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Storing deodorizer refills in an egg carton.

Reuse Egg CartonsI use egg cartons to store my B&BW wallflower refills in the drawer. They are easy to look through and upright so they do not leak. I just cut the top off and set the bottom in it to reinforce it. You could also use it to organize other things (sewing, screws, etc.).


Masks hanging on small hooks.

Storing and Caring for Face MasksAlthough mask mandates were stopped earlier this summer, the new variants of COVID-19 are bringing them back. Many areas require masks for any indoor public places and some places, like hospitals and courtrooms, have never stopped requiring them. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you keep your masks organized and at hand when you need them.


Logo for a ThriftyFun Guide

How Can I Make Permanent Lines on a Whiteboard?I am a hockey coach looking to make a fun way for my players to learn the game (positioning, rules, etc). I have made a to-scale Nok-hockey "rink" out of "thrifty whiteboard" from Home Depot and pre-primed 1x3 (looks pretty realistic, if I do say so myself!).


A clean and organized pantry shelf.

Keeping Track Of What Is In Your PantryThis weekend, I took time to organize some of my cabinets. I had over 6 items that were expired as far back as May 2020. I tend to lose track of the items in the cabinets because I would stack new items in front versus grabbing from the back because it's hard to reach without a step stool.


A satin hanger with pearl buttons on the shoulders.

Satin Hangers With ButtonsI love satin hangers for my lightweight sweaters, but it was always difficult to keep the sweaters on the hangers. To solve this problem, I simply sewed 2 pearl buttons a couple inches from the ends of the hangers.


A laundry hamper to collect items.

Reduce Trips Up and Down StairsGot frustrated forgetting to bring something UP or DOWN stairs when I changed floors and started leaving things on my stairs for the next trip until realizing that's unsafe for myself and others. I also juggled carrying multiple items (glass of water AND my cell phone for instance), NOT a good combination!


A pair of headphones that can be connected with a paper clip.

Keeping Bluetooth Earbuds From Getting LostI have found my bluetooth, the earbud style, on the ground and exposed to the elements, for the last time. I decided to make sure that didn't happen again with a simple paperclip.


Using a reflective collar to hold keys.

Reflective Collar as Key LanyardHere is a way to have an adjustable and reflective key lanyard for your keys using a small cat/dog collar. I have always used them because I like that it can be adjusted and not just super long like most lanyards. In addition, using a reflective one is great for finding them in the dark and can be used as safety protection for being visible when walking in the dark ! :)


A card showing when to change your HVAC filter.

Changing HVAC FiltersEver wonder when the last time you changed your HVAC filters was? Using a bright colored index card, I write the years, with corresponding months, leaving room for my date I changed the filters for the next three years. I make one for each filter location. I attach it to the wall with two hook and latch dots. I also attach a pen this way, so its always at the ready!


A cabinet containing spices and other cooking ingredients.

Organizing Your Spice CabinetMy spice cabinet was a mess! It had been ravaged during the holidays when we needed ingredients that aren't always used year round. Some baking supplies had been mixed in and some bulk spices were still in bags instead of bottles.


A set of wireless earbuds.

Storing EarbudsEarbud style headphones are common for using with smartphones or computers. They can be wired or wireless, requiring different types of storage to keep them safe and accessible when you want them.


Marking an earbud with a piece of yarn.

Identifying Which Earbud Goes WhereI got some pretty cool bluetooth earbuds last month. They come with these great ear guards. But, sometimes with my eyesight what it is, it's hard to tell which is left or right. I used to spend about 30 seconds a day trying to get it right.


Clothespin to Store Earbuds

Clothespin to Store EarbudsThis is a great tip to keep earbuds from getting tangled in a drawer or your purse. Put the earbuds in the space where the clamp opens. Wind the wires around the prongs. Weave in the end so it doesn't unravel.


A can organizer being used for craft supplies.

Can Organizer for Craft SuppliesMy daughter went another way with her pantry recently, and gave me three of these. I hoped they would have worked in my pantry but when one door closes...


A basket hanging from two hangers in the closet.

Sock Storage from the Dollar TreeI am trying to organize my bedroom closet and socks are the bane of my existence. So today I thought of something that really helped.



Supplies placed in the bottom of a tool box.

