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Using recycled plastic containers for seedlings.

Reuse Plastic Containers for SeedlingsMany plastic containers work quite well for starting your seeds prior to spring planting. This is a page about reuse plastic containers for seedlings.


seed in soil of carton sections

Egg Carton GardeningThe cavities in egg crates are just the right size for starting many types of seeds. An added advantage to the paper style is that it can be cut apart and the seedling planted in the soil container and all. This is a page about egg carton gardening.


Plump Avocado Seed Rooting into Jar

Growing an Avocado from a PitThis page is about growing an avocado from seed. A fun and rewarding indoor project can be starting an avocado pit.


Wisteria Pods

Can I Plant Wisteria Pods?You can just plant the seeds that are in the pods. Nick the seeds slightly and soak them overnight before planting them. This is a page about planting wisteria pods.


Seedlings on a window sill.

4 Steps to Figuring Out When to Start Seeds IndoorsThis is a page about determining when to start seeds indoors. Knowing your hardiness zone, frost dates, and the germination time line for your chosen seeds is important to deciding when to start seeds indoors.


Garden Tools

Sowing Seeds Tips and TricksThis is a page containing sowing seeds tips and tricks. Growing plants from seed is relatively easy, but there are some tips that can make this method easier and more successful.


A bag of potting soil, seedlings in plastic containers and a nursery tray with TP tubes

Toilet Paper Rolls for SeedlingsI had been saving all sorts of toilet paper rolls - I think mainly it was a habit from when we used to have a fireplace. This spring when I decided to start my seedlings I realized I could make life a lot easier for myself if I just started the seeds in the toilet paper rolls!


Several used tea bags next to a package of sunflower seeds.

Used Tea Bag to Sprout SeedsRemove the staple and string and snip a tiny hole in your used tea bags and place your seeds inside. Keep moist and in a few days your seed will sprout. From there, you can place in a small pot or directly into your garden. No need to remove the bag. It will protect the young root from any disturbance and pests and break down naturally.


Saving Tomato Seeds

Saving Tomato SeedsHere is another way to save tomato seeds for next season.


Planting Seed in the Garden - man using the planting stick in the garden

Planting Seed in the GardenThis is a new version of a pipe for planting seed in the garden. The old version of my idea was posted last year on May 3rd.


File Flower Seeds to Help Sprouting - packet of nasturtium seed and a nail file

File Flower Seeds to Help SproutingYou can file the flower seed a little bit to help germinate the seed if there is a thick coating like this, nasturtium. By filing down, it'll help the water absorb. I soaked the seeds 24 hours prior then planted in soil.


Toilet Paper Tubes for Seedlings - small plant in TP tube pot

Toilet Paper Tubes for SeedlingsToilet paper tubes make excellent biodegradable plant pots for seedlings. All you need are the tubes and a pair of scissors. Make four cuts about an inch long at one end and fold them in. There should be a small hole for drainage. Fill with compost and sow seeds or plant a seedling.


Save Money On Pansies - pansy seedlings in hanging baskets

Growing Pansies From SeedI have saved lots of pansy seed from store bought plants over the years. Force of habit, I guess. I never planted them, though. What a shame. That wasteful practice has come to an end, as of now.


A compact seed starter tray, made from recycled materials, filled with dirt.

Compact Seed Starter TrayI am in the process of planting several thousand pansy seed. This being my first time to grow pansies from seed, I really wasn't prepared. I have various trays and flats about, and just about anything else that will hold the seedlings until they're ready for transplanting.


Starting Seeds in the Snow - planted milk jugs in the snow

Starting Seeds in the SnowA class showed us how to start seeds in the snow! Simply punch holes for air and drainage in an empty gallon container, slice it partially open, but not completely. Leave a small section as a 'hinge' (See photo.) Fill with seedling soil and seeds, tape lid closed.



Organizing Seeds - lots of seed packets

Organizing SeedsI try to keep my seeds handy and in order. I've never been able to do just that. I have paper bags of seeds. I have jars of seed, lots of baby food jars from when I raised a robin. There are large plastic bags and more. The only ones I've managed to corral are the smaller seed. I have hundreds of packs of them.


Starting Seeds with Winter Sowing

Start Seeds Outdoors With Winter SowingThis is a page about start seeds outdoors with winter sowing. Using this method you can skip the grow light regime of seed starting. Plant seeds in plastic containers and see the results.


Winter Sowing (Part 1)

Winter Sowing (Part 1)You can sow your seeds outdoors in containers. Those seeds that sprout, and there will be many, will be hardy plants that produce well. I did this last year, and am doing it again this year. I used ziplock bags, but you can use any vented container.


dried seeds on napkin

Saving Tomato SeedsYou will save money by saving seeds from tomatoes you grew this year, rather than buying plants already started next spring. It is easy to do.


