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A pile of receipts.

Organizing ReceiptsThis is a page about organizing receipts. Many people receive multiple receipts each day. You don't have to save every receipt that you get, however organizing ones that you need to save is important.


A blank address book

Address Book Tips and TricksThis is a page about address book tips and tricks. Keeping your address book current whether it is in hard-copy or on the computer is easy if you use a few simple tips.


different sized bag footballs

Folding Plastic Grocery BagsThis is a page about folding plastic grocery bags. Storing plastic grocery bags for reuse can be a challenge. They seem to require a better solution than stuffing them in another grocery bag.


Pile of Junk Mail

Disposing of Junk MailThis is a page about disposing of junk mail. Junk mail pours into our mail boxes daily, which can cause our home to have unneeded clutter. Having a system to getting rid of it, will help reduce one of the biggest clutter culprits in your home.


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Storing Seasonal Vinyl Window Clings?Would like info as to how to store seasonal vinyl window clings. So far, I've found that they don't store well and tend to curl up.


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Moving a Washing Machine Down Stairs?I am getting ready to move to another house. I have a washer upstairs and I would like to know if you have any good ideas on how to transport the washer downstairs.



Closet Full of Hanging Clothes

Preventing Mold on Stored ClothingThis is a page about preventing mold on stored clothing. Whether they are being boxed up in the attic or hanging in the back or your closet, clothing that is stored for a while can get moldy. Ensure your clothes are ready to wear again, when you need them, by preventing mold infestation.


Keeping Track Of Your Cell Phone, Lost iPhone in Grass

Keeping Track Of Your Cell PhoneThis is a page about keeping track of your cell phone. If you are like many of us, you spend a lot of time looking for your cell phone.


Tupperware Stacked

Organizing Plastic ContainersThis is a page about organizing plastic containers. With all the convenient sizes and shapes they come in, Tupperware and other plastic containers have become very commonplace in the kitchen.


Note Written on Mirror

Using Your Bathroom Mirror for RemindersThis is a page about using your bathroom mirror for reminders. Leaving notes for yourself on the bathroom mirror is a tried and true method of reminding yourself of something important. There are a number of ways to get the message across though, find the one that is right for you.


Toilet brush holder made with a milk jug.

Storing a Toilet BrushThis is a page about storing a toilet brush. The toilet brush is a handy often used tool, but not necessarily one you want to leave out in the open.


Organizing Plastic Bags, A blue plastic grocery bag.

Organizing Plastic BagsThis is a page about organizing plastic bags. Many homes have an assortment of plastic bags, from grocery bags to trash bags. It can be difficult to organize them all, so it may require some creativity.


Leftover paint in open cans.

Saving Leftover PaintThis is a page about saving leftover paint. If you want to save leftover paint, it is important to store it properly. Proper storage will ensure that it is still usable when you need it.


Empty Suitcase

Using Luggage As StorageThis is a page about using luggage as storage. Rather than having old or seldom used luggage just take up space, use it for storage.


Beautifully Organized Apartment

Organizing an ApartmentApartments can be difficult to organize due to their size. When an apartment or any small space is well organized, the space seems larger. This is a page about organizing an apartment.


Woman Storing Bedding in Linen Closet

Storing BeddingThis is a page about storing bedding. Bedding is generally a seasonal item that may need to be stored away until next summer or winter, for example.


Storing Artificial Flowers

Storing Artificial FlowersThis page is about storing artificial flowers. It is important to keep these flowers dust free and protected from crushing when storing.


Hiding Keys, A key hidden under a mat.

Hiding Keys - Tips and TricksThis is a page about hiding keys. Many people like to hide a spare key to their house or car, in case they get locked out. It is important to hide your key well, so that someone else doesn't find it.


Hang another on an existing hanger using a pop can tab.

Using Soda Can Tabs to Double Wardrobe SpaceThis is a page about using soda can tabs to double wardrobe space. To help organize your clothes closet you can add room for more hangers by using can opening tabs.


In a wheelchair doing laundry.

Organizing Your Home When You Have a DisabilityThis is a page about organizing your home when you have a disability. Organizing your home and belongings, with your disability in mind, can make everyday activities easier.