Tool Box for Car StuffNow that we can travel a little more now, I hope this will help you stay organized on the cheap. I got a small tool box at a thrift store, and simply filled it with things I had in the house or in the car but could rarely find.


Paper scraps cut in the size of the box.

Note Box Using Recycled PaperI recently found this cutie at a thrift store for .25. I loved how it looked like a an office supply box, even down to the little label spot on the front! But it was an odd size and shape.


Logo for a ThriftyFun Guide

Keep Smaller Papers Up Front on ClipboardI live by my little clipboard. But today, I had two pieces of paper that I didn't want hidden behind the main tablet. So I offset one so it shows in the back.


A storage basket filled with useful items.

Save a Trip With a Storage BasketThis tip is actually universal whether you live in a single story, two story apartment, etc. For me, I am always running up and down stairs for important essentials especially misplaced car keys and wallets. I bought this set of 2 drawer storage organizer mini bins, 10.3 x 6.5 x 2.4 inches at Walmart for only 96 cents!


Organized craft supplies in a closet.

Organizing with Shoe Boxes and Storage TubsI needed to find a way to put away crafting items that are seasonal, and make it functional along with decorative. Because it is in my crafting space, a theme color is where I wanted to start. I found some great shoe/photo boxes and plastic tubs.


A small plastic bag containing Early Girl tomato seeds.

Seed DresserThis is an organized way to store seeds from the produce you buy, grow in your garden, or purchased seed packets. It is a hardware storage container which can be purchased at Harbor Freight for under $20.


A roll of tape on top of a recycled glass jar containing a roll of twine.

Corralling Twine and Strapping Tape in One SpotI was tired of the roll of strapping tape and the twine falling out of the pantry every time I needed something next to them. So today, I saw and empty jar and went "Hey!".


A weekly/monthly planner.

Daytimer is my BibleI have used a daytimer for years and would be lost without it. I keep it in an area where I frequent most of the day, on my computer desk. Once a week, I pencil in my schedule for each of the weekdays, adding appointments, goals, projects, routine tasks, phone calls to make, etc.


A collection of face masks hanging on a line.

Storing Face MasksIf you have acquired a collection of face masks for virus protection, you will need a good way to store them so they are accessible when you need them. The easiest way is to hang them from the straps on a hook or hanger.


A desk shelf made from recycled cans.

Major Shelf Over Desk Using CansRecently, I rearragned my bedroom/office/craft room. The scanner was a bone of contention as it was right next to the keyboard. I needed a shelf to keep things from being cluttered on the desk top.


DIY Lazy Susan Organizer - finished and stocked lazy Susan

DIY Lazy Susan OrganizerYou know when your intentions are pure and your start out with the best of them? I put a pretty basket on a lazy susan and put napkins, spices, and salt and pepper. Then, a cup for pens. Then paper. Then cards...


An empty and clean fridge.

Uses For Old RefrigeratorsThere are many uses for old refrigerators, especially for extra storage. However, there are safety concerns with empty fridges and children so be sure the door can be easily opened from the inside. Many people remove the door as added protection.


An outdoor car covered with a plastic shower curtain liner.

Protecting Outdoor Toys with a Shower Curtain LinerIt was an endless battle keeping the outdoor toys clean. My friend suggested going to the dollar store and getting shower curtains. I got the liners because they are white. Perfect solution! I save water, detergent, and time.


The cord to a small appliance placed inside a cord saver made from a hook and a cardboard toilet paper roll.

Tidy Cord SaverThe cord to a small appliance placed inside a cord saver made from a hook and a cardboard toilet paper roll.You can purchase command cord bundle strips or make your own cord solution a lot cheaper. I purchased self adhesive hooks (16 @ dollar store). I placed one on the side of my smoothie blender. I took an empty cardboard TP roll and covered it with inexpensive contact paper (also @ dollar store). I punched a hole in the TP holder and put it on the hook attached to my blender. Then I tucked the cord inside.


Placemats in hanging file box

Placemat OrganizerI used to store my placemats inside my hutch on a shelf. They were stacked on top of each other and soon they became a scrambled mess. I came up with this storage idea using a hanging file folder system for easier access and to keep them tidy. It is much easier to choose placemats when it is time to set the table!



Eyeglasses hanging on a plastic container attached to the side of a small wicker shelf.

