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Fresh Cilantro

Preserving Fresh CilantroThis page is about preserving fresh cilantro. Finding the best way to keep this herb, also know as coriander, will let you use it in meals year round.


dried cilantro

Drying CilantroThis is a page about drying cilantro. Cilantro from the garden or extra from the market and easily be dried for future usage.


Vanilla Extract

Uses for Vanilla ExtractThis is a page about uses for vanilla extract. The essence of the vanilla bean has a wonderful smell and flavor. There are a variety of ways to use it.


Fresh mint on a wooden table

Uses for Fresh MintSpearmint and peppermint are hardy herbs that can be grown outside for much of the year. This is a page about uses for fresh mint.


Several glass spice jar full of bulk spices.

Buying Bulk SpicesOne way to save on your food budget is to buy your spices in bulk. They are available this way from various markets and on-line. This is a page about buying bulk spices.


Pork Adobo

Using Adobo SeasoningA distinctive spice mixture that is a blend of garlic, oregano, paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, chilis and other spices. This page is about using adobo seasoning.


salt and pepper shakers on white background

Salt and Pepper Tips and TricksThis basic seasoning combination plays a central role in most kitchens worldwide. This page contains salt and pepper tips and tricks.


Everything bagels on a cutting board.

Trader Joe's "Everything But the Bagel" Seasoning ReviewsThis delicious seasoning is great on more than just toasted bagels. This page contains Trader Joe's "Everything But the Bagel" seasoning reviews.


Fresh basil on a white background

Using Fresh BasilThis bright green leafy herb comes in many varieties. Fresh basil is commonly added to Italian, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. This is a page about using fresh basil.


Ginger Syrup in bottles with piece of ginger.

Ginger Syrup RecipeGinger is a popular flavoring for sodas, teas and other drinks. It would also be great to use in recipes instead of powdered ginger. This page contains a recipe for ginger syrup.


Herb and Spice Mix

Making Copycat Herb and Spice Mixes at HomeBy reading the ingredients on commercial spice mixes, you can make your own seasoning blends. This is a page about making copycat herb and spice mixes at home.


A vanilla bean that has been opened.

Using Vanilla BeansVanilla beans can be added to a variety of recipes for food and beverages. This is a page about using and storing vanilla beans.


A sprig of rosemary on a wood surface.

Recipes Using RosemaryRosemary adds a delicious piney flavor to any dish. This is a page about recipes using rosemary.


Ingredients for lemon pepper seasoning.

Making Homemade Lemon-Pepper SeasoningThis is a page about making homemade lemon-pepper seasoning. Combining your own choice of herbs and spices can save you money and give you the flavor you desire.


Measuring spoon spilling over with saffron threads

Substitute for SaffronSaffron can be very expensive. There are a few things you can use for the bright yellow color and a similar flavor of saffron. This is a page about substitute for saffron.



Herb and Spice Mix

Homemade Herb and Spice MixesThis is a page about homemade herb and spice mixes. Copycats of many commercial seasonings can be mixed with fresh herbs and spices at home.


Infused Oil

Making Infused OilsServing your own homemade flavored oil can be delicious, and inexpensive to make. This is a page about making infused oils.


Fresh Herbs on Wooden Table

Preparing Fresh HerbsThis is a page about preparing fresh herbs. You can buy fresh herbs at the grocery, farmer's market, or harvest them from your garden. Next you need to prepare them for adding to your recipes.


Vanilla Beans

Storing Vanilla BeansThis is a page about storing vanilla beans. Proper storage will keep your vanilla beans from drying out.


Package of Ramen Noodles

Uses for Ramen Seasoning PacketsThis is a page about using ramen seasoning packets. Don't toss out the unused seasoning packets from ramen noodle packages, they can be used to season other recipes.



Using AllspiceThis is a page about using allspice. A dried berry spice that is used in many different cuisines, and has a variety of medical uses. Allspice is mainly produced in Jamaica.



Using BaharatThis is a page about using baharat. A blend of spices used in many Middle Eastern cuisines and can also be used as a condiment.


