if you like, you will have time to make a little hot house for your tomato plant. It can help to produce tomatoes a month early.


Cereal Treats for Backyard Birds - hanging from a suet feeder

Cereal Treats for Backyard BirdsI love helping the critters eat. Today, this is the best craft to do with the kids. You don't need but two or three items and you are set.


Recycled Lanterns As Planters - planted pots on garden table

Recycled Lanterns As PlantersI found 2 lanterns in great shape at a thrift store for pennies! I wanted to transform these beauties into something other than lighting - planters! Although you find a lot of them are in black, I will transform them into a softer look.


Squirrel Scare Tool - squirrel on feeder

Squirrel Scare ToolFrom my kitchen window, I enjoy watching the birds at our bird feeders. However I can't keep a lot of food in the feeders because of squirrels. In the cold months, early in the morning, I'll put out just enough seed to last through the day.


Saving Tomato Seeds

Saving Tomato SeedsHere is another way to save tomato seeds for next season.


Succulent Wreath - wreath hanging on a tree

Succulent WreathThis is a beautiful outdoor succulent wreath that can be hung on your front door or in your backyard. Just a few supplies and you can have yourself a lovely succulent wreath!


Use a Baby Pool to Cleanup Yard Debris - pool loaded with tree branches

Use a Baby Pool to Cleanup Yard DebrisI trimmed some low lying limbs on our pecan tree and thought about Hurricane Florence that is predicted to bring devastation to North Carolina and South Carolina. There is going to be a mess of debris left to clean up.


DIY Moat to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird Feeder - twist the other end for the top

DIY Moat to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird FeederMake a plastic cap moat to keep the ants from getting into your hummingbird feeders.


Planting Seed in the Garden - man using the planting stick in the garden

Planting Seed in the GardenThis is a new version of a pipe for planting seed in the garden. The old version of my idea was posted last year on May 3rd.


Self-Watering Milk Carton - carton waterer in place

Self-Watering Milk CartonI love upcycling these milk cartons into self-watering systems for my plants. The slow drip is assisted by the tiny hole you punch in the carton, and works long enough for me to go away for a weekend or quick holiday. You only need a few items to make this, and it definitely pays off.


Using Bird Cages As Outdoor Planters - closeup of impatiens potted plant

Using Bird Cages As Outdoor PlantersI never really liked the the idea of caged birds, but love the intricate designs that bird cages bring.


How to Reseed Bald Spots in Your Lawn - spot after grass has grown in

How to Reseed Bald Spots in Your LawnReseeding bald spots in your lawn is easy to do and fall is the time to do it.


Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose Bush - trim most of the leaves off of the stems, leaving  2-3

Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose BushThis past spring, I bought a floribunda rose named 'Summer Romance'. A $15 rose for $3. It was 1½-2 feet tall. Since that time, it has grown to over 6 feet. It has not bloomed.


Using A Baker's Rack In Your Garden - rack near fence in garden

Using A Baker's Rack In Your GardenI found this great baker's rack at my local thrift store. It is a nice height and it also folds flat to transport. Perfect! Because of its lovely lattice metal work, it will be perfect for my outdoor space. With Valspar stone finish paint, I wanted to lighten it up and give it a more stone look.


Plastic Bottle for Rehydrating Indoor Plants

Plastic Bottle for Rehydrating Indoor PlantsI am a working mom with school age children. So basically, I have no time to water my indoor plants! I have this solution, which in addition to keeping my plants hydrated is also a good way to recycle things!



Easy Terrarium - mason jar

Easy TerrariumThis simple but cute summer project can be made in minutes, but you can enjoy it for a long time! It's good for kids or adults.


Mini Greenhouse From Soda Bottles

Mini Greenhouse From Soda BottlesYou can make mini greenhouses from 2 liter soda bottles. They are simple and dirt cheap. It is a very effective little greenhouse for rooting cuttings.


Harvesting Potatoes from a Potato Tower

Harvesting Potatoes from a Potato TowerWe made a potato tower two years ago. We planted it with seed potatoes, added soil as the plants grew, and then proceeded to forget about harvesting them.


Rooting a Cactus Pad

Rooting a Cactus PadI recently purchased a prickly pear cactus at the store. After getting it home, one of the pads got knocked off. I decided to root the broken pad and now will have two cacti for the price of one!


Homemade Hummingbird Food

Homemade Hummingbird FoodMaking your own hummingbird food is easy and much cheaper than buying the concentrate. Plus you can make it without the red dye, as it is generally unnecessary for attracting hummingbirds to your feeder.


Planting a Hanging Flower Basket

Planting a Hanging Flower BasketI really wanted a hanging flower basket this year, but found the ones at the store to be too expensive. After looking at a few that I liked, I bought my own flowers and planted one myself.


