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This page contains tips and advice about growing trees.

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A man cutting down a tree.

Selling Trees on Your Land for LumberIf you own acres or even a larger residential lot you may have trees that you would like to have removed and be able to sell for the lumber. This is a page about selling trees on your land for lumber.


Sweetgum Tree

Preventing a Sweetgum Tree From Making BallsSweetgum trees are a fall beauty with their variegated colorful leaves. However, for many homeowner's this display does not make up for the deluge of spiny seed pods that litter their yard. This is a page about preventing a sweetgum tree from making balls.


Split Tree

Saving a Split Tree?This is a page about saving a split tree. Storms and heavy branches can cause a tree to split. Sometimes there are ways to repair the damage to keep the tree alive.


Alberta Spruce Tree

Alberta Spruce Tree Turning BrownThere are several possible causes for the browning of an Alberta Spruce tree. This is a page about an Alberta spruce tree turning brown.


Growing Oak Trees From Acorns

Growing Oak Trees From AcornsThis is a page about how to grow oak trees from acorns. Starting an oak tree from an acorn is fun and easy to do.


A tree planted too close to a home.

Getting Rid of Tree Roots Under a House Foundation?This page is about getting rid of tree roots under a house foundation. Tree roots can cause extensive damage if allowed to grow under a structure.


Pine Cones

Getting Seeds From Pine ConesGrow your own pine tree from seed and make the world a greener place. This page is about how to harvest pine seeds (also known as pine nuts) from the pine cone for planting.


Sap Dripping From a Tree

Sap Dripping From a Tree?Sap can begin dripping from a tree for a number of reasons, including bug infestations. To stop the flow you will need to determine the cause. This is a page about sap dripping from a tree.


Tips of Avocado Tree Branches Turning Black - blackened branches

Tips of Avocado Tree Branches Turning Black?Avacado trees can be easy to grow but they can sometimes have problems. This page has advice about the tips of an avocado tree branches turning black.



A Norfolk pine or Araucaria heterophylla, in a white pot.

Caring for a Norfolk PineNorfolk pine or Araucaria heterophylla are originally from a small island near New Zealand. They are a popular houseplant. Proper care can keep these elegant living Christmas trees healthy for years to come.


Weeping Cherry Tree
Not Flowering

Weeping Cherry Tree Not FloweringWhen ornamental flowering trees fail to flower it can be very frustrating. This is a page about weeping cherry tree not flowering.


Photo of several weeping willow trees.

Transplanting a Weeping Willow Tree?This page is about transplanting a weeping willow tree. Weeping willow starts readily grow from the base of the plant and root quite easily.


Damaged Tree Bark

Repairing Damaged Tree Bark?This page is about repairing damaged tree bark. There are ways to help a tree heal when the bark is damaged by insects, animals, tools, or weather.


Tree trimmer up in a tree, cutting it down.

Saving Money on Tree RemovalThis is a page to saving money on tree removal. Removing trees yourself is not always an option. However, it can be very expensive to have someone come do it for you.


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Are Crepe Myrtle Roots Invasive?I am worried about the root system on a crepe myrtle tree. I want to plant one or two in my back yard close to my house and patio. Will the root system grow underneath my cement patio? How far away should I plant them? Thank you.


Red leaf Japanese maple

The Significance or Meaning of a Japanese MapleI actually found out a tree story about my brother and his new wife. I guess her grandparents got a tree for one of their wedding gifts and it was a Japanese Maple so wherever they moved to they would dig up the tree and take it with them. So, I thought that might be a good idea.


Norfolk pine when healthy.

Norfolk Pine Needles Turning BrownThis is a page about Norfolk pine needles turning brown. It is common to see Norfolk pines for sale in the winter, but for many people these beautiful trees turn brown rather quickly.


Row of cut Poplar Trees

Selling Poplar Trees for Lumber?This is a page about selling poplar trees for lumber. If you have poplar trees on your property that you are looking to sell, here is some helpful information about how to do that.