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Organizing Oven Storage Drawer?How can I keep my oven drawer from becoming a mess? Every time I open it, everything shifts around and becomes a jumble of pots and pans. Any suggestions on how to keep the drawer clean and organized without having to overhaul it every month?



Organizing Your Cross-Top Freezer, Picture of an organized freezer.

Organizing Your FreezerThis is a page about organizing your freezer. Freezing food allows you to preserve food for a long time which can save you money. Having an organized freezer is key to avoid having the food go to waste.


Photo of lots of loose change.

Organizing ChangeThis is a page about organizing spare change. Organizing your change can help lighten your purse or pockets. It also can help you save money.


A tray of nuts and bolts.

Organizing Nails, Screws, Nuts and BoltsThis is a page about organizing nails, screws, nuts, and bolts. It is important to organize your nails, screws, nuts and bolts. Keeping them separated and easy to use will make it easier to find what you need when doing a project.


A couple putting money into a piggy bank.

Living a Frugal and Organized LifeThis is a page about being frugal and organized. One key to sustaining a frugal lifestyle is being organized and staying on track.


An organized freezer filled with plastic shoe boxes.

Freezer Organization with Plastic Shoe BoxesThis is a page about freezer organization with plastic shoe boxes. Freezers, both refrigerator and chest styles, can quickly become a jumbled mess which can result in waste. One way to organize your frozen food is by using plastic shoe boxes.


organizing a hall closet

Organizing Your Hall ClosetThis is a page about organizing your hall closet. The hall closet has traditionally been the coat closet and the catchall for a lot of other things, often resulting in an organizational disaster.


Woman crafting at her craft table

Creating Your Craft RoomMost crafters dream of having a dedicated room for their workspace. While we may not all be lucky enough to have an entire room there are still lots of good ideas for setting up a defined space. This page contains some great suggestions for creating and stocking your craft room or nook.


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Return Junk Mail To SenderIf you notice that most of it has a return address on it. He told us to cross out our names and put "return to sender" on it and the compnay that sent it has to end up paying the return postage for it. I do this all the time and it has worked.


Picture of a several paperback books.

Organizing Your Book CollectionThis is a page about organizing your book collection. Have you ever not been able to find a book that you knew you had? Books are a great addition to any household, but they do take up a lot of space and require organization.


Magnet Collection from around the world.

Displaying a Magnet Collection?This is a page about displaying a magnet collection. Magnets are a common souvenir that people purchase for themselves or as gifts for others. It can be hard to find the best way to display them all, especially if you want to avoid cluttering your refrigerator.


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Color Code Your Towels For CleaningI use a color coded system for my washcloths and towels to keep them purposed for their task. No labeling required, except for the containers I put them in.


A space saving display shelf over a window.

Creating Display Shelves Above WindowsThis is a page about creating display shelves above windows. Finding more space for storage or display often requires that you look at often unused areas around your home or apartment.


A paper clip used to keep track of the end of a tape roll.

Keeping Track of the End of TapeThis page contains tips for finding the end of tape. There are a few ways to keep track of where to start the tape.


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Think Before You Buy More Storage BinsWhen you find yourself searching for and buying more storage bins and baskets, step back and question whether it's a good investment. Would you save money by cleaning out and donating unused items instead? Simplify to save money.


mobile homes

Storage Solutions for a Mobile HomeThis is a page about storage solutions for a mobile home. Sometimes mobile home dwellers, especially those with an older or smaller home may experience storage space problems.



Unorganized pile of gold bracelets on a white surface

Organizing BraceletsThis is a page about organizing bracelets. Make these accessories easy to find by displaying them in a creative ways.


Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

Storing LightbulbsThis is a page about storing lightbulbs. It's great to find a good deal on lightbulbs and stock up. However, with their odd shape, it can be difficult to store them without having them take up too much room or getting damaged.


Middle School Locker Kit

Making a Middle School Locker KitThis is a page about making a middle school locker kit. Have your child help you put together this useful kit of everyday necessities to store in their school locker. This is a page about making a middle school locker kit.


organized workshop

Organizing Your WorkshopThis is a page about organizing your workshop. A well organized workshop makes working on your home projects much easier.


VHS Tape

Organizing VHS TapesThis is a page about organizing VHS tapes. Many people have large collections of movies on VHS tapes. Finding a way to organize them for ease of use and best use of space can be perplexing.


