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A Night of Friendly FrightHalloween - an opportunity for family and friends to get together and have some fun. There are some inexpensive but fun ways to enjoy the spookiest night of the year, no matter the age. Whether young or old, have fun, make memories, and enjoy food and friendship. Read Arleen's article for great ideas for your Halloween activities.


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Halloween Party RefreshmentsI have a request concerning ideas for Halloween parties. I have all the decorations and all planned. I just need some good ideas as far as refreshments are concerned. The more disgusting and gross or creepy the better.


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Baby's First Halloween CardWhen my granddaughter was an infant, she was too young for trick or treating on her first Halloween so I bought a "Baby's 1st Halloween" greeting card. We dressed my granddaughter in a costume and at every house we stopped at, we said we didn't want candy but we would like them to sign the card.


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Costume Treasure Chest at Clearance PricesWell, Halloween is fast approaching and soon it will be all over but the belly aches. Start thinking now about those Clearance sales that will have those pricey costumes discounted to practically nothing.


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A Frightfully Good TimeIt's almost Halloween - the days are slipping past, but they too can be a lot of fun - all leading up to a great family/friend time for all.


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Witchy HandsPlace one piece of candy corn, pointed side out into clear gloves. Fill the rest with the popcorn or caramel corn (green is best). Tie with yarn or festive Halloween ribbon. Serve to those special ghosts and goblins.


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Last Minute Halloween CostumeLast minute Halloween costume: Use a marker to write on an old t-shirt. I AM A _________(cat, pumpkin, puppy... If you can, draw a stick figure on the back, and a few whiskers on the child's face. Call it minimalist! By Linda


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Getting Spooked! for HalloweenI have no idea who started this (kind of the point) but last night the doorbell rings and I open the door. I find a white balloon with a ghosts face markered on it. Tied to it is a tiny basket filled with candy and two papers. One is to put on my door that says, "We been Spooked!" with a picture of a ghost.



Savannah in Tomboy CostumeLast year I found it hard to make a costume for my daughter Savannah. So I gathered together some of my oldest son clothing. I dressed her like a Tom Boy. Take a look.


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Voodoo on the Bayou Themed PartyI am planning a Voodoo on the Bayou - Romp in the Swamp party for my daughter's 12th birthday. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed. I am going to shy away from the evil aspect of Voodoo, and concentrate on things like "Love Potions", palm reading, etc...


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"Ghoul-Ade" For HalloweenMix Kool Aid's together with sugar, in large pitcher. Add water and mix. Just before serving, add ginger ale.


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Homemade Spooky Halloween SoundsBefore they were on the market for sale, my family and I would make our own spooky sounding tapes to be played during Trick or Treat hours on Halloween.


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Halloween Cheese CakeGreat recipe for a kid's Halloween party.


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Edible Halloween BugsGreat little Halloween bugs made from candy, vanilla wafers and pretzels.


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Autumn or Halloween Party Table DecorFor a festive touch at your next Halloween or autumn party, hollow out some mini pumpkins...



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Dracula's Blood Bank PieStir lemonade and condensed milk until blended...


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Halloween Decorating IdeasWhat are some decorating ideas for halloween?


Bat cupcake

Bat Cup CakesThese Bat Cup Cakes are super easy and quick if you use Hostess Cupcakes like I did. You also could make similar bats with your own cupcakes.


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Why I Love HalloweenI love Halloween, first because it is the beginning of the holiday season. Being a gardener, I also appreciate it as a great time to celebrate the harvest. I think of it as a celebration of autumn.


A mini pumpkin on a flashlight.

Mini Pumpkin Flashlight LanternPerfect for Tricker or Treating in the dark with young ones and a fantastic craft for the family to make. A illuminated that glows with its grinning face.


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Holiday Craft Ideas For Fourth GradeThis year I am homeroom mother for fourth graders. Really need some game/craft suggestions for upcoming Halloween party.


A child dressed as spaghetti and meatballs.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Halloween CostumeTo make this simple costume, cut a platter from a large circle of cardboard with a hole in the middle for child's legs to fit through. Tie on some off-white yarn strings like suspenders.


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Check With Multicultural Families About HalloweenI work in a multicultural school with many beliefs and holidays. I find a Fall Festival is the best thing to do if you have a lot of different faiths.


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Green Halloween LinkHere is a neat link with healthy and Earth friendly Halloween tips. There are ideas for non food Trick or Treat items and information of throwing a Green Halloween party. Check it out.


Pumpkin Fountain

Halloween FountainCreate an affordable autumn fountain by using any container filled with water a pump and decoration that water can pass through. Adorn with mums, pine cones and place apples inside fountain.


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Homemade Fog Machine FluidI have a fogger that we use for Halloween. The fogger fluid is kind of expensive. I would like to use it this year but don't want to have to buy that expensive store bought stuff. Does anyone happen to know what it is made of? Thanks in advance!


