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Plant Seedlings in Cracked and Chipped Tea CupsStart seedlings in cracked and chipped cups. They are cheap, can be reused year after year and actually look pretty cool. I buy cracked tea cups for dirt cheap at garage sales so I my seedlings have a tea cup theme.


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Bad Luck With Seeds? dont have good luck with seeds. but my boss gave us seeds for Easter. they alweays look soo puny when they come up and then they die.


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Stella De Ora and Dianthis Seeds?I have collected Stella De Ora and dianthis seeds I want to know if I need to put them in the refrigerator for six weeks before trying to grow them.


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Hummingbird Vine Pod?On some of the flowers on my hummingbird vine there is a long green pod. Is this a seed pod?


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Getting Seeds from Hummingbird Vine Pods?I have a hummingbird vine that produced long pods last year. Can I start another vine from these? And if so, how? There are still some brown, dried out pods on it from last year.


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Looking for Seeds on Coral Bells?Needing some help on flower seeds. I am learning to get my own seeds from my flowers to plant next year as I live in Utah where it's going to freeze soon. I have this hanging flower I bought and threw its identity away. I think its called Coral Bells or Million Bells. Can anyone tell me where i can find the seeds off this flower? I have gone over it and over it and can't see them.


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Jump Start Your Garden SeedsApril 16, in zones such as 5, 6, 7, an up. Dig out some ole margarine tubs or bottles and put some soil into them and plant flower seeds or veggies right on top. Spray with water an put them on a window sill, not south one, I prefer east window. . .


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Testing Seeds for the GardenTo test seeds you intend to sow: Put about 6 into a wet paper towel, and place it in a plastic baggie. Keep it in a warm area, and in about 5 days it should have a sprout on it. This is a great way to check the germination rate.


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Seeds on My Peace Lilies and Pink Cloud Caladiums?I think I have seeds on my Peace Lilly and on Pink Cloud Caladiums. There are extra growth's that have white or brown seeds on them. Are they seeds and where do I snip them off?


Preparing Sunflower Seeds?1. Are sunflowers annuals or perennials? 2. How do you prepare seeds for re-planting?


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Milk Carton Plant StakesPlastic milk cartons cut into strips make great plant label stakes when you write on them with a sharpie! Recycled and free, great, huh!


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California Tree Poppy Seeds?I am trying to find seed of the California tree poppy. It is the white "fried egg" flower. Can anybody help?


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Nviro Potter For SeedsI discovered a nifty tool for starting my seeds. It uses newspaper and is a wooden form that you wrap and tuck the paper around. It is called "The NviroPotte" and is made by a family business in Eastern Canada.


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Transporting Seeds to the Philippines?My father in law would like to find out information about purchasing garden seeds in the U.S. and transporting them to the Philippines. He would like to grow American veggies and a greater range of flowers than are available there. Does anyone know what the customs requirements are for this area or have any experience with this?


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Planting Pine Seeds?I have some pine cones that I dried out to get the seeds. I believe they are white pine seeds. How do I store them? When should I plant them, and how to I plant them?



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Buying Huckleberry Seeds?I am looking for where to buy seeds for a garden Huckleberry. Thank you


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Growing Ben Franklin Trees from Seeds?I have a Ben Franklin tree which had several seed pods I just removed. The seeds are hard. What is the best way to try to grow my new trees?


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Starting Sweet Pea Seeds Inside?I have Sweet Pea seed to be sown and I was wondering how soon should I plant them inside and how big they should be to transplant outside?


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Looking for Soap Nut Seeds?Where can I find soap nut seeds to grow my own tree or where can I find a tree to buy?


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Whippoorwill Pea Seed?I need a source for whippoorwill pea seed. These old-fashioned cowpeas can be tricky to find, but they are wonderful.


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"Cotton Ball" Seeds Or Starts?I would like a start or seeds to plant a flower that I don't know the name of but I will describe it the best I can. It is about the size of a grapefruit, and it comes in pink, blue, white, and I don't know what other color. I think it's name is cotton ball, or popcorn ball or something like that. I really want some of these flowers. Could someone out there figure out what I am trying to say and maybe tell me where to get a start or some seeds? Thanks so much.


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Orientation Of An Avocado Seed?Ellen, I thank you for your answer on planting avocado pits. However I am not sure if I put the flat end down into the pot or rounded pointy end?


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Identifying Male And Female Avocado?How do you know if you have a male or female avacoda seed to grow?


How Do You Start Grapefruit Seeds?Do you start grapefruit seeds in water or in soil?


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Recommendations For Seed Companies?I am looking for recommendations on what catalogs or companies are good to buy seeds from.


