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Identifying a Tan Bug - gray tan bug

Identifying a Tan BugDoes anyone know what kind of bug this is found if in my moms car.


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Keeping Bugs Out of Sealed ContainersWhen storing goods, like flour or sugar, take a solution of peppermint oil and water and wipe around the top where the lid goes. It will keep the bugs away from trying to get in whatever you are storing. Do this whenever you open the container. I use a few drops of peppermint oil and water and vinager.


An unwanted rodent in a trap.

Health Hazards of Rodent UrineRodents can invade your home coming in through very small openings. Once inside they urinate in many areas of your home. This urine can be the cause of diseases such as those in the hantavirus family. In order to avoid exposure to rodent urine, you will need to keep them out of your home and clean very well if they have been inside.


A cat with a dead mouse on the ground.

Cats Catching MiceDepending on how a cat is raised, they can be helpful in controlling mice. Cats are natural predators. Many will help catch some mice, but it is important to do other prevention as well.


A man spraying a plant for spider mites.

Getting Rid Of Spider MitesSpider mites can damage and even kill garden and houseplants. Remove the infected leaves and stems and discard. A mixture or rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts can be sprayed on plants to kill the mites. There are additional methods offered on this page.


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Apartment Neighbor's Dog Pooping Near CarsI have upstairs neighbors that let their dogs poop in the driveway along the side and behind the cars. I told the landlord and he won't not do anything. I called the dog warden and they would do nothing because it is in the yard not on the side. I called legal aid and told landlord what they said and still he still did nothing. What can I do now?


Identifying Bug Bites - largish dark pink bite mark above ankle

Identifying Bug BitesCan anyone be of help and tell me what these bites could be? I keep getting bitten at night when I sleep it seems. They itch, swell. They seem like different bites, but Im not sure. I've vacuumed my room multiple times and washed my bedding multiple times. I don't see any spiders or bugs around my mattress or anywhere. I wear sweats to sleep in and put spray on my leg, but it is still happening.


A carpenter bee burrowing in wood.

Identifying a Flying Burrowing InsectWhen identifying a flying burrowing insect, you may have a bee, hornet or a wasp. Some are very beneficial. There are some good sites online to find out what kind you have.


Identifying Little Black Biting Bugs - bug on skin

Identifying Little Black Biting BugsI've been having itching problems for a while. At first I didn't know what it was. I was itching so badly that I started seeing scars on my skin and one day I noticed this small black bug, I'm not sure what it is.


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Remedy for Invisible Bugs Crawling on My SkinI have a problem with invisible crawling bugs on my skin after a cockroach was crawling on me, what is the cause of invisible crawling bugs? How can I treat those invisible crawling bugs?


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - bug on mattress

Identifying Small Brown BugsI have found these skinny brown/black bugs with wings crawling on my bed the past few days. They crawl pretty fast. I was searching around the floor board where my bed is and I found another bug it might be the baby version? They are super small and are stuck to the white floor board and one was on my bed. It looks white, brown, and yellow striped and is kinda fuzzy.


Several Dead Squirrels Found in Yard - dead grey squirrel

Cause of Dead Squirrels in Your YardIt can be a mystery what is causing squirrels to die in your yard. It may be poison or disease when there are no visible markings.


Getting Rid of Tiny Black Bugs in the Garage

Getting Rid of Tiny Black Bugs in the GarageI have tiny, shiny, black hard round bugs in the garage and finding a way into the house by the sliding glass door. I have sprayed, hosed more like it with roach and bug spray. We fogged the garage and didn't go in for 2 days (we went camping lol). When we got home I sprayed again for good measure. Yet an hour later I saw one crawling along. They don't fly, but crawl slowly. What are they?


DIY Foil Garden Pest Deterrents - deterrents in a fruit tree

DIY Foil Garden Pest DeterrentsBe sure animals don't eat all your harvest. Use aluminum foil to create shapes that will scare off birds and other pests from your fruit trees.



