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Loving a Chicken - tan and white hen closeup

Loving a ChickenI save my food scraps to take to my neighbor's chickens. There is one little hen that gets out of the pen most every day. When she sees me coming, she runs down the path to meet me and follows me to the pen. She lets me pick her up and put her over the fence back into the pen. She wants to eat too.


A pan of smothered pork chops.

Smothered Pork ChopsBefore I became allergic to wheat, I used self rising flour for cooking smothered pork chops. When I had to go gluten free, I found that Betty Crocker Gluten Free Bisquick works just as well.


Finished meal.

Potatoes for TwoThis is one of my favorite dishes to make when I need something in a hurry for dinner.


Tape end marked by paperclip

Use Paper Clip to Mark Tape EndTo keep from losing the end of postage tape, place a paper clip on the sticky side of the tape just below where you are making the cut. Store the tape with the paper clip, and you are ready to go next time you need to use the tape.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Recycled Can for Filling Freezer BagsI just made a discovery and have got to share it. I have been wishing for a gadget to hold my Zip Lock Freezer Bag open while I fill it. I thought about the tin can and went to my recycling bin and pulled out a 28 oz. Hunt's Tomato can.


A fanny pack full of clothespins.

Fanny Pack for Clothespin BagI have an old fanny pack and have discovered it has multiple uses. I have been wanting an apron clothespin bag but just haven't gotten around to making one. After using my fanny pack for dropping seed, when planting the garden, I thought about using it for a clothespin bag. Hooked around my waist, it's so easy to get the clothespins out when hanging clothes on the line. This little bag will hold well over 60 clothespins.


Bag Holder for Picking Up Litter - adding a McDonald's cup to the bag

Bag Holder for Picking Up LitterThere is a great need for volunteers to help clean up our roads these days. I have found that the winter months are the best time for me as the grass is short and the litter is so accessible and there are no biting insects to bother me.


A completed lemon-jello pound cake.

Lemon Jell-O Pound CakeI pulled out some old recipes and stared cooking more foods that are not gluten free. I don't get to enjoy them myself, but my family does.


Expandable Garden Hose Review

Expandable Garden Hose ReviewWhen I heard about the expandable garden hose, I was not impressed. I didn't think there would be much to it. However, three years ago, I saw one in Bed Bath and Beyond and decided to purchase it. It is one of the best buys I have ever made. I really enjoy using it.


A loaded baked potato with asparagus

Crockpot Baked PotatoesIn the past, I seldom baked potatoes because it takes so long to bake them in the oven, however, I do love them. Today, I tried baking some in the crockpot and they were scrumptious.


Use All the Lotion in a Tube

Use All the Lotion in a TubeWhen you can't squeeze any more lotion out of a plastic tube, save what is left inside by cutting the tube so you can dip it out with your finger. I trim the tube so the top will fit over the bottom and this keeps it from drying out. It works great for me.


A bottle of peppermint oil.

Peppermint Oil for Face MaskLooks like the face mask is going to be the new fashion for quite a while. A drop of peppermint essential oil on your face mask makes wearing it much more pleasant and comfortable. It helped me.


Chicken casserole.

Zesty Chicken and Rice (Gluten Free)This is a meal in one dish. Very easy to prepare and it's gluten free.


It's Roadside Litter Cleaning Time - cash found while collecting litter

It's Roadside Litter Cleaning TimeIt's spring and people are getting in the cleaning mood. We want our houses and yards to look nice. But have you ever considered helping to keep our roads clean? I'm an old littergitter and I look at it as great exercise that produces quick results.


Baked cookies in a box covered with Saran Wrap.

Moravian CookiesThis is one of my favorite cookie recipes. You will love it too if you love the taste of ginger cookies or ginger bread. It was a big hit with my co-workers at the office and a hot item at our bake sales.


A plastic bag of crushed egg shells and a rolling pin.

Crush Egg Shells With a Rolling PinEgg shells are a great source of calcium for tomatoes and peppers. I put a handful in the hole with the plants when setting them out. It helps to prevent blossom rot.


Gluten Free Corn Bread

Gluten Free Corn BreadWe love this corn bread. It is moist and great heated up in the toaster oven. Because I'm the only one that has to eat gluten free, I freeze what is left after one meal. Later, I take out what I need, put it in the toaster oven frozen for about 10 minutes.


A perfectly folded orange T-shirt.

