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Uses for Large Plastic Coffee Jugs

Uses for Large Plastic Coffee JugsI buy the large coffee jugs, the 33 oz. size. They are made so well, they have a handle on the side, with a good tight seal lid. I just can't see throwing them away. I give them to neighbors that I know, one being an older gentleman that uses them for his screws, nails and other little tools.


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Return Junk Mail To SenderIf you notice that most of it has a return address on it. He told us to cross out our names and put "return to sender" on it and the compnay that sent it has to end up paying the return postage for it. I do this all the time and it has worked.


Using Coffee Tubs for Fabric Storage - stack of cans filled with fabric with a short piece of wood under the bottom row to give back tilt

Using Coffee Tubs for Fabric StorageI get a lot of these from recycling and my friends save them for me, too. This is just what I had empty so I am going to keep going, but I ran into a snag. So here's the tip and a cautionary warning.


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Keep Drawers Closed With Cellophane During a MoveWhen moving, be careful not to use tape on your furniture to hold dresser or night stand drawers closed. The tape can easily damage the finish, especially in hot weather. Use a self clinging cellophane wrap.


Binder Clips holding Notes

Binder Clips to Stay OrganizedThe space is limited on my desk. So I have my laptop on a tray. This gives me space underneath for things that I don't need very often. It's where I keep my external hard drive, a supply basket, etc.


Basket to store silveware on counter.

Uses for Dishwasher Silverware BasketsI've had to replace a few dishwashers in my day and have determined that those silverware baskets are great for many things. Here are two uses for them.


Pill Organizers for Jewelry

Pill Organizers for JewelryWeekday pill organizers like the one pictured can be used to plan what earrings will be worn on which day of the week. Bobby pins fit also fit in this particular one, and rings as well.


Jewelry protected between two pieces of sponge.

Sponges for Keeping Jewelry SafeI buy my sponges 6 at a time from the dollar stores. But I don't like the size or the shape of the sponge part, so I cut them in half to make 12, allowing me to throw each one away on Sundays. The sponge part is sort of wasted but today I found another way to keep them useful.


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Bread Bags for Storing Artificial FlowersI use artificial flowers for every holiday and used to just throw them in a large storage container. Then I started washing out my bread bags because they are the perfect length and started saving those little plastic tabs for holding the bag closed.


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Turn a Used Box Inside OutFor sending presents by mail instead of using brown paper to cover the box, try recycling a cardboard box that can be gotten from a grocery store or any other store (before they crush them, of course).


Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic Bag HolderMake a plastic shopping bag holder from a shirt sleeve. This one was my mom's (gee! she would be so proud of me!)


shelf over window

Create Display Shelves Above WindowsSome time ago someone posted an idea to use shelves over windows. I had commented that I did the same thing only I used wooden door gingerbread trim to make the side brackets so that I could hang my curtain rods through them.


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Saving Money vs. Saving TimeTo me, thriftiness is not just about saving money. It's about making the best use of the resources you have. For me, one of my most precious resources is TIME.


Keeping Gel Pills From Getting Sticky In Hot WeatherI found a simple way to keep my pills from sticking together in my weekly pill holder. I have 3 or 4 gel caps and, in this hotter weather, they stick together or to the container.


organizing photos

Organizing Photos Using a Shoe OrganizerOver the years, I have taken many pictures. On a rainy afternoon, I started to sort through them so I could start putting them into albums.



chore list

Organizing Household ChoresWhen my husband and I were first married (many moons ago), he once complained that he felt I was asking him to do what he felt was a unfair amount of chores. My solution was to make a list of all the chores that I had to do to keep our little apartment clean.


Open Receipt Box

Receipt StorageI store all my receipts for the month in this long magnetic box that I bought from Michaels for $3.49, originally $6.99 (with a 50% coupon).