Identifying a Small Hard Shell Jumping Bug - squashed bug on a piece of lined paper

Identifying a Small Hard Shell Jumping BugI am finding these in bed hanging over the side, on my phone with all lights out. Out of nowhere there is this little jumping bug, and then another. I couldn't catch them without trapping with finger. Then I squished it. Can anyone tell from this picture? I do have dogs and they were on my bed today.


Identifying a Small Black Bug - shiny black bug

Identifying a Small Black BugI found this bug dead on my sheets tonight. Does anyone know what this is? I do have cats, but nobody is itching. I haven't seen any others.


Getting Rid of Small Grey Bugs - appears to be a sow bug

Getting Rid of Small Grey BugsI have these tiny bugs around the window in the bedroom. They seem grey, but under light they can be translucent. They are slow and they do not jump or fly. The small ones are as small as a speck with no features that the eye can distinguish. The larger ones are pictured here.


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Using Instant Potatoes as Mouse BaitThe info I looked up only spoke of rats. Will this work the American way for mice too?


Getting Rid of Tiny Brown Bugs - bug on the wall

Getting Rid of Tiny Brown BugsI find these bugs in the morning and some are dead and others are alive. How I do I get rid of them?


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Getting Rid of Tiny Black Flying InsectsI have black flying insects they look like tiny gnats. There are 100s of them mainly in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room. My partner can't see them?What are they and how do I get rid of them?


Identifying Insect Eggs

Identifying Insect EggsThis cluster was on my wall in Virginia. The individuals are so small it was hard to get a good focus, but this was the best I got. It looks to me like tiny roaches around more eggs, but I'm stumped.


Pests Attacking Crepe Myrtle TreesWhile you can use commercial pesticides to rid you tree of pests, there are also more environmental friendly methods you might want to try. This is a page about solutions for pests attacking crepe myrtle trees.


A raccoon getting into a hummingbird feeder.

Keeping Raccoons Out of Hummingbird FeedersRaccoons can stand upright, so it is important to hang your hummingbird feeder out of reach from porch railings or other surfaces that they could stand on. This is a page about keeping raccoons out of hummingbird feeders.


Identifying Bugs that Hatched in the Bathroom - bugs on sink counter top

Identifying Bugs that Hatched in the BathroomI recently noticed what looked like a line of dirt in the wall in the corner of the bathroom. I was doing some cleaning and scrubbed the wall only to see that the wall had dust rows behind where the line was. Thinking it was just dirt I didn't pay a lot of attention to it. I few hours later I saw that the dirthad hatched. What are these bugs?


A spider beetle on the trunk of a tree.

Getting Rid of Spider Beetles (Ptinidae)This is a page about getting rid of spider beetles. Here are some tips for safely getting rid of spider beetles in your home.


Pigeon nesting in a box.

Getting Rid of a Nesting PigeonPigeons can sometimes choose a nesting spot that is inconvenient or worrisome for a home owner or apartment dweller. If she has already laid eggs you can read on to see some ideas on what to do about a nesting pigeon and discouraging future nests. This is a page about getting rid of a nesting pigeon.


A bowl of diatomaceous earth (DE).

Diatomaceous Earth for Insect ControlTo safely kill bugs you can use food grade diatomaceous earth. It is a powder that is the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. It is sharp, and cuts the insects. This is a page about diatomaceous earth for insect control.


Getting Rid of Little Brown Biting Bugs - small brown bug on countertop

Getting Rid of Little Brown Biting BugsWhat kind of bug is this, where do they come from, and how can I get rid of them?


Larvae Identification - larvae

Larvae IdentificationI keep finding what looks like small pieces of rug padding. A closer look shows that it is not foam, but a cluster of larvae looking things. My 7 year old son, 2 year old dog, and myself are all having health issues.



Hand spraying hairspray.

Using Hairspray to Kill InsectsHairspray will immobilize the insect by coating its wings, so you can safely kill it. This is a page about using hairspray to kill insects.


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Preventing Bug Bites with Brewer's YeastHow many mgs of Brewer's yeast tablets can I safely take daily to help keep from getting bitten by fleas, mosquitos, and no see umms?


Swarm of little flying bugs outdoors.

