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growing morning glory in pots

Planting Morning Glory in PotsI've been throughly warned about morning glory! Can I simply plant it in a pot and avoid all the drama of it taking over my garden? Will my moon flowers do the same?


A vinca with white flowers.

Growing Vinca in ArizonaWe have found it difficult to grow flowers and garden vegetables here in Arizona during the hot summer months. However, we have discovered that the "vinca" flower does grow here all year long and are happy with how beautiful they survive the 110 degree plus temperature.


Blooming bougainvilleas.

Make Bougainvilleas Bloom Year RoundI love to share my tips on how to make your bougainvilleas bloom all year round, non-stop blooming. I've been planting bougainvilleas for almost 5 years now and I'm happy to say that I enjoyed watching them blooming every day.


A purple giant allium in full bloom

Giant Allium in BloomThis became one of my favorite flowers, after seeing an entire bed in bloom when I visited NYC. So gorgeous! The flowers are giant, the size of a grapefruit, and a beautiful purple-pink. Most allium I have seen for sale at nurseries are more purple or blue. These remind me of a fireworks display.


Hand Fertilizing Caracalla

Hand Fertilizing CaracallaThriftyFun's slogan is 'ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! My tip: Share that wisdom (and/or knowledge). I am trying to hand fertilize my caracalla flowers and don't know if I am anywhere near to doing it correctly.


closeup of the corkscrew shaped flower

That Is A Flower? (Cochliasanthus...This vine has the common names, corkscrew vine and snail vine, among others. These two names are rather suitable as the plant bloom is a bit reminiscent of either. However, the corkscrew vine and the snail vine are actually two different plants.


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Growing Daisy and DianthusI started about 10 plants from seed in August. Then in September, I planted them, they didn't flower yet. This spring 50 plants came up. They are just beautiful. This was a nice filler for a big empty spot.


The Bellflower (Campanula Portenschlagiana)

The Bellflower (Campanula Portenschlagiana)I admit; I am a stickler for proper flower names. For everyday conversation, the common name is fine. But, when you plan to buy a plant or seed, usually the common name is not enough. A good example is the pictured flower. Its common name is 'bellflower'.


Morning Glory

Morning GloryMy balcony garden is a sanctuary for me to relax in. I had these beautiful purple and red morning glories winding in and around the panels of the balcony to make it more secluded. In Stratford, Ontario, Canada


A bouquet of chives and lovage.

Simple Edible BouquetThis simple kitchen bouquet is pretty and edible. I used chives and lovage for this arrangement but celery would do too.


Avoiding Confusion with Common Flower Names

Avoiding Confusion with Common Flower NamesThere are probably ten different flowers for which people use the common name 'Angel Trumpet', including 'Datura', 'Brugmansia' and several lilies including 'Crinum'. When they say 'Angel' or 'Devil Trumpet', I never know which flower they mean. In this case, I think it's best to call datura by the easy to pronounce botanical name.


view down garden of fuchsia with other plantings

Growing Cape FuchsiaOne of my favorite perennials is the Phygelius, commonly known as the cape fuchsia. I include them in my garden because they attract hummingbirds, bees, and other pollinators. They are a dependable bearer of lovely, warm hued flowers from spring, thoughout the summer, and into fall.


Nasturtium Salad

Use Nasturtiums for Salads and SandwichesNasturtiums aren't just a beautiful flower for your garden. They are delicious too! Seeds are readily available just about anywhere they sell garden seeds.


hanging flower basket

Deadheading a Flower BasketFlower baskets are a great way to add color to your porch. To keep the plants healthy and blooming longer, it is a good idea to remove any wilted flowers. This will allow the plants to use their energy to grow new flowers. Simply pinch off any wilted or dry flowers and discard them.


planter boxes and flower pots

Front Yard Garden Planter BoxesMy husband built planter boxes that run along the full length of our driveway. I really enjoy filling the boxes and watching them explode as they grow! I also love using pots all over the yard. (My husband loves veggie gardening, but flowers are my passion!)



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Save Your Easter LiliesMy friend has the most beautiful bright pink lilies in her garden. After her white Easter lilies died off, she saved them for the following spring. She planted them and they grew anew as gorgeous pink lilies.