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Looking For Hawaiian Woodrose Seeds?I am looking for Hawaiian baby Woodrose seeds/pods. Can anyone help me please?


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Leftover Perennial Seeds?If I have perennial seeds left over from purchasing last Spring. Can I plant them now for a Spring garden? What is the best thing to do with these seeds?


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Getting Seeds From Zinnias?In hoping to get seeds from faded Zinnias. I am faced with either the spent petals (which fit into the flower-head and look like the heads of spears) or a much smaller seed(?) which comes out of the flower head when the flower head looks like a carefully trimmed buzz cut. Which is the preferred product?


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What Is Wintering Seeds?I am just a beginning gardener. What does wintering seeds mean? Thanks.


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Protecting Plants as They Start to Grow?What is the best stuff to make or buy so that my seeds don't get fungus or get tamped down and croak when they start to grow? This would be for wisteria, crape myrtles, apples and some ornamental grass. Thanks, I love this site.



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Bugs Inside Mimosa Seed Pods?I thought I was so lucky when a neighbor let me have as many seed pods as I wanted from their Mimosa tree. Next thing I know, while I'm shelling them, I see 90% have a little hole in them from some kind of bug.


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Can I Still Start Seeds?We live in Baltimore City, MD. Our hardiness zone is 7. Would you kindly let me know if it is too late to plant seeds? Can I start seeds in peat pots? I put it off, and I'm worried it's too late for this year.


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Growing Seeds in Perlite?I have already started seeds in little jiffy pellets. My question is about starting seeds and rooting cut offs in Perlite. I am re-using plastic tubs that fresh spinach comes in at the supermarkets. How much Perlite should I put into the bottom?


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Freebie: Tomato SeedsGet a free pack of tomato seeds when you enter info located on the bottom of any Campbell's Soup can. Your request will also help Campbell's donate seeds to communities and schools through the National FFA organization. Expires 6/21/09.


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Growing Acai Seeds?I just got some Acai seeds and can't find anything on the internet about how to grow them. Does anyone in the Thriftyfun community have experience growing this fruit? I live in Oregon, which has a hardiness zone of 8-9.


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Plastic Cups for Seed StartsSeveral weeks ago I planted a variety of vegetable seeds for my garden. I now have several trays of seedlings that need to move to a bigger pot but it is too early to put them in the garden.


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Finding Hummingbird Vine Seeds?Where can I find hummingbird vine seeds?


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Do Asiatic Lilies Develop Seeds?Do Asiatic lilies get seeds? Are the seeds contained in the "bulb" that remains after the flower is done blooming?


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Starting a Magnolia from Seed?How do you start a seed after just picking it off a tree? It is a large leaf Magnolia tree.


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Link: Free Seeds At Wintersown.orgGet free seeds and learn how to sow seeds in the winter!


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How Do You Get Free Seed Samples?Where can I get free seed samples?


Can I Grow Passion Flower Vines from Seed?I got some passion flower pods and broke them open, there are seeds inside. Can I plant these and get passion flower vines to grow?


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Starting a Tree from Seed?How do you start a tree from a seed?


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Tool to Help Space Seeds When Planting?I am a new gardener. I was putting in my seeds and I remembered hearing that there was a tool thing that would drop seeds at the necessary interval. Where can I find this thing? I live in Canada,


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Wisteria Bloomed But Did Not Make Seed Pods?My two wisteria, white and blue, bloomed well for the first time this spring, but produced no seed pods. Why is that?



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Freezing Hummingbird Vine Pods for Spring Planting?I read your comment about vine pods. I have a hummingbird vine. It's name is "campsis Radicans. My vine has been in the ground about 10 years and we would like to start some seeds from our


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Planting Zoysia Grass Seed?Can I plant zoysia grass seed?


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Can I Use Florescent Lights to Start Seeds?Will a florescent lightbulb put off enough light to start seeds indoors versus the expensive grow lights?


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How Do I Grow Coleus Indoors From Seed?I want to grow coleus from seed indoors. I would love some good simple tips. Thanks.


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Why Are Some Seeds Only Planted When Weather Warms Up?Why do I have to wait until the weather is warmer to sow seeds? I know I can plant some in the fall before it is too cold, but why can't I start to plant them now? The seeds I plant in the late summer or fall are just as cold as can be lying in the ground now.


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Where Can I Get Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet) Seeds?I am looking for brugmansia seeds?


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Sending Seeds Through the Mail?I always have lots of seeds to give away that I have harvested from my own organic vegetable garden. Can I send them to America from here, does anyone know the quarantine regulations?


