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What Is Cornstarch (USA) Called In England?

What Is Cornstarch (USA) Called In England?I am pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I would like to hear the answer from someone who knows for sure. I'm assuming what is called cornflour in UK is what we in the USA call corn starch.


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Ambrosia RecipesWhat happened to ambrosia, food of the gods? We had it a few times around Christmas and I loved it. I haven't heard of it in decades.


What Do Babies Dream About? - closeup of a baby's face

What Do Babies Dream About?Mothers may have more intuition when it comes to this question. I'd like to hear from them. But on the other hand, just a good imagination might give us some insight. So, anyone with any ideas, feel free to answer.


Bowl of seeds.

How To Clean Zinnia Seed?I grow lots of zinnias and I save lots of zinnia seeds. After drying the blooms, I separate the petals from the seed. I use a pair of scissors to cut the seed away from literally hundreds of petals.


Uses For Orange Zest - small dark bowl with orange zest in bottom

Uses For Orange Zest?OK, I'm more than frugal, I'm stingy. I admit it. I don't like to throw away anything, especially food. I bought a bag of Florida navel oranges. They were very good. Well, I bought another bag. This time, it occurred to me I should save the zest from the peels.


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Getting Rid of Stink Bugs?I don't know how the tradition started, but the Chinese seem to have years for just about any animal. And too, I don't know if these years are extended to other life forms such as insects. Anybody up to snuff on this subject? I am however overrun with stink bugs and would like to get rid of them.


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Where Are The Tangerines?When I was little, citrus fruits were seldom available except around Christmas. Well, actually, fruits such as oranges and grapefruits were available for a more extended period. You could buy an orange from the school cafeteria for about 6 cents. A bowl of soup for 8 cents. Schools did not have vending machines dispensing junk foods back then.


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How Can I Receive Calls From My Own Number?I can't ignore my phone. I'm receiving too many important calls, just now. Along with those calls, I'm receiving a lot of telemarketing calls. Thank goodness for caller ID.


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Making Really Smooth Sweet Potato Purée?I have been freezing sweet potato purée for later use, but need some advice on getting the purée really smooth.


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What Is This Herb?Someone gave me a loaf of fancy deli bread. I didn't like it, but I ate it rather than waste it. To me, it really did have a weird taste. Can someone help me identify herb that did not taste good?


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Weather Temperature Terminology?Things are greening up a bit. I like that. Still, there's something about this time of year, I don't like. The plants I overwintered inside need hardening off. That means lugging them all outside on warm days and lugging them all back in on cold nights.


What Is The Name Of This Wildflower?

What Is The Name Of This Wildflower? (Bellflower)I was checking my popcorn. I wanted to see how well the ears were filling out. I looked to the ground and saw this flower. It's very nice. If I could find more, I would like to cultivate them. Does anyone know its name?


Making Throw Pillows - paisley fabric

Making Throw Pillows?I will be remodeling my home from top to bottom in the spring. In preparation, I'm going through a lot of stuff that has been packed away for years. I ran across a lot of material marked 'for throw pillows'. Something I had planned to do, but never got around to it.


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What Does Rotating Coupons at a Grocery Store Mean?I just read an archived post 'Organizing With Free Boxes'. A person who commented gave one of the reasons for liking Aldi's, 'they rotate coupons'.


black and white photo of man standing on snow bank up to the lower cross member of a power pole

Is The Second Snow Fall Cleaner?I just read La La La's recipe for snow cream. A reader advised waiting for the second snowfall as it would contain less 'contaminates' than the first. I looked for documentation of snow contaminate concentration amounts in the first and second seasonal snow for any locale, but found nothing.


Use For Inflated Plastic Packing Material

Use For Inflated Plastic Packing Material?I recently bought another computer. It shipped in a very strong inflated plastic 'pouch' about the size of a standard pillow. It is so strong, I can sit on it without it bursting.


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Plum Pudding Recipe?I bought a can of purple plums at the Dollar Tree. To my surprise, they were very good. Their particular taste caused me to think they would make a delicious plum pudding. I've never made nor tasted plum pudding. Do any of you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share?


Is This Contact Paper? Contact paper design on a window

Is This Contact Paper?I just read a question regarding 'Removing Old Contact Paper from Windows'. While I don't have an answer, the article caused me to have a question of my own.