Crepe Myrtle Tree with flowers and leaves

Leaves Falling Off a Crepe Myrtle Tree EarlyThis is a page about leaves falling off a crepe myrtle tree early. Early leaf drop can indicate a number of concerns regarding your tree return to good health. Determining the cause is the first step in helping your tree.


Poplar Tree Cutting

Starting Poplar Tree Cuttings?This page is about propagating poplar trees from cuttings. Poplar trees produce their own rooting hormones. Be careful where you plant your cuttings because the roots may wander. It is not advisable to plant a poplar tree within 100 feet of a building.


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Redbud Tree Doesn't Bud?I have two redbud trees that were purchased at a Home Depot in May of 2002. The trees have always appeared to be healthy but have NEVER had the beautiful reddish-purple blooms! (The blooms are why I wanted the trees!)


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Balls Dropping from an Oak Tree?My oak tree has dropped a few balls made of a papery type material. Inside there is something that looks like the flower on a bottle brush tree, only it's white. Is this normal?


Photo of a tree stump.

Getting Rid of a Tree StumpThis is a page about getting rid of a tree stump. You have the tree cut down, now comes the harder part, getting rid of the tree stump.


Photo of a large weeping willow tree.

Growing a Weeping Willow TreeThis is a page about growing a weeping willow tree. If you have the space to accommodate one, a weeping willow makes a beautiful addition to your property.



Pecans growing on a tree with green and yellow leaves.

Pecan Trees With Rotten PecansPecan trees are susceptible to weevil infestations and fungal diseases. Too much rain can be the cause of the fungal issues. This is a page about pecan trees with rotten pecans.


Volunteer Tree

Getting Rid of Volunteer Trees?This is a page about getting rid of volunteer trees. Volunteer trees are not always welcome in the yard or garden.


Orange Maple Leaves

Maple Tree Losing Its Leaves Early?Maple leaves turning color is a sign of the arrival of autumn. However, if your maple's leaves are turning early, it may be a sign of distress. This is a page about maple tree losing its leaves early.


A large red maple tree.

Planting Red Maple Seeds in a Hot Climate?Attempting to grow seeds from trees or other plants not typically suited to your environment may prove to be disappointing. This is a page about planting red maple seeds in a hot climate.


Diseased looking leaves.

Weeping Cherry Tree Has Brown LeavesWhen the leaves on an ornamental tree begin to turn brown, it is time to determine the cause before you lose the tree. This is a page about weeping cherry tree has brown leaves.


Street Trees

Taking Care of Street TreesThis is a page about taking care of street trees In urban and suburban environments, street trees add value in a variety of ways, as well as adding aesthetic beauty to the local community.


Sweetgum Tree

Getting Rid of a Sweetgum Tree?This is a page about getting rid of a sweetgum tree. Removing a tree from your garden may require special tools or professional assistance.


Up close photo of a Mimosa tree.

Growing Mimosa TreesMimosa trees, also known as silk trees, originated in China. They grow easily in many areas and are even sometimes considered a weed. They are a medium sized tree that produces a lot of shade. This is a page about growing Mimosa trees.


Growing Pine Trees

Growing Pine TreesThis is a page about growing pine trees. Add a lovely evergreen pine to your garden.


Pine Tree With Brown Needles

Pine Tree With Brown Needles?This is a page about a pine tree with brown needles. Browning needles on your pine tree are generally indicative of a problem you need to identify in order to save your tree.


Sketch of a weeping cherry tree.  One half of the tree has leaves, the other half does not

Something is Eating the Leaves on a Weeping...This is a page about something is eating the leaves on a weeping cherry. Identifying what type of insect that is eating the leaves on your ornamental tree is the first step toward treatment.


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How Far Apart to Plant Willow Trees?Could someone give me advice on how far apart I should plant willows? Thanks for your time.


Planting a tree in the ground.

Identifying a TreeIdentifying a tree, whether on your property or one you have seen on a walk, requires some research. Trees can be identified by their shape, leaf or needle structure, fall colors, fruit, bark, and other physical characteristics. Some suggestions are offered on this page.


