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Golden Angel's Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet PhotosThese pendulous fragrant flowers make an interesting addition to a garden. This is a page about angel's trumpet photos.


Snow Trillium

Growing Snow Trillium (Wake-Robin)Snow trillium can be a fragile plant to get started, but if you can give it a good foothold it will be a lovely flower to enjoy in your yard for years to come. This is a page about growing snow trillium (Wake-Robin).


Marigold Flowers

Using Marigolds to Control Bugs on Your Tomato PlantsMarigold flowers have many effective natural pesticides that can be beneficial around your garden. This is a page about using marigolds to control bugs on your tomato plants.


Cutting Flower Stems

Conditioning Cut Flowers for Lasting ArrangementsCut flower arrangements will not last forever, but there are steps you can take to increase their longevity. This is a page about conditioning cut flowers for lasting arrangements.


Two purple clematis blossoms growing outside.

Clematis PhotosClematis is a beautiful vine flower the comes in a variety of colors. This page contains clematis photos.


Yellow and orange potted chrysanthemums

How To Keep Your Potted Mums Looking FreshChrysanthemums look best when the old blossoms are deadheaded and pruned away. This page tells you how to keep your potted mums looking fresh.


Cut flowers in a vase.

Cut Flower Preservative RecipesThis is a page about cut flower preservation recipes. When you buy cut flowers they often come with a packet of preserver to add to the water. If displaying flowers from your garden you can make your own, using products found in your home.


Hand Fertilizing Caracalla

Hand Fertilizing CaracallaThriftyFun's slogan is 'ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! My tip: Share that wisdom (and/or knowledge). I am trying to hand fertilize my caracalla flowers and don't know if I am anywhere near to doing it correctly.


closeup of the corkscrew shaped flower

That Is A Flower? (Cochliasanthus...This vine has the common names, corkscrew vine and snail vine, among others. These two names are rather suitable as the plant bloom is a bit reminiscent of either. However, the corkscrew vine and the snail vine are actually two different plants.


pink piggy bank in garden

Tips for Cost Efficient Flower GardeningThis is a page about tips for cost efficient flower gardening. Having a beautiful flower garden doesn't have to be too expensive.


A peony bud covered in tiny sugar ants.

Sugar Ants Beneficial for Peony BlossomsHere is my peony covered with sugar ants feasting. Although I don't like these guys crawling around my kitchen, their symbiotic relationship with peonies is well known. The peonies secrete a sweet nectar which you can see it in the picture. The little ants collect all the nectar, allowing the blossom to open easily.


pansies at base of tree

Slug Heaven (Pansies)I've posted pictures of this tree trunk several times. One good thing about small beds devoted to annuals; you can have different flowers and different color schemes every year, or every season, if you like.


Ipomoea alba

Moonflower vs Moonflower VineThe Datura has several common names. It is often called 'Angel Trumpet' or Devil's Trumpet'. Other common names are 'Jimson Weed' and Loco Weed. It was only after researching that I discovered the Datura has yet another common name, that being 'Moonflower'.


small pink flower

Domesticating A Wild FlowerI have several of these little plants growing wild in my vacant field. I've always mowed over them, thinking them rather insignificant. Today, I thought that with a little culture and TLC, they might at least be a bit more showy.


dandelion flowers on roadside

Nature's Beauty (Dandelions)Yesterday, I walked the road in our neighborhood and got the litter picked up. After getting back home, I kept thinking about how pretty this patch of dandelions was. I wanted a picture to use as a desktop background for our computer. Today I walked again and took my camera with me.



Woman with Orchids

Caring for an OrchidThis is a page about caring for an orchid. This diverse plant group contains thousands of mostly tropical varieties and that produce beautiful flowers and fragrances.


blanket flower with honey bee

Busyness of Nature (Pollination)I was excited to capture the science of pollination amid the nature of the garden at the Indiana State Fair back in August 2013.


blooming succulent with purple flower

Succulents in the Path GardenA friend donated this plant. I don't know the name, she collects succulents and has many. She doesn't know the names of all of them yet. But the flowers are so pretty and there were 6-8 on the one plant this year. Now they are growing so fast and I will move more of them around in The Path Garden and will have to plant some in pots for the "plant give away" next spring. I pray that we'll get rain this year. The Path Garden isn't doing well with out it.


young boy with a large sunflower

Free SunflowerThis is a garden photo, yet a thrifty photo at the same time.:) I took my son to a local free carnival recently. Free food, free games, crafts, etc; a frugal paradise! They had a free "planting station" where the children could choose a seed and plant it themselves.


view down garden of fuchsia with other plantings

Growing Cape FuchsiaOne of my favorite perennials is the Phygelius, commonly known as the cape fuchsia. I include them in my garden because they attract hummingbirds, bees, and other pollinators. They are a dependable bearer of lovely, warm hued flowers from spring, thoughout the summer, and into fall.


