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A yellow chrysanthemum blooming.

Yellow ChrysanthemumsAlthough it was late autumn, this flower survived. All around him were dry, fallen leaves, and this flower, with its pale yellow color, attracted attention.


Several bright sunflowers growing in corn field.

Sunflowers in a Corn FieldThis beautiful sunflower sprouted on its own, surrounded by corn. All summer the birds came and fed on sunflower seeds.


A pink flower in a pot.

Beautiful ZephyranthesA beautiful Zephyranthes, my favorite flowers. I've had them for years.


A yellow flower in bloom.

Flowers in My BackyardDuring the summer, I had beautiful sunflowers growing. I will seed sunflowers again next season.


An iris next to a metal fence.

Rustic Beauty IrisAmidst the rustic wood and wire fence, I found this pretty iris growing.


A white flower with deep pink/red marking in teh middle.

White FlowerThis picture is from May 2017. There have not been any more flowers in the last three years. I don't know the name of this flower.


A close up of a pink dahlia bloom

Autumn Bloom (Dahlia)In late September, I came across this huge blooming dahlia during a morning walk. Positively luscious, it reminded me of satin ribbons. It truly was a last burst of summer's beauty before the seasons changed.


A field of brightly colored zinnias.

Field of ZinniasAfter riding by and seeing a garden with rows of zinnias in it that my Mama could not stop talking about, my Daddy decided that he could do better than that....and he did. That has been some years ago so the field of zinnias has become something that we all look forward too every year.


A tree in flower at sunset.

Beautiful Flowers at SunsetThis picture is of a tree right next to our house outside my bedroom window. It's beautiful and it blooms white and pink flowers every summer. I just had to take a picture of it!


A girl smelling a colorful flower.

The Sweet Smell of Flowers (Bird of Paradise)This is a picture of my sweet little granddaughter Cambria taken about five years ago just before they moved from Arizona to Idaho. Her outfit and her hairbow match the beautiful colors of nature right in our own front yard's Bird of Paradise bush! This was a fun moment to capture.


A purple rhododendron in front of a green house.

Purple Rhododendron (Hillsboro, OR)Here is the purple rhododendron that grows right outside my front door. I haven't ever seen so many blooms at once. I bought it at the farmer's market many years ago because of the beautiful flowers, which are a deeper and more electric color than the light purple rhodies you normally see.


Some bright yellow Black-eyed Susan blossoms with the sun in the distance.

Baby Sunflowers (Black-eyed Susans)Pennsylvania is beautiful no matter what time of year it is, especially near the mountains and farmlands. We were driving around with my Aunt's friends who were visiting from Georgia. We stopped a lot to take pictures of the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside.


A moonflower blossom at night.

Moonflower IllusionI took this photo at night using a flashlight to illuminate the moonflower vine. The result ended up looking like the white bloom was suspended in the air. The night sky as a background showcases the beauty of the moonflower.


A tall purple bearded iris, called "Velna."

Bearded Iris "Velna"It's six in the evening. I saw an opportunity to get what I thought would be a good shot of this iris, and I took it. Turned out pretty well. The colors are gorgeous but I particularly like the angle of the shot.


A large pink flower growing outside.

Pink FlowerI just returned from a vacation where I went to a magnificent garden. I took a walk in my neighborhood and passed this beauty. I'm not sure if it's a hibiscus.



A collage of pictures of an amaryllis slowly blossoming.

Amaryllis Journey to BlossomI received this amaryllis for Christmas this year and watched the transformation from the bulb to the green leaves. Now I am waiting to see the transformation of this bulb into stunning petals of beauty.


A peony bud covered in tiny sugar ants.

Sugar Ants Beneficial for Peony BlossomsHere is my peony covered with sugar ants feasting. Although I don't like these guys crawling around my kitchen, their symbiotic relationship with peonies is well known. The peonies secrete a sweet nectar which you can see it in the picture. The little ants collect all the nectar, allowing the blossom to open easily.


pansies at base of tree

Slug Heaven (Pansies)I've posted pictures of this tree trunk several times. One good thing about small beds devoted to annuals; you can have different flowers and different color schemes every year, or every season, if you like.


closeup of orange pentad

Orange PentasIn the tropics, its easy to grow flowers year-round. The orange pentas is a favorite here on the islands. We use the flowers to decorate our home, for costumes, and for flower crowns. The plant is easy to grow and the flowers bloom year round.


moonflower vine growing up a tree

Moonflower Vine In TreesI was thinking an alternative title for this piece might be: Can You Bottle This Stuff? I believe it's essence would make an interesting perfume. It would have to be 'cleaned up' a bit, though. It is nice and heady, but muddled.