A folded T-Shirt

Fast Folding T-Shirt TechniqueIt's so easy to just stuff your shirts away after doing laundry. Not so great when you pull them out and they're mixed up and full of wrinkles. I pulled out all our shirts to do some organizing. There were so many! My thrifty nifty mum showed me how to fold them all FAST, and it was a lifesaver. Here is how to do it



Recycled Ladies Tool BoxI decided to have my own toolbox so I would know where "my" screwdrivers, hammer, etc. were. I am always looking for items to be used in a different way. I absolutely love wooden boxes.


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Freshen Sheets Every MorningTruth be told, I change my bedsheets once a week. I also love the smell of clean bed linens and the smell of baby powder. When I make up the bed every morning, I sprinkle baby powder over the bottom sheet.


A roll of Saran Wrap.

Storing Saran WrapKeeping saran wrap in the fridge keeps it from folding up on you as tearing off. Alleviates frustration.


A collection of markers in a round container.

Markers and Pens HolderHere is very inexpensive way to organize your markers and pens. This product is advertised showing just paint brushes and colored pencils for $1.25 at Dollar Tree. However, I found it to be great to hold up to 49 markers or pens too!


Storage bins on shelves.

Bin There Bin ThatWe use bins for everything! In the garage, the closets, the bathroom cupboards, craft supplies, electronics, the pantry etc. Then, we label them with the contents. Makes everything look so much better and it takes up less room because the bins are stackable.


Tension Rod Wall Supports

Tension Rod Wall SupportsTension rod wall supports I put up my tension rod. Twice, I hung my bags on it and it fell to the ground. I wished I had bought those screw in wall supports and then I thought I' will just go look in my plastic cap recycling bag. I found two that fit snuggly onto the ends, great! Now let's place them!


Organized recycled bags inside containers.

Storing Assorted Food BagsYou can save and reuse assorted plastic food bags without any fuss or mess. Here is how I do it.


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Money-Saving Moving TipsTo find the right moving company, start looking far in advance. Ask your friends and family about moving experiences they've had - they may be able to recommend some good companies! You should request quotes from multiple movers and accurately describe your total moving inventory to them - you may be able to save money if your haul isn't too big and you certainly don't want any invoice surprises after Moving Day.


Using small oven racks in the refrigerator.

Small Oven Racks for Refrigerator OrganizingI don't remember where I saw this tip but it sure did come in handy this holiday with all the cooking that I did. I placed a small oven rack on top of the Pyrex dish in the refrigerator so I could stack something on top of it. The rack is strong and can hold weight.


Tubes of paint stored on binder clips.

Storing Art SuppliesI was over at my friend's house and she had a great way to organize her brushes and paints. She hung the tubes from binder clips and stored the tools in hanging glass jars. They are all out of the way but still easily accessible. This same technique could be used for markers, pencils or any type of craft tools and supplies.


Storing deodorizer refills in an egg carton.

Reuse Egg CartonsI use egg cartons to store my B&BW wallflower refills in the drawer. They are easy to look through and upright so they do not leak. I just cut the top off and set the bottom in it to reinforce it. You could also use it to organize other things (sewing, screws, etc.).


Masks hanging on small hooks.

Storing and Caring for Face MasksAlthough mask mandates were stopped earlier this summer, the new variants of COVID-19 are bringing them back. Many areas require masks for any indoor public places and some places, like hospitals and courtrooms, have never stopped requiring them. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you keep your masks organized and at hand when you need them.



A clean and organized pantry shelf.

Keeping Track Of What Is In Your PantryThis weekend, I took time to organize some of my cabinets. I had over 6 items that were expired as far back as May 2020. I tend to lose track of the items in the cabinets because I would stack new items in front versus grabbing from the back because it's hard to reach without a step stool.


Craft drawers being used to organize a pantry.

Organize Food Pantry With Craft DrawersSeveral years ago, I purchased a craft cart with tons of drawers, for additional storage. The cart itself started being too flimsy to use, but the drawers were in perfect condition. I decided I'd try to use them to organize my pantry, and I love the outcome! I labeled each drawer using my label maker and tried to sporadically place the different colors on the shelves.