Hanging Up ClutterI have to use a glasses magnifyer for now, till my eyes are better. They clip on my glasses, and it helps me do reading, facebook on the phone, crafts, or Kindle work. Also, this is my charging station for the phone. But, they were always in the way or I left them somewhere they weren't needed. Or, the charger was on the floor.


Lids stored in a vinyl record holder rack

Vinyl Record Rack for Organizing Plastic ContainersI am always battling with keeping my plastic containers and lids organized. While at the thrift store, I purchased an old 45 record holder with the idea of using it to organize the lids. This is the before and after pictures.


A flatware tray holding tools.

Flatware Tray to Hold ToolsWe have this extra flatware tray from Ikea. It would cost more time/gas to go return it for $1.29, but I figured out what to use it for today. The perfect tool organizer for my husband's go to frequently used items - screwdrivers, box cutter, hammer, Sharpie, and tire pressure gauge. Everything fits nicely! This is an inexpensive option to help organize tools.


A collection of organized plastic bags.

Keeping Plastic Bags SortedToday I was trying to put out a bunch of little fires. It was raining, I was bored, you get it. So, in a big wooden drawer unit in the pantry, I had bags; all sorts of sizes and that meant I could never find the one I wanted. Which, is usually on the bottom, right?


Sprucing Up a TV Stand - finished makeover

Sprucing Up a TV StandIt's easy to spruce up an old wicker TV stand with a few basic supplies. This adds a great deal of storage in an attractive way.


Fridge Spinner for Storage - spinner in a plastic storage drawer filled with creamer single serve packets

Fridge Spinner for StorageRepurposing a seldom used item is a fun and thrifty endeavor. Here a refrigerator spinning, lazy Susan style, storage container unit with missing lids moves out of the fridge and is used to store coffee or tea condiments.


Hanger, Clips, and Rings for Craft Storage - wreath rings and embroidery hoops hanging from a hanger

Hanger, Clips, and Rings for Craft StorageFinding space to store craft supplies in a small house or apartment can be challenging. Here is an inexpensive solution.


An empty cardboard egg carton.

Organizing Using Egg CartonsEgg cartons are often reused for craft projects, but they can also be used for organizing small craft supplies as well as other small items. Some suggestions for organizing using egg cartons can be seen below.


DIY Bead and Small Item Storage - second drawer of small containers

DIY Bead and Small Item StorageSmall containers, whether recycled coffee containers or lidded boxes from a craft or discount store, can be invaluable in organizing your small craft supplies. A description of one crafter's storage solution is offered below.


Budget Organizer - finished organizer

DIY Budget OrganizerSometimes a simple envelop and accordion folder system is the best tool for managing your budget. Learn how to make your own folder and set it up for bill management and savings growth.


Hanging Necklaces Using Re-purposed Items - necklaces hung and pliers in blue basket

Hanging Necklaces Using Re-purposed ItemsA careful search of your home or apartment might uncover a number of items that can be repurposed to hang jewelry crafts that are in process or complete and ready for sale. The tip on this page outlines one crafter's solution.


DIY Over the Counter Dish Rack - over the sink rack

DIY Over the Counter Dish RackExpand the storage space in your kitchen with an over the sink dish rack. Buying one can be pricey, but here is a less expensive option.


A cupboard with the lower shelf supported by glass vases.

Customizing a Cupboard ShelfSome times the configuration of your kitchen cupboards may not really work for you. One size or layout in this case does not fit all. There are simple, even temporary ways you can adjust the shelving to make it more suitable to your needs.


DIY Cup Cup Sleeve Tea Organizer - reorganized drawer

DIY Hot Cup Sleeve Tea OrganizerThe paper sleeves you get with your takeout coffee or other hot drinks can be used to create an organizer for your tea bags. Learn how here. It is easy and you're recycling.


Meal Planning Pocket Chart - in use finished chart

Making a Meal Planning Pocket ChartPlanning meals is a great way to save money and time in the kitchen. This helpful pocket chart will keep all your favorite meals in rotation.



A shelf unit built on the back of a bathroom door.

Making a Hidden Medicine CabinetBathroom medicine cabinets are often too small to hold all of your medical and first aid supplies. This hidden cabinet/shelf unit was constructed and hung on the back of a door. The design lends itself to other uses as well.


Reducing the Bulk of Craft Ribbon - folded ribbon with paper clips

Reducing the Bulk of Craft RibbonCrafting ribbon on spools can take up a lot of space. Here is one way to reduce the bulk and make room for more supplies.