Solutions for Flying GnatsFinding the source of the gnats, be they fungus gnats or fruit flies. is the first step to eliminating them in your home or apartment. This is a page about solutions for flying gnats.


Rat in a garden bed.

Getting Rid of Rats In My YardUnfortunately rats are frequent backyard visitors. They are attracted to any area that provides a good food source, so be sure to clean up dog poop, fallen fruit, and scattered bird seed. If more extreme measures are needed check this page for suggestions. This is a page about getting rid of rats in my yard.


Closeup of an ant.

Use Fabric Softener Sheets to Deter AntsFresh dryer sheets to soften clothes and linens are an effective fragrant deterrent for a variety of insects. This is a page about use fabric softener sheets to deter ants.


Identifying a Household Bug - sow bug

Identifying a Household BugI am trying to identify this bug. It was found on carpet, a bed, and inside a wood dollhouse.


Ants on a tile floor.

Getting Rid of Little Black BugsIt can be difficult to identify small black bugs but many natural remedies can be used to deter or kill them. This is a page about getting rid of little black bugs.


Getting Rid of Bugs in the Kitchen - dark

Getting Rid of Bugs in the KitchenDoes anyone know what kind of bug this is? Hundreds of them are living behind my oven. And they are living under a unit near my dog's bowl. I rarely see them unless I pull something out to clean. They grow up to about 2cm long and are a brownish colour. They look kind of like a small version of a centipede.


Identifying Little Brown Flying Bugs - small oval bug

Identifying Little Brown Flying BugsThere's this tiny brown bug that flies that I usually see at night. I just don't know what it is.



Using Citronella Soap as Mosquito RepellentSoaps containing citronella and herbs such as cinnamon leaf or eucalyptus oil can help to repel mosquitoes. This is a page about using citronella soap as a mosquito repellent.


A dog with a thinking bubble containing fleas and ticks.

Getting Rid of Fleas and TicksAdding a little vinegar to your pet's water will deter ticks and fleas from being on your dog or cat. This is a page about getting rid of fleas and ticks.


Mealybugs on a plant.

Remedies for Mealybugs on PlantsMealybugs can quickly infest your garden or household plants. You will notice white powdery clumps or larger affected areas. Insecticidal soap is a good choice for a large area. Individual bugs can be killed by using a swab dipped in alcohol. This page contains remedies for mealybugs on plants.


Identifying Biting Bugs

Identifying Biting BugsI have another bug that is biting me at night. I'm 80% sure I know what it is, but need to be 100%.


Close up of a can of Off! insect repellent.

OFF! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent ReviewsWithout using chemicals on your skin, you may have some relief from mosquitoes using the clip-on version. This page contains OFF! clip-on mosquito repellent reviews.


Magpies on white background.

Getting Rid of MagpiesMagpies are deterred by certain smells and can be trapped and released somewhere else. They can bully other birds from your yard or bird feeder. This is a page about getting rid of magpies.



Identifying a Tiny Dark Brown Bug - bug on bedspread

Identifying a Tiny Dark Brown BugIt is tiny and dark brown. It looks like some type of tiny beetle. I found it crawling right on top of my blanket on my bed. I've googled images of bed bugs and it doesn't look like one, but I would like find out what it is for peace of mind.


Identifying a Bathroom Bug - tiny black bug on the floor

Identifying a Bathroom BugCan anyone help me identify this bug? I only see them in the bathroom on the floor. I have lived in this apartment for the last 20 years and this is the very first time I have seen a bug. I will call an exterminator, but I wanted to try a DIY solution first.


Identifying Small Brown Bugs

Identifying Small Brown BugsDoes anyone know what kind of bug this is and if so, how do I get rid of them? I'm always finding them in my bathroom on the floor or in the sink. Recently I found some in my bed. They don't fly.


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Getting Rid of Aphids on MilkweedWill the soap solution used to kill aphids on milkweed harm the monarch eggs or the little catepillars?


What Kind of Bug Is This? - long dark bug

What Kind of Bug Is This?What kind of bug is this? It's very hard and was on floor not flying and is 1/2 to 3/4 inches long.