Nasturtium Salad

Use Nasturtiums for Salads and SandwichesNasturtiums aren't just a beautiful flower for your garden. They are delicious too! Seeds are readily available just about anywhere they sell garden seeds.


hanging flower basket

Deadheading a Flower BasketFlower baskets are a great way to add color to your porch. To keep the plants healthy and blooming longer, it is a good idea to remove any wilted flowers. This will allow the plants to use their energy to grow new flowers. Simply pinch off any wilted or dry flowers and discard them.


planter boxes and flower pots

Front Yard Garden Planter BoxesMy husband built planter boxes that run along the full length of our driveway. I really enjoy filling the boxes and watching them explode as they grow! I also love using pots all over the yard. (My husband loves veggie gardening, but flowers are my passion!)



Growing NasturtiumThis is a page about growing nasturtium. In addition to their bright display in the garden; you can eat the flowers, buds, and young leaves.


Hydrangea Not Blooming

Hydrangea Not BloomingThis page is about hydrangea not blooming. Determining why your plant is not blooming can be a mystery.


Pressed Flowers in a Book

How to Press FlowersPressing flowers is a great way to preserve them. Once pressed and dry, pressed flowers usually retain their color fairly well, which makes them useful for making a variety of decorative crafts, such as stationery, placemats, and bookmarks.


3 different potted orchids

Tips for Buying OrchidsOrchids are available from many sources, but most are purchased from flower shops, garden centers, or from orchid nurseries either in person, or online. If you are new to the world of growing orchids, here are some tips for buying them.


Snow melting away from crocuses

Crocuses in the Snow (Manchester, WA)It looked as if spring was here, then all of a sudden it snowed!These are the crocuses in the front yard after it snowed last night. Only after a few hours the sun melted the snow and the flowers perked right back up.


Purple Morning Glory

Growing Morning GloryThis page is about growing morning glory. Morning glory is the name applied to many species of flowering plants that are suitable for different garden applications.


Aster flowers being pollinated by a bee.

Tips for Growing AstersIn autumn, when many garden perennials are winding down for the season, asters are just getting started. Prized by gardeners for their brilliant late season color, here are some tips for growing them.



vase with hydrangea flowers on white table with brown background

Conditioning Cut Flowers for Lasting...Every professional florist knows that the methods used to cut flowers and condition their stems can significantly extend their vase life. Here are a few easy tricks that will help you lengthen the life of the flowers you cut from your own garden.


How to Grow Coleus

How to Grow ColeusColeus has remained a popular plant ever since it rose to favor during the Victorian age. The leaves of this inexpensive and versatile plant come in a bewildering array of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes.


Flat stone path through flowering lavender wisteria

Growing WisteriaFew plants can rival the dramatic spring beauty of a wisteria vine in full bloom. With the right growing conditions and some occasional pruning, wisteria is a beautiful, fast growing vine - and a worthwhile addition to nearly any garden.


Woman trimming low plants with gardening shears

Five Ways to Groom Your Flower GardenWhether your grow annuals or perennials, grooming techniques like thinning, pinching, and deadheading are quick and easy ways to keep your plants looking their best and producing flowers all season long.


close up of marigold field

How to Grow MarigoldsSome garden experts feel that we rely too much on marigolds to fill in our flower beds. I disagree. Marigolds are easy to grow, and their cheerful flowers offer a summer-long burst of color anywhere you plant them.


Planting pansies

Buying and Transplanting Bedding PlantsEach spring nurseries and garden centers offer a wide variety of bedding plants. Here are some tips to help make the transition from garden center to garden soil as smooth as possible.


Zinnia Flowers

How to Grow Zinnia FlowersFew annuals look as cheerful and appealing in the garden as Zinnias' daisy-like flowers, that may be single, semi-double, or double (the largest are nearly 6 inches across) and come in nearly every shade of the rainbow, but blue.