Hanging a Coat Rack on a Door

Hanging a Coat Rack on a DoorThere are a few ways to hang a coat rack on the back of a door. Some come with over the door hangers, they can be screwed into the door, or you can use Command Hooks to attach them.


people working on yard chores

Creating a Work Club for Household ChoresGetting the much needed chores done around your home may be a never ending source of frustration. Try a family coordinated attack on them on a weekly basis. Another excellent idea is to organize a work club in your area. Read on for the club details.


A bottle of shampoo being dispensed.

Placing Rubber Bands Around Shampoo BottlesPlace rubber bands around your shampoo bottles to reduce their slipperiness and also to help differentiate between the shampoo and conditioner, especially when they are the same brand.


Customizing a Wicker Nightstand - new tabletop with bedside light on

Customizing a Wicker NightstandAdd a wicker basket to the top of a too small nightstand to create enough space for a bedside lamp, cell charger, and more. Learn how to customize a wicker nightstand below.


A key covered with decorative scrapbook paper.

DIY Scrapbook Paper Key CoverRather than buy the key covers sold commercially, to help identify specific ones, try the simple solution outlined below. You will be able to personalize your keys using a bit of fun scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.


Books stored horizontally and vertically on shelves.

Storing Books on ShelvesShelving units are the perfect solution for storing books. They allow easy access and the titles are more visible. You don't need to buy expensive wooden shelves for this purpose, read on for some shelving tips.


Hanging earrings stored on a piece of fabric.

Storing EarringsMany of us are on the lookout for new earring storage ideas. This page offers several easy to implement suggestions.


A messy and cluttered kitchen counter.

Keeping Clutter Off Kitchen CountersKitchens are notorious for being a place that seems to be a clutter magnet. All of those horizontal countertops are really convenient places to drop keys, purses, mail, and more. Containers and baskets are one way to at least compartmentalize the mess. Daily pick up routines are also helpful. This page contains suggestions for keeping clutter off of the kitchen counters.


Large paper clip attached to table for cord.

Use a Binder Clip to Hold Cords in PlaceBinder clips are the perfect solution to keeping cords from falling behind furniture. They are also a great way to manage the mess of multiple cords.


A woman reading a recipe from a spiral bound notebook.

Making a Recipe Book for Online RecipesWith so many recipes now available online you might still want to consolidate your favorites into an old school recipe book. One example would be to print and add them to a photo album.


Dollar Tree Bead Storage Solution - plastic containers on a vinyl covered wire rack

Dollar Tree Bead Storage Container SolutionFinding the right storage container for your craft beads may be a process, as you try and discard various options. Sometimes the solution can be found at a discount store such as the Dollar Tree.


A collection of eyeglasses on a white background.

Storing EyeglassesWhen you have an assortment of eyeglasses that you need to store, you can repurpose a letter rack. You will then be able to view your glasses, to quickly choose the pair you want.


Clothing clipped on hangers in a closet.

Hanging Long Dresses in a Low ClosetUsing two clothes hangers, you can easily hang your dresses in a closet with a low rod setting. Simply drape the skirt portion over the second hanger and you are good to go.


A stressed woman looking at paperwork.

Getting Your Priorities StraightWe always have important things that we need to accomplish. Prioritizing your tasks with a list and following it, will help you complete them in a timely manner.


A collection of hats hanging on a wall coat rack.

Hanging Hats on the WallDisplaying hats on the wall is a great way to use them as decoration and keep them in good shape.


DIY Shirt Folding Board - folded t-shirt

DIY Shirt Folding BoardYou too can have perfectly stacked shirts, like the ones you see at the store. This DIY shirt folding board is easy to make with items you likely have around the house.


Reduce Laundry by Reducing Clothes

Reducing Laundry by Reducing ClothesNot surprisingly fewer clothes reduces the large laundry piles. You can sort through your closet and get rid of old, worn, unused clothing items. Of course less clothing does mean more frequent laundering, but the trade off may suit your needs. This page contains an essay on reducing laundry by reducing clothes.


Upright Storage for Long-handled Tools - now stored inside a tomato cage in pot

Upright Storage for Long-handled ToolsLong handled tools, such as garden tools and others can be difficult to store without them constantly falling over. One solution involves a plastic planter and tomato cages. This page offers a solution for upright storage for long-handled tools.