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Can I Get Seeds from a Clematis Vine?How can I get seeds from a clematis vine?


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Where Can I Find the Germination Time for Garden Vegetable Seeds?How long do corn, peas, radish, clover, and barley take to germinate?


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Where Can I Get Free Wisteria Seed Pods?This isn't really a question, it is more of a request to the person who has the wisteria seedpods. I would love to have some, if possible. Thank you!


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Planting Honeyball Bush Seeds?I just received about 50 honeyball bush seeds in the mail. When and how do I plant the seeds? I know that they should be planted in a sunny location. Do I plant all of the seeds in a narrow trench or do I plant all of the seeds in a small hole?


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Planting Armeria Maritima Seeds?I have some Armeria Maritima seeds, but the instructions are in Chinese. Can you please tell me how to grow these seeds and when?


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Birds Eating Sunflower Seeds Before They Sprout?Twice now I planted sunflower seeds and twice the birds have eaten the seeds before they've had a chance to sprout. I don't mind if they eat the sunflowers once they've had a chance to grow and bloom, but it would be nice if they had a chance to grow and bloom first. Any suggestions for next year?


Make Your Own Seed Tapes

Homemade Seed TapesThis is a page about making homemade seed tapes. Seeds can be very small and can shift around during planting. Using a seed tape can help create straight even rows but they can be very expensive to purchase.


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Saving Seeds for Next Planting Season?A friend just gave me a bag full of cock's comb seeds. I live in Tennessee and it's already cold here. I found out that the time to sow cock's comb seeds is in early summer. Will my seeds keep that long?


Sowing seeds directly.

Direct Sowing SeedsThis is a page about direct sowing seeds. Many flowers and vegetables grow quite well by sowing the seeds directly in the ground in your garden.


Veggie seeds.

Growing Vegetables from SeedsThis is a page about growing vegetables from seeds. Growing vegetables from seed can save you money and offer a wider choice of plant varieties.


Winter sowing.

Winter Sowing SeedsThis is a page about winter sowing seeds. Invite nature into your gardening experience by giving winter sowing a try.


Trumpet Vine Seed Pods

Starting a Trumpet Vine From Seed PodsThis is a page about starting a trumpet vine from seed pods. Starting new plants, such as the trumpet vine, from seeds is cheaper than buying a plant from the nursery.


saving seeds

Tips for Saving SeedsThis page contains tips for saving seeds. There is a little more to saving seeds than just collecting them.


Dry Seeds

Drying and Storing SeedsThis is a page about drying and storing seeds. Collecting seeds from your garden is the first step in having seeds to use for your next planting.


Green Pepper Seeds

Saving Vegetable SeedsThis is a page about saving vegetable seeds. Saving vegetable seeds is often about timing.


Plump Avocado Seed Rooting into Jar

Growing an Avocado from a PitThis page is about growing an avocado from seed. A fun and rewarding indoor project can be starting an avocado pit.


collecting seeds from flowers

Collecting Seeds from Your FlowersThis is a page about collecting seeds from your flowers. If you have decided to begin collecting seeds from your flowers for next season, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Close up of tomato seeds being held up.

Starting Tomato SeedsThis page is about starting tomato seeds. Tomatoes are easy to grow and a delicious addition to any home garden or patio container.


Seed Starts by Window

Starting Seeds IndoorsThis is a page about starting seeds indoors. Often it is recommended that certain seeds be started indoors in order to get a jump start on the growing season.


Garden Tools

Sowing Seeds Tips and TricksThis is a page containing sowing seeds tips and tricks. Growing plants from seed is relatively easy, but there are some tips that can make this method easier and more successful.


Understanding Seed Packet Instructions

Understanding Seed Packet InstructionsThis is a page about understanding seed packet instructions. You can save money by growing plants from seeds, but you may not be familiar with all of the terms commonly used on seed packets.


Buying Seeds

Buying SeedsThis page is about buying seeds. Getting the right seeds for your location will help you have success with your gardening.


Saving Zinnia Seeds

Saving Zinnia SeedsThis is a page about saving zinnia seeds. You can grow zinnias year after year by saving the seeds from this year's flowers for planting next season.


Starting Seedlings

Starting SeedlingsThis is a page about starting seedlings. Give your seedlings a head start by planting early. Start indoors if you garden in colder climates.


aster seedlings

Keeping Seedlings From DyingThis is a page about keeping seedlings from dying. Young tender seedlings need special care.


Planting Small Seeds

Planting Small SeedsThis page is about planting small seeds. It can be a challenge to keep track of and plant the proper amount of tiny seeds.