A laundry hamper to collect items.

Reduce Trips Up and Down StairsGot frustrated forgetting to bring something UP or DOWN stairs when I changed floors and started leaving things on my stairs for the next trip until realizing that's unsafe for myself and others. I also juggled carrying multiple items (glass of water AND my cell phone for instance), NOT a good combination!


A pair of headphones that can be connected with a paper clip.

Keeping Bluetooth Earbuds From Getting LostI have found my bluetooth, the earbud style, on the ground and exposed to the elements, for the last time. I decided to make sure that didn't happen again with a simple paperclip.


A satin hanger with pearl buttons on the shoulders.

Satin Hangers With ButtonsI love satin hangers for my lightweight sweaters, but it was always difficult to keep the sweaters on the hangers. To solve this problem, I simply sewed 2 pearl buttons a couple inches from the ends of the hangers.


Using a reflective collar to hold keys.

Reflective Collar as Key LanyardHere is a way to have an adjustable and reflective key lanyard for your keys using a small cat/dog collar. I have always used them because I like that it can be adjusted and not just super long like most lanyards. In addition, using a reflective one is great for finding them in the dark and can be used as safety protection for being visible when walking in the dark ! :)


Marking an earbud with a piece of yarn.

Identifying Which Earbud Goes WhereI got some pretty cool bluetooth earbuds last month. They come with these great ear guards. But, sometimes with my eyesight what it is, it's hard to tell which is left or right. I used to spend about 30 seconds a day trying to get it right.


Appliances stored on a corner shelf.

Storing Kitchen AppliancesI don't have a lot of counter space in my small kitchen and I've been struggling with all the appliances I have been given recently. Between the Instant Pot, the blender, the stand mixer and the newer air fryer, there is no room for chopping or assembling ingredients. So, my husband and I needed to rethink our storage ideas.


A cabinet containing spices and other cooking ingredients.

Organizing Your Spice CabinetMy spice cabinet was a mess! It had been ravaged during the holidays when we needed ingredients that aren't always used year round. Some baking supplies had been mixed in and some bulk spices were still in bags instead of bottles. I wish I had taken a before picture but the disorder started spilling out to the counter below because no one wanted to deal with it. I have a small galley style kitchen and I need all the counter space I can get.


A card showing when to change your HVAC filter.

Changing HVAC FiltersEver wonder when the last time you changed your HVAC filters was? Using a bright colored index card, I write the years, with corresponding months, leaving room for my date I changed the filters for the next three years. I make one for each filter location. I attach it to the wall with two hook and latch dots. I also attach a pen this way, so it's always at the ready!


A reusable white shopping bag over a kitchen appliance.

Reusable Shopping Bag for Appliance CoverI had a vinyl cover for my food processor. It cracked and fell apart with age. I used a recyclable cloth shopping bag to cover it. I put the design side next to a wall, and tucked the handles in. I am pleased with the results.


A roll of wrapping paper with the plastic wrapped replaced.

Keep Wrapping Paper NeatWhen I have a large roll of wrapping paper, I will only take one half of the cellophane off the wrapper and cut pieces of the top half of the wrapping paper, leaving the bottom still intact in the cellophane and nice and neat.


A basket hanging from two hangers in the closet.

Sock Storage from the Dollar TreeI am trying to organize my bedroom closet and socks are the bane of my existence. So today I thought of something that really helped.


Several skeins of embroidery floss in a plastic container.

Embroidery Floss OrganizerThis is a way to organize little bits of leftover embroidery floss. Use the plastic holders that come on packages of bread. Wrap the floss around the center of the plastic holder. Store in a plastic craft container with dividers and organize by color.


A can organizer being used for craft supplies.

Can Organizer for Craft SuppliesMy daughter went another way with her pantry recently, and gave me three of these. I hoped they would have worked in my pantry but when one door closes...



Storing a child's puzzle in a small zippered laundry bag.

