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jeans pocket for storing a skein of yarn, scissors, and hook

Yarn Cozy PocketI love blue jeans pockets. I sewed two strips of fabric to a pocket, salvaged from a pair of jeans, and put Velcro on the ends. Now my yarn holds it's own crochet hook and scissors :)


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Layered Pineapple CakeThis cake is made by layering the ingredients together over each other. There is not really any stirring. It has pineapple, cherry, and pecans blended with yummy yellow cake mix.


Pill Organizers for Jewelry

Pill Organizers for JewelryWeekday pill organizers like the one pictured can be used to plan what earrings will be worn on which day of the week. Bobby pins fit also fit in this particular one, and rings as well.


Neck Pillows for Kitten Playtime

Neck Pillows for Kitten PlaytimeI have found that 6 week old kittens love to play on, in, and around neck pillows that are 'u' shaped. They also love playing and climbing through my big rolling basket on wheels.


Blueberries in Container

Bring Fruit to Potlucks or Church DinnersWe recently attending a cookout at church People often pick up cookies or cokes or something processed to bring. I think blueberries are a great food to bring because they have so many vitamins and antioxidants in them. So I will be bringing blueberries, strawberries, and other wonderful real food to all the meals I attend.


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Cream Cheese Cranberry Frozen LoafThis is a frozen cake dessert that has Cool Whip, cranberries, angel food cake, and cream cheese. This recipe is like frozen cakes you buy at the store, only better.


A bear inside an oven mitt with a red and snowflake pattern.

Use Seasonal Oven Mitts for Christmas StockingsThere were such cute seasonally decorated oven mitts at the Dollar General. I decided to use one as a holder of a little gift or two. I added a candy cane filled with Starburst flavored jellybeans. It will be for an adult and I will put a little gift card to a local restaurant inside, wrapped in a little box.


My Chicken Stock has Nine Lives

My Chicken Stock has Nine LivesI have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately, cooking traditional foods that our ancestors and grandparents cooked, in fats that our grandparents and ancestors cooked with.


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Beautiful Thoughts on a Frugal LifeIt seems as if others are learning for the first time how to be frugal and enjoy it, which I have known all along, but now that prices at the pump are at an all time high, I am so happy I know how to save money!


Phoenix the long haired rooster

Phoenix the Great (Mixed Breed Long Haired...Phoenix the Great is a 9 month old mixed breed long haired rooster. We put a request on for a baby chick, since the school's chickens had not incubated because the electric went out one day.


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Egg Custard PieEggs, milk, vanilla, and nutmeg make this my favorite pie in the custard family of pies.


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Homemade Bouillon Free Dry Onion Soup MixThis is better than the onion soup mixes that come in an envelope you buy at the store.


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Shake and Bake BroccoliThis is a recipe that has garlic and salt and pepper and olive oil. This makes the broccoli really come out really crunchy and delicious.


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Always Ready BiscuitsYou keep this mix in the refrigerator and take out what you need when you need it. It lasts a week in the fridge.


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Two Ingredient BiscuitsThese biscuits are made with whipping cream and self rising flour. These are the only two ingredients.


Bottle Top Dish Covers for the Refrigerator

Bottle Top Dish Covers for the RefrigeratorThe bottle tops with their lids make perfect bowl covers for the refrigerator. This particular one is from a white vinegar bottle.


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Fluffy Angel Food Pineapple Cake SurpriseYou simply mix a box of Angel Food cake and a 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple with liquid. I found this on Facebook. The surprise of this recipe is how it is mixed up, and how fluffy it gets.


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Old Fashioned Rice PuddingThis is a rice pudding that has Splenda in the place of sugar and almond milk in the place of dairy milk. It is an excellent side to a Thanksgiving dinner.


unstuffed dog toy after sewing

Make Your Own Unstuffed Dog ToysMy dogs like to play with toys, and yet they like to pull out the stuffing even more. As a result I have started to make their own unstuffed dog toys. I took an old fleece pajama pant and cut a good size off of the leg part.


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Square Pencil Erasers for Picking Up Pet FurI was going through my daughter's room and under her bed, when I picked up an eraser to kind of sweep a few bits of debris off the floor. It picked up fur like a dream! I used it on her carpet, as I was sitting on the floor going under her bed and sorting clothes, etc.


Minnie (Long Hair Mixed Breed) - long hair black and white cat

Minnie (Long Hair Mixed Breed)We took three kittens from a friend, who couldn't take care of them, and this kitten was just adopted to a new home a few days ago. She is doing wonderfully. The other two were also adopted the previous day.


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Roasted CabbageCabbage is really good roasted with olive oil, lemon juice, and a little Worcestershire sauce.


Sophie tortoise shell kitten

Sophie (Tortoise Shell)This was a kitten we raised at our house and kept....a rescue. Sophie cuddles and follows me around when she is not sleeping.


A piece of embroidery thread being inserted into a knot.

Using Thread to Untie KnotsI will often have knots brought to me to untie that are practically impossible to undo. I thread a needle with embroidery floss and get the string of embroidery floss between the knotted yarns. I will keep reinserting the needle and yarn wherever the knot is the most stuck. After a bit of pulling, everything is able to be untied.


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English SconesThese are a product of the colonies, and eaten with butter, preserves, and whipping cream. You split them into, like you would a biscuit. You are trying to eat with manners.



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