Spice rack with magnetic canisters.

Other Uses for Spice RacksSpice racks have numerous handy uses other than organizing spice jars. Many small items, such as nails, paper clips, and beads, can be stowed away on a spice rack. This is about repurposing spice racks.


A row of leather jackets hanging up.

Storing Leather Coats and Jackets?This is a page about storing leather coats and jackets. Here are some great tips to help your jackets keep their shape when not in use, as well as avoiding mold while they are being stored.


A single maroon fabric flower against a white background

Organizing Silk FlowersThis is a page about organizing silk flowers. If you do a lot of crafting using silk flowers, organizing your supply may be a challenge.


Organizing a Lazy Susan Cabinet

Organizing a Lazy Susan CabinetA Lazy Susan cabinet can be a very efficient way to store things. This is a page about organizing a lazy susan cabinet.


Organized Colorful Clothing

Organizing Clothing for the Color BlindThis page is about organizing clothing for someone who is color blind. When someone can not tell the difference between some colors and shades, they may need some help to be confident that their clothes are matched.


Push Pins

Alternatives to Push PinsThis is a page about alternatives to push pins. When you run out of push pins take a look around the house, for other things you can use.


Birthday Reminder on Calendar

Remembering BirthdaysThis is a page about remembering birthdays. There are calendars, software programs, and other products sold to help us keep track of birthdays.


Man Holding Plunger

Storing a PlungerThis is a page about storing a plunger. Keeping a toilet plunger in the bathroom may be efficient, but storing this somewhat unsightly tool may require some creativity.


DIY Shirt Folding Board - folded t-shirt

DIY Shirt Folding BoardYou too can have perfectly stacked shirts, like the ones you see at the store. This DIY shirt folding board is easy to make with items you likely have around the house.


Organized Winter Sweaters

Organizing Seasonal ClothingThis is a page about organizing seasonal clothing. Storing off season clothing can be an organizing challenge, especially if you are short on storage space.


Man standing next to heavy hutch and boxes on carpet

Moving Heavy Furniture on CarpetThis page is about moving heavy furniture on carpet. You can make or buy sliders to help you move heavy pieces over all kinds of floors.


Making Wooden Locker Shelves

Making Wooden Locker ShelvesThis is a page about making wooden locker shelves. Easy to make, wood shelves can add more room and organization to a child's school locker.


A pile of Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons.

Storing Wrapping PaperHaving leftover wrapping paper after the holidays is common in many households. Almost everyone needs a place for storing wrapping paper.


Bedside table with book lamp and glasses

Organizing Your Bedside TableIt's easy to get a nightstand cluttered with all the things you may need through the night. This is a page about organizing your bedside table.


Key Ring

Adding Keys to a Key RingKey rings can sometime be very stiff and difficult to get a key on. This is a page about adding keys to a key ring.


Organizing Coffee Mugs

Organizing Coffee MugsThis is a page about organizing coffee mugs. There are a number of ways to organize your coffee mugs, whether you want to display them or maximize cupboard storage.


girl blow drying her hair

Hanging a Hair Dryer?This is a page about hanging a hair dryer. Hanging your blow hair dryer can be a helpful storage option when organizing your bathroom.


Pile of Unorganized Photos

Organizing Your PhotosThis is a page to organizing your photos. There are a number of methods for organizing photos. No matter how you decide to setup your system of storing photos, the important part is that you can find the image you want when you want it.


Pots and pans.

Organizing Pots and PansThis is a page about organizing pots and pans. With their various shapes and sizes, pots and pans can be difficult to organize. Getting your pots and pans organized will speed up cooking and keep your cabinets usable.


Homemade Space Bags

Homemade Space BagsThis is a page about homemade space bags. Space bags, while a great way to improve your storage problems, can be very pricey.


Storing appliance cords in toilet paper tubes to keep from tangling.

Organizing Electrical CordsThis is a page about organizing electrical cords. Cords for small appliances, chargers for batteries or electronics, media and computer cords can become tangled and easily misplaced.


Rainbow of Candles

Storing CandlesIt can be easy to have more candles than you can properly display or use. This is a page about storing candles.


A pile of women's underwear.