A Hibiscus Moscheutos, called Luna Pink Swirl

Luna Pink Swirl (Hibiscus Moscheutos)My main reason for this post is to share my first Hibiscus bloom of the year. It is born on a Hibiscus moscheutos. The name of this variety is 'Luna Pink Swirl'. Yes, I have many tight buds. In a few days, the plant will be covered with blooms.


Ipomoea alba

Moonflower vs Moonflower VineThe Datura has several common names. It is often called 'Angel Trumpet' or Devil's Trumpet'. Other common names are 'Jimson Weed' and Loco Weed. It was only after researching that I discovered the Datura has yet another common name, that being 'Moonflower'.


small pink flower

Domesticating A Wild FlowerI have several of these little plants growing wild in my vacant field. I've always mowed over them, thinking them rather insignificant. Today, I thought that with a little culture and TLC, they might at least be a bit more showy.


dandelion flowers on roadside

Nature's Beauty (Dandelions)Yesterday, I walked the road in our neighborhood and got the litter picked up. After getting back home, I kept thinking about how pretty this patch of dandelions was. I wanted a picture to use as a desktop background for our computer. Today I walked again and took my camera with me.


blanket flower with honey bee

Busyness of Nature (Pollination)I was excited to capture the science of pollination amid the nature of the garden at the Indiana State Fair back in August 2013.


blooming succulent with purple flower

Succulents in the Path GardenA friend donated this plant. I don't know the name, she collects succulents and has many. She doesn't know the names of all of them yet. But the flowers are so pretty and there were 6-8 on the one plant this year. Now they are growing so fast and I will move more of them around in The Path Garden and will have to plant some in pots for the "plant give away" next spring. I pray that we'll get rain this year. The Path Garden isn't doing well with out it.


bright orange flowers under a pine tree

Clivias in Abundance (South Africa)Never before had our clivas grown with such abundance! Our garden was showered in huge patches of orange. The clivias in this photo grew beneath our huge pine tree and it was such a blessing every morning to walk past this beautiful sight on the way to work.


A bunch of miniature daffodils growing outside.

Miniature DaffodilsThese were "normal" daffodils until a couple of years ago. About a foot tall and large blooms. Then one year I looked out and this is what was blooming. They are only about 4-6 inches tall and the blooms aren't any bigger than the end of your finger. I have checked with many greenhouses, nurseries, and avid gardeners, and none of them have ever heard of this happening. They are perfect, just too small.


Sleeping Beauty (Angel Wing Begonia)

Sleeping Beauty (Angel Wing Begonia)I purchased it two summers ago, and it half-heartedly bloomed. I decided to look through the dirt inside the flower pot last spring, and found her dried-up little tuber. On a hunch, I placed it in a new flower pot with quality soil back outside, watered her when dry. Lo and behold, she started to sprout and grow and gave me these incredibly beautiful blooms!


young boy with a large sunflower

Free SunflowerThis is a garden photo, yet a thrifty photo at the same time.:) I took my son to a local free carnival recently. Free food, free games, crafts, etc; a frugal paradise! They had a free "planting station" where the children could choose a seed and plant it themselves.



Yellow jonquil growing inside.

JonquilThis is the photo of my jonquil. I just want to share with others.


An orange and yellow canna lily.

Sunny and Bright Canna LilyWe saw this bright and beautiful flower outside of a restaurant that we visit from time to time. I have never seen an iris this color before.


Lilies and sage.

Stargazer Lily and Russian SageThis is a photo of a star gazer Asiatic lily and a plant called Russian sage. Russian sage are beautiful alone, but are incredible when mixed with other plants, including butterfly bushes.


A moonflower bloom next to white siding.

Moonflower Vine BloomSome time back, I submitted my views on how it was usually not necessary to soak or nick Moonflower Vine seed prior to planting. I added that I had a seed to germinate in six days without either.


Angel Trumpets

Angel TrumpetsThese beauties are called "Angel Trumpet". It is easy to see why the angels chose these. The plants are native to South America.


Beautiful Red Marsh Mallow (Hibiscus Coccineus)

Beautiful Red Marsh Mallow (Hibiscus...I neglected this plant for several years by keeping it in a small pot with poor soil. It never bloomed. Last year I moved it to a larger pot with rich soil. As you can see, the plant is showing its appreciation.


Red Hibiscus

My HibiscusA gorgeous color hibiscus flower blooming in my gardens is a great additon to my gardens. The closeup photograph I took shows all the detail of this wonderful flower.