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Making Cut Flowers Last LongerTo make cut flowers last for weeks instead of days, use 7-Up or Sprite instead of water. Cut the ends every other day or so and freshen the liquid. Roses last for weeks!


Violas in hanging pot.

Saving Violas For Second Round Of BloomsHere's a picture of a hanging basket of viola. I bought the sad looking markdown last fall at Lowe's for 50¢. I nurtured it a little and enjoyed a full basket of blooms all winter and spring.


Lawn Edging

Making a Small FlowerbedI have a small hill on my property where it meets a busy street. I decided to give the motorists and pedestrians something pleasant to look at as they passed by.


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Trumpet Vine is an Invasive WeedTrumpet Vine is an invasive weed! It is sold at nurseries and they don't mention this. Don't plant it unless you are prepared to have it EVERYWHERE in your yard.


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Keeping Cut Lilacs Fresh LongerWhen cutting fresh lilacs, use a hammer to lightly crush the woody part of the cut ends to about 2 inches up the stem. The lilacs will then take up more of the water in the vase and stay fresher longer.


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Saving Zinnia SeedsWhat is the best way to save Zinnia seeds?


Flowering shrub with beautiful, large, pink flowers

Spirit Lifting Garden Bouquets as GiftsWhen your garden is full of beautiful blooms and you begin cutting some to add beauty inside your home, cut a few more than you need. Deliver your surplus of flowers to a nursing home, assisted living facility, elderly neighbor, or a friend or family member that needs a little cheering up.


Freesia from Moorpark, CA

Freesia and Alstroemeria (Moorpark, CA)Lavender freesia in the front yard. Most are white right now. I saw a red one open in The Path Garden today.


A tree flowering in late winter in Moorpark, CA.

Garden: Spring in FebruaryHere are pictures of what is happening in Moorpark in February, some even in January. Crazy plants have no idea what time of year it is.


Garden: Black Current Swirl Angel Trumpet

Black Currant Swirl Angel Trumpet (Datura)This plant is so pretty, but yet so toxic! All of the plant is dangerous if ingested, right down to the seed. It is Datura, also known as Angel Trumpet or Devil Trumpet


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Reviving Drooping RosesLast week, I received some beautiful fresh red roses, which I immediately put in a vase. However, we happened to go away that weekend, and when we came back the roses had drooped considerably, but otherwise were not in bad shape.


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Keep Color In Your Garden Spring Through FallTo keep color in my garden most of the year, I stagger my plants so that I constantly have a supply of colorful blooms. I live in the Mid-Atlantic Region so May till November is my blooming season.


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Use Ice Water for Cut FlowersKeep them in ice water, as much as you can. Store them in the refrigerator at night (in the winter, you can put them outside on the back porch). I have gotten cut flowers to last 2 weeks this way.


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Make Your Own Bouquet PreserverWhat is that magic stuff in the little packet that comes with flowers delivered by the florist? Just add a few drops of chlorine bleach and a teaspoon of sugar to a quart of water for a home-made equivalent. Mystery solved, money saved.



Bouquet of Siberan iris, peony, and mock orange blossoms

Crush Stems of Woody Cut FlowersThe mock orange have woody stems. In order to prepare them to draw more water in the vase, I crush the stems with a hammer. The flowers can last longer that way.


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Place Short Hydrangea Blossoms In The RefrigeratorI have magnificent hydrangeas bushes in my back yard. Sometimes, a flower will break off or has a very short stem. Rather than throw it away, I put it in the refrigerator in a shallow bowl with water. I enjoy it every time I open the door!


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Plant Flowers to Support TroopsWhen planning your annuals for your garden, leave a section for all yellow flowers as a tribute to our troops. You could even plant a red, white, and blue section surrounded by yellow or put a small flag in the garden.


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Plant Begonia in Rotten Tree StumpIf there's an old rotting stump in your yard, you might like to scoop out some of the decayed wood at the top, add a little rich soil and put in some begonia plants.