Watering Hanging Baskets

How to Make Watering Hanging Baskets Less...One of the most critical parts of caring for hanging baskets is to make sure the soil mix never dries out. Here are a few simple tips to make watering hanging baskets less of a chore.


Tips for Low Maintenance Flower GardeningImagine endless garden beds filled with beautiful fragrant flowers that come up effortlessly year after year without any help from you. While it might not be realistic to dream for zero maintenance, a low-maintenance flower garden can be a dream come true.


Plant and Grow Peonies

How to Plant and Grow PeoniesPeonies are a favorite of many gardeners. Here are some tips for planting and growing them.


Peonies in a vase

Cut Flowers on a BudgetFew things can elevate your mood like a pretty vase filled with a bright bouquet of fresh flowers. Whether you buy them at the store, or grow and cut your own, here are some budget conscious tips for to getting the most out of your cut flowers.


Choosing A Petunia Variety

Choosing A Petunia VarietyIn the past few years, the old-fashioned, easy-to-grow petunia has once again become a popular annual among gardeners. From borders to baskets, and mass plantings to cut flowers, these members of the Solanacea (Nightshade) family are extremely versatile in the landscape.


Photo of pink roses.

Growing Roses in ContainersHave you always wanted to grow beautiful roses but can't find the extra garden space? Are there varieties you want to try that are not hardy to your zone? Do you wish you had greater ability to move color to where you need it throughout the growing season?


Propagating Lilies From ScalesBuilding up a large collection of lilies in your flower garden can be an expensive and time consuming proposition-unless of course, you're willing to propagate them yourself.


Photo of a clematis.

How and When to Prune Your ClematisWith their gorgeous vines and showy flowers, the clematis is a favorite among many gardeners. Although these perennial vines don't typically need much maintenance, established plants do benefit from occasional pruning.



growing dahlias

How to Grow Dazzling DahliasDahlias are a great choice for both new and experienced gardeners alike. These tuberous perennials will grow in full to partial sun, in almost any soil, and are not usually favored by deer or rabbits.


Zahara Starlight Rose

All-American Selections for 2010If you're looking for flowers that have been 'tested nationally and proven locally' and deemed reliable over a broad range of growing conditions, check out these AAS winning flowers for 2010.


pink piggy bank in garden

Top 10 Tips for Cost Efficient Flower...A beautiful flower garden doesn't have to cost a fortune. The secret is finding ways to get the best value for your investment. For gardeners on a tight budget, here are 10 great tips for stretching your flower gardening dollar.


Edible Flowers

Growing Edible FlowersMany cultures have used edible flowers in their traditional dishes for centuries. Whether you grow them alongside your vegetables or in containers, edible flowers are a wonderful way to bring added color, texture and flavor to your favorite summer dishes.


Photo of potted mums.

How to Keep Your Potted Mums Looking FreshPerhaps no sight signals the coming of fall to gardeners more than a pot of brightly colored mums. Here are some tips for keeping yours looking their best this fall.


When Will My Clematis Bloom?How long before clematis starts blooming? I planted from a gallon container. Clematis can take a year or two to bloom after first being planted, and will require at least several more years before reaching full maturity.



Plumerias - The Hawaiian Lei FlowerPlumerias are fun and easy to grow! Known as the Hawaiian Lei Flower, they can be both fragrant and beautiful. They grow easily from cuttings.


Yellow Chrysanthemums

The Queen of Fall Flowers - the...Chrysanthemums are the quintessential flowers of fall. From blazing golden yellows to rich shades of mahogany, when it comes to intense color, nothing in the fall garden can match their showy display.


Prolonging the Life of Cut Hydrangea Blooms?Is there a special process needed to prolong the life of a hydrangea bloom as a cut flower? I cannot get them to stay attractive overnight?


growing morning glory in pots

Planting Morning Glory in PotsI've been throughly warned about morning glory! Can I simply plant it in a pot and avoid all the drama of it taking over my garden? Will my moon flowers do the same?


Advice For Growing Cornflowers?Can anyone give me tips on how to grow cornflowers? I try these every year, following the instructions on the seed packet, but if I'm lucky I get a plant that's about an inch tall. It drives me crazy because I see cornflowers growing wild and lush in ditches, beside railroad tracks, etc.


