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Halloween Bowling Game

Halloween Bowling GameI made these bowling pins out of empty 24 oz. pop bottles. I used clear and green bottles. Any sized bottle will work.


Tootsie Roll spider.

Spider Tootsie Roll PopsThis simple craft takes a Tootsie Pop and makes it into a cute spider. It's great for a Halloween party or to hand out to trick-or-treaters.


A mini pumpkin on a flashlight.

Mini Pumpkin Flashlight LanternPerfect for Tricker or Treating in the dark with young ones and a fantastic craft for the family to make. A illuminated that glows with its grinning face.


Finished fingers.

Ghost Finger PenThese pens are sure to spook your friends. Great to send with kids to school, use at a party for writing games or as the pen for your guest book.


Halloween Bat Sock Puppet

Halloween Bat Sock PuppetTake black sparkle felt (or foam or reg felt) and cut out two bat wings and 2 little ears. I made a template out of regular paper before I cut into the felt. Glue wings so sparkle side is facing front.


A child dressed as spaghetti and meatballs.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Halloween CostumeTo make this simple costume, cut a platter from a large circle of cardboard with a hole in the middle for child's legs to fit through. Tie on some off-white yarn strings like suspenders.


Juice pouch purse.

Orange Jammer Purse For HalloweenTake 3 jammers and sew together side by side 4 times. Then take 2 jammers and sew on top of each other 2 times for the sides. Sew three more on top of each other for the bottom.


Decoupage pumpkin luminaries.

Spooky LuminariesConstruction paper and modge podge are all it takes to transform ordinary glass jars into a spooky Halloween setting.


A pair of jeans painted with a Halloween scene from Charlie Brown.

Halloween Painted JeansTransform those old jeans/overalls/skirts, etc into Holiday Wear. With this EASY Project for lasting results of enjoyment. All you need is a scene of your choice (here I did The Peanuts Gang with Charlie Brown receiving his bag of rocks).


Painted gourds on sticks in yard.

Halloween Yard DecorationsDrill large hole in bottom of coconut (or gourd) and drain out any liquid. Paint half the coconut/gourd with a base coat of any color paint. Let dry and then paint on the faces in black.


Craft Halloween

Pumpkin WreathRecycle old wire hangers and make a beautiful pumpkin wreath with your children. All that is needed are orange and green pipe cleaners and paper.


Plastic pumpkin place settings.

Trick Or Treat Place SettingThese cute pumpkins make perfect decorations for any Halloween party. They can be used as favors or as place setting gifts. Just remember to fill them full of yummy candy!


Spider made from child's handprints.

Handprint SpiderThis quick and easy craft uses minimal materials and is such a cute representation of your little one's hand prints. We made ours to hang up for decorations during a buggy birthday party, but this can work just as good a spring craft, as well as, a Halloween craft.


card with jack 'o lanterns

Spooky Halloween CardIt's fun, easy and a real treat to send spooky greetings to all your family and friends at Halloween. What's more, everyone is bound to appreciate receiving a hand-made card to open just as the lights are dimmed on All Hallows' Eve!


Farmer Halloween Costume (Wheelchair)

Farmer Halloween Costume (Wheelchair)A large painted cardboard box is all you need! My husband is paralyzed and said that he couldn't wear a Halloween costume. But, wheelchairs can make a great costume.



striped pumpkin paper card

Happy Halloween CardCreate a quick, easy and fun Halloween card. Fold 10x5 inch rectangle of white card stock to make a base card. Round the top left and bottom left with corner rounder punch or use scallop-edge scissors.


Pumpkin carved with a leaf motif for serving bowl.

Pumpkin Serving BowlsThese pumpkin bowls make beautiful serving dishes for any autumn event.


card, tag, and treat

Halloween TreatsUse Halloween theme papers to create a fun card, tag, and wrapped sweets. Make a 4 x 5 inch card and 2 3/4 x 3 3/4 inch tag from purple cardstock. Trim the edges with decorative-edge scissors.


cat with curly spiral tail

3D Halloween Cat CardEasy Halloween card with action. Online, find a clipart cat that you like, size it to the card size you will using. Trace this cat on black paper and cut out, but draw a circle where the tail normally is.


Halloween colored button bracelet.

Halloween Button BraceletThe Halloween button bracelet is a very simple project that can be done by adults and children. This project can be a very personal and special project because you can use new buttons or older buttons that may have been your mother's, aunt's, or grandmother's.


Orange treat bag with a ghost and bat motif.

Halloween Treat BagsWith August already here, it will take no time for Halloween to be at our door steps. Here are some treat bags you can make for little ghosts and goblins.