A tree with a broken main trunk.

Saving a Tree with a Broken Main Trunk?Saving a tree with a broken main trunk may be possible. The rotting portion can be removed and the the cut sealed. However, this is not always successful and sometimes the tree must be cut down.


Branches of blooming yellow flowers on a tabebuia tree

Growing a Tabebuia Tree?The tabebuia tree or shrub is native to the American tropics and subtropics from Mexico and the Caribbean as far south as Argentina. Most of the species are from Cuba and Hispaniola. They are evergreen in the tropics and deciduous in dry climates. Sometimes called a trumpet tree they are known for their trumpet shaped flowers that can be yellow, pink, and a lavender pink in color.



two pecan tree sprouts in a pail of nuts

Starting A Pecan Tree From SeedNature always seems to find a way to continue even without our help. Read a fun and interesting description of the birth of a new pecan tree inside a bucket of harvested nuts.


A brown crepe myrtle leaf.

Crepe Myrtle Leaves Turning Brown?If the leaves on your crepe myrtles are turning brown you will need to do some sleuthing to determine the cause. A cold snap may be the culprit. Too little water in the summer is another cause. For potted trees, check soil moisture. Many nursery plants are root bound. Consider replanting. Quick attention when you crepe myrtle leaves start to turn brown generally can save your tree or shrub.


Planting a Desert Vegetable Garden - young elephant watering a bean plant in the desert

Planting a Desert Vegetable Garden?Many vegetables such as tomatoes, squash, and peppers grow well in the desert heat. You will be able to grow more types of veggies by planting earlier in the year to avoid the summer heat. Choose a good location, water appropriately, and mulch as needed. This is a page about planting a desert vegetable garden.


Photo taken from under a tree looking up.

What Kind of Tree is This?It can be difficult to identify trees. Take photos of the tree to your local garden nursery can be really helpful. Make sure to include up close photos of its leaves, flowers, etc.


Closeup of Sweet Gum Tree leaves

Problems With A Sweet Gum Tree?Many yards contain sweet gum trees and they can have issues with pests and disease. This page contains advice about problems with a sweet gum tree.


Mango tree seeding planted with watering can and small garden tools next to it.

Starting a Mango Tree from a SeedIf you live in a tropical climate, a mango tree might be a good addition to your garden. This is a page about starting a mango tree from a seed.


Closeup of Hawthorn flowers

Growing HawthornThis tree is native to Europe, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and Western Asia. It produces fragrant flowers in May. The hawthorn is considered sacred in parts of the middle east because legend has it that the crown of thorns mentioned in the New Testament was fashioned from this tree. The hawthorn has known medicinal and culinary uses. This is a page about growing hawthorn.


Evergreen Branches

Fast Growing Evergreen TreesNot all evergreen trees fit into the category of fast growing. This page offers some good choices for this type of tree. This is a page about fast growing evergreen trees.


Weeping willow covered in snow in the winter.

Overwintering a Potted Weeping Willow?This is a page about overwintering a potted weeping willow. As with many potted plants, bringing them indoors is the best way to overwinter them in cold climates. Potted plants are particularly vulnerable to freezing weather because they lack the insulation from the soil that plants in the ground have.


Princess Tree (Paulownia tomentosa)

What is This Plant? Empress or Princess Tree (Paulownia tomentosa)The Empress (or Princess) tree is native to China and produces beautiful, large fragrant, purple flowers. This page identifies and provides information about the Princess Tree (Paulownia tomentosa).


A blooming Mimosa Tree.

Growing Mimosa Trees in New Hampshire?Mimosa trees originated in the tropics, but grow well up through many moderate climates as well. Growing mimosa trees in New Hampshire may be difficult with the long winters, but it can be done if proper care is taken.


Weeping Cherry with blossoms.

