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Eggs being cracked into a bowl.

How To Freeze EggsYou can freeze eggs by cracking them open and mixing them well. Then just put the mixed eggs in ice trays and freeze. Two cubes is equal to one egg. Then just take them out as you need them.


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Lip Stain and PlumperPut 1 teaspoon of lemon berry drink mix and 1 teaspoon of lemonade into a bowl. Sprinkle a little water until drink mix is dissolved, then stir in 3 teaspoons of vaseline until smooth.


Cardboard drink carrier holding napkins, plastic cutlery, and condiments

Using Drink Carrier for Cutlery and CondimentsUse an empty drink carrier when picnicking or in your back yard. Put forks, spoons, napkins, ketchup and mustard in each slot. It's easy to carry and keeps stuff organized.


Use Eyeglass Case To Store Small Items

Use Eyeglass Case To Store Small ItemsWe always have a lot of empty eyeglass cases around. I use them to carry my scissors, toe nail clippers, tweezers, etc. in my purse. I carry lipstick and other small items when traveling; like buttons, thread and needle just in case.


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Glow In Dark Star Path to BathroomI have a friend who has young children and she uses glow in the dark stars attached to the floor as a pathway to the bathroom. I thought this was such a neat idea.


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Short-cut Banana BreadThis recipe is so easy and tastes great.


Lemons in a bag

Lemon DeodorantI have been reading alot of stuff about deodorants and how they clog your lymph system. They are also full of aluminum. I decided to try lemon. I was a little skeptical at first but it works.


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Muffin Tins for Serving CondimentsWe were at a party the other day and the hostess had put her condiments into muffin tins, with a spoon for serving. It was a great idea. She had sliced onions in one, tomatoes in another, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. It was really easy for serving.


A cut apple that is held together with a rubberband to keep from browning.

Use Rubber Band To Keep Cut Apples FreshAfter cutting an apple, put it back together with an elastic ban. This will keep it from going brown in lunches.


Tea for a Sunburn

Use Tea to Soothe a SunburnBoil your water and let a tea bag steep in it, until it is cool. Then take a cotton ball and apply it to your sunburn. Do this twice. It's better at bedtime, so that the tea can work it's magic while you sleep. Don't wash it off until morning. It takes the sting right out of the burn.


Travel Soap Container As Camera Case

Travel Soap Container As Camera CaseUse a soap container to carry your camera in. I bought one at the Dollar store for mine, it fits perfectly. It's easy to carry it around in your purse and there is less chance of breaking it.


A bottle of Homemade Gardener Soap.

Homemade Gardener SoapPut 3/4 cups of white sugar into a glass jar and add some dish soap. Then stir, you don't want it too runny. If it is, just add more sugar until you get the right consistency.


Bottom of flip flop with tag.

Bread Tag for Broken Flip FlopI could have used this tip so many times, I have broken so many flip flops. Next time you do just attach a bread tag onto the bottom of your shoe, it will hold it in place.


Mama's Belly ButterTo avoid stretch marks while pregnant, make 4 ounces of Mama's belly butter.


Old Binder Rings for Kitchen Storage

Old Binder Rings for Kitchen StorageI know we have a few old binders that were falling apart from use. I decided to pull the binder ring part out and use for hanging stuff in the kitchen. They already have holes in them so it was easy to hang. You could also spray paint them.


Terra Cotta Clay Pot Gumball Machine

Terra Cotta Clay Pot Gumball MachineThese are really cute gift ideas and look cute on your kitchen counter. Very cheap to do.


Make Roads with Tape For Bored Kids

Make Roads with Tape For Bored KidsUse yellow tape to make roads for kids' cars. We usually make big ones, the kids like adding more roads. It keeps them busy for awhile.


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Egg Mc MuffinsMix your scrambled eggs in a bowl then pour into your measuring cup, easier for pouring. Pour into muffin tins and bake in oven for about 10 minutes. Makes perfect shaped eggs to put on an English muffin.


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Homemade Grass FertilizerUse this for greener grass.


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Oatmeal Shower BagThese little bags are great for your skin. You can also hand them out as party favours for adults.


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Mushroom Chicken and RiceThere is not much prep work and it tastes great.


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Pancake Batter in Squeeze BottleUse an empty squeeze bottle like a ketchup or syrup bottle. Mix your pancake batter according to your box instructions. Add it to your squeeze bottle with a funnel. Then put it into the fridge the night before, and have pancakes for breakfast.


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DIY Bleach Gel PenIn a saucepan, add 2 Tbsp. of cornstarch to 1 cup of water. Stir until dissolved. Place mixture on the stove and stir until it comes to a boil. Turn off stove. The mix will become really thick.


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Shake And Pour PancakesI love this idea it makes it much easier when making pancakes. It also costs less.


DIY face brightener

DIY Face BrightenerMix 1/2 oz. of apple cider vinegar with 4 oz. of mineral water. Finely crush 5 plain aspirin, then add to the mixture. Apply to your face, in areas where you have acne, rough skin, or enlarged pours. Keep the mixture in your fridge for up to 1 month.


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Keeping the Monsters Away with Vanilla SprayWhen my oldest son was little, he use to be scared to sleep in his room. He thought there were monsters under his bed, or in his closet.


2-liter bottle holding pasta

Pop Bottle for Measuring Pasta...I use a plastic Coke bottle to get the perfect size portion of pasta. For adults, use a 2 liter plastic bottle, fill it until there is no room left at the mouth of the bottle. This will give you a nice hearty portion, and you won't waste anything.


An old media case being used to store art supplies

Media Case Used To Store Art SuppliesUse an old DVD case as a child's colouring case. Just decorate it and make a little pocket inside with either paper or fabric to hold pencils or markers. You can also turn one into a make-up case to hold liners, lip gloss, and mascara.


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Homemade OxicleanMake your own oxi-clean using 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup peroxide, 1 cup warm water. Mix in a jar and shake well. Add it to your regular load, or pre-soak for the night. Works really well on stains! We love it. This works as well as store brand.


A dish drainer used for organizing a desk.

Use a Dish Drainer to Organize Your DeskDish drainers are cheap nowadays and can be bought at the dollar store. You can use them to organize your desk and kids books in their rooms. Some drainers even have silverware holders to hold your pens and pencils. I thought this was a cool idea!


A paper plate with detachable mixers pushed through, as a splash guard.

Use Paper Plate As Mixer Splash GuardWhen you're using your mixer, sometimes things tend to splash around. Put a hole in a paper plate. Put your beaters through the hole, to protect from messes.


Use a Sponge to Clean In Tight Spaces

Use a Sponge to Clean In Tight SpacesI use sponges cut into squares to clean the fan, wire racks, etc. I also use them for cleaning the heating vents. I cut the sponge with scissors into squares, cutting most of the way through the sponge.



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