Keep Children's Puzzles OrganizedI get 3 laundry bags for $1 at Dollar Tree. They are perfect for storing puzzles. If the puzzle gets knocked over, the pieces remain in the bag.


A wreath hanger holding up a basket in the pantry.

Alternate Uses for a Wreath HangerI've purchased several wreath hangers through the years, but had started using a magnet hook for my front door wreaths, so had several wreath holders being stored in the attic, and I finally found a good use for them. I put the wreath holders on my metal wire shelves in the utility room, and they are so handy for all sorts of things, like hanging up a little basket for sorting lightweight clothing after doing the laundry, hanging up a jacket, or holding hangers, so they're all ready, when I hang up clothing out of the dryer, to be moved to the closet.


A Tic-tac container with embroidery floss stored inside.

Keep Embroidery Floss in OrderWhen working with embroidery, I like to keep the current floss/bobbin I'm using in an empty Tic Tac container. The floss goes through the dispenser, intact and free from tangling.


Three skeins of yarn in a wire wine rack.

Reusing a Wine Rack for StorageI recently aquired this wine rack and knew I would do something else with it. I roll all my yarn into balls so it wasn't easy finding three that were still in skeins.


masks hanging from the swatters

Face Mask HolderWe all have several masks. Some we were given, some we made, and some we purchased. They all have one thing in common. They need a place in the house.


Organized craft supplies in a closet.

Organizing with Shoe Boxes and Storage TubsI needed to find a way to put away crafting items that are seasonal, and make it functional along with decorative. Because it is in my crafting space, a theme color is where I wanted to start. I found some great shoe/photo boxes and plastic tubs.


A roll of tape on top of a recycled glass jar containing a roll of twine.

Corralling Twine and Strapping Tape in One SpotI was tired of the roll of strapping tape and the twine falling out of the pantry every time I needed something next to them. So today, I saw and empty jar and went "Hey!".


A weekly/monthly planner.

Daytimer is my BibleI have used a daytimer for years and would be lost without it. I keep it in an area where I frequent most of the day, on my computer desk. Once a week, I pencil in my schedule for each of the weekdays, adding appointments, goals, projects, routine tasks, phone calls to make, etc.


Paper scraps cut in the size of the box.

Note Box Using Recycled PaperI recently found this cutie at a thrift store for .25. I loved how it looked like a an office supply box, even down to the little label spot on the front! But it was an odd size and shape.


A storage basket filled with useful items.

Save a Trip With a Storage BasketThis tip is actually universal whether you live in a single story, two story apartment, etc. For me, I am always running up and down stairs for important essentials especially misplaced car keys and wallets. I bought this set of 2 drawer storage organizer mini bins, 10.3 x 6.5 x 2.4 inches at Walmart for only 96 cents!


A pad of paper that says "Goal Getter" at the top.

Journal For Organizing And Daily PlanningHere is a good way to organize, plan, and set goals. You can do this with a journal, calendar, notebook, or even a chalkboard. This organizing tool is helpful to write down thoughts and goals. You may want to save money for a future item.


A small plastic bag containing Early Girl tomato seeds.

Seed DresserThis is an organized way to store seeds from the produce you buy, grow in your garden, or purchased seed packets. It is a hardware storage container which can be purchased at Harbor Freight for under $20.


A clipboard with lots of different sized papers.

Keep Smaller Papers Up Front on ClipboardI live by my little clipboard. But today, I had two pieces of paper that I didn't want hidden behind the main tablet. So I offset one so it shows in the back.


Supplies placed in the bottom of a tool box.

Tool Box for Car StuffNow that we can travel a little more now, I hope this will help you stay organized on the cheap. I got a small tool box at a thrift store, and simply filled it with things I had in the house or in the car but could rarely find.


Fridge Spinner for Storage - spinner in a plastic storage drawer filled with creamer single serve packets

Fridge Spinner for StorageThis was a lovely invention. But I lost the lids and have glass shelves. So today I got tired of rooting around for my creamers and sugar subsitutes. I also fit some coffee things like flavors and such.