My First Iris 2013

My First Iris 2013White is not my favorite color for flowers, but Iris is my favorite flower. I wanted to share my first for this season. I'm terrible at keeping my flowers properly labeled. I think this little beauty is Lacy Snowflake.


pink and white bloom

Blooming Christmas CactusI have grown Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) for many years. Living in a mild and temperate climate, I get blooms a few times a year, and the colors are magnificent.


orange impatiens

Impatiens After the Rain (NC)After a dry summer, my New Guinea impatiens were looking rather sad. They turned into a display of beauty following a welcome rainfall.


Bees and Sunflowers (Maryville, TN)

Bees and Sunflowers (Maryville, TN)I captured these photos of the bees on our sunflowers busy pollinating the flowers.


Pink peonies in bloom.

Peonies (Washington DC)I took this in mid-May 2012 as my next-door neighbor's garden had its best peony season ever.


Columbine (Hillsboro, OR)

Columbine (Hillsboro, OR)Of the two columbines we planted last year, this is the one that survived. The burgundy and white flowers are really lovely and we are going to add more colors this year.


Mountain Bluet (Hillsboro, OR)

Mountain Bluet (Hillsboro, OR)We planted this flower in the corner of the garden last spring. It has turned into a beautiful addition to our garden. I love the blue-purple color and unusually shaped petals.


Red flowers blooming in the Path Garden.

Spring In The Path Garden (Moorpark, CA)Here are a few more pictures of what is happening in the Path Garden now.



Hollyhocks and Sweet Peas (Magalia, CA)

Hollyhocks and Sweet Peas (Magalia, CA)This was outside my front door when I lived in California a couple of years ago. I love how the color of the hollyhocks matches the color of the sweet peas that climbed up the stalk.


Magnolia in Bloom in front of a red barn. (Danielsville, PA)

Magnolia in Bloom (Danielsville, PA)This barn is on my daughter's property. We visited her last week and the Magnolia in front of the barn was starting to bloom.


Snow melting away from crocuses

Crocuses in the Snow (Manchester, WA)It looked as if spring was here, then all of a sudden it snowed!These are the crocuses in the front yard after it snowed last night. Only after a few hours the sun melted the snow and the flowers perked right back up.


Crocus (North Carolina)

Crocus (North Carolina)No matter what type of winter we have, I always feel hopeful that spring is near when I see the beautiful crocus burst forth into bloom.


Spring Blooms (The Path Garden, Moorpark, CA) - Orange Lily

Spring Blooms (The Path Garden, Moorpark, CA)Here are the first blooms of spring, in February 2012 at the Path Garden.


A white camellia planted to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Camellia (Bailey, NC)This is a photo of a camelia bush I bought in memory of our 25th wedding anniversary (this year it will be 40).


blooming dogwood

Pink Dogwood (Elkin, NC)This is one of my beautiful pink dogwoods that bloomed last spring. I thought I could encourage spring to come our way soon by posting this photo!


Pansy after the Rain (Birmingham, AL)

Pansy after the Rain (Birmingham, AL)A recent rain left beautiful drops on the purple pansies on my back deck. This shot is a closeup of the petal and the stem. I loved the colors on a dreary winter day. Hope you enjoy!



Garden: Primrose in December (Lebanon, OR)Here is a closeup of primrose blooming in December.


A light purple rose that is entirely open.

Garden: Lavender RoseThis is a close up of my Angel Face rose, full open Jan. 3, 2012. Second photo is an old picture of the same bush in 2007. It has a sweet fragrance. And I dry the petals to use in home made potpourri, along with the even more fragrant "Whiskey Mack". Wish we had "smell-a-vision" for computers. LOL


The Path Garden (Jan. 2012), a lavender rose, fully opened.

The Path Garden (Jan. 2012)When it comes to rose buds, I love the clear colors and so pure, as this white one from the Path Garden. Here is another Angel Face, full opened. Enjoy each in their own beauty.


A purple iris growing in a garden.

This Week on The Path GardenA few flowers (and one of berries) that are blooming in the garden. Not a lot of color, but still nice to walk through and see a new flower every few days.


Purple and white flower.

Garden: IrisI took this picture right after it rained.


Growing Poinsettia Outside

PoinsettiaI saved this from the trash 3 years ago, it was a mostly dead stick. With lots of care, it is now thriving at over 6 feet tall!


pure and white geranium

Regal Imperial GeraniumMy Regal Imperial is slow to bloom in this cool weather. It is indeed a prolific bloomer when it flowers. The color is attractive, and its multi-flower blooms are very vivid in the garden.