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Which Is The Most Taste Free Cooking Fat?This might seem like a poll, but I would really like to get as many opinions as I can. I have lost count of all the cans of shortening and bottles of cooking oil I have given away because of their taste and smell.


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Why Are There No Toilette Exhaust Fans?I just read a nice tip by a fellow member. Use essential oils in the tissue tube to keep the bathroom nice. I'm sure that would be appreciated, particularly by guests. The tip caused a question to come to mind. It's something I've wondered about for decades. Why are there no toilette exhaust fans?


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Differing Views on Snacking Before Meals?I had just gotten back from grocery shopping and helped myself to a thin slice of Virginia ham before putting things away and then making a sandwich and salad.


An unknown leaf with green and yellow.

What Variety Is This Plant? (Weigela Florida)Does anyone know the variety of this dogwood? It was said to be a western dogwood. It is not. The closest I have come while researching is the Ivory Halo dogwood, but its leaf margins are almost pure white, not a very deep cream as the picture shows. Maybe someone has this tree?


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Problems Contacting Freecycle Moderator?With so many ThriftyFun members being Freecycle members as well, I hope someone can answer this question. In the past I have had questions for the local Freecycle moderator, none were answered.


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Dehydrating Liquids in the Kitchen?I weigh more now than I ever have in my life. That's about to change. My doctor told me to reduce my starch intake as it is converted to sugar by the body. I would like to still make my homemade biscuits occasionally with dehydrated buttermilk.


Do Wisterias Weep?

Do Wisterias Weep?This is a catch all area where I mix my soil. It seldom gets organized. So, forget about the junk. I want to draw your attention to something very interesting in this picture.


Main Ingredient in Potato Pancakes - pan with three potato pancakes cooking

Main Ingredient in Potato Pancakes?I just read all the entries for potato pancakes. I was amazed at the entries calling for raw grated potatoes as the main ingredient.


foil seal

Reusing Coffee Can Inner Seals?I have been saving these things for quite some time. I save them because they are so tough and durable. I'd like to find a good use for them. With all you members coming up with great ideas for crafts and reuse of items, I'm hoping to get a couple ideas about how to put these seals to good use.


What Is This Garden Plant?

What Is This Garden Plant? (Lychnia or Silene coronaria) - Rose campionThe picture shows just a few of my gardening folders. For the most part, I know the name and variety of everything I grow. Sometimes, one will escape me.


Comparing On-line to In-store Paint Color Chips - difference on color

Comparing On-line to In-store Paint Color Chips?I will be having a lot of painting done in late spring or early summer. And I will be doing a lot of the painting myself. I have already started picking colors, or at least trying to.


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Can't Print Black And White Without Yellow Ink?I was given a new HP Officejet 6600 printer, copier, fax machine. The machine is set to print in black and white only, but because it is out of yellow ink, it will not print in black and white (in fact, will not print, period) until I replace the yellow ink cartridge.


The bottom of a frying pan.

Leveling A Fry Pan Bottom?I bought a large fry pan with a glass lid. Not a quality pan, but I think it's worth what I paid for it, with one exception. Looking down into the pan, you can see that the inside bottom is convex. It is raised in the center and becomes lower towards the outer area. I used it just once.


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Suggestions for Serving Cold Sautéed Salmon?Recently, someone gave me a beautiful salmon steak. I quickly sautéed the fish in coconut oil. It tasted OK, not really good. I refrigerated the rest. Tonight, I tasted the chilled fish. It was much better cold, but still, it had that 'fishy' taste.


Making a Frozen Pizza Crust Crispy

Making a Frozen Pizza Crust Crispy?I was half hesitant to ask this question. I'll bet every teenager from Horneytown, NC, to Intercourse, PA, and back to Climax, NC knows a hack for my problem. And that would make me look like an old fossil, for sure.


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What Are Hickory Chickens?What are hickory chickens? Does anybody know?


Do Rats Have Flatulence? - nibbled bar of soap

Do Rats Have Flatulence?I think I'm rid of rats for a while. Though they never got into any of my food stuffs, I occasionally still find evidence that they were here. And when I do, a thorough washing and then a soaking in bleach solution is in order.