Kids playing a halloween game.

Celebrate Halloween All Month LongWe love Halloween and start celebrating October 1. We do at least one different Halloween activity every day leading up to October 31, and most don't require spending money. We start with unpacking our decorations on the 1st.


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Halloween BatsA fun and cheap idea for a Halloween Party is to cut out bat shapes out of black construction paper. Put silver or gold glitter around the edges and for eyes. After they are dry, attach with fishing line at different lengths from the ceiling. If you have a ceiling fan, they will move in the wind and appear real.


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Link: Presidential Candidate Halloween MasksIn case you are invited to a Halloween Party, and need a mask idea, here is a site you can download free, one of any of the presidential candidates. There is Obama, McCain, Biden, and Palin


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Support For Foam Halloween DecorationsWe have foam Halloween gravestones that have fallen over in the wind. They came with metal stakes, which have busted. My husband poked nails in them, but the wind still knocked them over. Does anyone have any ideas about bracing the gravestones so the foam doesn't break apart? Thanks!



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Creepy Halloween BugsEvery year I buy those little sponge creatures that grow when you put them in water from Walgreens like spiders, creepy bugs and things like that. About 2 weeks before Halloween, I fill those big pretzel containers with water and food coloring and then line them all along the sidewalk.


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Post-Mortem: A Halloween GameThis is so cool. Have guests seated in a circle so that things can be passed from one to the other easily. Have the room as dark as possible, and the person who reads the story can use a flashlight only while he is reading.


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How Late Do You Hand Out Candy?What time do you "close up shop" and turn off the porch lights for incoming Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween night? We get so few it is hard to tell when it is time. Many thanks.


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Halloween Themed PartyMy 13 year old daughter wants to have a Halloween party, but she wants it to have 20 of her friends, and have really scary decorations. I said I am OK with it, but it costs way too much money.


tied orange fabric pumpkin

Fabric PumpkinThis craft is very simple! You'll need cloth, twine, cotton (I used the stuffing from an old pillow), a small stick, some leaves, and hot glue. Cut a fair sized bit of cloth, fold it in half and glue the edges to make a pocket.


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Decorating with Candy CornI am looking for a clever way to present candy corn, please help.


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Making Doll "Ghosts" with Starched LinenOnce I saw the cutest little "ghosts" made out of white linen. The person told me they were put into laundry starch then formed over dolls in spooky poses (arms out like they were walking towards you). Very cute.


Halloween: Little PiratesMy granddaughter on Halloween 2009


Halloween: Decorated CakeMy 13 year old daughter is learning to cake decorate, this was the cake she made for our Halloween party. I think she did an awesome job, don't you?


Costume: Funny TeethMy daughter has supplied me with endless, funny pictures and I thought I would share one here! She fixed herself up and added the teeth to top the outfit off! :)


Child's Greek Goddess Halloween CostumeMy niece wants to be a Greek goddess for Halloween, but we don't want to order the costume online because we don't know how it will look. Is there anyplace where we can find a dress, shoes, headband, and accessories like those shown in this photo? She is 12 years old.


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Halloween Concession Food IdeasI own a food concession company and this year we'll be setting up at a local Haunted House for the month of October. I have a few ideas, but would love some more feedback. Any ideas on some spooky fun Halloween concession foods?


Halloween Costume: GypsyPeasant Skirt, black long sleeve shirt, long scarf and old costume jewelry. None of this costume had to be made.


Halloween Costume: Dora the ExplorerNothing to it, I just got a pink shirt, orange shorts, yellow socks, white shoes, backpack with purple straps, and I made a map by rolling up a piece of paper and drawing the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. I found "Boots" the monkey on Ebay.


Halloween Pet Costume: Minnie MouseThis costume was made by reusing several things we had on hand. The skirt was from a Poodle Skirt Girl Costume. We cut the top attached shirt and vest off and used just the skirt. The t-shirt was one we already had at the house.



Scenery: Halloween at Cross Roads Village (Flint, MI)These pictures are of my great-grandchildren on a trip to Cross Roads Village, a 1865 village in Flint Michigan. Everyone goes trick or treating no matter how old. It is a lot of fun!


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Halloween Costumes from the Dollar StoreNo need to spend a lot of money on Halloween costumes. The Dollar Store has a lot of children's toys and things that you can make a costume with. For girls, fairy wings and a wand, play jewelry, and gloves can make a cute fairy.


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Keeping Animals from Eating Pumpkin DecorationsHow do I keep squirrels from eating my pumpkins? They are eating my decorative pumpkins.


Halloween Costume: SpiderThis is a spider costume I made. It is a long sleeve turtle neck shirt, skirt and black pants. For the shirt, I took 4 black pant legs stuffed them and sewed them to the shirt under her arms.