Saving Hibiscus or Daylily Seeds

Saving Hibiscus or Daylily SeedsTo get the identical plant, you actually need to divide the plant. If you save the seeds, the flowers may be different than the parent plant.


cucumber seeds in plastic bag

Saving Cucumber SeedsLet the cucumber remain on the vine until yellow. Cut it and scrape out the seeds. Put the seeds into a small container of water for a few days.


toilet paper rolls in drink carrier

Recycle Cardboard for Starting SeedsI discovered that empty toilet paper rolls fit perfectly in the cardboard drink trays from fast food restaurants. Just put the toilet paper rolls into the drink tray, fill them with soil and plant your seed.



Keep Pictures For Saved Seed ReferenceEven though I'm frugal minded and sometimes pay as little as 10 cents for a 6 cell pack of flowers, many of my discounted purchases turn out to be quite nice. Sadly, there's no guarantee I'll be able to find those same flowers next year, even at regular price.


Make Your Own Seed Tapes

Make Your Own Seed TapesSeeds have different spacing and depths (it's on the package). Rather than digging individual holes and having inconsistent depths and distances of my garden plantings, I created my own seed tape for a neater prettier look. It works great for flower beds too.


using bottle to wate

Plastic Drink Bottle for Watering SeedsSeeds and seedlings of course need watering carefully so they don't get battered or washed about. If you don't have a small watering can you can use a drink bottle.


half a watermelon

Saving Seed From Hybrid PlantsI was sitting here reading some of my gardening notes from 2015. I made a lot of mistakes last year. Hopefully, the notes will help make this year's gardening more fruitful and with less work. One thing I like to try is planting seed from hybrid fruit and veggies.


labeled bottles of seeds

Prescription Bottles for Storing Flower SeedsI love to collect flower seeds from my own flowers to plant the next season or to share with others. I also like to collect from other places, but often found myself using napkins, or scrap paper as an impromptu container. Then it hit me - prescription bottles!


seed in soil of carton sections

Egg Carton GardeningEgg cartons are a great biodegradable way to do seed-start gardening. Simply cut off the sides and lid from your carton. Place the cut lid under the carton base to catch leaking water. Fill the holes three-quarters full with potting soil.


Free Seed From Grocery Store Produce

Free Seed From Grocery Store ProduceWe usually don't think of hot house tomatoes as being as good as those grown in an open garden, and in the past, that was true. It's different, now.


Should Floating Seeds Be Saved?

Should Floating Seeds Be Saved?I have read many articles on saving seed. In most all cases, when cleaning and saving seed from pulpy fruit you scoop the seed from the fruit, remove as much pulp as possible, then place seed in a bowl of water. Advice is given to skim off all floating seed and discard as they will not produce plants.



gardener's hand holding tomato seeds

Heirloom vs Hybrid SeedsGardening is not an exact science and can be very complicated. Misinformation passed along from generation to generation only adds to the complication. Most people are content to plant a packet of straight neck yellow squash, follow packet instructions, and hope for the best. This is good.


seed packets in organizer

Coupon Organizer for Seed StorageWhen I buy seeds for the garden they tend to get misplaced or make a mess. I found an easy storage solution that organizes them and makes them easy to grab and head off to the garden. I use a couple plastic coupon file organizers for storage of commercial seed packages.


man shopping for seeds

Buy Seeds at the End of SeasonEvery year store bought veggie seeds get more and more expensive. They make it sound like the seeds will be dead by next year. This is a fib to get us to buy more seeds! Yes plant seeds can die if they are years old or are stored improperly.


week 4

Planting Seeds With Your KidsPlanting seeds with your kids is a very rewarding project for everyone. Getting to see the seeds that they planted sprout into plants is fun and educational.


Saving Zinnia Seeds

Saving Zinnia SeedsThis is a page about saving zinnia seeds. You can grow zinnias year after year by saving the seeds from this year's flowers for planting next season.


Seed Packages in a box

A Gardener's Glossary to Buying SeedsWhether you buy seeds from a catalog or purchase them from a store, understanding seed terms will help you make more informed decisions when buying garden seeds.


Hand Shovel with soil

Soil Mixes for Starting SeedsA good seed starting mix is a necessity if you want to produce healthy seedlings and transplants. To make your own soil mix, experiment using a combination of the ingredients listed here to get your seeds and seedlings off to the best possible start.


Seed Starts by Window

Starting Seeds IndoorsThis is a page about starting seeds indoors. Often it is recommended that certain seeds be started indoors in order to get a jump start on the growing season.


Radish seedlings coming up in peat pots indoors.

12 Steps To Sowing Seeds IndoorsSowing seeds indoors is a great way to get a jump on the growing season - especially for vegetables and flowers that take a long time to reach maturity.