Organizing Your Underwear DrawerThis is a page about organizing your underwear drawer. It is not uncommon for underwear drawers to be disorganized. Keeping your underwear organized will help you find the pair you want and makes it easier to fit more into your drawer.


A chest freezer full of frozen food.

Organizing Your Chest FreezerThis is a page for organizing your chest freezer. A chest freezer is a great way to store a lot of food, but it is easy for it to become disorganized. Storing frozen food only saves you money if you can find it when you need it.


jigsaw puzzle

Making a Puzzle Storage BoardThis is a page about making a puzzle storage board. Finding a good way to store a puzzle while you are working on it can be frustrating or expensive. Make a combination workspace and storage solution for your next jigsaw puzzle.


Organizing Your Purse

Organizing Your PurseThis is a page about organizing your purse. A messy purse is an easy place to lose track of things. Keeping your purse organized will help you stay organized in general and you might be able to carry a smaller purse also.


Contents of purse spilling out.

Purse Organizer for Switching PursesThis is a page about using a purse organizer for switching purses. Whether you chose to purchase an organizer or try some of the tips in this page, it can make switching between purses so much easier.


Organizing With Notebooks

Organizing With NotebooksThis is a page about organizing with notebooks. While it might be considered old school to keep written records, there are many important papers and types of information we keep in hard copy.


Organizing Towels

Organizing TowelsThis is a page about organizing towels. Organizing your towels can improve the storage capacity of your linen closet and kitchen drawers.


Christmas Wrap

Keeping Christmas Wrap Rolls from UnrollingWrapping paper is notorious for unrolling. Finding a way to prevent this without wrinkling the paper too much can be a bit of a task. This is a page about keeping Christmas wrap rolls from unrolling.


Shirts folded neatly in a dresser drawer.

Organizing Clothing in Dresser DrawersThis page is about organizing clothing in dresser drawers. Arranging your clothes smartly helps to make them easy to find and saves you time.


Organizing Cookie Sheets

Organizing Baking Pans and Cookie SheetsThis is a page about organizing baking pans and cookie sheets. Baking pans, cookie sheets, and other bakeware can be difficult to organize. They come in many different sizes and configurations.


Straw Pendant Necklace Holder

Storing Necklaces Inside a StrawOne creative use for a drinking straw is for help in organizing necklaces. Keep the chains on your pendant necklaces from getting tangled by storing them inside a drinking straw.


Magazine Holders

Alternative Uses for Magazine HoldersThis is a page about alternative uses for magazine holders. Magazine holders can be used to help with organizing and storing a variety of items.


Kitchen with many Small Kitchen Appliances

Storage Ideas For Small Kitchen AppliancesSmall kitchen appliances can be a challenge to store. They take up a lot of space on your countertop and can be bulky and require too much space in your cabinets. This is a page about storage ideas for small kitchen appliances.


Using a thick rubber band to keep shower rack from sliding down the shower head.

Keep Shower Rack From Sliding Down Shower HeadYour shower head is a convenient place to hang a rack for holding soaps and shampoos but sometimes these racks do slide down the shower head. This page has tips to help prevent your shower rack from sliding down shower head.


Fragile Label on Cardboard Shipping Box

Shipping BreakablesThis is a page about shipping breakables. Shipping breakables can be be a worrying experience, especially if what you are shipping is important to you or valuable. Pack your fragile items well and you can shipping them with peace of mind.


Stack of Letters

Saving Cards and LettersThis is a page about saving cards and letters. Saving cards and letters is a lovely way to save your memories through the years.


A woman holding a pink piggy bank.

The Frugal OrganizerA change in housing and finances can trigger the need to find creative storage space in a much smaller home or apartment. It is amazing the solutions that present themselves. This is a page about becoming the frugal organizer.


Wine rack with empty space.

Using Wine Racks for StorageThis is a page about using wine racks for storage. When space is limited you can use these rakes for extra storage space in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.


Leaf blower cord wrapped around a modified milk jug.

Milk Jug Electric Cord ReelThis is a nice way to reuse a milk jug to help keep your extension cords tangle free. This page shows you how to make a milk jug electric cord reel.


Paper Shredding Tips

Paper Shredding TipsThis page contains paper shredding tips. Shredding documents is a good way to keep your personal information from getting in the wrong hands.


