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Keeping Foxes out of My Garden?How do I keep foxes out of my garden?


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Skunk Under Inground Pool?We have a skunk living under an Inground Pool and I have tried moth balls, black pepper, D.E., and I can't convince him or her to find another home. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Raccoon Deterrents?Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of a racoon that is raiding the food in a humming bird feeder? Your suggestions will be appreciated.


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Mysterious Skunk Smell?We've been dealing with a mysterious skunk smell that hits our house sporadically but frequently.


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Been Skunked Again! - Best TipsBeen Skunked Again! Thought I would look for new tips and share the ones that worked for me.


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Possum Came Into House Through Chimney?I've had a possum in my house. It came down the chimney, but I haven't seen it since Thursday evening when it ran back up the chimney. Is there any chance it could climb back to the top and out of the chimney, or is that just wishful thinking?


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Keeping Wildlife From Defecating on Patio?How do I get rid of a possum that comes on my patio to do his business (fecal). Is there something I can spray? It uses the same spot everytime. I am assuming it is a possum. The scat is rather large. Thanks.


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Getting a Skunk Out of a Shed?How do I get rid of a skunk living under my shed?


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Discouraging Wildlife from Using Yard as a Toilet?Does anyone know a green way to prevent wild pests (I think it's a possum) from using my yard as a toilet. The urine smell is very strong. Sitting outside has become very un-enjoyable.


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Do Skunks Dig Up Potted Plants?Do skunks dig up plants out of flower pots? If they do how do I stop them? I know we have had skunks in the neighborhood the last two weeks and this problem has just started. Help!


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Ground Hog Deterrent?I live in a rural subdivision and I used to have 1 ground hog, but now someone has dropped off 4 more. How can I get them to move on?


A gopher in the ground.

Getting Rid of GophersThis is guide about getting rid of gophers. The cute little gopher is the bane of many a gardener and home owner. They are herbivores that love to eat roots. They will eat the roots of your vegetables, flowers, and lawn. Getting rid of them can be difficult.


Getting Rid of Skunks

Getting Rid of SkunksThis is a page about getting rid of skunks. They may be cute and fluffy, but skunks are rarely welcomed guests around our homes.


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Buying a Possum Trap?Where can I buy a possum trap in San Jose, California? It seems they want you to use a service. This is a garden problem.


Getting Rid of Opossums

Getting Rid of OpossumsThis is a page about getting rid of opossums. Opossums are quite adaptable and can thrive near people, munching on vegetable garden produce and nesting under houses and sheds.




Getting Rid of Shrews in the House?This is a page about getting rid of shrews in the house. Shrews are small omnivorous mammals that may find their way into your home.



Getting Rid of an Armadillo?This is a page about getting rid of an armadillo. These new world, armored animals with their low body temperatures are found in warm climates. They can be very destructive in a garden.


baby skunk and wildflowers

Removing a Skunk from a Live TrapThis is a page about removing a skunk from a live trap. You will want to use caution when releasing one of these cute but odiferous members of the weasel family from a live trap.


A skunk walking in a park.

Skunk RepellentsThis page is about skunk repellents. There are a variety of ways to discourage skunks from your property. Determining why they like to be there is the first step.


Squirrels in Flowerbed

Keeping Small Wildlife Out of Flower BedsSmall animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and possums can wreak havoc on a flower bed. This is a page about keeping small wildlife out flower beds.


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