Finished Halloween jean bag, complete with face and belt.

Blue Jean Halloween ToteAlter a child-size pair of blue jeans into a Halloween treat tote, child's purse, favor, or gift bag. By cutting off the legs and the side seams, the bag is transformed into a miniature tote perfect for a child's hands.


Orange and Black Halloween Lollipop Cookies

Halloween Lollipop CookiesMake and decorate some Halloween lollipop cookies, great to do with the kids! A fun party favor for a Halloween party or just a treat to give to friends.


Jack-O-Lanterns Glowing at Night

Mason Jar Jack-O'-LanternsUse a few old Mason jars to make some cute glowing jack-o'-lanterns that you can use year after year. This is great project to do with the kids. They love to make funny and spooky faces on their jars.


Lollipop Halloween Tags 1

Lollipop Halloween TagHere's a fun and easy Halloween treat idea.


finished bottle

Jack-O'-Lantern Soda BottleDress up your drinks for your next Halloween party.


finished broom

Homemade Witch BroomMy daughter wanted to be a witch for Halloween this year and wanted a broom for her costume. The broom I made was easy to make and can be easily customized to match any witch costume.


mummy pringles can 2

Mummy Pringles CanThese quick and easy Mummy Pringles Cans are a great way to "dress up" some snacks for your Halloween party!


spooky glowing eyes

Spooky Toilet Paper Tube EyesThese spooky glowing eyes are a super easy decoration that you can use in your yard or in your house for Halloween.


Wiggly Bat Headband

Wiggly Bat HeadbandThese fun wiggly headbands can be made with any toppers. They would be a great craft to make at a Halloween party.



paper plate ghost on wall

Easy Paper Plate GhostsThese paper plate ghosts are easy to make with your kids and are a quick craft for Halloween.


jack o lantern planter 2

Jack-O'-Lantern PlanterThis jack-o'-lantern planter is a fun variation on an old tradition!


"Girl with a Pearl Earring" Costume

"Girl with a Pearl Earring" CostumeI loved the creativity of my daughter for last year's costume party. She is a masterpiece painting: Girl with a Pearl Earring.


Walk like an Egyptian Costume

Walk like an Egyptian CostumeSorry the picture isn't the best but it was loads of fun to make and WON the costume party! It's not hard to make either.


Poke-A-Pumpkin Game

Poke-A-Pumpkin GamePoke-a-pumpkin is an easy to play game that is fun for all ages. There are endless possibilities for prizes and treats that could be tucked inside too!


two black cat pumpkins made from a smaller carved face pumpkin on top of a larger one

Scaredy Cats PumpkinsPumpkin decoration of my favorite subjects - cats!


Batty Pudding Cup

Batty Pudding CupsThese batty pudding cups are perfect for a school party or your child's lunch!


Halloween Mummy Gift Bags

Halloween Mummy Gift BagsThis should take little time and the materials you probably have at home. Be prepared for lots of smiles!


Pill Bottle Pumpkins

Pill Bottle PumpkinsThese pill bottle pumpkins make perfect little treat holders! They make great gifts or party favors.


Tuna Can Trick-Or-Treat Bucket

Tuna Can Trick-Or-Treat BucketMy toddler was a kitty for Halloween, so I decided to make him a "tuna can" treat bucket!


Cat Food Trick-or-Treat Bag

Cat Food Trick-or-Treat BagMy daughter went as a kitty for Halloween this year. I wanted to make has a coordinating trick-or-treat bag, so I made her this quick and easy "cat food" bag!


Faux Books for Halloween

Faux Books for HalloweenI wanted a stack of old books as a prop with my Halloween decorations, but all of the ones I found were too expensive. Then I saw these at the craft store, they are actually boxes. They are perfect and easily customizable.


someone play golf

Pumpkin GolfHere is a great game for a school Halloween party! Kids are sure to love this version of miniature golf.


3 juice boxes wrapped to look like mummies.

Halloween Mummy Juice BoxMake lunches more fun with these cute mummy juice boxes! These are also great for a kid's Halloween party. They are quick and simple to make.


Halloween Rice Balls - decorated rice ball shapes

Halloween Rice BallsI love making Japanese rice balls (Onigiri). In Japan, it's very popular to go all out decorating rice balls any time of year. Over here, I do it more for Halloween. Enjoy this edible craft!



"Handy" Snacks - finished snack hand in cup

"Handy" SnacksThis "handy" snack was always my mum's lovely way of trying to give us something healthier than candy on Halloween. It is cute in a spooky way, and that always makes up for the lack of chocolate. Okay, part of the time!