A flatware tray holding tools.

Flatware Tray to Hold ToolsWe have this extra flatware tray from Ikea. It would cost more time/gas to go return it for $1.29, but I figured out what to use it for today. The perfect tool organizer for my husband's go to frequently used items - screwdrivers, box cutter, hammer, Sharpie, and tire pressure gauge. Everything fits nicely!


Lids stored in a vinyl record holder rack

Vinyl Record Rack for Organizing Plastic ContainersI am always battling with keeping my plastic containers and lids organized. While at the thrift store, I purchased an old 45 record holder with the idea of using it to organize the lids. This is the before and after pictures.


Placemats in hanging file box

Placemat OrganizerI used to store my placemats inside my hutch on a shelf. They were stacked on top of each other and soon they became a scrambled mess. I came up with this storage idea using a hanging file folder system for easier access and to keep them tidy. It is much easier to choose placemats when it is time to set the table!


A collection of snack size zip top bags.

Keeping Plastic Bags SortedToday I was trying to put out a bunch of little fires. It was raining, I was bored, you get it. So, in a big wooden drawer unit in the pantry, I had bags; all sorts of sizes and that meant I could never find the one I wanted. Which, is usually on the bottom, right?


A pair of glasses.

Hanging Up ClutterI have to use a glasses magnifyer for now, till my eyes are better. They clip on my glasses, and it helps me do reading, facebook on the phone, crafts, or Kindle work. Also, this is my charging station for the phone. But, they were always in the way or I left them somewhere they weren't needed. Or, the charger was on the floor.


Two Lidless Tubs Become One - one tub inside the other making two storage bins, top filled with yarn balls

Two Lidless Tubs Become OneToday, after working most of the week on crafts, I decided to work on my apt's clutter problem. I was able to clean out two tubs, leaving me with the bottoms, but not the tops. That happens a lot when you are moving around a lot.


A cupboard with the lower shelf supported by glass vases.

Customizing a Cupboard ShelfMy kitchen is built for amazon ladies with no rotator cuff problems. So, today I decided to make some changes. Instead of so many dishes in the cupboards, I put some in drawers. Still out of site but much more handy.


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Conserving Delivery and Curbside Pickup TimeslotsWith everyone isolating themselves against Covid-19, more people are using curbside and delivery services, which is great for reducing contact! But, those timeslots are at a premium. I felt like I was playing a slot machine trying to get one the other day.


storage crates behind a washer and dryer for storage.

Turn Dead Space into Storage SpaceI doubt anyone ever said that they have too much storage space! Yesterday, I was getting a little reorganized for the change of seasons, and had an idea to make some storage space in my small laundry room. I have front loading machines that sit about 6 to 8 inches away from the back wall to accommodate hoses and vents.


Bottles of lotion in a wire rack holder.

Lotion HolderI had a bottle holder which I didn't have any use for. I decided to make a lotion caddy out of the bottle holder so I could store my lotions on the counter top and have easy, daily access to a choice of lotions rather than dig through a bathroom drawer or have them piled up all over the countertop.


A shelf unit built on the back of a bathroom door.

Hidden Medicine CabinetI built this on the back of my laundry room door. It's shallow so I can look at OTC medicine, prescription medicine or my blood pressure checker. It even keeps my bandaids. Easy and it didn't take me long to build.


Reducing the Bulk of Craft Ribbon - rolls of ribbon

Reducing the Bulk of Craft RibbonI had two drawers in my craft caddy just stuffed with the round spools of decorator ribbon. There were spools sitting on top, too.


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Storing Shower ItemsI have always used 2 shower curtain rods because I like the way they work individually and this is my tip.


Tools organized on a shelf with recycled cans.

Organizing Your ToolsWe have a room that my boyfriend stores all his tools in. It is always a mess and you can't find anything when you need it. The screwdrivers are mixed in with the other hand tools and the woodworking tools are mixed in with the other tools. If you need any tools for the garden, they are mixed in with the power tools and you can't find what you need. You end up spending hours moving tools around to find the one you need.


