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Pill Organizers for Jewelry

Pill Organizers for JewelryWeekday pill organizers like the one pictured can be used to plan what earrings will be worn on which day of the week. Bobby pins fit also fit in this particular one, and rings as well.


Open Receipt Box

Receipt StorageI store all my receipts for the month in this long magnetic box that I bought from Michaels for $3.49, originally $6.99 (with a 50% coupon).


A folded T-Shirt

Fast Folding T-Shirt TechniqueIt's so easy to just stuff your shirts away after doing laundry. Not so great when you pull them out and they're mixed up and full of wrinkles. I pulled out all our shirts to do some organizing. There were so many! My thrifty nifty mum showed me how to fold them all FAST, and it was a lifesaver. Here is how to do it


Craft drawers being used to organize a pantry.

Organize Food Pantry With Craft DrawersSeveral years ago, I purchased a craft cart with tons of drawers, for additional storage. The cart itself started being too flimsy to use, but the drawers were in perfect condition. I decided I'd try to use them to organize my pantry, and I love the outcome! I labeled each drawer using my label maker and tried to sporadically place the different colors on the shelves.


Several skeins of embroidery floss in a plastic container.

Embroidery Floss OrganizerThis is a way to organize little bits of leftover embroidery floss. Use the plastic holders that come on packages of bread. Wrap the floss around the center of the plastic holder. Store in a plastic craft container with dividers and organize by color.


Organized craft supplies in a closet.

Organizing with Shoe Boxes and Storage TubsI needed to find a way to put away crafting items that are seasonal, and make it functional along with decorative. Because it is in my crafting space, a theme color is where I wanted to start. I found some great shoe/photo boxes and plastic tubs.


A roll of tape on top of a recycled glass jar containing a roll of twine.

Corralling Twine and Strapping Tape in One SpotI was tired of the roll of strapping tape and the twine falling out of the pantry every time I needed something next to them. So today, I saw and empty jar and went "Hey!".


Lids stored in a vinyl record holder rack

Vinyl Record Rack for Organizing Plastic ContainersI am always battling with keeping my plastic containers and lids organized. While at the thrift store, I purchased an old 45 record holder with the idea of using it to organize the lids. This is the before and after pictures.


Getting You Fabric Organized - tagged fabric pieces in a drawer

Getting Your Fabric OrganizedWith sewing and doing a lot of crafts, I needed to come up with a easy, efficient, and organized fabric display. Make it simple and easy looking for that perfect amount for upcoming projects, by simply measuring your fabric, folding it around cardboard, and pinning it together. Use leftover cardstock, with hand written measured amount, pinned into your fabric, card catalog style.


Tin Can Craft Supply Organizer - finished organizer with lids to tilt it back a bit

Tin Can Craft Supply OrganizerI have been washing and saving veggie and fruit cans for about a week. The time came last night to finally do something with them. This was what came of it.


Rolls of wrapping paper stored on dowels suspended by metal chains.

Wrapping Paper and Ribbon StorageI do a lot of crafts in a small space. My collection of wrapping paper seems to grow this time of the year. I make my small area more efficient and a space saver with cup hooks, wood dowels, and plastic or metal chains.


The cord to a small appliance placed inside a cord saver made from a hook and a cardboard toilet paper roll.

Tidy Cord SaverYou can purchase command cord bundle strips or make your own cord solution a lot cheaper. I purchased self adhesive hooks. I placed one on the side of my smoothie blender. I took an empty cardboard TP roll and covered it with inexpensive contact paper. I punched a hole in the TP holder and put it on the hook attached to my blender. Then I tucked the cord inside.


Repurposing a Dishwasher Baby Bottle Rack to Store Thread - loaded rack

Repurposing a Dishwasher Baby Bottle Rack to Store ThreadI am always looking for something to make my craft supplies easier to store, find, and use. I spotted this at a local thrift store and scarfed it up.


Clothes hanging from chains in the closet.

Closet Space SaverIf you've ever been frustrated by small closets, here's a very simple, very economical solution for any and every room.