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Use Dog Nail Clippers On Flower StemsA great tool to use for cutting flower stems diagonally when changing the water is the nail clippers made for clipping a dog's nails. The stems fit down into the hole and the clippers are sharp so you get a nice clean cut.


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Keep Cut Flowers LongerTo keep your freshly picked flowers alive longer, add sugar. Add 1/2 tsp sugar for every cup of water.


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Flowers That Will Bloom in OctoberMy son is getting married in October. While we are thrilled about the upcoming events, I may have the rehearsal dinner in our backyard. I sure would appreciate any suggestions for plants that would be blooming that month so that it would look as pretty as possible.


Wildflowers in the garden

WildflowersThese are wild flowers I planted this summer. I was so pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they were! My new puppy loved them too, which is why I had to build the beautiful wood fence to keep him out!


yellow flowers

Summer Flowers For Those Winter BluesI thought with all the bad winter weather we are having in Minnesota, a nice picture of wild flowers picked from the prairie, this last summer would be nice. They were so pretty this year, I just had to pick some.


white flower with bright yellow center

Plant Bulbs In The Fall For Spring FlowersJust wanting to share some spring flowers with you all! I guess my tip would be, "If you want this in spring, get your knees dirty in the fall and plant those bulbs!"


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Flowering Hens and ChicksThis isn't a question but some info on hens and chicks. I was looking for info about when hens and chicks flower. I found a lot of questions here but no sure answers as to when and how.


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Use Plastic Floral Tubes for Cut FlowersIf your children are like mine, anytime I cut fresh flowers, they ask to take a pretty bloom to their teachers. Rather than trying to keep the stems moist by wrapping them, use a plastic floral tube. You can purchase several for a dollar at the floral counter in your grocery store.


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Using Your Dried LavenderNow is the time to harvest some of the stems on your lavender plant to dry out.


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Plant Daffodils To Prevent PestsIf you are having trouble with something eating your flower bulbs, try planting daffodils around your flower bulbs. Daffodils are toxic to mice and voles. Worked great for me.


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Do Dahlias Always Need To Be Staked?My dahlias are falling over. Do dahlias always need to be staked and if so, how would you recommend doing it? The previous owner planted several dahlia bushes that come back each year and the tall bud-stems keep falling over.




Plumerias - The Hawaiian Lei FlowerPlumerias are fun and easy to grow! Known as the Hawaiian Lei Flower, they can be both fragrant and beautiful. They grow easily from cuttings.


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Warning About Morning GloriesMorning Glories are gorgeous. But boy, are they pesky and weedy! 3 years ago, I planted two varieties along a fence and to cover a trellis. They were simply stunning that year.


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Use Clear Drinking Straws in Your African Violet's PotI repotted my African Violets. Those furry leaves are prone to damage if they rest on the pot rim. I noticed my mom runs tin foil around the rim, but it is unsightly. What I came up with was to use clear drinking straws!


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Leave Vase Outside When Arranging FlowersMy husband is always complaining about finding little creatures walking on the table after I put out a vase of flowers. So now, what I do is, I let the vase sit outside for about 30 minutes before I bring it in.


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Rusty Nails for African VioletsYour African violets will bloom longer, prettier, and more abundantly, if you stick a few rusty nails in the soil alongside them.


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Keeping Hydrangea Blooms for Months of EnjoymentKeep hydrangea bloom colors bright for months of enjoyment. I have some wonderful hydrangeas that would bloom for several weeks then the blooms would dry on the branch and the colors would fade. But several years back I came up with an idea that prolongs my hydrangea blooms for months.


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Plant Garlic Around Your RosesI have a few pots of Society garlic in between my rose bushes. It keeps the bugs away and the leaves nice and dark and shiny.


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Growing Gourds and Flowers for DryingGet 2 packages of miniature gourds and plant them in two long rows. You will have so many that you will be able to sell many of them to garden shops. Now pick out flower seeds, baby's breath and other grasses that will dry.


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Use Warm Water For Fresh FlowersFresh cut flowers should always be placed in warm water rather than cold because the stem will absorb the warm water more rapidly. This prevents air bubbles from blocking the stem.


