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Pussy Willow Plant

Starting a Pussy Willow Plant from a BranchMany plants can be started from cuttings, including the pussy willow. This is a page about starting a pussy willow plant from a branch.


Beautiful flowering Wisteria

Starting a Wisteria from a CuttingWisteria can actually be propagated from both soft and hard wood cuttings, depending on the time of year one works better than the other. This is a page about starting a wisteria from a cutting.


Crepe Myrtle branch with blossoms

Starting a Crape Myrtle from a CuttingCrape myrtles can successfully be started from both hard and soft wood cuttings. This is a page about starting a crape myrtle from a cutting.


Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose Bush - cuttings ready to plant

Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose BushIt might be worth a try to see if you can make multiple cutting from longer rose prunings. If they root you can have several of your favorite bushes in the garden. This is a page about taking multiple cuttings from a rose bush.


placing a cutting into the floral foam

Easily Root Flower and Tree CuttingsMany people here on the islands love the flowers and trees I grow in my garden. However, each time I give them a cutting they can start growing in their garden they seem to die. Therefore, I want to share with you a simple way to root cuttings from different flowers or trees that you can plant in your garden.


Grow a Rose Cutting in a Potato cutting in a small potato

Grow a Rose Cutting in a PotatoIf you have a rosebush that's doing well and want to grow more from it, or give some as a gift, it's a good idea to propagate a cutting from that bush inside of a potato. Potatoes have a good amount of moisture and nutrients for a new cutting to develop from.


rooted lantana cuttings

Rooting Lantana CuttingsI tried rooting lantana several times without much success. I was using the standard method for taking cuttings. When I told a nice lady friend about my poor results, she told me I would have better luck if I took cuttings from the tips of the plant. Since taking her advice, I have had near 100% success.


Purple Clematis growing on a lattice fence

Growing Clematis From CuttingsThis is a page about growing clematis from cuttings. It is easy to start new clematis vines from cuttings by following a few simple steps.


Grow New African Violets and Succulents from Cuttings - closeup of a violet let with new growth

Grow New African Violets and Succulents from CuttingsI have seen these tips on the internet, and had not had a chance to try it till now. A friend gave me one African violet leaf after my AV had sadly died because I didn't understand how to keep it happy. Another friend gave me a sage plant leaf.


Recycle Plastic Tubs to Hold Cuttings - small plastic pots containing plant cuttings inside a plastic tub

Recycle Plastic Tubs to Hold CuttingsI recycle margarine and ice cream tubs and use them to put my cuttings in. They will hold around four or five small pots. They are easy to transport and catch the drips when watering.


Growing Passionfruit from Cuttings - cuttings in a Home Depot bucket

Growing Passionfruit from CuttingsPlace passionfruit cuttings into water to revive the cutting before planting in the ground. You would want to place passionfruit cuttings in water for a couple of days until the cuttings are less limp and more firm.


Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose Bush - trim most of the leaves off of the stems, leaving  2-3

Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose BushThis past spring, I bought a floribunda rose named 'Summer Romance'. A $15 rose for $3. It was 1½-2 feet tall. Since that time, it has grown to over 6 feet. It has not bloomed.


rose leaf

Rooting a Single Rose LeafRoses are frequently started from cuttings. Sometimes a leaf from a plant can be used to propagate a new plant. This is a page about rooting a single rose leaf.


Mini Greenhouse From Soda Bottles

Mini Greenhouse From Soda BottlesYou can make mini greenhouses from 2 liter soda bottles. They are simple and dirt cheap. It is a very effective little greenhouse for rooting cuttings.


Growing San Marzano Tomatoes from Cuttings

Growing San Marzano Tomatoes from CuttingsWhen growing tomatoes people suggest you remove the suckers that grow at the elbow of the plant. I did this early this summer, but instead of tossing the suckers, I put them in a small glass of water. Slowly they developed threadlike roots.



begonia bed

Free Bed Full Of Begonias from CuttingsWhen posting a tip on indoor gardening, I take into consideration that few of us have much space we can devote to cultivating plants, indoors. I overwinter most of my small cuttings on a four foot section of a kitchen counter top with three, four foot, 2 lamp fluorescent fixtures mounted above.


Mexican Heather (Cuphea) in nursery pot

Rooting Mexican Heather (Cuphea)I've always admired this little plant. The foliage is rather fine, and a dark, glossy green. The flowers are dainty and numerous.


Rooting Impatiens Cuttings

Rooting Impatiens CuttingsAfter taking the cuttings, I remove all flower buds, open flowers, seed pods and yellow leaves, from each. I also remove any leaves that would be under the soil after inserting them in the medium.


small sucker inside plastic bottle

Reroot Tomato Suckers as New PlantCut tomato suckers, bury them in garden soil with added vermiculite (which absorbs 10x its weight in water), cover with a clear juice jug with bottom cut out and no lid. Keep it watered and it will root. New plant! Now THAT'S thrifty.


rooted cutting

Rooting Hibiscus Moscheutos Stem...Many years ago (more than I care to remember), I tried to root stem cuttings of Hibiscus Moscheutos. Every stem died. I blamed it on the stems being so young and tender. I gave up on the project, figuring it couldn't be done.


Kordes Perfecta Pink Rose

Rooting Rose CuttingsIf you select a cutting from a grafted rose, you should get a clone of that rose. You should not get any characteristics of the root stock. On rare occasion, a grafted rose will send out a shoot from below the graft union.


A cutting of a plant growing in a clay pot.

Starting Plants from CuttingsThis is a page for starting plants from cuttings. One of the best way to get new plants for your home and garden is by taking cuttings from an existing plant. There are several techniques to ensure success.


Hydragea flower.

Propagating HydrangeasIf you love hydrangeas, as I do, now is the time to propagate them. If you don't have one, maybe a neighbor would let you take a few cuttings. It won't harm the existing plant, so don't be shy in asking. In about 6 weeks you'll be able to plant the cuttings in their permanent site.


Rose Bush Cuttings?Rose Bush Cuttings. How do I take a cutting of a rose bush branch for replanting?


Clematis Flower

Starting Clematis From Clippings?I love clematis and I have bought 3 plants this year. My garden is all around the perimeter of my yard with a fence. I would like to have them growing eventually all around but the expense is not within my budget. How can i start new plants from clippings of my already purchased plants?


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