Two electrical plugs with red dots on the top side.

Mark the Top Side of Electrical PlugsDid you know that the large slot on an electrical socket is on the left? To make it easier to plug my appliances into the sockets, I used some fingernail polish to mark the side that will be turned up when I plug them in.



Paper Towel Rolls as Yarn  Organizer - yarn wrapped around paper tubes

Paper Towel Rolls as Yarn OrganizerHere is a way to keep yarn from being tangled using paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Get a roll and tie a knot at the end. Begin to wrap yarn around just by turning the roll. Once done cut a small slanted line at the edge to insert yarn until needed.


Several rolls of crochet thread on a toilet paper holder.

Bath Tissue Holder to Store Crochet ThreadWhen your counter space in your work room is limited, you do what ever you can to save space. Today, I gathered up the spooled crochet threads and put them on this bath tissue holder.


Upright Storage for Long-handled Tools - now stored inside a tomato cage in pot

Upright Storage for Long-handled ToolsI had a large plastic container (from a plant) that was good size, but not tall enough to store items with long handles. To keep them upright and neat (and to help keep them from falling over) I had the idea to use tomato cages that I had lying around.


Organize Clothes by Vertical Folding

Organize Clothes by Vertical FoldingMy drawers were always overflowing with clothing until I undertook to reorganize them via the KonMari method. There I learned how useful it really is to fold clothes in that singular way, and not much more effort!


necklace in straw holder

Straw Pendant Necklace HolderThis is a great way to organize your pendant necklaces so the chains don't get twisted and you can see which necklace is which.


Credit Card for Loose Tape End

Credit Card for Loose Tape EndTake an old credit card or hotel key, cut it 1/2 inches and use as a tongue to secure the tape from sticking to itself. You will be able to use the plastic tongue to pull the tape out easily.


Turn a Silverware Tray into a Small Shelf

Turn a Silverware Tray into a Small ShelfI found this for .50 at a local yard sale. I find that most of these trays are a bit slanted so you can't use them for shelving. But this one was perfect in 3 ways.


shoe organizer for medical supplies

Over the Door Medical Supply HolderMy husband came home from the hospital with an open wound that has to be changed every day. The home nurse ordered all the dressings, tape, saline, and bandages we needed. This will need to be done everyday for about 6 months. It was a huge box of supplies that we had to organize.


closeup of necklace on hook

Use Dress Hanger for Jewelry RackMy roomie bought some dresses for her grand babies at Costco. They come with this wonderful hook she was about to recycle. I scooped it up and now use it for jewelry.


Upcycled Letter Rack for Eyeglasses

Upcycled Letter Rack for EyeglassesI up-cycled my letter rack to keep my eyeglasses on. I think the rack cost me £2.99 on eBay. By the window, I have two wooden panels and I decided to place it here. I just needed one nail to hang it by but the bottom half wasn't stable enough so I used a marble-sized piece of white Sugru to keep it in place.


Clear shower curtain rings, ready to use.

Use Shower Curtain Rings as HangersEach time you buy a new shower curtain it comes with a new set of curtain rings which are not always needed. You can use these in your wardrobe to save space by hooking them onto a clothes hanger.


filled baskets on rod

Basket for Bathtub ToysThe toys in our bathtub were a constant irritation to me. I saw this idea on Pinterest and it's genius! All you need is a shower curtain rod, shower curtain rings and a basket or two.


cut luffa sponge and bar of soap

Luffa Sponge for Soap StandI cut a slice from my new luffa sponge to use under my soaps to keep them dry and firm in my soap dishes.


Garbage container ready to be picked up

Has the Trash Been Picked Up?Sometimes it's hard to tell if the trash has been picked up, without multiple trips out to lift the lid. By leaving a bit of the yellow or red bag handle out, I know when it's been picked up just by looking out the window.


A selection of different spices, both powdered and whole.