Potted Flower Pots

Filler for Flower PotsIdeas for fillers for the base of flower pots from the ThriftyFun community. I have used a small pot upside down in some of my bigger planters. I put a smaller pot upside down in the bottom before I fill mine with dirt.



Tips for Growing SunflowersTips for growing sunflowers from the ThriftyFun community. Plant them in full sun. Plant seeds 1 inch deep and 6 inches apart (or according to package directions). Water well after planting.


Morning Glories: Not Just A Weed

Morning Glories: Not Just A WeedAlthough when mentioning that I grow Morning Glories, many think it's a weed , not so. I love to have them hang over my railing on the deck, some have also come up on their own and are a dark purple.


Rose of Sharon

Successfully Replanted Rose of SharonWe always had bad luck replanting others free give-a-ways to us. My daughter gave us this Rose of Sharon tree and we talked and watered daily and guess what? Success and a beautiful plant from her yard to mine.


Pink and White Columbine

Plant Columbine For Spring SurprisesIf you want surprises in your garden each spring, plant a few varieties of columbine, and see how they evolve. They are easy to propagate from seed.


Yellow and purple pansies.

Trade Flowers and Plants with Friends and Save...Save money on plant by trading. Here are some great tips from the ThriftyFun community. Post your own advice here.


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Pinch Dead BloomsPinch off dead blooms from flowering plants. It will help keep your plants flowering longer. If blooms or leaves have fallen onto the soil they should also be removed.


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Growing Asiatic Lilies in a PotI was lazy and now my bag of mixed variety Asiatic lilies (sitting outside the garage door) did not get planted this fall. I would like to plant them in a pot.


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Great Soil for Flower BedsFail Proof Flower Bed. For an awesome, fail proof flower bed, select a location for your flower bed, being careful to remember what you want to grow, with or without sun. My favorite flower beds are under trees, surrounded with blocks.


pale yellow and purple daylilies

Half of My Daylilies Didn't BloomFor the past 3 summers my daylilies have bloomed so well. This year, half the group did not develop scapes, while half did and are now in bloom.


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My Daylilies Have Never BloomedI have had daylilies for about 3 years now, planted in full sun. I've never had them bloom yet.


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Flowers That Will Grow Under Pine TreesI need advice about what type of plants/flowers, preferably perennials, could be planted under pine trees. I've been told that the dropping pine needles kill most plants because they give off kerosene. The area in question is very shady. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Red Hibiscus

Mulching a Red HibiscusI bought a hibiscus plant at a flea market; the vendor told me it was a perenniel for our area of the country. She said that the "old wood" should not be cut back at the end of the season, it should be mulched for the winter months; in the spring the mulch should be removed and feeding should begin.


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Turning My Hydrangea BlueHow can I turn my hydrangea blue? I am hoping it is something that I would have on hand.


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Prune Your Bouquets for Longer Lasting FlowersFresh flower bouquets are wonderful and can last much longer if, besides all the usual methods of adding conditioner/aspirin to the water, and freshly cutting stems and so on, you prune your bouquets. . .


Floss Flower

Floss FlowerFloss flowers can be somewhat difficult to start from seed, so buying seedlings is recommended. Plant in early spring after the danger of frost has passed. . .


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Veggie Peels and Coffee Grounds for Vibrant FlowersI save all used coffee grounds and fruit & veggie waste (peels, etc.) and lightly dig them in in my flower beds and around shrubs and trees. My plants have huge blooms year-round (I live in Florida) and vibrant coloring.


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Replanting After FloweringI love tulips but do not have the patience to wait for them to "brown out" so I buy some in the spring, and set the roots into my mulch so only the flower and leaves show.


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Ants for PeoniesDid you know that ants are good for your peonies? They lick the sap off of the flower buds to help them to open. Never wipe off the ants!


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Keeping Flowers BloomingTips to keep flowers blooming. Post your ideas.


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Pennies for Cut FlowersThrow a couple of pennies into the water with your fresh cut flowers to keep them alive longer!


beautiful flowers

Flowers and Plants Growing GuidesGuides to hundreds flowers and foliage plants... Each profile contains a detailed description and growing instructions, site and soil requirements, varieties, and special uses.


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