Bee on a beautiful pink blossom.

Bee Landing on Pink FlowerStrolling the paths of Shore Acres State Park is always a peaceful journey. During one such visit, I was mesmerized by the grace shown by this bumble bee as he landed upon a gorgeous, pink flower!


Lavender Blizzard Geranium Closeup

Lavender Blizzard GeraniumI have several of these Lavender Blizzard geranium plants and the color is lovely. They are blooming now at this time in December in our mild climate.


Picasso of the Garden Terrace

Picasso Ivy GeraniumThis is Picasso, a variety of ivy geranium. I especially like this flower with its multiple blossoms, and it brightens up the garden as it blooms.


Closeup of Arctic Red Geranium

Arctic Red GeraniumThe Arctic Red ivy geranium is one of my favorites. It blooms well and is a deep maroon in color. It appears to glow in direct sun, and is a very beautiful shade. I always have one of these in my geranium garden, as its beauty and calming hue is very appealing.


CLoseup of Large White Blossom

Garden: White Blossom (Shore Acres State Park,...During our last visit to Shore Acres State park, I found a flower in which I absolutely could not ignore. Its white reminded me of innocence and marriage while its hints of yellow, in my opinion, hinted at the beauty within innocence and marriage.


Closeup of Large Pink Flower

Garden: Large Pink Flower (Shore Acres State Park,...During one of many strolls through the lovely Shore Acres gardens, I spotted this blossom just popping out of one of the flower beds right at me! I loved the way it looked as if she and her mate attached were looking separate ways, thinking to themselves.


Purple Iris in Ireland

Garden: Iris (Lismore Castle, Ireland)We had been in the castle garden at Lismore in Ireland that beautiful day, and the iris were in wonderfully beautiful bloom. There were many, many blooms in that part of the garden. The color was outstanding. What a peaceful place it was.


Large Yellow Lilly

Garden: LilyIt was a long wait from bud to flower, but well worth it!


Small Pink Flowers

Pretty Pink FlowersThese are some flowers that are growing in our garden. I snapped a quick shot.


Closeup of Bright Orange Flower Petals

Orange PetalsI love flowers. They always bring color and cheer into my life! In fact, I never really liked the color orange until I started taking pictures of beautiful blossoms that easily changed my mind.


Red Rose With Sky in Background

Garden: Red Rose and SkyThis is a rose held in the opening blue sky on a cool Autumn day. From a vantage point below the flower and above the ground, there are thoughts of knowing an insect's perception, tracking clouds in a daydream, and being enlivened by contrasts of rich, natural color.


Closeup of Double Red Ivy Geranium

Double Red Ivy GeraniumThis double red geranium is eye catching with its very red color. I raise geraniums and have for several years. Mostly they are planted in pots on terraces which grace our patio.


Closeup of Salmon Queen Geranium

Geranium (Salmon Queen)Salmon Queen was one of the very first geraniums that I planted. It has done very well over the years. I have posted photos of them to my flower web page in the past, and it continues to be one of my very favorite of my geraniums.


A large bright orange flower.

Orange FlowerWhile walking the paths of Shore Acres State Park with my husband, I spotted this extremely bright flower among green foliage within a beautiful flower bed. I had never seen such an orange flower before!


Large Yellow Sunflower With Blue Sky in Background

Garden: SunflowerAs a special gift to me each summer, my husband plants Mammoth sunflowers, my favorite variety, and a few new varieties so that I can see them from my kitchen window.


Dew on Pink Vinca

Garden: Pink VincaThis vinca is a volunteer in my front flower bed. I just love how cheery and hardy these plants are. There are several that have come up next to other plants where landscape cloth has been cut.


Large Pink and White Blossoms With Ferns

Scenery: Pink Coastal BlossomsHiking the trails above Sunset Beach is always a relaxing and peaceful event. On this particular journey, my husband and I decided to cut across a broad picnic area that they have cleared out above the beach among some trails.


Purple Plant Blooming

Garden: Purple FlowersI just love this photo. It seemed to have a certain elegance to it with the purple, although unfortunately, I do not know what kind it is. I hope you love these beautiful perfect purple blooms as much as I do.


closeup of flower

Night Blooming CactusThis is a night blooming cactus. The hummingbirds and bees love it and they were on it last night.


Closeup of Pink Tube Blossom

Garden: Pink Tube Blossom (Shore Acres...I thought this blossom was incredibly unique! I love the way the petals are more like tubes than anything else. And, being as pink is my favorite color, it could easily become one of my favorite flowers!


