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Protecting Asparagus Ferns In The Winter?How can I protect my asparagus ferns from the winter months so they don't die back. Would covering them with plastic where they are hanging help them or hurt them? Do they require water during the winter if covered?


When Should We Trim Our Japanese Maple?We have a 30 year old beautiful Japanese Red Maple tree in our front yard that is getting way too tall and wide. It is getting near wires and hitting the house. When is the best time to cut it back and give it a good trim and shaping? Thanks.


Close up of yellow orchids

Caring for Orchids in the Winter?When do orchids stop blooming and how do you care for them in the winter?


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Fatsia Japonica with Burn Marks on the Leaves?I've no idea what gardening zone I'm in but we have mild winters and mild summers - not much difference between the two it seems! My problem is a fatsia japonica which has developed what looks like cigarette burns on the leaves. Anyone have an idea what would cause this?


Orange Trees Not Producing Pollen?My potted orange trees bloom, but do not produce pollen dust to pollinate.


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Maple Tree Losing Its Leaves Early?Maple Tree Losing Its Leaves Early. An approximately 10 year old maple tree on our bank started to "leaf out" this spring. These young leaves turned brown and now it looks as if the tree has died!


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Drought, Heat and Cold Tolerant Plants?We had nasty below freezing weather this week. I am thinking we are going to have to replace some shrubbery and decorative perennials. I have decided to use drought, heat and cold tolerant plants that don't have a bad spreading habit.


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Lilac Bush with Very Little Leaves?I bought my lilac bush last fall. It was approximately 2-3 feet tall and loaded with leaves. This season, it now has blooms but very little leaves. Most of the branches appear dry and dead. What can I do?


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Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage Not Forming Heads?My broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage have many large leaves and look very healthy. However they haven't started to form any heads. Have just large plants.


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Round Holes in My Lilac Bushes?Something is eating my lilacs as well as my flowering crabapple trees leaves. The holes are perfectly round, like a hole punch. This starts well after the flowers are gone. Can bees be the problem?


Clematis Flower

Starting Clematis From Clippings?I love clematis and I have bought 3 plants this year. My garden is all around the perimeter of my yard with a fence. I would like to have them growing eventually all around but the expense is not within my budget. How can i start new plants from clippings of my already purchased plants?


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Bugs Eating My Roses?I have some sort of little bug with wings that literally eats the center of the stem out of my rose bushes. It goes from the top of the cut off stem down the center and eats it leaving a hole. It is making each branch that it attacks die.


A woman with two English Sheepdogs.

Breed Information: Old English Sheepdog?Also called the Bobtail, Old English Sheepdogs are strong, compact, muscular dogs with an immensely shaggy coat that covers their entire body. Originally developed from drover's dogs, this breed has a loud, distinctive sounding bark, which he uses to announce any occurrences he deems peculiar.


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Killing Weeds With Hot Water?If I use hot water to kill my weeds, will it kill my other flowers around the weeds? I am only pouring the hot water on the weeds. How long will it take to kill the weeds.


Geranium flowers.

Growing Geranium From Seeds?I have what I think are seeds growing on my pink geranium. I have been letting them turn brown and then gently removing them and storing these in a paper bag in a dark dry spot.


Picture of the rear ends of 5 black and white cows.

Curing Cow Manure?I am new to gardening, so bear with me. A friend of mine has a farm and just brought me a load of cow manure. When he delivered it, he dumped in onto my existing (still dormant) flower beds. I am told by neighbors that the manure is hot and needs to be cured before it goes onto existing beds.


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Weeping Cherry Has Small Leaves?I planted a weeping cherry tree a couple of months ago. Since then the leaves have not grown a bit. They are very small and they don't look healthy.



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