Organized Photos in Box

Organizing Keepsakes and MemorabiliaThis is a page about organizing keepsakes and memorabilia. Birth and wedding announcements, photos, and other keepsakes can be enjoyed more easily if you develop a creative or practical way of organizing them.


Packing for a Move

Moving Cross Country?This page is about moving cross country. Finding the least expensive and most efficient way to move is a challenge.


Someone Writing Birthday on Calendar

Remembering Important Dates (Birthdays,...This is a page about remembering important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). It is a very disconcerting to realize you just forgot someones birthday or even worse, your anniversary. Don't miss another important date with these handy tips and tricks.


Pack rat collection

Organizing Tips for a Pack RatThis page contains organizing tips for a pack rat. If you aren't a pack rat yourself, you likely know one.


Declutter with Coffee Cans

Organizing With Plastic Coffee ContainersThis is a page about organizing with plastic coffee containers. If you purchase coffee in large plastic containers, be sure to reuse them for your clutter.


Storing Ribbons and Bows

Storing Ribbons and BowsThis is a page about storing ribbons and bows. Keeping your ribbons and bows organized and stored properly will keep them nice for next time you need them.


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Long Term Lampshade Storage Ideas?I need to store several very good fabric and fabric trimmed lamp shades for several years. I am concerned that the moving box and the newsprint paper might leach onto the shade causing discoloration. I am also concerned that plastic wrap will cause moisture to form mildew over time.


Old Christmas card.

Preserving Old Greeting CardsThis is a page about preserving old greeting cards. Keeping greeting cards and reminiscing about past events and friends is something many of us like to do.


Messy pile of board game boxes.

Organizing Board GamesThis is a page to organizing board games. With all their small pieces and often numerous pieces of paper, board games can easy become disorganized. Family game night just isn't the same if you can't find all the parts to your favorite game.


Uses for Photo Albums

Alternative Uses for Photo AlbumsThis is a page about alternative uses for photo albums. The transition to digital cameras may have left you with some unused photo albums or they might be on sale at a local store.


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Storing Clothes in a Damp Basement?How do I keep clothes dry in damp basement? I want to pack them away, but am not sure how to keep out mold and mildew smells and dampness. Every time I pull something out it smells and feels damp, or it's plain moldy, especially leather.


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Use Dishwasher For StorageI have a dish washer and find that I rarely use a dish drainer. I decided to put that old drainer to a better use. It works great to hold all of my lids for pots and pans upright in the small space under the sink.


Computer Desk

How to Make a Temporary Computer DeskIf you are not ready for a permanent solution for your computer workspace, finding a workable temporary option is best. This is a page about How to make a temporary computer desk.


Empty hangers

How to Store Extra HangersExtra hangers for laundry or crafts can be stored in a spare room, or even in the bathroom. Check out the tip included here. This is a page about using a spare room for hanging extra hangers.


Stacks of 5 gallon buckets

Storing 5 Gallon Plastic BucketsThis is a page about storing 5 gallon plastic buckets. Large plastic buckets can be tricky to store because they can stick inside of each other.


Tidy up Your Leads (Cords)

Toilet Paper Tubes for Organizing Electrical CordsThis is a page about toilet paper tubes for organizing electrical cords. Electrical cords are akin to hangers when it comes to the disaster that can arise when they are not well organized.


Using small oven racks in the refrigerator.

Small Oven Racks for Refrigerator OrganizingI don't remember where I saw this tip but it sure did come in handy this holiday with all the cooking that I did. I placed a small oven rack on top of the Pyrex dish in the refrigerator so I could stack something on top of it. The rack is strong and can hold weight.


Storing deodorizer refills in an egg carton.

Reuse Egg CartonsI use egg cartons to store my B&BW wallflower refills in the drawer. They are easy to look through and upright so they do not leak. I just cut the top off and set the bottom in it to reinforce it. You could also use it to organize other things (sewing, screws, etc.).


Masks hanging on small hooks.

Storing and Caring for Face MasksAlthough mask mandates were stopped earlier this summer, the new variants of COVID-19 are bringing them back. Many areas require masks for any indoor public places and some places, like hospitals and courtrooms, have never stopped requiring them. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you keep your masks organized and at hand when you need them.