Large bunch of black eyed Susans

Black Eyed SusanThese are blooming along my property line. This was an early morning picture with the sun somewhat low for lighting. I hope you can see the bee on the right central part of the picture.


Thor Olga Flower Blooming

Thor Olga (Christmas Cactus)Thor Olga is one of the first Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) that I obtained. It always is so attractive with its red and white colors against the green of the foliage of the plant itself.


Pink and White Angel Trumpet Flower

Garden: Angel Trumpet at NightWhen I turned on the porch light one evening this gorgeous Angel Trumpet bloom caught my attention. It was even more spectacular at night than it was during the daytime.


Purple Petunia Against Brick Background

PetuniasThis lone petunia just keeps on going. It came up in a pot I have on my potting bench and it is amazing. A spindly plant, but the flowers are are so beautiful. And as you can see as they get older they change their color tone.


Pink Rose with Yellow Tips

Garden: Yellow-Tipped Pink Rose (Shore Acres State...I absolutely love rose gardens. Here, there were yellow roses with pink highlights that I believe were just incredible!


White and Pink Christmas Cactus

Christmas CactusA friend once called this bloom, 'Angel Wings.' The blooms will soon be opening in large numbers. Photographed with a digital camera in the morning under the patio cover.


Red Rose Bud

Garden: Red RoseThis is a beautiful red rose, my favorites like a lot of people's. I walked through my neighborhood and came across this picture perfect rose, just this one, in my neighbor's garden.


Pink Bromeliad Flower

Garden: Late Summer FlowersNot Summer, not Fall yet. But here is what is blooming in our yard today.


Closeup of Pink and White Christmas Cactus Flower

Fall Christmas CactusThe Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) are not real Cactus plants. They are in the succulent family. These two are currently blooming on my North facing patio in partial shade.


Purple Passiflora

Garden: Blooming PassifloraEarlier in the year, a tree fell on our house and my garden. I tried my best to save what I could from my flowerbed. I was so excited to see these live and thrive, and now bloom.


Purple and Yellow Viola Flower

ViolaThis pretty little herb is called a viola. Grown by my husband in a pot on our front porch, this tastey morsel is great in salads as well as a breath-freshener on the way out the door. It tastes a lot like mint!


Pink and White Double Delight Rose

Garden: Double Delight RoseHere is my Double Delight Rose. It's the only rose in my garden that has an exquisite aroma, besides being so gorgeous.


Blue Tarragon Flower

Garden: Tarragon At SunsetMy husband, the gardener, is always giving me such gorgeous things to photograph! Here is one of my favorite flowers, the Tarragon. It's growing in a pot on my porch and gets watered daily. The flowers are quick to bloom and fade away.


Two Large Bees Laying Dormant on Passion Flower

Passion Flowers And BeesThese passion flowers came up in one of our flowerbeds. As soon as the flowers began opening up, the bees became very "passionate" about them. They apparently have not left the flowers as we came to notice them on them in the dormant state when it was still dark out one morning.


Brown and Orange Sunflower with Blue Sky

Garden: Sunflower GreetingSunflowers greet the sun with a smile!


Yellow and white plumeria.

Plumeria in the Summer TimeWhile visiting my sister, she gave me a tour of her backyard. These beautiful flowers are in bloom, what a scent!


green gourd Against chicken wire fence

Flower and GourdThis flower eventually turned into a gourd, it was grown in my garden.


Dew Drops on Red Flower and Green Leaves

Garden: Morning DewI took this picture at around 7am, before the sun dried the dew off the flower petals.


Pink Zinnia Flower

Garden: Zinnias and MarigoldsThese are zinnias and marigolds! I dislike the smell of marigolds, but I love the way they are sooo bright!


Lots of Purple Chocolate Soldiers With Green Variegated Leaves

Garden: Chocolate Soldiers in AugustThese plants are called Chocolate Soldiers. A few were given to me by my friend Marshall. I knew him for many years. He was a large, kind and gentle man, the kind people say would give you the shirt of his back if need be.


Closeup of Large Purple Spring Flower

Garden: Spring is in the Air (Pretoria, Gauteng, South...Finally, after a particularly harsh winter, spring is in the air! We went to the Safari Garden Centre today to buy some seeds in preparation for our summer garden. What a total bliss to see some color again.


Closeup of Pink Iris in Garden

Garden: Iris from My Country GardenPhoto was taken of some of the iris in my memory garden for my late husband and my little grandson. I love the color. Since moving to the city, I miss that garden very much.


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