What Is This Bug? - small brown bug

What Is This Bug?Can anyone please help me identify this type of bug? It was found in my living room. I'm in the country in Victoria, Australia. The house had a wood burner so lots of wood is carried through the area. This bug in particular was very small, about a millimeter in length.


Meal worms

Keeping Worms out of Flour and OatmealThis is a page about keeping worms out of flour and oatmeal. Briefly storing flour and oatmeal in the freezer can help kill any bugs or larvae that might be present. Then storing everything in well sealed containers is the best way to keep any new bugs out.


Liquid Ant bait package

Liquid Bait Ant Killer ReviewsIf you are dealing with an ant infestation, using liquid bait is often the best solution. This is a page about liquid bait ant killer reviews.


Coffee filter with coffee grounds on a painted wood backdrop.

Use Coffee to Keep Away MosquitoesSprinkle aged coffee grounds into standing water to kill mosquito larvae. This is a page about how to use coffee to keep away mosquitoes.


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Adjusting Pneumatic Cabinet DoorsMy pneumatic cabinet doors don't open up far enough. Is there any way to adjust them?


Getting Rid of Bugs in Garage - small brown bugs

Getting Rid of Bugs in GarageI swept them up last week and there are more now in my garage.


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Energy Saving Bug LightsI dont like bug buildup around exterior lighting. In the past years, I've been through many different types of LED lights. This year, I've enjoyed one I found that works great and actually has kept most of the insects away. Not all but most, for so Florida that's big!


Close up of a slice of lemon, with one drop coming down.

Using Lemon Juice to Get Rid of AntsAnts don't like the smell of lemons. You can use lemon juice to deter ants in your home. This is a page about Using Lemon Juice to Get Rid of Ants.


Cleaning the inside of a freezer.

Getting Rid of Maggots in a FreezerThere is nothing yuckier than finding maggots in your freezer after a power failure. You can use boiling water and bleach to kill and clean your freezer. Get more tips on how to get rid of maggots in a freezer on this page.


Group of ants on a white background

Using Vinegar to Get Rid of AntsVinegar deters and can kill ants. It is antibacterial, but not toxic to children or pets. This is a page about using vinegar to get rid of ants.


Mosquito larvae in water

Do Mosquitoes Breed in Moving Water?Mosquitoes only breed in stagnant water. This page asks do mosquitoes breed in moving water?


Colorful pieces of chalk on white background

Use Chalk to Deter AntsRegular chalk can be used to temporarily deter ants. A chalk line will discourage ants from crossing and can disrupt the scent line they follow back to food sources discovered by their scouts. They will seek or take advantage of a break in the line so it is not foolproof. This is a page about using chalk to deter ants.


Cucumber Beetle on a leaf

Getting Rid of Cucumber BeetlesYou can use a commercial powder product Sevin or you can use an homemade less toxic spray concoction to help control this beetle. This is a page about getting rid of cucumber beetles.


A coyote standing in a field.

How to Get Rid of Coyotes in Your YardCoyotes can be problematic even in surburban areas. Keep these pests out of your space to protect your pets and property. This is a page about how to get rid of coyotes in your yard.


Close-up of ant on white background.

Can Ants Smell?Ants have an extraordinary ability to smell, using the odor receptors on their antennae. They can smell food and they lay down chemical trails to and from their nest for other colony members to follow. This is a page about, "Can ants smell?".


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Getting Rid of MillipedesWe have what we think are millipedes in the garden, when it gets dark they climb up the walls and around the patio door. Then they disappear when daylight comes .I have read all the facts about them, but am unsure of how to get rid of them. We are afraid to use an insecticide as we have 4 doggies.


Eastern Tent Caterpillars in a tree

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Photos and InformationThis is a page about the Eastern tent caterpillar. The sure sign that you have an infestation of tent caterpillars is their silky webbed nests covering your trees. While it can make for an interesting photo, the caterpillars are quite destructive and can easily eat all of the leaves off of your trees.


Many Flea Beetles on a branch

Getting Rid of Flea BeetlesIf you have a vegetable garden, you will want to discourage this jumping pest from eating your crops. This is a page about getting rid of flea beetles.