Donating Vaseline - a stack of Vaseline jars

Donating Vaseline?I have learned that when Amazon ships you a wrong order, they will not ask you to return the order if it is a low priced item.


Uses For Colored Aluminum Foil - gold colored aluminum foil

Uses For Colored Aluminium Foil?After Christmas 2015, my local grocer put a lot of holiday items on sale. One was colored aluminum foil. The original price was around 4 dollars. They were marked down to 50 cents. I bought a couple rolls of the silver and a couple rolls of the gold.


What Is The Name Of This Ivy? - variegated free and white ivy

What Is The Name Of This Ivy?I bought a 3 inch pot of this ivy from a local nursery. I have rooted many pieces and am making small beds of it, here and there. When I bought the ivy, none of the pots had name tags on them. I asked the sales lady the name of the ivy. She said she didn't know.


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How Do You Season A Baking Stone?I have a very nice, large (14 inch), round baking stone. It looks like pink fired terra cotta. (no pic this time). I've used it a few times for baking biscuits and crescent rolls and it works fine. And of course, it would be perfect for a large pizza.


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Notification to Neighbors Regarding Building Permits?I have some neighbors who are doing quite a bit of renovation to a large detached garage. I do know that at one time, four or five years back, they had applied for a permit to turn the garage into a day care center. At that time they were refused the permit.


Binder For Corned Beef Hash - bowl of corned beef hash

Binder For Corned Beef Hash?I haven't eaten corned beef hash in many years. I saw a large (24 oz.) can, greatly reduced. I bought it with the intention of making patties of some sort and then frying and freezing most of them.


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Binding a Carpet Remnant?I'm hoping some fellow members have had experience with binding carpet remnants and will share what they have learned.


What Is This Plant? narrow leafed green foliage plant

What Is This Plant? (Rose Witches Broom)Many of you are growing this plant, though maybe not this particular variety.


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Why Do My Eggs Freeze?This is another of my 'It's really not that important, but it would be interesting to know' questions. I like to keep my refrigerator set as low as possible without anything freezing. While adjusting the temperature for that setting, my eggs always freeze. I don't understand.


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Substitute For Pork Chop FatIn years past, I have made some very good pork chops and gravy. Today, they're pretty good but not as I remember them.


What Is The Name Of This Fern?

What Is The Name Of This Fern?I bought this fern at Lowe's. It was marked down to below half price. They had several for sale, all without tags. Not knowing how well I could grow them, I got just one. Had I known how well they would do, I would have gotten several.


Using Decorative Window Film on a Kitchen Exterior Door - 9 light kitchen door

Using Decorative Window Film on a Kitchen Exterior Door?I am having a lot of renovations done. Among other things was the installation of new interior and exterior doors. I had a 9 light exterior door installed in the kitchen. I want a lot of outside light coming through, (I start a lot of seedlings in the kitchen), yet I want privacy.


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Will Newspaper Printed with Soy Ink Streak Windows?I just read several archived posts on cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper. Today's newspapers are printed with a soy based ink. The ink easily comes off the paper and onto other surfaces. How does it produce a streak free window?


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Undressing For A Medical Exam?A trivial question, yet I am curious. I've seen more specialists in the past two months than I've seen in my whole lifetime. Today, I saw a vascular surgeon. She was the first female doctor I had ever seen. I was given a pair of synthetic, Tyvek-like, shorts to wear. Is this typical for a medical exam?


Making Rose Water - pots with roses

Making Rose Water?These are my Dark Desire roses. I went out this evening after a good rain. There was a blanket if rose petals on the ground. That put me to thinking. A little later on in the season, I'm going to be able to go out and pickup at least a peck bucket of petals from this highly perfumed rose and make some rose water.


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Finding a Dish Detergent That Suds?I buy staples in bulk. If I find a good bargain, I might buy a year's supply at a time. I've found that this practice can lead to some surprises. I am having trouble finding a dish detergent that will suds up, even a little. Any thoughts?


Freezing Carrots - bowl of slices carrots

Freezing Carrots?Yesterday, I was given three pounds of carrots. I've never bought that much. I don't know what to do with them (until I get a new stove (ordered but not yet shipped)), I won't be making any carrot cakes.



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