Easy Way To String Tomatoes, Cucumbers, or Green Beans

Easy Way To String Tomatoes,...One of the most difficult parts about gardening and growing your own vegetable is stringing them up to keep them off the ground. A lot of people will use a garden trellis or pole to keep their green beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes off the ground. However, I find that making an open A-frame enclosure works best.


A hanging bottle planter

Upcycled Soda Bottle as Hanging PlanterA hanging bottle pot is the perfect way to recycle an empty plastic bottle into something useful and creative! Not only does it prevent bottles from ending up in garbage cans, it is also an easy DIY project that can help you hang plants all around your house.


new leaves beginning to grow

It's Easy to Grow a Pineapple PlantI wondered if I could use that big top from a pineapple I had bought at the grocer's and so I researched and found out that I can grow a plant from it. Here's how you can too!


Pallet Garden

Pallet GardenI used a pallet and painted and dry painted attached planters with hose clamps and screws to pallet. This a easy project.


side view of cage with first layer of mulch added

Building a Potato CageThis is an easy way to grow potatoes above ground, making them easy to harvest.


put lid on

Making a TerrariumI had a neat terrarium in my room when I was a kid and I really wanted to make one with my son.


Plastic Storage Tub Worm Bin

Plastic Storage Tub Worm BinMaking your own vermicomposting tub is fun and easy. It reduces waste that would otherwise go to the landfills. It is also very educational for both children and adults alike. You can make a worm compost bin out of a plastic moving tub, so why not start one today!


finshed tp pots

Toilet Paper Tube Seedling PotsEvery household has plenty of TP tubes. They make great seedling pots, so why not reuse some of them instead of recycling them. :)


Cowboy boot used to make birdhouse.

Boot BirdhouseUse an old cowboy boot to repurpose as either an indoor or outdoor birdhouse. It is set up with wooden shelves ready for a nest.



container water garden

Making a Container Water GardenI found a really neat ceramic bowl on clearance last year. The inside had a really neat glaze so I didn't want to plant anything in it, I wanted to be able to see the colors. So I decided that it should be used for a container water garden.


Herbs planted in canning jars.

Canning Jar Herb GardenA cute way to have a small herb garden in your kitchen or just outside your front door.


Markers in Garden

Popsicle Stick Plant MarkersOur kids each planted a garden this year and I thought it would be helpful if they had plant markers. I had some oversized craft Popsicle sticks and thought they would make good markers.


Cinder Block Step Planter - finished planter

Cinder Block Step PlanterThis planter would work great for succulents, grasses, flowers, or strawberries. I chose to use succulents of the Sedum variety but there are a lot of different options.


Labels with plant names.

Plant Labels for Vertical Shoe Holder PlanterThis is a method for making plant labels that are weather resistant and pretty, for the project presented in Birds and Blooms Magazine. The designer did not give measurements for the labels she made. So I came up with my own.


hanging milk jugs

Saving Space Growing Strawberries in a...I put together some hanging strawberry planters for the greenhouse recycled out of empty milk cartons and then hung up in the greenhouse roof using cropped bolts, recycled wire, bamboo cane and some curtain poles.


Shoe Planter with Hen and Chicks planted inside

Recycled Shoe Hen and Chick PlanterReuse an old leather shoe as a planter for hen and chicks or other small succulents. This is a great gift idea.


Another version of the birdfeeder on a pole

Songbird FeederI felt challenged by all the news I've read where squirrels defeated imaginative defenses invented to keep them from raiding bird feeders. So I put my construction experience to work.


Painted Terra Cotta Pots

Painted Terra Cotta PotsI have SO many terra cotta pots that have just accumulated over the years. So like all my other craft projects, I decided through trial and error to explore the possibilities.


Parts and finihsed house.

Wood BirdhouseWith spring here, what better way to celebrate it than with a new house, for the birds that is.


wine press planters

Wine Press PlanterThis wine press has been in the family for about 50 years and has seen many, many boxes of grapes and we have enjoyed many, many bottles of homemade wine. The day finally came when the press was ready for retirement and I turned it into a lovely garden piece.


Finished Pot

Making Seed-Starting Pots From NewspaperIf you are like most gardeners, you probably have a mound of plastic multi-pack containers growing in the basement or piling up behind the garage. You know, the dirty, crumpled flats right next to all of those gallon pots you plan to reuse.


Decorative pond with lots of frog statuary.

My Froggy Crossing PondThis was our summer project. We had collected various sizes of rocks from vacation spots, my late sister's home in Heber Springs, Arkansas, Europe, and other places.


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