Trouble Growing Marigolds?I CANNOT grow marigolds. I plant them and go out the next morning and the little leaves are stripped off the stems and the marigold bud is all that is left on the stem - no leaves. What is doing this?


Close up of yellow orchids

Caring for Orchids in the Winter?When do orchids stop blooming and how do you care for them in the winter?


care for orchids

How Do I Care for an Orchid?Does anyone know how to care for orchids? I got one as a gift a couple of days ago. It's beautiful, dark pink flowers, and it almost reaches my waist. I just don't know how to care for it.


Geranium flowers.

Growing Geranium From Seeds?I have what I think are seeds growing on my pink geranium. I have been letting them turn brown and then gently removing them and storing these in a paper bag in a dark dry spot.


Potted Flower Pots

Filler for Flower PotsIdeas for fillers for the base of flower pots from the ThriftyFun community. I have used a small pot upside down in some of my bigger planters. I put a smaller pot upside down in the bottom before I fill mine with dirt.



Tips for Growing SunflowersTips for growing sunflowers from the ThriftyFun community. Plant them in full sun. Plant seeds 1 inch deep and 6 inches apart (or according to package directions). Water well after planting.


Pink and White Columbine

Plant Columbine For Spring SurprisesIf you want surprises in your garden each spring, plant a few varieties of columbine, and see how they evolve. They are easy to propagate from seed.


Mass Of Flowers

Mass Of FlowersPlanting flowers in mass will make a huge "statement" even in a small area. Here is a favorite petunia window box.


Yellow and purple pansies.

Trade Flowers and Plants with Friends and Save...Save money on plant by trading. Here are some great tips from the ThriftyFun community. Post your own advice here.


A Honey of a Deal for Your Garden!

Bees - A Honey of a Deal for Your Garden!Bees are the honey in any garden! As a pollinator, they offer an essential ingredient for healthy gardens, both flora and vegetable. And they are especially important as primary pollinators of entomophilous plants - plants pollinated by insects, as opposed to wind pollination.


strike it rich rose

All-American Rose Selections for 2007Founded in 1938, the All-American Rose Selections (AARS) is a non-profit association made up of rose producers and growers dedicated to introducing and promoting exceptional roses to the gardening public.


Valentine Collection of Tulips and Crocus

Valentine Collection of Tulips and CrocusThis is my Valentine collection of red tulips and white crocus. We just had a rain and then the sun came out. I love taking pictures with raindrops on the plants!


Mulching Azaleas?I recently replanted azaleas that are approximately 2 years old. Should I leave the leaves that have collected around them for extra insulation or remove them all and just mulch them real good?



Selecting and Caring for PoinsettiasSince the 1920s, the poinsettia has become synonymous with the holiday season. Here are a few tips for selecting and caring for this year's poinsettia, as well as some advice for getting it to bloom again next year.


Planting Peonies?I would like to plant some peony bushes. When is the best time to do this?


Wildflowers in Field

Going Native With WildflowersOne of my first attempts at growing wildflowers consisted of buying a canister of Martha Stewart's Meadow Mix and peppering an area in my yard with seeds where I choose to let the grass go "native."


Red Hibiscus

Mulching a Red HibiscusI bought a hibiscus plant at a flea market; the vendor told me it was a perenniel for our area of the country. She said that the "old wood" should not be cut back at the end of the season, it should be mulched for the winter months; in the spring the mulch should be removed and feeding should begin.


Washington Rhododendron in May

Washington Rhododendron in MayOn a grey, wet, May day in western Washington, the state flower (rhododendron) adds a little color...


flowers blooming against picket fence

Creating a Bed for Cut FlowersIt's wonderful to walk through a garden of blooming flowers, and it's even more rewarding when you can enjoy some those fresh bouquets.


Easter Lilies

Care and Aftercare for Easter LiliesNext to Poinsettias, Easter lilies are perhaps the most recognized flower in the western world. Now that Easter's come and gone, there's no need for your lily to fade.


Blue Hydrangea

Changing the Color of Bigleaf HydrangeasIt isn't easy and it doesn't happen overnight, but if the beautiful pink or blue hydrangea you brought home from the nursery has started to look a little muddy and pale, you can restore its color by adjusting the pH of your soil.


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