A container with a blue lid that is marked with a "B".

Remembering The Right Lid for a ContainerTwo of my plastic containers are so close to the same, but with one small difference. I am always grabbing the wrong lid. So today, I marked the bottom with an indelible marker "B" to indicate the lid color. Now I can toss the yellow back into the basket it came from. Now when I grab the bottom, I will know it's the blue lid that goes with it.


An open shelf with a burgundy panel on the end.

Storing Books on Open ShelvesI bought a 72 inch H, 48 inch W, 24 inch D storage shelf. I made a burgundy panel to go on the end to prevent books from falling. Books can be shelved from both sides. Will house double the books from a single book shelf.


Makeup packaging with the purchase date noted.

Mark Makeup with Date PurchasedMakeup has a shelf life, even if unopened. I put the date I purchase it on the package. This way I use the oldest ones first. This also works with canned and boxed foods.


Dollar Tree Bead Storage Solution - plastic containers on a vinyl covered wire rack

Dollar Tree Bead Storage SolutionI love these little oblong containers from the Dollar Tree. I get them in a package of 10.


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Prescription Bottle for Secret KeyThis is so easy but smart you won't need a photo. Take any prescription bottle and glue a pine cone or whatever your landscape is made of so it will blend a rock or pine needles etc. Dig a hole just big enough to put the bottle in the ground, leaving the top ground level. Remember where you put it because it will blend in.


A shower buddy to store shampoo and bath supplies.

Shower Buddy for Shampoo StorageGet rid of bending over to reach your favourite shower products! And don't ruin your bathroom tiles by drilling or compromise with suction cups that fall off and can damage your tub. Super easy to install and use! Water drains in seconds to prevent standing water and bad odor. Easily stacked to increase storage space and the lower baskets are ideal for kids.


Several containers stored in a wire basket that pushes under the microwave.

Corralling Essentials Under the MicrowaveI have very little counter space. So I raised the microwave up with fabric- covered cans. That left some room underneath and that led to this little tip.


Mixing bowl stacked so that both handles show.

Show What Is Stored On a High Pantry ShelfBeing in a small place, I am lucky to have a pantry. But, sometimes even I have too much. Consolidating things can really help, until you forget where something is. Ever do that?


Expandable Way To Organize Beads

Expandable Way To Organize BeadsThis was a very easy project that took a small amount of effort with maximum return and it was fun. First collect as many of those little liquor bottles they give on airplanes or in the mini-bars in hotel rooms. Get your friends to help you. They are usually glad to help when you tell them it is for a special project. Other types of containers could be substituted.


Getting You Fabric Organized - tagged fabric pieces in a drawer

Getting Your Fabric OrganizedWith sewing and doing a lot of crafts, I needed to come up with a easy, efficient, and organized fabric display. Make it simple and easy looking for that perfect amount for upcoming projects, by simply measuring your fabric, folding it around cardboard, and pinning it together. Use leftover cardstock, with hand written measured amount, pinned into your fabric, card catalog style.


An over the door shoe organizer with shoes, socks and other accessories stored inside.

Organize Your Closet with One ItemI have a smaller closet and I was always struggling to put everything where I could see it. Then I bought a small 24 pocket shoe organizer online and it changed everything. I fit anywhere from shoes to bath bombs to my hair styling tools in it. I love it!


Linens stored in a clear zipper bag.

Save Large Clear Plastic Bags for Blanket StorageThe hot weather is here and it's time to get those winter blankets stored away for the summer months. To keep them from collecting dust, I use a large plastic container to store them in.


Outdoor cushions stored inside clear garment bags.

Outdoor Cushion Storage SolutionAfter purchasing a much needed patio sofa set, I had a dilemma with how to store those large cushions when not in use. The solution was zippered garment bags that I found at a big box store for $2.97 - I needed four.


An old Kenmore sewing machine manual in a plastic bag.