Mosquito Larvae in water

Killing Mosquito Larvae in Rain BarrelUsing a rain barrel is a great way to conserve water but it can also become a breeding ground for mosquitos. This is a page about killing mosquito larvae in a rain barrel.


Ants climbing on borax.

Using Borax to Rid Your House of PestsBorax is a relatively natural and non-toxic way to rid your home of unwanted pests like cockroaches and ants. This is a page about using borax to rid your house of pests.


Woman spraying her arm with insect repellent.

Skin So Soft as an Insect RepellentThis is a page about using Skin So Soft as an insect repellent. While many claim to find this product helpful in keeping mosquitoes away there are also a large number of reviews that report there being no positive effect.


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Identifying and Getting Rid of Bugs in FirewoodWe are seeing what I think are bed bugs on my husband's overalls after he works on our firewood. I was wondering how to get rid of them?


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Getting Rid of Sand Fleas in Daughter's HairI have never had this problem before. We moved to a new house and after living here for a few months we found out we had sand fleas in our yard. This has become a huge problem because they are now in my daughter's hair. I have used lice spray, tea tree oil, and Dawn dish soap. I have also used fine tooth combs.


Three ants on a white background

Using Sweet N' Low for AntsThis is a page about using Sweet N' Low for ants. Some homeowners have been very successful getting rid of ants inside their home as well as clearing hills in the yard, using Sweet N' Low or a generic of this artificial sweetener.


Cockroach on a bathroom counter by sink

How to Prevent Roaches from Traveling Home With YouWhen visiting other places when traveling, you might get some unwanted hitchhikers in the form of cockroaches or other pests. This is a page about how to prevent roaches from traveling home with you.


Young boy looking at a kitten scratching itself.

Child Safe Remedies for FleasIf you are struggling with fleas when you have young children, be sure to use a product that will not be toxic. This is a page about child safe remedies for fleas.


Identifying Head Lice

Identifying Head LiceI found three of these on my scalp. It felt like there was a scab and I picked and this came up. Is it lice?


Caterpillar on a a green leaf

Identifying CaterpillarsBeing able to identify the caterpillars found around your home and garden can help you differentiate between those that morph into useful pollinators and those that are more destructive. This knowledge will enable you to decide what to do about them. This is a page about identifying caterpillars.


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Red Cedar Balls for Repelling RoachesI am planning to move to Florida. In packing large boxes, is using Cedar Essence red cedar balls a great way to keep out cockroaches? Amazon sells quarter size cedar balls. If these keep out roaches as I pack, how many quarter-size balls should I use to keep out roaches to keep in storage until I find a home.


Identifying Kitchen Bugs - black bug

Identifying Kitchen BugsFor anyone who could recognize and give any advise about our kitchen newcomers (about 2-3 mm long) will be our huge gratitude. It seems to me they came to us with beech-wheat.


Yard sign of a dog pooping with "No!" painted on it.

My Neighbors Are Placing Dog Poop in My YardIf you are faced with this difficult situation, here is some advice. This is a page about my neighbors are placing dog poop in my yard.


Some insects in the corner of a bathroom ceiling.

Getting Rid of Crawling Insects in the BathroomThis is a page about getting rid of insects in the bathroom. Sometimes bugs can be an indicator of other issues, such as a water leak. Here is some advice if you have a bug infestation in the bathroom that you can't resolve.


Dog Receiving Flea Treatment

Flea Remedies in EnglandWhile brand name products are not necessarily available in all countries, there are many common products you can use to get rid of fleas in your home. Some examples are salt, diatomaceous earth, and boric acid. Not all of these are used on the pet, some are for the home and yard only. This is a page about flea remedies in England.


Line of ants on concrete

Ants in Yard and DrivewayAt certain times of the year you may see a noticeable number of ants active in the yard and even on your driveway. This may or may not be a reason for concern. This is a page about ants in yard and driveway.