Weeping Cherry Has Small LeavesSometimes when a new tree is planted it can suffer transplant shock which can effect overall growth including leaf size. It should start to show signs of improvement after it settles in. This is a page about weeping cherry has small leaves.


Weeping Cherry Tree

Saving My Weeping Cherry TreeThese beautiful ornamentals are subject to damage and neglect that can put them in danger of dying. This is a page about saving my weeping cherry tree.


Tapped Maple Trees

Which Varieties of Maple Trees Produce Sap for Making Syrup?The sugar maple, red maple, and black maple trees are the source of the sap that is used to make delicious maple syrup. This is a page about which varieties of maple trees produce sap for making syrup?


Pine Needles

Problems Growing Pine Trees?Pine trees are often easy to grow but some pines can be prone to disease or not drought tolerant. This is a page about problems growing pine trees.


Plumeria (Frangipani)

What is This Plant? Plumeria (Frangipani)The plumeria is a flowering tropical tree like plant. The flowers are fragrant and open quite widely, displaying five petals. This is a page about, "What Is This Plant" Plumeria (Frangipani).


Two Chinese cucumbers on a white background.

Growing Chinese CucumbersThis is a page about growing Chinese cucumbers. There are several different varieties of cucumbers you can choose from to grow in your garden.


Man trimming water sprout from fruit tree

Removing Tree Suckers And Water SproutsThis is a page about removing tree suckers and water sprouts. If not removed quickly and correctly, tree suckers and water spouts can impair the growth of you tree.


Exposed willow tree roots against dirt with a few green weeds

Dealing With Exposed Tree Roots?This is a page about dealing with exposed tree roots. Some trees naturally develop exposed roots over time. Dealing with tree roots in the lawn or deciding how to landscape around the roots can be something you want to research to reduce damage to your tree.


Shade Tree

Shade Tree Recommendations?This is a page about shade tree recommendations. Shade trees can not only bring much needed shade on hot Summer day, they can also add value and attractiveness to your home.


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Giving Away Poplar Trees for Lumber?I am looking for someone in the Chandler, Arizona area that is interested in 2 75ft tall poplar trees that were knocked down during a storm. They are very big tress and I hate to see them cut up just to go to the dump. Is there anyone in the area that you know of that will take these trees?


Maple Tree

Growing Maple TreesRed maple, sugar, maple, Japanese maple, there are several species of maple tree from which to choose. This is a page about growing maple trees.


Fallen Tree

Dealing with a Potentially Hazardous...A tree that topples at the wrong time or in the wrong place can cause significant damage to your home and property. Worse yet is the possibility that it could injure or kill someone. This page is about recognizing and dealing with a potentially hazardous tree.


man using a hedger to prune an evergreen shrub

Pruning EvergreensThis is a page about pruning evergreens. Evergreens can be used in numerous ways in your yard and garden. Keeping them pruned regularly will keep them healthy and beautiful.


Mexican Elder Tree

Growing a Mexican Elder Tree?These fast growing trees can reach 20 to 30 feet during their moderate life span. They are native to North America and produce clusters of small white flowers and edible fruit. This is a page about growing a Mexican elder tree.


Replanting an Uprooted Tree

Replanting an Uprooted TreeThis is a page about replanting an uprooted tree. When a tree has been uprooted, serious damage can occur to the root system. With proper care, some trees can recover.


Arborvitae Turning Brown

Arborvitae Trees Turning Brown?This is a page about arborvitae trees turning brown. These versatile, attractive trees from the cypress family are used extensively in landscaping, and prefer moist well drained soil.


Removing Trees from Your Yard

Removing Trees from Your Yard?This is a page about removing trees from your yard. Occasionally you may desire or need to remove a tree from you yard. There are a few steps involved in successfully completing this task.


Brown Birch Leaves

Birch Leaves Turning Brown?This page is about birch leaves turning brown. When your tree shows signs of bad health you want to figure out what is causing it.


Couple Celebrating Arbor Day by Planting Tree

Celebrating Arbor DayThis page is about celebrating Arbor Day. In 1872 this day was honored by planting a million trees. Share this tradition with your family by planting trees for future shade and wildlife habitat.