Protect Important Instruction ManualsSoon after we were married, my husband surprised me with a sewing machine in a small cabinet. That was 58 years ago. I have taken good care of it and have never had any problems. To oil it, I have to pull out the instruction manual.


Reduce Laundry by Reducing Clothes

Reduce Laundry by Reducing ClothesMy family of four just recently picked up and moved across the globe with most of our possessions in only seven suitcases. As we are settling into our new home, I am trying to be conscientious of what new things we bring into our house. Having less stuff can make for much easier organizing.


A plastic organizer with sockets stored inside.

Tool OrganizerI wanted to help organize some loose tools, that were all mixed together, in an old bucket. I had seen my husband looking everywhere for the right tool. I decided to use an organizer, that I had previously stored colored rubber bands in. I put the various sizes together so they would be easier to identify.


A moving box with clothing used as packing material.

Moving TipsI am helping a friend move. She went out and bought moving boxes, bubble wrap and tissue paper (which adds up money quite quickly!)


Coffee tubs and other recycled containers being used for organizing tools.

Coffee Tubs As Tool StorageThere were some pretty drawers in the kitchen where I kept some tools there and some in another place and still some in some other place. Well, it was getting a bit silly. So today, I sat a coffee tub inside the drawer and it fit, then I figured out another 3 fit.


A wicker tissue box used to store paints.

Reusing a Wicker Tissue BoxI have had this for a while. But, because most of the boxes of tissues I get at the dollar stores are about 1/2 inch taller, this looks silly. So, today I flipped it over and put a piece of cardboard in the "bottom" and showed how to use it for storing lots of things.


Long rolls of wrapping paper stored in a recycled cardboard box.

Wrapping Paper StorageCleaning out storage and closets and I found a whole bunch of wrapping paper that I didn't realize I had! To keep your wrapping paper neat and tidy, you can put them in a box. I used a Pampers wipes box and it fit a generous amount of wrapping paper ~ 16 rolls!


A pen with colorful rubber bands wrapped around it.

Personalize Writing Pens with Rubber BandsI have tons of colored rubber bands from my daughter's old loom collection. I decided to decorate my writing pens with them. They also make good grips for writing.


Leftovers labeled with initials to avoid spreading illness.

Label Food Leftovers To Prevent Spreading IllnessIf someone in our home is sick and there are leftovers that can be eaten later on, we would label with initials. That way, everyone is clear who it belongs to. This will prevent any confusion on who's leftover are who's.


Use Glass Votive Candle Holder for Eyeglasses - glasses in sock covered glass votive holder

Use Glass Votive Candle Holder for EyeglassesI needed a holder for my glasses, but I didn't have one. I put an anklet sock over a glass votive candle holder. I like how it turned out ;)


A binder clip holding a pair of bluetooth headphones.

Uses for Binder Clips in the OfficeI love binder clips; big, small or "just right". So today, I noticed what I did in the office and decided to share.


A cell phone sitting on a table or countertop.

Finding Cell Phone When Home AloneWhen I retired and was home alone all day, I sometimes misplaced my cell phone. Since women's clothes often don't have pockets, it would sometimes be on a different floor if I was cleaning closets, etc. I would have to email my daughter at work and ask her to call me since we don't have a land line anymore.


Hanging a Coat Rack on a Door

Hanging a Coat Rack on a DoorInstead of putting screws in your wall or door, use Command strips to hang coat racks. Typically if you put them on drywall they are more likely to tear the wall so it works best to apply them to a door. You will simply need some Command strips and hooks and your chosen coat rack.


A collection of recycled aluminum cans near tall narrow condiment bottles.

Cans to Stabilize Condiments in FridgeI love condiments. But some of the bottles are a little too slender to stay up when I open the door. Today I came up with something I think might help some of you.


A bag of greeting cards for certain occasions.

Categorize Your Greeting CardsI always have greeting cards of all genres in my house. I get them for free often when CVS combines a deal with extra care bucks. I also go to estate and garage sales, and thrift shops.


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