Mosquito Larvae
in Standing Water

Killing Mosquito Larvae in Standing WaterEliminating standing water is the best way to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs and prevent larvae from hatching. If it is impossible or too late for that there are a number of ways to destroy the larvae before they become fully developed mosquitoes. This is a page about killing mosquito larvae in standing water.


Sugar Ants

Getting Rid of Sugar Ants in the KitchenShort of calling an exterminator for sugar ants, boric acid or even 20 Mule Team Borax laundry powder mixed with Karo syrup can be used to eliminate the ants. Take care to keep the mixture away from areas accessible to children and pets. This is a page about getting rid of sugar ants in the kitchen.


Ground Dwelling Bees

Getting Rid of Ground Dwelling BeesThere are several types of bees and wasps that live underground. Some are relatively mild mannered, while others, such as yellow jackets can be very aggressive. This is a page about getting rid of ground dwelling bees.


Tiny Ants

Getting Rid of Tiny AntsBoth borax powder and diatomaceous earth can be effective in deterring ants. This is a page about getting rid of tiny ants.



Getting Rid of Ants in a DishwasherBits of food and even water can attract ants to your dishwasher. Finding the way that they are getting into your home is an important step in getting rid of them. Many homeowners have found that Terro is a very effective product to use to treat the nest by having the invaders carry it back. This is a page about getting rid of ants in a dishwasher.


backyard swimming pool

Tiny Orange Biting Bugs Near PoolIf you have issues with tiny, orange bugs around your pool, you aren't alone. It isn't easy to enjoy your pool when you are being bitten by bugs. This is a page about tiny orange biting bugs near pool.


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Ants Climbing Up Posts Into the HouseThere are a variety of ways to deter ants from entering your home from the foundation posts. This is a page about ants climbing up posts into the house.


Snake Being Captured

Dealing With Snakes in Your HouseIt can be very disconcerting to discover that snakes have taken up residence in your home. While some of them may be beneficial, typically we would prefer if they live outside. This is a page about dealing with snakes in your house.


Bug Swatter

Getting Rid of Gnats in Your HouseThis page is about getting rid of gnats in your house. Making an apple cider vinegar and dish soap trap is a very common solution to a gnat infestation. Here are some other solutions to try too.


Fresh mint

Making a Simple Mint Insect RepellentThis is a page about making a simple mint insect repellant. Mint can easily be grown at home and is an effective repellent for some pests. Here are some tips for how to use it as an insect repellent.


Spraying Herbal Insect Repellent on Skin

Herbal Insect RepellentHerbal insect repellents can be an effective alternative, if you are looking to avoid chemicals found in store bought repellents. Here are a few recipes to try.


Tee tree oil in a small vial with tea tree leaves

Tea Tree Oil as Insect RepellentThis is a page about tea tree oil as insect repellent. Some people find tea tree oil to be an effective insect repellent. One thing to keep in mind is that it can be toxic to pets, so you should avoid using it for your pet both topically and orally.


Vacuuming Carpet by Pet Dog

Ridding a House of FleasGetting rid of fleas in your home can be frustrating. Luckily there is a lot of information and tips available to help with this situation. This is a page about ridding a house of fleas.


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Draw A Line for Ants with CoffeeIf ants are coming in a particular spot, draw the line - with used coffee grounds. If you put an ant in the corner of a box and then make a line with coffee grounds about an inch or two out, the ant will not cross that coffee ground line. They will die of hunger/thirst in that corner before they cross it.


Girls with Ladybugs on Their Arms

Ladybugs in the HouseThis is a page about ladybugs in the house. While ladybugs are beneficial in the garden, you may not appreciate having them inside. Here are some tips for keeping them out of your home.



Getting Rid of Worms On PavementThis is a page about getting rid of worms on pavement. Some homeowners find their driveways and sidewalks get covered in worms from their lawns. While you may find them annoying and even unsightly, worms are an important resident in your yard and getting rid of them isn't usually a good idea.


Flea on White

Use Ammonia to Kill FleasAmmonia applied to carpets where your dogs and cats sleep can be effective in killing fleas. Be sure to let animals out while you do this. This is a page about using ammonia to kill fleas.


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