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This page contains tips and information for installing, maintaining, and using a fireplace or stove.



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Homemade Wood Stove Draft InducerDoes anyone know how to make up a draft inducer for a wood burning stove to help keep smoke from coming into room when you feed the stove?


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Burning Coal in Wood StoveIs anyone burning Anthracite coal in a wood burning stove? It seems there should be a way to accomplish this using some sort of cast iron grate. Does anyone know anything about this? Where can I buy a cast iron grate for coal burning? Thanks for any help you can lend.


Large brick fireplace being updated

Modernizing a Brick FireplaceDepending on whether you use a fireplace or not, you can do cosmetic changes to help take eyes away from the expanse of brick. This is a page about modernizing a brick fireplace.


Brick chimney with black soot on the top.

Gardus Inc. Sooteater Rotary Chimney Cleaning System ReviewsCleaning your chimney is important to do on a regular basis for safety and health concerns. This page contains Gardus Inc. Sooteater rotary chimney cleaning system reviews.


Fireplace Tips

Fireplace TipsEnjoying a crackling hot fire during the winter months with the fireplace tips. This is a page about fireplace tips.Enjoying a crackling hot fire during the winter months with the fireplace tips. This is a page about fireplace tips.


Rock Fireplace with a recliner in front

Updating on Old Rock FireplaceThis is a page about updating an old rock fireplace. Rock fronted fireplaces can date your home or clash with your decor.



Fireplace Smokes Up the HouseThis page is about fireplace smokes up the house. If smoke is not going up the chimney properly, there must be a blockage.


Fireplace Mantel

Installing a Fireplace MantelThis is a page about installing a fireplace mantel. Many newer homes do not have a traditional mantel over the fireplace. Adding one is not a difficult project.


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Odor Coming from Propane FireplaceWhen we use our fireplace (vent-free and propane) we get a very bad odor\smell that fills the living room after about 30 minutes. The bottom side of the fireplace mantle gets very hot.



Homemade firestarters made in muffin tins

Homemade Fire StartersThis is a page about homemade fire starters. You can save money and recycle some household waste products by making your own fires starters.


A fire burning in a fireplace.

Fireplace TipsThis page contains fireplace tips. A beautiful, mood setting, and productive fire can be easily achieved by following a few simple tips.


Chopping Wood, Axe in Wood Log

Chopping WoodThis is a page about chopping wood. If you have a fireplace or a wood stove then you know how important it is to have a wood chopped and ready for use when you need it.


Brick Chimney

Saving Money on Chimney CleaningThis is a page to saving money on Chimney Cleaning. Cleaning your chimney is extremely important because build up in your chimney can cause a fire. Whether doing it on your own or getting it cleaned by a professional, it is important to know the steps to cleaning a chimney.


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Using Your Fireplace for Storage When Not in UseDo you use your fireplace for any type of storage when you're not burning a fire, like in the summer? I did a Google search and got a few ideas, but I think my ThriftyFun friends would have some good ideas.


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Replacing a Woodburning Fireplace Insert with a Gas Insert Does anyone know where I can find DIY information about replacing a damaged woodburning fireplace with a new gas fireplace? The old wood burning fireplace rusted all the way through and is no longer useable.


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Add Pinecones to FireTo get beautiful color in your fireplace, add pinecones to your fire. You will get beautiful colors of blues, greens, and yellows. Watching a fire in your fireplace is comforting, but getting extra colors is amazing.


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Cleaning the ChimneyHow often should you get your chimney professionally cleaned? Should I have it done annually or will once every two years be enough? During the winter season, I probably start a fire twice weekly.


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Venting a Wood Burning StoveDoes anyone know if a wood stove will draft through a 6 inch pipe laying level for 30 feet? It has a 12 inch upright pipe, 10 feet tall that its connected to.


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Using a Wood Burning StoveWe recently added on to our home and with that addition we installed a wood stove. I am interested in any tips about using and getting the most heat out of it. I would also appreciate some ideas on making the mess that it leaves easier to clean up.


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Can I Burn Wood in a Pellet Stove?Can I burn regular wood in a pellet stove that no longer works? If I put a grate inside?


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Caution: Don't Burn Treated Wood From Building SitesSome building site wood is treated with chemicals that can cause long term damage to your health, if you are exposed to the smoke. Use caution.


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Fireplace Smoke in the BasementWhy do I get smoke in my basement fireplace whenever I start a fire in my first floor fireplace?


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Reviews of Electric FireplacesI was wanting to know if any of you have ever used an electric heater that looks like a stove/fireplace for heating a room or two? I was interested in getting one, but I wanted to check with you all first and see if it would be worth it.


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Gas or Electric Fireplace?My wife and I are considering having a fireplace installed in our 650 square feet room in the basement, even so the house is well central heated. My wife wants the glow that the fireplace produces, but we are unable to decide whether to have an electric or gas fireplace. My wife is also concerned about fumes produced by gas.



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Building A Ceramic Underlay For StoveI want to build a ceramic underlay for an airtight stove that I purchased. I've never done ceramic tiles before, so could use some good help. Also, can I lay the tile on top of laminate flooring?


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Turning a Fireplace Into a Cabinet or Storage AreaTurning a Fireplace Into a Cabinet or Storage Area. I have a fireplace and even though we don't use it (for health reasons) I would still like to use the 'space'. . .


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White Powder In a Fire PlaceWhen I discovered this white powder (don't know what it is?) on the inside wall of my brick fireplace I took a closer look and there seemed to be condensation. The fireplace is on an exterior wall.We have been experience a bit of rain lately. Could this be the cause of the white powder?


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Using a Chimney Balloon (Chimney Pillow)Has anyone used a Chimney Balloon (Chimney Pillow) to stop a draft from a fireplace? My brick fireplace is not being used - only on special occasions - and I want to prevent the outside (cooler) air from entering home when the flue is closed.


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Draft Booster for a Wood StoveI am looking for information on making a draft booster for a wood stove. Is there someone that has information on how to make one?


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Chimney Sweep LogsI was wondering if anyone had any feedback on those Chimney sweep logs? Do they work?


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Wood Stove Draft InducersI am looking for a draft inducer for a wood stove, homemade or other.


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Lining a ChimneyDoes anyone know if we can line our own chimney?



Modernizing a Brick Fireplace - light tan irregular stone/brick fireplace

Modernizing a Brick FireplaceAny thoughts on how I could modernization my fireplace without replacing the insert? Should I spray paint the bricks a certain color, or is it possible to somehow tile over them?


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Burning Wood Pellets in a Non-pellet Stove?Can or has anyone burned wood pellets in a hi-efficiency wood fireplace. Are they OK to use in a fireplace, metal, 0 clearance, Napoleon nz-26 unit?


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Smokey Living Room When Using One of Two FireplacesI have a fireplace in the living room and one in the basement. At first all was fine when using the one in the living room. I now notice that if I use the living room fireplace the lower level of my house gets smokey.


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Using a Cork Fire Starter Soaked in AlcoholDoes anyone know how long a cork fire starter burns for?


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Using Peel and Stick Tiles Around a FireplaceI have a gas indoor fireplace in my house. Can I use peel and stick brick look tile and what would I need because of the heat from fireplace? This is a metal fireplace.


Plants growing out of mortar on chimney.

Getting Rid of Plants Growing On My ChimneyI"ve got some plants/weeds starting to come out of the mortar on my brick chimney. It was retacked about 12 years ago when I bought the house. I didn't use the fireplace this year or last and wonder if that has exacerbated the problem.


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