Golden Girl Beneath My Skin Costume - final view of makeup

Golden Girl Beneath My Skin CostumeI've seen a lot of creepy, gory costumes using a zipper and special effects kits to make people look like they have zombies underneath their unzipped skin. My costume this year is a take on that, but showing that under my skin, I am a girl made of gold.


Halloween "Trick or Treat" Card - two variations of the card

Halloween "Trick or Treat" CardI just love smiling ghosts, as opposed to creepy grumpy ones! :D They are so cute, and have been an icon for Halloween for decades. You can make this vertical-standing card if you don't have a ghost stamp like I used here. I've attached a ghost and "trick or treat" wording print-out if you'd like to use them.


A finished Halloween card with a decorative pumpkin silhouette.

Silhouette Pumpkin Halloween CardThis would make a cute Happy Halloween greeting card to a teacher. It is an easy to make card, and I was able to recycle a piece of cardboard packaging, a magazine, plus all the ribbon sticker was from last year's Michael's Grab Bag.


Halloween Explosion Card - open card

Halloween Explosion CardHalloween is just some weeks away and maybe you are preparing for a Halloween party. Here's a simple card craft you can make as either an invitation or a greeting card.


Green Apple Monsters - 4 apple monsters including two with jam instead of peanut butter

Green Apple MonstersAren't these little monsters adorable? They're mostly fruit, so you won't feel too bad munching on them. Play around with their teeth and eye spacing to give them each some character. After slicing the apples, this would be a great edible craft for kids. Have fun!


Spooky Halloween Worm Brownies - 4 worm brownies on a red plate

Spooky Halloween Worm BrowniesThese Halloween brownies are easy to decorate and are perfect for any Halloween gathering. The cyclops gummy worms look like they are going to slither right on out of the brownie and are sure to excite young and old alike.


You're My Boo Card - finished card

Making a 'You're My Boo' Halloween CardMy friends and I call each other "boo" as terms of endearment. It's said that it's derived from the French word, "beau". I thought it would be cute to make them cards for Halloween featuring loving ghosts saying, "You're my boo!" Get it? Boo! This is easy to make and great for close friends or other halves.


Pretzel Pumpkins - 4 finished pretzels on a tabletop

Pretzel PumpkinsThese bread pretzel pumpkins make a nice snack for Halloween or Thanksgiving.


Paper Coffin Treat Boxes - open coffin with candy and other Halloween decorations

Paper Coffin Treat BoxesYou can make these cute little coffins out of craft paper and decorate them how you please. I fill them up with candy to hand out to my friends for Halloween. Trick or treat at any age!


Melted Crayon as Halloween Favors - crayon shape, black spider and two decorative pumpkins

Melted Crayons as Halloween FavorsThese melted crayon Halloween favors are perfect to give as Halloween kids' party favors, for school, make for your kids, or to give to trick or treaters!


Halloween Hair Accessories - spider bobby pin and google eye clip

Halloween Hair AccessoriesHere are two examples of Halloween hair accessories you could make from googly eyes and a spider ring (purchased from the Dollar Tree).


Haunted Gingerbread House - final view of finished kit house

Haunted Gingerbread HouseThese haunted gingerbread houses are a fun way to enjoy making a gingerbread house in October! You can find readymade kits at stores like Trader Joe's, Costco, and Joann Fabrics or you can make your own with graham crackers.


Making a Halloween Fruit Display - plate of decorated fruit

Making a Halloween Fruit DisplayHere is a cute and super simple way to display your fruit for the Halloween season. All you need are some fruits, mini chocolate chips, and black tape. These would be cute for a party or a packed lunch.


Worm Ice Cubes - dark soda with gummy worm ice cube

Gummy Worm Ice CubesInclude this on your Halloween menu. Worm ice cubes for a simple but stylish drink. This can be applied to different drinks whether for kids or adults. And instead of water, I used soda coz it doesn't melt too fast plus adds extra flavor.


DIY Pumpkin and Bat Halloween Favor Tag - attach to mini Halloween notepad

DIY Pumpkin and Bat Halloween Favor TagHaving a tag lever punch is very versatile and could be used year-round. You can find this puncher at your local arts and crafts store. You can save money on this when there is a 50 or 60% off coupon!


DIY Pumpkin and Ghost Halloween Favor Tag - mini pumpkin with tag

DIY Pumpkin and Ghost Halloween Favor TagThere are endless possibilities when decorating tags. Here is another cute Halloween themed tag I made using regular craft supplies you probably already have at home!



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