Halloween: Little WitchMy baby girl's first Halloween. She is just the cutiest thing in the world! She had lots of fun and lots of candy. I hope she doesn't lose any teeth, that wouldn't be so cute! LOL!


Halloween Decoration: Caught Under The Garage DoorOOPS! Help I got caught under the garage door. Get me out.


Halloween Costume: Measuring TapeHere is a photo of my son-in-law's Halloween costume. All hand made with cardboard, metal, plastics, etc. He always wins with his unique costumes.


Child in Dalmation costume trick or treating.

Safe Trick-or-TreatingThis is a page about safe trick-or-treat practices. The practice of trick-or-treating has been popular in the US for decades. Kids have great fun dressing up in costume and collecting the tasty treats. However, there are some steps parents can take to ensure that this is also a safe activity.


Women Trying on Hats

Saving Money on Halloween CostumesHalloween costumes can be expensive if you don't have a plan and stick to a budget. This is a page about saving money on Halloween costumes.


Haunted house with a full moon in the background.

Haunted House IdeasThis page is about haunted house ideas. Haunted houses are synonymous with Halloween. For some, being scared is part of the fun.


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Link: Mummies On A StickIt's a page you can print out for them to color with crayons or colored pencils. The bonus is that the coloring page also has the recipe for the mummies they're coloring that they can prepare to eat.


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Trunk or Treat Firefighting Theme IdeasI need a theme ideas for fire for trunk or treat. I have a Ford Bronco and do not know how to decorate it like firefighting.


Front porch Halloween decorations.

Decorating Your Yard for HalloweenThis is a page about decorating your yard for Halloween. Halloween is a great time to decorate your yard. You can go for the scariest house on the block or something more sedate with a harvest theme. Either way have some fun and create an eye catching display in your neighborhood.


cheese ball in jar

Halloween Party Food IdeasWhen planning a Halloween party part of the fun is coming up with creative, spooky food ideas. This is a page about Halloween party food ideas.


Witch and ladybug holding a pumpkin.

Happy Fall! (Mason County, WV)My daughters all dressed up in their costumes.


Skeleton fishing from deck.

Been Fishing Too Long! (Lake Norman NC)I just want to share our daughter's Halloween decoration. She is very creative. Happy Halloween!


Carving Pumpkins for Halloween

Carving Pumpkins for HalloweenThis is a page about carving pumpkins for Halloween. It is pumpkin carving time, a few helpful tips and tricks can help make it a fun experience for all.


A couple dressed up as salt and pepper.

Halloween Costume Ideas for CouplesThis is a page about Halloween costume ideas for couples. Trying to come up with a couples Halloween costume can be fun or frustrating. Don't despair, get creative.


Planning a Halloween Party

Planning a Halloween PartyThis is a page about planning a Halloween party. This year you are planning a Halloween party, don't get overwhelmed or frazzled. With a bit of planning your party will be fun, scary, and a success.


A photo of a grim reaper halloween decoration.

Scary Halloween DecorationsThis is a page about scary Halloween decorations. Scary Halloween decorations can help to create a creepy, fun mood for the holiday.


Spooky Halloween Ghosts Outside

Outdoor Halloween DecorationsThis is a page about outdoor Halloween decorations. Halloween is a great holiday for outdoor decorating to help create a autumn or ghostly mood.


A toddler wearing a devil costume with a tail.

Making Tails for CostumesThis page is about making tails for costumes. Many kinds of costumes need a tail to be complete.


Woman Dressed in Witch Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas for AdultsThis is a page about Halloween costume ideas for adults. Adults like to get into the fun and dress for Halloween as well.


Brown paper bag kit with fun glasses.

Halloween Gift IdeasThis is a page about Halloween gift ideas. If you are looking for a cute Halloween treat for the kids to take to school or for some special children in the neighborhood, consider something homemade.


Children out trick or treating

Trick-or-Treating TipsThis page contains trick-or-treating tips. Halloween is a fun for kids as long as safety is your first consideration.


Two Jack-O-Lanterns

Prolonging The Life Of Your Jack-O'-LanternThis is a page about prolonging the life of your jack-o'-lantern. There are some ways to keep that Halloween jack-o'-lantern fresh longer.


Halloween candle centerpiece made from jar painted like a jack-o-lantern.

Indoor Halloween DecorationsThis is a page about indoor Halloween decorations. In addition to all of the spooky and fun Halloween decorations for outdoors, don't forget to add some fun, seasonal decorations inside.


Little Devil Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas For KidsThis is a page about Halloween costume ideas for kids. Sometimes coming up with a new costume idea every year for your children can be a challenge.


Making a Scarecrow Costume

Making a Scarecrow CostumeThis page is about making a scarecrow costume. An inexpensive costume can be a lot of fun.


finished bottle

Jack-O'-Lantern Soda BottleDress up your drinks for your next Halloween party.