Spices as an Alternative to MothballsWhen most of our belongings went into storage for 12 months, I used peppercorns and cloves in all clothing containers and bay leaves in all my book boxes. Never had a problem and everything smelt nice when I unpacked.



Cool Bathroom Shelving

Cool Bathroom ShelvingRecently, I moved into a home where there was a perfect space in front of a window, but I didn't have the ability to use brackets. I went to a thrift shop and got 4 cups, all the same height. I used them for shelf supports.


TV Dinner Trays As Drawer Organizers

TV Dinner Trays As Drawer OrganizersI always thought that the trays your TV dinner comes in could be useful for something. Then it came to me, drawer organizers! We all have messy drawers, in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.


Carry Jewelry in Pill Case

Carry Jewelry in Pill CaseWhen taking a trip or going away from home, I use a pill case to stash my rings, earrings and necklaces. They stay safe and separated!


Mark Top of Cans in Drawers

Mark Top of Cans in DrawersRight now, the cabinet fronts of the kitchen are coming off, I mean literally falling off! So I moved my food to the dresser where I keep my dishes for now. Not wanting to take them all out to find just one, I marked them on the top. This helped me and I hope it will help you.


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Space Saver Bags For Stored ClothesI live in the tropics where the air is very damp and mold on everything including clothes, shoes, and other leather goods is a big problem. I have had lots of success using the Space Saver brand plastic storage bags.


Use Your Cell Phone to Save Magazine Recipes

Use Your Cell Phone to Save Magazine RecipesWhile in a waiting room, at a friend's house, or even in the grocery store, there are times you can't rip out the page or take the magazine with you. I have found that my cell phone will take perfect pictures of the ingredients and the instructions.


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Carry a Door Hook in Your PurseI carry an inexpensive light weight over the door hook, I bought at a 99 cent store in my purse. I hang it over rest room doors that don't have one to hang my coat or purse. That way my belongings stay clean and safe while using the restroom.


people working on yard chores

Create a Work Club for Household ChoresI am in the process of starting a "work club" in my location. I belonged to one where I used to live and miss it greatly.


A trashcan with wheels.

Use Trashcan with Wheels to Transport PurchasesI have a clean 32 gal trashcan with wheels that I use to transport purchases from the vehicle into the house and nothing falls out in large holes like the wire shopping carts.


A row of hats displayed over a window.

Homemade Hat RackThis is an inexpensive way to display or store hats. The cost: hanger $1.29, cap 30¢, bolt/nut 30¢, jug of white vinegar $1.99, but you use the vinegar so the jug is free.


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Organizing for Your DisabilityMy son has Down Syndrome so we've learned to make things simple around our home. I moved his bed to the center of his room so he could walk around it to make it, much easier than making a day bed which needs long arms to reach to the back when making it.


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Mother's Tips For OrganizingMy mother was not one to have a lot of devices for storage or organizing clutter. Here's what she taught me:


Plastic placemat on shelf.

Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean and OrganizedI use plastic placemats to line the top shelf of my refrigerator. I cut up the old placemats to fit the top shelf and it really helps when it comes time to clean.


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Keeping Cords Under ControlMy pet peeve is the cords hanging behind my TV or an open table. Recently we had some problems with a bad cord and had problems making them all neat and out of the way.


Cell Phone Picture ofShopping List

Take a Cell Phone Picture of Shopping ListCan't remember the name of the medicine you got when you get to the store? Tired of pieces of paper floating around and getting nowhere and lost? Need to remember to get something from the store and always forget?



coupon organizer

Coupon Clipping Takes OrganizationI have clipped coupons for over 36 years now and I have saved thousands of dollars in grocery costs! I fondly remember one shopping trip I took where the total was $300 before my coupons and $30 AFTER! It felt fantastic!


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Make Furniture Templates When MovingThe last two times we've moved, it was a breeze when moving the furniture! I took graph paper, counted each square on the graph paper as 6 inches. I then measured each piece of furniture and cut a template for it using the 6 inch rule.