Someone picking fresh basil.

Pairing Herbs with VegetablesThis page is about pairing herbs with vegetables. Fresh or dried herbs and spices can make vegetables even more delicious, and many combinations go famously together.



Preserving MintThis page is about preserving mint. A fragrant herb that grows well in many gardens is great to save for use year round.


Peppercorns and a pepper mill.

Using PeppercornsThis is a page about using peppercorns. Rather than buying ground pepper, you can also buy peppercorns. They are available in white, pink, green, and the well known black. Peppercorns are of course used in cooking, but they are also known for their medicinal properties.


A cutting board with ground spices and fresh spices on it.

Ground Spices vs. Fresh SpicesThis page is about ground spices vs. fresh spices. The presence of fresh spices can sometimes taste better than convenience, dried ground spices.



Using HorseradishThis page is about using horseradish. A pungent root that has been cultivated since antiquity for its culinary and medicinal uses, and care must be taken when preparing it for use.


Making Mushroom Powder

Making Mushroom PowderThis is a page about making mushroom powder. Mushroom powder is great to use for flavoring when making soups and gravies.


Fennel Stalks

Uses for Fennel StalksThis is a page about uses for fennel stalks. We often think of only using the fennel bulbs.


Using Lime Leaves

Using Lime LeavesThis is a page about using lime leaves. Lime leaves can be used to add a touch of lime flavor to food or beverages.



Chili Powder In Measuring Spoon

Homemade Chili PowderThis page is about homemade chili powder. If you've grown or bought fresh chilies, you can dry and powder them to make your own seasoning.


Peeling Garlic

Peeling GarlicWhen you use fresh garlic in a recipe, there are a few tricks that will help make peeling it easier. This is a page about peeling garlic.


Making Garlic Powder

Making Garlic PowderThis page is about making garlic powder. It is convenient to have garlic available in powder form.


Several different spices.

Cooking With Herbs and SpicesThis page contains tips for cooking with herbs spices. To enjoy the use of seasonings, it helps to know how best to use them.


Storing Paprika

Storing PaprikaThis is a page about storing paprika. Paprika loses its color and flavor if stored improperly, as do other spices.


Storing Citrus Zest

Storing Citrus ZestThis is a page about storing citrus zest. If you make your own citrus zest to use in cooking, you may be wondering how to store the excess.


Cooking Lamb With Herbs

Cooking With HerbsThis page is about cooking with herbs. Whether fresh or dried, herbs can enhance most every dish.


Saving Money on Spices

Saving Money on SpicesThis is a page about saving money on spices. Packaged spices can be very expensive, but there are some shopping tips that can help you save money on spices.


Substitution for Onion Powder

Substitution for Onion PowderThis is a page about a substitution for onion powder. You are making a recipe calling for onion powder only to discover you have run out.


Cinnamon Sticks

Recipes Using CinnamonThis page contains recipes using cinnamon. Cinnamon is a common ingredient in sweet and savory dishes, both in its ground and stick form.


Spice Rack

Starter Spice Rack SuggestionsThis page contains starter spice rack suggestions. Confused about what to include in your first spice rack?


Vanilla Ice Cream With Mint on Top

Recipes Using MintThis page contains recipes using mint. Mint adds a fresh, crisp flavor and aroma to many beverages and recipes.


dried spices

How Long Do Dried Herbs and Spices Last?This page is about how long do dried herbs and spices last? Herbs and spices sit on the shelf for a long time, but their flavor and texture can change.


Many Bags of Colorful Dried Spices

Keeping Spices FreshThis is a page about keeping spices fresh. Some spices store better than others, but fresh spices are always best. Storing your herbs and spices properly is the best way to keep them fresh, especially with expensive spices like vanilla bean and saffron.


Jars of common spices in the kitchen.

Determining Whether Spices Are Still GoodThis is a page about determining whether spices are still good. Almost every cook gets a full rack of prefilled spice jars at some point, but few use them all up. Here are tips for making sure that the herbs and spices you cook with are not too old to properly season your food.




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