A man looking at his prescriptions in a medicine cabinet.

Storing Medications SafelyThere are numerous things to consider when deciding where and how to store medication safely.


Making a Magnetic Pen/Pencil Holder - pen holder next to note pad on fridge

Making a Magnetic Pen/Pencil HolderHaving a magnetic holder for pens and pencils can be very handy. They are a perfect solution for use in a school locker or on your refrigerator. Here are some great homemade ideas to try.


Plastic bags stored in a recycled plastic container.

Recycled Plastic Containers for Organizing Plastic BagsIf you live in an area that still allows one use plastic shopping bags, you probably have struggled with organizing and storing them. This page offers several possible solutions focusing on using recycled plastic containers for organizing plastic bags.


A stack of colorful hair ties.

Storing Elastic Hair TiesElastic hair ties can be stored in a number of neat ways that are preferable to the tangle at the bottom of a drawer or the scatter across a bathroom counter. This page offers several easy tips for storing elastic hair ties.


A folded T-Shirt

Fast Folding T-Shirt TechniqueTired of wrinkles in your nice clean t-shirts? This page offers a fast folding t-shirt technique that will help keep your freshly laundered shirts wrinkle free.


Making the Bed to keep it Looking Nice

Keeping Bedding Looking NiceThere are a few good suggestions on this page for keeping your bedding looking nice. Whether the issue is flat pillows or pillows that won't stay in place as arranged.


Hide Clutter in Plain Sight

Using Decorative Containers to Hide ClutterYou can use decorative containers to hide stuff in plain sight, and keep things available and convenient for your needs.


A woman blowing confetti at the camera.

How to Organize and Store ConfettiMany craft projects and events call for confetti. If you have a lot of confetti to store read the useful tip on this page about using a utility box to organize and store confetti.


An outdoor couch with lots of cushions.

Storing Outdoor CushionsOutdoor cushions should be stored over the winter or during inclement weather. Proper storage will keep bright colors from fading so fast and ensure years of usage.


storing craft supplies

Storing Craft SuppliesIt's good to store your craft supplies in an organized manner to prevent time and money spent finding or replacing them. There are all sorts of recycled items that can be used for craft supply storage.


A hand holding a pair of scissors.

Keeping Track of ScissorsTo keep track of your scissors, you can add a cord or clip to the handle or even wear them around your neck on a lanyard when sewing. Some even store them in the refrigerator.


Nifty Storage Idea for Scarves and Belts

Use Shower Curtain Rings to Store Scarves and BeltsShower curtain rings can be used on a hanger in your clothes closet to store scarves and belts. It saves space and makes it easy to find the scarf you are looking for.


Handmade Labels for Storage Containers and Drawers  - labeled three drawer storage unit

Handmade Labels for Storage Containers and DrawersHand printing your own labels can save you money on printer ink and time setting it up. They can stand out and be easy to read. This is a page about handmade labels for storage containers and drawers.


Muffin Tin Ribbon Organizer

Turn an Old Muffin Tin Into a Ribbon CaddyPaint an old muffin tin and add dowels to create a unique and useful ribbon caddy. The steps and a finished photo can be found on this page.


DIY Weekly Meal Planner - dinner

Weekly Meal PlanningPlanning your family meals on a weekly basis has several benefits. It helps to ensure that food is used up before it goes bad and keeps you from ordering takeout or going out to eat. This will save you time and money in the long run, while keeping your family well fed with healthy home cooked meals.


Bucket Garden Storage - 2 pails hanging on the side of a garden storage building

Using Buckets as Garden Storage ContainersOrganizing your garden implements can be made easier with buckets. This page is about using buckets as garden storage containers.


Creatively Store Kitchen Hand Towels

Storing Kitchen Towels in a BasketFinding a way to creatively store kitchen hand towels can make them easy to access and decorative at the same time. Try storing your kitchen towels in a basket to keep them handy.


An open refrigerator with some disarray.

Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean and OrganizedA lot of waste comes from food being "lost" in the back of a messy refrigerator. Organization helps you keep more money in your wallet while making cooking a snap. This is a page about keeping your refrigerator clean and organized.