Old Binder Rings for Kitchen Storage

Old Binder Rings for Kitchen StorageI know we have a few old binders that were falling apart from use. I decided to pull the binder ring part out and use for hanging stuff in the kitchen. They already have holes in them so it was easy to hang. You could also spray paint them.


Hang another on an existing hanger using a pop can tab.

Soda Can Tab to Double Wardrobe SpaceSlide a ring pull from a soda can over a coat hanger. Immediately you now have double the wardrobe space!


Nifty Storage Idea for Scarves and Belts

Nifty Storage Idea for Scarves and BeltsYou will need an ordinary clothes hanger plus some shower curtain rings. Lots of space-saving room to hang your scarves and belts.


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Repurposing a DresserWe have a wonderful old piece of furniture and no place to put it, so we decided to use it as the TV stand, but it would require some modification.


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Help Your Cell Phone Return HomeMy young teens share a phone, so when they have events that my husband and I are not always at, they can call us if need be. Needless to say, it gets left or lost at times, each kid thinks another has it.


Spice rack for Keurig K-cups

Inexpensive K-cup HolderI needed a holder for my Keurig K-cups but did not want to spend $25-$50 for it. I went to a local 2nd hand store and found a wooden revolving spice rack for $2.90. The cups fit perfectly in the holes and I can paint it to match my decor if I want.


An egg carton being used for storing jewelry

Egg Cartons For StorageWe all have them! Styrofoam, cardboard, etc., they are fabu for storage! Fill each cup half full with poster paint, let it dry, and bam! Water color paint for the kiddies to use!


Spice Rack in Kitchen

Under Cabinet Spice RackI adapted instructions for a vinyl molding spice rack to fit my space. I used the space just between the counter top and the cabinets.


A dish drainer used for organizing a desk.

Use a Dish Drainer to Organize Your DeskDish drainers are cheap nowadays and can be bought at the dollar store. You can use them to organize your desk and kids books in their rooms. Some drainers even have silverware holders to hold your pens and pencils. I thought this was a cool idea!


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Prevent Forgetting Items With Car KeysOne of the banes of my existence always has been forgetting key items and taking multiple trips back to the house from the car when on my way somewhere - usually making me late in the process.


Boxes and supplies for a household move.

Packing Tips for MovingCall around for prices on boxes and special wrap for dishes. If you use newspaper on your kitchen dishes you will have no choice but to wash them before they are put away.


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Organize 60 Things A MonthTo make organizing simpler so you don't feel so overwhelmed, you can plan to organize two things a day. Maybe two drawers or a closet, or whatever you need to get done. By the end of the month, I have 60 things done!


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Use Chest of Drawers for Extra SpaceMy kitchen has lots of floor space, but hardly any cabinet or counter top space. I use a chest of drawers to give me extra counter and storage. It has a hard easy to clean surface and holds can goods, aluminum foil, zip bags, etc.


Pots, pans and lidshanging on the pegboard in kitchen.

Use Pegboard to Hang Kitchen ToolsI also have a small kitchen and what I had my husband do is to put up pegboard on the wall. I hung all my pans and extra items like the measuring spoons, etc.


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Use Mirror for Dry Erase BoardI have been using dry erase markers on my bathroom mirror to list appointments and things to do. You can use a different color for each subject and/or family member.


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Easy Way to Remind YourselfWhen I want to remember something I need to take with me to work or anywhere the next day, I take a plastic shopping bag (like from Wal-Mart) and I tie it to the handles of my purse the night before.


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Start With Small ProjectsTo get rid of clutter, I usually start on a small project. If I start with a small junk drawer and get it all cleaned out, I feel a sense of accomplishment that makes me want to do more.


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Contain Legos On A ComforterWe had huge Rubbermaid containers full of Legos that all 3 of my kids loved to play with daily. They would dump the containers so they could get pieces that were all the way at the bottom.


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Attach Important Items To HandbagMy daughter attached everything to my body when I lost everything, twice in six months. My bus pass, my glasses hang from my neck, my CC, cash, and driver license are in a small coin purse attached with an elastic band inside my handbag with a metal clip.