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Magnetic Locker Pencil Holder

Magnetic Locker Pencil HolderThis handy organizer is good for inside a school locker or on the refrigerator. Learn how to make it with this short video


Three plastic bags folded using a football fold.

Storing Plastic Bags Using Football FoldKeeping plastic bags for later use can look disorganized but these folded bags are neat and easy to store. Learn how to easily fold them in this short video.


Spice Tins on Fridge

Organizing Spice TinsWatch the video to discover a simple way to organize your spice tins.


Rubber Band Ball

Making a Rubber Band BallThis video shows you the step by step process to making a rubber band ball.


Canning Jar Utensil HolderThis wall mounted utensil holder is great to use in small kitchens or if you need to free up some drawer space.


Stripped sock oil bottle cover

Making an Oil Bottle CoverThis video shows you the simple steps to making an oil bottle cover.


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Tubes of paint stored on binder clips.

Storing Art SuppliesI was over at my friend's house and she had a great way to organize her brushes and paints. She hung the tubes from binder clips and stored the tools in hanging glass jars. They are all out of the way but still easily accessible. This same technique could be used for markers, pencils or any type of craft tools and supplies.


A clean and organized pantry shelf.

Keeping Track Of What Is In Your PantryThis weekend, I took time to organize some of my cabinets. I had over 6 items that were expired as far back as May 2020. I tend to lose track of the items in the cabinets because I would stack new items in front versus grabbing from the back because it's hard to reach without a step stool.


Craft drawers being used to organize a pantry.

Organize Food Pantry With Craft DrawersSeveral years ago, I purchased a craft cart with tons of drawers, for additional storage. The cart itself started being too flimsy to use, but the drawers were in perfect condition. I decided I'd try to use them to organize my pantry, and I love the outcome! I labeled each drawer using my label maker and tried to sporadically place the different colors on the shelves.


A laundry hamper to collect items.

Reduce Trips Up and Down StairsGot frustrated forgetting to bring something UP or DOWN stairs when I changed floors and started leaving things on my stairs for the next trip until realizing that's unsafe for myself and others. I also juggled carrying multiple items (glass of water AND my cell phone for instance), NOT a good combination!


A satin hanger with pearl buttons on the shoulders.

Satin Hangers With ButtonsI love satin hangers for my lightweight sweaters, but it was always difficult to keep the sweaters on the hangers. To solve this problem, I simply sewed 2 pearl buttons a couple inches from the ends of the hangers.


Masks hanging on small hooks.

Storing and Caring for Face MasksAlthough mask mandates were stopped earlier this summer, the new variants of COVID-19 are bringing them back. Many areas require masks for any indoor public places and some places, like hospitals and courtrooms, have never stopped requiring them. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you keep your masks organized and at hand when you need them.


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Storing White Artificial Flowers - artificial white calla lilies

Storing White Artificial Flowers?My daughter was suppose to get married in August, but because of the Covid it was postponed until July 2021. How can I keep these from fading or discoloring?


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Tips for Getting Control of Your Life?I'm reading the book Simple Steps by Lisa Lelas, Linda McClintock and Beverly Zingarella. I tried to put it into practice once in the eighties, but life got the better of me. I'm retired now and I want to give it another try. Does anyone have any tips for getting started and keeping momentum?


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Computer Program For Organizing Photos?Please recommend a program that effectively deals with duplicate photos and documents; a program to use for the many photos , sort and ID, with facial recognition software. I am last of family and near 80 , I need to get this underway. Thanks so much. I have followed you for many years and appreciate all you do.


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Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Apartment?My mom and I live in a big rented house. We have to downsize to a smaller rented apartment. There is no storage in these places. I also have to share a washer and dryer the everyone uses. What did you do when you had to move to a smaller elderly apartment?


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Organising a Chest Freezer?I am hoping for a bright idea! My chest freezer is quite large, and has 3 baskets on top. I know I'm disorganised, but I can never find what I want without loads of trouble! I do realise it's my own fault for just hurling things in after a shop! I once put cardboard boxes in the bottom to try and help. It did a bit, but not enough.


A canister lid.

Replacement Canister Lids?I have canisters with wooden lids. The lids have a silicon seal/ring that are worn out and no longer have a tight fit. The size of the lid that fits into the jar is 3 1/4 inches. I have yet to find any similar to mine. Any suggestions?


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