Craft Project Tickler Box - sort craft project cards and begin filing

Making a Craft Project Tickler BoxKeep your craft ideas organized by a variety of categories by using this handy tickler box. This is a page about making a craft project tickler box.


Fold Clothes Together for Traveling - beginning to fold short up over shirt

How to Fold Clothes Together for TravelingYour outfits will be ready to wear by folding them together before putting them in your travel bag. This is a page about how to fold clothes together for traveling.


An old RC car box that has been repurposed for craft supply storage.

Turning a Old RC Car Box into a Sewing BoxRepurpose an old sectioned storage box to store all your sewing or craft supplies. This is a page about turning a old RC car box into a sewing box.


Budget Organizer Notebook - open notebook showing budget envelopes

How to Make a Budget Organizer NotebookKeep your bills, recipts and other budgeting tools at hand with this simple pocket organizer. It's small enough to fit into a handbag or purse if you wish to take it with you. This page shows how to make a budget organizer notebook.


Colorful beads in small glass jars.

Using a Spice Rack for Bead StorageAn old spice rack is a great storage space for small craft beads. They can often even be found at yard sales or thriftstores, making for an inexpensive solution. This is a page about using a spice rack for bead storage.


A row of condiments in the refrigerator.

Organize Condiments in Your RefrigeratorOrganizing your condiments in the fridge can not only save you time when cooking or preparing lunch for school and work, but it can help alert you to the need to replace supplies that are getting low. This is a page about organizing condiments in your refrigerator.


A collection of black and white photos.

Storing PhotographsBefore cell phones we all accumulated boxes and albums of photos. Organizing and finding safe storage places for these family treasures can be daunting. This is a page about storing photos.


A hanging coat rack with hat, scarves and purses stored on it.

Using a Coat RackWhether you have a stand-alone coat rack or one that hangs on a wall, there are all sorts of uses for these handy hooks. This page contains information about using a coat rack.


A bare bed mattress.

Remembering to Flip or Rotate Your MattressIf you have a non-pillow top mattress or a two sided pillow top one, you can often extend the life and comfort of the mattress by periodically flipping it over and rotating it head to foot. This is a page about remembering to flip or rotate your mattress.


A white plastic grocery bag.

Storing Plastic Grocery BagsMany consumers reuse their plastic grocery or shopping bags. Keeping these flimsy bags organized and contained for future use can be a challenge. This page contains several solutions for storing plastic grocery bags.


A lazy susan full of beauty products.

Use a Lazy Susan for Beauty ProductsMany of us could use some ideas for organizing our beauty products to make them easier to access. Try this simple solution by using a lazy Susan for beauty products.


Pile of greeting cards.

Organizing Unused Greeting CardsSave extra holiday cards and stock up on frequently used greeting cards when you see a good price and choice. Then by organizing them you can always find what you need for that special occasion. This is a page about organizing unused greeting cards.


A shower rod in the bathtub used for hanging towels.

Using a Shower Rod to Hang TowelsA tension shower curtain rod can provide additional space for hanging towels to dry in your tub or shower enclosure. This page suggests using a shower rod to hang towels.


Magnet Collection from around the world.

Displaying a Magnet Collection?This is a page about displaying a magnet collection. Magnets are a common souvenir that people purchase for themselves or as gifts for others. It can be hard to find the best way to display them all, especially if you want to avoid cluttering your refrigerator.


Plastic Pill Organizer

Uses for Plastic Pill OrganizersPlastic pill organizers have small sections and tight-fitting lids, perfect for storing all sorts of small items. This page contains uses for plastic pill organizers.


Lazy Susan in a refrigerator.

Using a Lazy Susan in Your FridgeIf you are looking for a new way to use that lazy Susan that is collecting dust in a cabinet or the garage, use it in your fridge. There are also new ones that can be used this way as well to help organize and make foods more accessible. This is a page about using a lazy Susan in your fridge.


A drawer organizer made from the flat side of a plastic egg carton.

Recycled Drawer OrganizersYou can an empty egg carton (top part) as drawer insert organizers. It is a good size and can help you stay organized. Can be for any drawer; like your kitchen, desk, vanity, etc.


Stack of photos

Keeping Photos from Sticking Together?Moisture and acids from non archival paper can cause photos to stick to each other. One highly recommended solution is to place a piece of archival paper between the photos and then store them in an archival box, away from moisture. This is a page about keeping photos from sticking together.


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