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Organizing My Sewing SuppliesI have several large 3 drawer plastic organizers that I purchased from Walmart to hold everything. I have divided each of my drawers. I divided one in half. The others into thirds, quarters and eighths.


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Tips for Organizing Your ClosetI have too many clothes, well, some think so. I love buying at thrift stores, consignment shops, and clearance racks. The problem is they get lost in a closet that should have enough room.


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Organize Food Storage Wraps In Magazine HoldersI use those plastic magazine holders in my kitchen to hold foil, waxed paper, saran wrap, etc. Just turn them on their back and insert the items.


Dish Drainer Filing

Dish Drainer for FilingI have just moved and ended up with five dish drainers. So, I was gathering them up to donate and thought of a way to keep a second one in the bedroom's office.


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Take Picture of List with Cell PhoneI have a big white board in the kitchen on which I make the grocery list as I The other day, I was in a hurry to leave the house and thought, "there must be a better way". It occurred to me to take a picture of the list with my cell phone camera. It worked GREAT!


Bamboo Skewer Knife Holder

Knife Holder Using Bamboo SkewersSuch a perfectly simple way to build a cheap knife-rack and you can size it to fit anywhere on any counter top.Plan the size you wish. You can have the lumber pieces sawed to size at Lowe's or Home Depot cheaply.


Attach a magnet to store tweezers

Attach Magnet to Bathroom Cabinet to...If you are like me I am always looking for a pair of tweezers, that was until I found this hint. Attach a magnet to the inside of your medicine cabinet, stick your tweezers to the magnet and you will always know where they are if you put them away.


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Index Cards to Keep Track of Seldom Used ItemsWhen reorganizing my home, I used to forget where seldom-used items got redirected to. After some frustrations, I learned to keep a recipe card file of alphabetized note cards, one for each item I moved.


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Label Corner of Fitted SheetBefore putting on a fitted sheet on a bed, take a permanent marker and write on the tag, LB or RB, depending on which side the tag is on. It makes making a bed much faster and easier! No more trying to figure out which corner goes where.


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Table Linen StorageWhen storing tablecloths and cloth napkins, to keep them from wrinkling or creasing, roll them around a cardboard tube. Next, fasten the ends on tube with rubber bands. Store in a drawer. No creases when you need to use them!


Tape end marked by paperclip

Use Paper Clip to Mark Tape EndTo keep from losing the end of postage tape, place a paper clip on the sticky side of the tape just below where you are making the cut. Store the tape with the paper clip, and you are ready to go next time you need to use the tape.


Recipe Photo Album

Photo Album for RecipesI bought this photo card holder to hold the recipes that I make over and over again. I leave it out on my counter top. It makes it handy and attractive at the same time.


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Place Phone in Purse When ChargingSeems like I was always forgetting to put my cell phone in my purse after charging it. Now I just leave the phone in my purse while it is charging and haven't forgotten it since.


Scissors cutting out a coupon from a sheet of paper.

Create A Coupon Book For ShoppingEvery time I shop, I have someone ask to look at my coupon book. I have shared it on here before a few years ago, but will again to kick off this new section of my blog on saving money.


Freezer Organization Page

Cleaning and Managing Your FreezerStep 1: Take out all your items in the freezer and put them into a large black bag (heavy duty bag). Wrap a duvet around it to keep the cold in.


Paper Towel Tube for Tong Storage

Paper Towel Tube for Tong StorageI never used my tongs because they took up too much storage space and were always tangled into everything else in my cabinet drawer. Then I discovered that they fit perfectly in a paper towel roller.


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Store Sheets Inside PillowcasesThis tip will save you looking for a matching bottom and top sheet with matching pillowcases. Put folded sheets and one of the pillowcases inside the other pillowcase.


a week worth of coffee

Set Up a Week's Coffee on Sunday NightSave time by setting your weekly morning coffee up Sunday night. Just fill up seven coffee filters with your favorite grounds. Then stack the coffee filters on top of each other and place them inside an empty coffee can with a sealable lid.