Dracula and a witch dancing.

Halloween Music IdeasThis is a page about Halloween music ideas. Spooky music can add to the Halloween fun.


Halloween Breakfast IdeasDon't forget to add to the fun of Halloween with a special breakfast treat. This is a page about Halloween breakfast ideas.


Orange treat bag with a ghost and bat motif.

Halloween Craft IdeasThis is a page about Halloween craft ideas. Halloween is the perfect holiday for crafting, there are so many ideas for kids and adults alike.


Finished Halloween jean bag, complete with face and belt.

Halloween Recycled CraftsThis is a page about Halloween recycled crafts. Create cute Halloween crafts and recycle at the same time.


Vampire teeth used to make a Halloween napkin ring.

Halloween Napkin Ring IdeasThis page includes Halloween napkin ring ideas. Preparing for a Halloween party can include a special touch to your place settings.


Halloween treat made with apple slices and marshmallows made to look like lips and teeth.

Making Apple Monster MouthsIf you are looking for a cute Halloween snack try apple monster mouths. This is a page about making apple monster mouths.


Pumpkin Pretzels

Making Pretzel PumpkinsDip pretzels in candy melts to make cute Halloween pretzel pumpkin treats. This is a page about making pretzel pumpkins.


Halloween Treat Bag Ideas

Halloween Treat Bag IdeasThis is a page about Halloween treat bag ideas. Make some cute Halloween treat bags for your kids to take to school, a party, or for special children on the block.


Rice Krispy Pumpkin

Making Rice Krispy PumpkinsThis is a page about making rice krispy pumpkins. Rice krispy treats are always a hit; make pumpkin shaped ones for the fall holidays.


Halloween Band-Aid Cookies

Making Halloween Band-Aid CookiesTry these cute, gruesome snacks for your Halloween party or family table. This is a page about making Halloween Band-Aid cookies.


Halloween treats made from bananas and oranges. The oranges look like pumpkins and the bananas look like ghosts.

Healthy Halloween TreatsInstead of sugary candy treats, consider offering some healthy Halloween treats instead. This is a page about healthy Halloween treats.


A drawing of the biblical figure noah.

Bible Costume IdeasThis page contains bible costume ideas. Biblical character costumes can be simple to put together and warm for trick or treaters.


Cracked Porcelain Doll Costume

Porcelain Doll Costume IdeasThis page contains making a porcelain doll costume ideas. An inexpensive costume to assemble and personalize is a china doll.


spider ring cubes

Spider Ring Ice CubesThese spider ring ice cubes are a fun and festive addition to a Halloween party. This page is about making ice cubes with toy spider rings in them.


Halloween Dip Recipes

Halloween Dip RecipesMake a spooky fun dip for the holiday. This page contains Halloween dip recipes.


Tween Dressed as Pirate for Halloween

Halloween Costume Ideas For TweensThis page is about Halloween costume ideas for tweens. Young people need a costume that allows for easy movement, excellent vision and good visibility.


Eyeball Cupcakes

Making Eyeball CupcakesThis is a page about making eyeball cupcakes. Making creepy Halloween cupcakes for snacks, school treats, or parties can be creative and fun.


A big bowl of Halloween candy.

Saving Money on Halloween CandyThis is a page about saving money on Halloween candy. The cost of buying Halloween candy can really add up. But you don't have to skip the fun to avoid breaking the bank.


Removing Halloween Makeup

Removing Halloween MakeupThis is a page about removing Halloween makeup. There are ways to make removing Halloween makeup easier on your children and yourself.


Homemade Halloween Makeup

Homemade Halloween MakeupThis is a page about homemade Halloween makeup. Makeup can be an important addition to your Halloween costume's overall appearance.


Girl in a witch costume.

Halloween Costume Safety TipsThis page is about Halloween costume safety tips. Making sure children can see well and walk safely is important when wearing a costume.


Pretzel SkeletonsHere is a cute idea we came up with.


Pretzel Skeleton Treat Bags

Pretzel Skeleton Treat BagsThis is a page about pretzel skeleton treat bags. Halloween is a great holiday for making fun and tasty treat bags for your kids and family.


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Halloween Themed Dance IdeasHalloween is a fun-filled time of trick-or-treating and costume parties. Decorating for a Halloween party is also fun-filled. This page is about creative Halloween party decorations for a school dance.


Spider cupcakes.

Easy Halloween TreatsThere are many fun ways to create treats for this fall holiday. This page contains easy Halloween treats.


mummy pringles can 2

Making a Mummy Pringles CanThis page is about making a mummy Pringles can. A simple craft to add some fun decoration to your Halloween snack containers.


Mummy Juice Boxes

Making Mummy Juice BoxesThis is a page about making mummy juice boxes. Your kids will love having these fun Halloween juice boxes in their lunch bag or for an after school snack.


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