Dogwood tree in spring.

Leaves Turning Brown on Dogwood Tree?This is a page about leaves turning brown on a Dogwood tree. While the leaves may brown before they fall in Autumn, brown leaves on a Dogwood tree in other seasons is often a sign of poor health.


Wildfire Black Gum Tree

Growing a Wildfire Black Gum Tree?This page is about growing a wildfire black gum tree. Also known as nyssa sylvatica, black tupelo, tupelo, or sour gum tree, these trees provide excellent displays of brilliant, neon red fall color. They also have a wonderful shape and are easy to grow.


tree orchard

Straightening a Leaning Tree?This page is about straightening a leaning tree. Sometimes a tree may need some help to strengthen the trunk.



Growing CrabapplesThis page is about growing crabapples. A hardy deciduous tree that creates a beautiful display of spring flowers and a small, bitter apple fruit.


Split in bark on ash tree.

Raywood Ash Trees Have Hollowed Out...My two 7 year old raywood ash trees have slowly developed long oval-shaped, hollowed out areas on the trunks. I noticed the trunks have quite a few ants traveling around these areas. What should or can I do?


Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtle Leaves Turning Yellow?This is a page about crepe myrtle leaves turning yellow. Crepe myrtle trees are susceptible to a few plant diseases or insect infestations that may damage their leaves.


Umbrella Tree

Growing an Umbrella Tree (Magnolia tripetala)?This is a page about growing an umbrella tree (Magnolia tripetala). The umbrella tree is a native of the eastern United States and prefers moist soil and part shade, but can tolerate full sun in the northern extremes of its range.


old oak tree

Oak Tree is Losing Bark?This is a page about oak tree is losing bark. Determining the cause of your oak tree shedding its bark is important to providing proper treatment to improve your tree's health.


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Selling Grass Trees?I have heaps of grass trees growing on our property. I was wondering if it is viable option to sell to the florists for their decorations and ensembles of flowers, here in QLD.


Tree Saplings

Getting Rid of Tree Saplings?All kinds of tree seeds are carried by the wind and can start to grow in your garden. This page is about getting rid of tree saplings.


Paper Mulberry Tree

Getting Rid of a Paper Mulberry Tree?This is a page about getting rid of a paper mulberry tree. The paper mulberry tree is a very invasive and difficult to get rid of shrub or small tree.


Cottonwood Tree

Getting Rid of Cottonwood Roots?This is a page about getting rid of cottonwood roots. Cottonwood trees, like many other trees, produce new trees from root suckers. Even after you cut down an old or unwanted tree, you will have a yard full of new trees from the roots.


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Growing and Caring for Mayhaw Trees?This page is about growing and caring for Mayhaw trees.Growing best in wetlands, this southern, indigenous hawthorne has tart, red berries used to make jelly and jam.


Osage Orange Tree "Hedge Apple"

Growing an Osage Orange Tree "Hedge Apple"?This is a page about growing an Osage orange tree "hedge apple". The Osage Orange tree is a native to the Red River Valley of Oklahoma and Texas. They were used as living fences by early settlers. It is often grown today as an ornamental in home landscapes.


Palm trees growing in a front yard.

Growing Palm Trees?This is a page about growing palm trees. There are thousands of varieties of palm trees; most like warm sunny climates. There are some varieties that will tolerate less favorable conditions.


Italian Cypress Trees

Growing Italian Cypress Trees?This is a page about growing Italian cypress trees. These tall, slender evergreen trees may be just what you need for a certain spot in your garden.


Red Maple

Growing a Red MapleThis page is about growing a red maple. Choose a colorful addition to your landscape with this fast growing deciduous tree.


Weeping Cherry

Growing a Weeping Cherry TreeThis page is about growing a weeping cherry tree. A popular ornamental tree that is appreciated for its beautiful spring flowers.


