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Fly Strips for SpidersTo help with spiders in the house, use a fly strip that you tack to the ceiling and for some reason they are attracted to them. They stick and die.


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Herbs That Spiders Don't Like?How do I keep spiders away from inside my house? I keep cleaning and cleaning and their webs just keep coming back. I kill them and more appear. Is there a special herb they do not like that will keep them away?


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Insecticide for Black Widow Spiders?I am looking for best insecticide to kill black widow spiders outside.


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Do Mothballs Kill Spiders?Do mothballs kill spiders?


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Repelling Spiders Naturally?A member of our family keeps getting bit by spiders in the middle of the night. Efforts to clean, vacuum and sanitize the room are of no effect, as well as using a plug-in verminex ultrasonic pest repeller (which does not seem to do the trick either).


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Using Chestnuts To Control Spiders?I've heard of using chestnuts to control spiders. Do you use them whole, or do you break them up?


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Spiders on My Front Porch?I have a problem with red spiders making a ton of 'homes' in the ceiling of my outdoor porch. Their webs/cocoons are also red. They are so hard to get rid of that I can't even brush them away with a stiff broom.


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Product Review: SpiderExHave trouble with Spiders? There is a fantastically effective product called SpiderEx which lasts for months. I sprayed around doors and windows outside and there were no signs of any spiders or webs in the areas for 6 months or more.


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Is Ortho-Klor Insecticide Safe Around Children?I have black widows in the play area in my yard. Someone from this site suggested Klor by Ortho. Is it safe around children and does it really work? Can I get it from Lowe's or Home Depot?


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Getting Rid of Spiders in Shrubs?Our holly bushes and rose of Sharon bushes are overrun by spiders and their webs, how would I get rid of them?


A spider trapped under a drinking glass.

Getting Rid of SpidersThis is a page about getting rid of spiders. Many people wish to get rid of spiders and remove them from their home, basement, attic, garage and yard. Here are pest control tips for removing arachnids from your living space.


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Getting Rid of Spiders Without Pesticide?Does anyone have a non-toxic way to get rid of spiders?


Spider Hanging on web Outside

Getting Rid Of Spiders Outside HouseWhile spiders are a beneficial arachnid, some carry venom that can be very poisonous to people. This page has answers to the question: Please tell me how to get rid of spiders and their webs from my backyard?


Spider on web with dew drops on it.

Spider Repellent RecipesThis page contains recipes for spider repellent. Many people are scared of spiders, or simply don't want them in or near their house. If you are one of these people, then you need a spider repellent.


underside of Black Widow Spider

Getting Rid of Black Widow SpidersThis is a page about getting rid of black widow spiders. Many spiders are helpful to have in your garden. However, black widow spiders can be dangerous to have around your home and garden.



Brown Recluse Spider

Getting Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders?This is a page about getting rid of brown recluse spiders. Like the black widow, the brown recluse spider is probably not one that you want inside or right around the outside of your home.


Whole and sliced Hedge Apples (Maclura pomifera) also known as Osage Oranges against a white background

Using Hedge Apples to Repel SpidersThis is a page about using hedge apples to repel spiders. Hedge apples have a long standing reputation as a spider repellent.


Huntsman spider against a white window frame

Keeping Spiders Out of Your HouseThis is a page about keeping spiders out of your house. Since finding a spider in your home is typically not a happy occurrence, finding a way to keep them out would be a great solution.


A spider crawling into the top of a boot.

Keep Spiders Out of Your ShoesIf you are afraid of spiders or live in an area with dangerous venemous spiders, you will want to make sure one hasn't moved into your shoe. This is a page about keeping spiders out of your shoes.


An egg sac on wood.

What is this Egg Sac?What type of spider makes this egg sac? I've searched google for an hour including doing a reverse image search but have not found an answer.


A vacuum cleaner being used in a car.

Using a Wet/Dry VacuumWet/Dry or shop vacuums are useful for cleaning up any kind of mess in your home, garage or even outdoors. It can also be used for pest control by sucking up unwanted insects.


Identifying Spiders? - spider with legs towards front and back of body

Identifying Spiders?I would like help identifying these spiders. The first picture is of one found on a bed. The second one was found in the bathroom. Is it a false widow?


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Getting Rid of Spiders with Moth Balls?I have a problem. I have had a new home built. I noticed spiders inside the home (bunches). I asked the contractor what to do? He told us to put moth balls inside the crawl space under the house and it will make the spiders and mice stay away.


A brown spider on a wood floor.

What Kind of Spider Is This?What kind of spider is this? I found it in the basement.


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