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"5S" Your Way to an Organized LifeMany people are overwhelmed with the thought of organizing their home let alone one specific area. A great "workplace" organization methodology you can follow in the home is called "5S", originally employed in Japanese manufacturing plants.


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Store Necklaces Inside a StrawWhen going on a trip, this is a good way to keep your necklaces from getting all tangled and knotted. Put the chains down a straw. In the top of the straw, make a small slit to hook the top of necklace to keep it in place.


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Rubberbands on Plastic HangersTwist rubberbands around the ends of plastic coat hangers to keep clothing from slipping off.


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Use Paper Towels for Temporary CurtainsAfter I moved into my brand new house, the most important thing for me was to find curtain for all of those more than 40 windows. Because there are so many, it is hard for me to find the right curtains and have them installed in a short period of time.


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Chore Incentives for Kids and AdultsTake a sheet of paper. With a pencil, write on one side all the chores that the person doesn't like to do/needs to do. On the other side, write a corresponding reward.


sewing kit 2

Emergency Sewing KitHave you ever lost a button when away from home? Well, I have several times and have needed an emergency sewing kit. I have been trying to think of a way to make one to go into my purse that didn't take a lot of room.


A pop can box made into a bag organizer.

Use Soda Can Box to Organize BagsI use an empty cardboard fridge mate soda case that your sodas come in for storing empty plastic bags. The hole that dispenses the soda is used for both loading your plastic grocery bags and removing.


ribbon holder

Create Your Own Ribbon HolderCreate your own ribbon holder for less than $2 using leftover materials: use an old wire basket (it is OK if some of the slats are broken) and several 12 inch long dowel rods (or pant hanger cardboard) cut to length.


Homemade Laundry Tabletop

Homemade Laundry TabletopMy husband and I just purchased and had delivered a new front load washer and dryer. We have 4 children with us in the house and all of us use the washer and dryer. We got to thinking how much money we spent on these, only to have things put on the top of them and getting scratched.


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Color Code Rooms When MovingI've been reading the moving advice here and have one more thought to it. When I moved, I bought 20 sheets of red, blue, green and yellow paper etc each, from at a copy center.


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Make Your Own Storage Pantry for Buying in BulkBuy yourself a tall $30 bookcase then, using two L-brackets, secure the top of your bookcase or shelves to the studs in the kitchen or garage wall. Next, simply wedge a spring rod inside the shelf about 1 inch from the top.


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When Moving, Set Up Beds FirstWhen moving, the first piece of furniture you want to move into your new house are the beds. Place them in the designated bedrooms, put them together, and make them up. At the end of the day, all you want to think about is a shower, food, and a good night's rest.


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Create an Inventory List for Household ProductsTo cut down on buying items you already have, create an inventory list for the bathroom, kitchen and pantry. Create two columns. Column 1 is to list the items you like to have on hand and column 2 is to check off when you run out of an item.


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Organizing Craft Supplies With Recycled ContainersI have all sorts of tiny crafting materials (wiggle eyes, acrylic jewels, needles, beads, etc) and not a lot of space to store them, we live full time in our camper. I tried looking for storage boxes but the compartments were either too small or too large for most of the materials.


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Check For Library Fines Before MovingIf you are moving and you and/or your children use the public library, check to see all your fines are paid. The public libraries are strapped for $ and are sending people with overdue accounts to collections!


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Prevent Bringing New Clutter HomeCleaning closets and clutter have been the largest project taken on this past week-end. I've renewed my determination to ask myself these questions before I bring anything of significance into this house.


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Family Closet for Organizing LaundryI have just experienced the best thing in my life; the family closet. I turned my laundry room into a laundry room/family closet. Now, I can wash, dry, fold and put away all in one room.


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Remembering to Make Favorite MealsI am notorious around my house for forgetting to make certain meals after a while. Since I try so many recipes, sometimes I lose track of some winners that my family loves.


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