Seed sprouting on soil

Pre-treating Seeds to Speed GerminationMost vegetable and flower seeds will freely germinate when given water, the ideal temperature, and a loose, well-aerated growing medium. Other seeds, however, need special treatment before they can be coaxed into germinating.


Dry Seeds

Tips for Drying and Storing SeedsIt is true that garden seeds germinate best when they are fresh. If dried and stored properly, some vegetable and flower seeds can remain viable for several years. Here are some tips for keeping them for as long as possible.


Ten Tips for Buying Seeds

Ten Tips for Buying SeedsSpring planting has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. Shopping for seeds in mid-winter a great way to spend the day, and gives you plenty of time to sort out the details of the next growing season.


seed germinating

Why Seeds Fail To GerminateAlthough horticultural vegetable and flower seeds have been developed to germinate as easily and reliably as possible, things don't always go as planned. If some of your seeds failed to germinate this year, here are some clues to what might have gone wrong.


Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Seeds: Just Like Grandma and...One of the greatest days of my life is opening up that mailbox on a cold winter day in January and finding my seed catalogs. I spend hours trying to figure out what to grow and what space I will have available as I love to grow flowers too.


Closeup of small seed pots with small plants sprouting.

What You Need To Start Seeds IndoorsStarting seeds indoors is relatively easy, provided you have access to a few basic tools. Here's a list of what you will need to get started.



How Long Can You Store Seeds?

How Long Can You Store Seeds?A word to those who have just found a stash of seed packets from last year or seen seeds on sale at a knockdown price at the garden center and want to know whether they're likely to grow.


Starting Seedlings

Garden: Starting SeedlingsI used a discarded zip container that a comforter was in and an unused Rubbermaid container to start an indoor greenhouse. I used peat pots and seeds gleaned from last fall's bounty.


Making Sense of Seed Packet Terms

Learning the "Lingo" - Making Sense of Seed...Starting plants from seed is an economical and rewarding way to garden. However, if you don't understand the meanings behind garden-specific terms like "hardy" and "tender" or "resistant" and "tolerant".


Starting Seeds Cheaply

Starting Seeds CheaplyI am going to start this by saying, "My husband is the best." He helps me with everything and he is always encouraging me to find new things that I love and enjoy.


How Do You Start Grapefruit Seeds?Do you start grapefruit seeds in water or in soil?



8 Signs Your Seedlings Are In TroubleIn many ways, nurturing seedlings is a lot like parenting. It requires love, attentiveness, and lots of patience (a good sense of humor doesn't hurt either). To keep your seedlings healthy, you need to learn to recognize when they are sick.


Seed Starts by Window Indoors

4 Steps To Figuring Out When To Start Seeds...For slow maturing plants and gardeners with short growing seasons, starting seeds indoors can be a crucial element to achieving success. To figure out the optimal time to start your seeds indoors, all you really need is a bit of backwards thinking.


How Long Are Seeds Good For?

How Long Are Seeds Good For?Archaeologists unearthed some ancient magnolia seeds from a Japanese tomb some years ago, and on a whim, tried planting them. They sprouted and turned out to be a previously extinct form of magnolia.


Making Seed Tapes

How to Make Seed TapeIf you have trouble planting small seeds such as carrots and radishes without having to do lots of thinning of young plants, the perfect answer is seed tapes.


Saving Seeds

Tips for Saving SeedsCollecting and saving your own seeds is easy and rewarding. It's a great way to save money, preserve and perpetuate scarce varieties and cultivate the best plants suited to your particular growing conditions.


Preparing Sunflower Seeds?1. Are sunflowers annuals or perennials? 2. How do you prepare seeds for re-planting?


Green Pepper Seeds

Saving Vegetable SeedsCollecting seeds from vegetables is all a matter of timing. If you pick your seeds too early, before they've had time to mature, they'll be thin and unsubstantial and lack the necessary food stores to survive winter storage, let alone start healthy new seedlings.


seeds arranged in flower shapes

Surfing for SeedsSeed Exchanges have planted themselves on the Internet, allowing gardeners to find, offer, and swap seeds. If you're in the pre-spring gardening mode - it's the perfect time to start.


Seed Tape

Homemade Seed TapesOnce winter turns the corner toward spring, it seems like garden tasks can stack up quickly. One technique that is a real time (and money) saver during planting is using seeds tapes.


Flowers for Seed Exchange

Take Pictures of Plants for Seed ExchangesSome of the garden pictures that I have been taking, I send with the flower seeds for the seed exchange. It gives the people getting them an idea what they will look like.


seeds, soil, and recycled yogurt container

Sprouting SeedsStarting your own seedlings is an easy and economical way to get a jump on the growing season. It gives you the opportunity to experiment with hundreds of different plant varieties and gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your garden will be organic right from the very start.


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