Harvesting Sunflower Seeds?This is a page about harvesting sunflower seeds. Harvesting sunflower seeds for snacks and cooking, bird feeders, or next season's garden is quite easy.


Marigold Seeds

Harvesting Marigold Seeds?This is a page about harvesting marigold seeds. You can easily grow marigolds next season from the harvested seeds.


Beautiful Flower Beds

Finding Free Flower SeedsThis is a page about finding free flower seeds. You can cut the costs of planting your garden if you locate a source for free flower seeds.


Buttercup Squash

Preserving Seeds From Buttercup SquashThis is a page about preserving seeds from buttercup squash. These sweet, nutty winter squash have a central seed cavity filled with seeds you can save, dry, and plant for next season.



Growing Hydrangea from Seed?This page is about growing hydrangea from seed. These beautiful shrubs can be started from seed.



Collecting Thunbergia SeedsThis page is about collecting thunbergia seeds. Knowing how to save your own seeds can save you money on flowers in your garden.


A woman buying seeds

Saving Money on SeedsThis page is about saving money on seeds. End of the season and discount stores seed packs, as well as, seed exchanges can reduce the cost of planting your flower and vegetable gardens.


Planting seeds in dirt.

Problems Starting SeedsThis page is about problems starting seeds. Having good soil mix and a proper container helps get your seeds off to a good start.


sunflower with seeds in foreground

Using a Seed Swap or ExchangeThere are many seed sharing organizations online. Having information and a photo of the plants your seeds produce will help you in your seed swapping.


Growing Geranium From Seeds

Growing Geraniums From SeedsThis is a page about growing geraniums from seeds. Although many gardeners buy geraniums as small starts or blooming plants they can be grown from seed.


Seeds preparing to germinate.

Why Seeds Fail To GerminateThis is a page about why seeds fail to germinate. There can be a number of reasons that seeds don't germinate.


A photo of seedlings in a germinating tray with garden tools.

Pre-treating Seeds to Speed GerminationThis is a page about pre-treating seeds to speed germination. Some seeds need special treatment before they will germinate.


Germinating seeds

Tips for Germinating SeedsThis is a page about tips for germinating seeds. It is not only less expensive to start your garden from seed, but often you can plant a wider variety of veggies and flowers.


Twelve different types of seeds in white bowls against white background

Saving Seed from Hybrid PlantsThis is a page about saving seed from hybrid plants. While you can typically grow new plants from hybrid seeds they will not be the same as the parent. You may be surprised with a new better tasting fruit or veggie or a lovely flower.


using bottle to wate

Recycled Drink Bottle for Watering SeedsThis is a page about recycled drink bottle for watering seeds. Using a small plastic drink or water bottle you can make a convenient device for watering seeds.


Slice of tomato showing seeds

Saving Tomato SeedsThis is a page about saving tomato seeds. An economical way to grow vegetables next season, especially if you are OK if the second season's produce does not necessarily taste the same, is to save some seeds.


Saving Petunia Seeds

Saving Petunia Seeds?This is a page about saving petunia seeds. Collecting the dry flowers from your petunia plant allows you to save the seeds for planting next spring.


Close up of a tulip tree flower and leaves

Starting Tulip Trees from Seed?This is a page about starting tulip trees from seed. Many gardeners like to start their new plants from seeds they have collected. You can even propagate some trees this way.


Saving Cucumber Seeds

Saving Cucumber SeedsThis is a page about saving cucumber seeds. You can save money on garden seeds by collecting them from this year's crop for use next year.


CD case on windowsill with emerging seedlings

Making a CD Case Plant DisplayThis is a page about making a CD case plant display. Plant some seeds inside a clear CD case to create a display showing seed germination.This is a great kid project.


Starting Seeds with Winter Sowing

Start Seeds Outdoors With Winter SowingThis is a page about start seeds outdoors with winter sowing. Using this method you can skip the grow light regime of seed starting. Plant seeds in plastic containers and see the results.


Plant seedlings.

Starting Seeds Under Fluorescent LightsThis is a page about starting seeds under fluorescent lights. When starting seeds indoors, you don't need to buy expensive grow lights, fluorescent lights will do the trick.


Seedlings on a window sill.

4 Steps to Figuring Out When to Start Seeds IndoorsThis is a page about determining when to start seeds indoors. Knowing your hardiness zone, frost dates, and the germination time line for your chosen seeds is important to deciding when to start seeds indoors.


Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting SeedsThis is a page about sprouting seeds. You can often save money and grow plants not readily available at a nursery or big box store, by sprouting your own seeds.


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