Jacaranda Trees

Growing JacarandaThis is a page about growing jacaranda. The jacaranda tree, prized for its beautiful blue flowers, is a native of South America, but can be grown in areas where there is no threat of frost or where there are brief periods with temperatures down to 20 degrees F or -7 C.


Bradford Pear Tree

Growing a Bradford Pear Tree?This page is about growing a Bradford pear tree. Although not know for their pears, these trees are native to China and are often planted in urban environments.


Last Leaf and New Spring Buds

Last Leaf and New Spring Buds (Grand Prairie, TX)This is a picture of our oak tree with one remaining fall leaf hanging on and the new spring buds coming out at the same time. Fall and Spring, my favorite seasons!


planting a tree

Fertilizing TreesTrees in our garden settings often need fertilizer, because they are not growing in their natural environment. This is a page about fertilizing trees.


Raising Native Trees from Seed

Raising Native Trees from SeedThis is a page about raising native trees from seed Growing native plants is a great way to design a garden that is more successful because the plants and trees can thrive in their natural environment. .


Growing Pecan Trees

Growing Pecan TreesThis is a page about growing pecan trees. Love pecans and live in a warm climate? You might want to consider planting a pecan tree in your garden.


Planting Trees

Planting TreesThis is a page about planting trees. Trees add beauty to your garden as well as help to keep your home cool on sunny days.


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Acer Tree (Maple) Lost Leaves?I have got an Acer tree and it has lost all of it's leaves. Will they grow back or have I lost it?


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Growth Rate for a Sweet Gum?What is the growth rate number for an American sweet gum tree? (numbers, example:3.0,, etc.)


Treating Tree Cankers

Treating Tree CankersThis page is about treating tree cankers. Dead areas on the bark need to be treated to maintain the health of the tree.


Caring for an Alberta Spruce

Caring for an Alberta Spruce?This is a page about caring for an Alberta spruce. The Alberta spruce is a beautiful accent tree to include in your landscape design.


Growing a Crepe Myrtle Tree

Growing a Crepe Myrtle TreeThis page is about growing a crepe myrtle tree. It's good to know the best location and other requirements when planting a new shrub or tree.


Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping Willow TreeThis is a very old Weeping Willow tree that I am fortunate enough to pass by every time I drive back to our town. We have to go out for everything.


Crepe myrtle with few leaves.

Crepe Myrtle Tree Not Leafing Out?We have a line of 10 crepe myrtle trees and one of them seems to be dying. Only one branch has green leaves on it. Does anyone know about these trees/bushes? Thanks ahead of time!


Woman planting young tree.

Staking a TreeThis is a page about staking a tree. When planting a new tree, you will need to decide if it needs staking and then follow some simple steps to ensure success.


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Struggling Weeping Cherry Tree - tree with few leaves

Struggling Weeping Cherry Tree?I have this tree, that I planted about 4 years ago. Last year and this year there have been no flower buds and not great leaf growth either. What is needed to fix this? Is there a fix? What is wrong?


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Tabebuia Tree Has Gashes in Trunk?I have long vertical gashes in my tabebuia tree. The tree is about 3 years old. It seems healthy, but I'd like to fix problem.


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Low Cost Removal or Sale of Pine Trees?Is there anyone in the Bloomingburg NY area that would remove pine trees at a low cost or interested in purchasing 6 50ft pine trees in great condition?


A small Alberta spruce.

What's Wrong With My Dwarf Alberta Spruce?I got a tiny dwarf Alberta spruce for Christmas, and it looked happy in January and February, and grew some new young branches. Recently, these new branches started to brown one after the other, while the soil seemed to be moist enough, and I did not change my care for the tree. As seen on the picture, drainage is secured.


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Weeping Cherry Suckers?Will a weeping cherry tree sprout back from the trunk if cut down?


What Kind of Tree Is This? - tree growing next to modular home

What Kind of Tree Is This?My boyfriend has been cultivating this tree for I don't know how long. Can someone please tell me what kind of tree it is? We are in Southern California.


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