T-shirt Fold for Storage and TravelingThis is a fun, quick, and easy way to fold a short sleeve knit shirt. After watching a video (several times), I learned how to do it. Now, I can pick the shirt up, spread it out and have it neatly folded in less than 10 seconds, and I'm just a beginner.


Gluten Free Spicy Acorn Squash Soup

Spicy Acorn Squash SoupThis gluten free soup is sweet, hot and spicy. It is great served with a sandwich or a meal. If you can't handle hot, cut back on the quantity of spices in the recipe.


toilet brush suspended under toilet seat over bowl

Drying a Toilet BrushThis tip was at the end of a video on how to clean the toilet in 3 minutes. Being that I use the brush to clean the toilet bowl most every day, which takes only a few seconds, I found this part to be very helpful and it will make the toilet brush last much longer.


Holes drilled in the bottom of a bucket.

Use a Drain Bucket When Washing Vegetables OutsideI use a drain pan in my kitchen quite often and I thought it would be good to have a drain bucket on hand when washing garden vegetables outside. It gets the excess water out.


Wallace (Kitten) - being fed with a syringe

Wallace (Kitten)Our daughter was on her way to our house, on I-40 near Wallace, when she saw this little kitten under the overpass. Every time a car would pass, he would run around in circles. Being the loving person that she is, she could not leave him there. She had to stop and pick him up. The kitten was howling it was so terrified. It took a while to get him settled down. She gave him some water and he went fast asleep and slept the rest of the way.


Strips of paper to remind you to take morning medication.

Remembering to Take Morning MedicationsSince my blood pressure medication has been increased, it is very important that I don't forget to take it in the morning. For years, when I take my nightly medication, I have been putting my morning medication in this little jar and setting it on the counter where I will see it and remember to take it.


A basket full of frozen juice containers filled with water.

Juice Containers to Fill Empty Freezer SpaceWe drink cranberry juice. To fill in the empty spaces and build up the bottom of our chest freezer, I freeze water in the 64 ounce cranberry juice containers. They lay flat and fit perfectly between the dividers. This helps to keep the freezer full.


Watermelons protected with chicken wire.

Chicken Wire To Protect Garden From AnimalsWe have a few watermelons in our garden this year. Three weeks ago, it was a disappointment to find that an animal, probably a deer, had bitten a huge gash out of one. To remedy this problem, we covered them with chicken wire and have not had any more problems.


Gluten Free Peach Cobbler

Gluten Free Peach CobblerI experimented making a gluten free Peach cobbler by using gluten free bisquick. It turned out irresistible. I tasted it when it came out of the oven and couldn't keep my spoon out of it while cooking dinner.


Two electrical plugs with red dots on the top side.

Mark the Top Side of Electrical PlugsDid you know that the large slot on an electrical socket is on the left? To make it easier to plug my appliances into the sockets, I used some fingernail polish to mark the side that will be turned up when I plug them in.


A trash bag being used as a cape for cutting hair.

Trash Bag as Cape for Cutting HairBeing homebound with the Covid-19 virus for over 2 months and needing haircuts before the virus, I think our hair grew faster than ever. My husband was getting desperate for a haircut and it will be another two weeks before his hair appointment. He decided he would let me cut his hair.


Putting extra lotion in a plastic container.

No Wasting LotionWhen you get down to the last squirt from your bottle of lotion, don't throw it away. There is probably a lot of lotion still left in the bottom of the bottle.


Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted ChickpeasI had never thought about eating chickpeas until I saw a cooking demonstration on our local TV station. They were tasting them and saying how good they were. I pulled up the recipe on their website and the recipe they have is from Chop Chop magazine.


Watering Hanging Baskets - hanging basket and plastic tub

Watering Hanging BasketsAfter a couple of days in the sunshine, the leaves on my hanging basket of petunias look pitiful. To bring them back to life, I put water in a pan and put the basket in the pan to soak up the water overnight. The next day, the dirt in the basket is heavy with water and the leaves on the flowers look lively again. This is easy and there is no dripping when I hang the basket back up.


Gluten Free Mountain Dew Biscuits

Gluten Free Mountain Dew BiscuitsWhen I started having to eat gluten free, one of the things I missed most was homemade biscuits. Not any more since I came up with this recipe.


Gluten Free Strawberry Delight

Gluten Free Strawberry DelightMy daughter gave me the recipe to try. I made it gluten free for my son's birthday. He and I both are allergic to wheat gluten and this cake is a real treat for us. It's so good, we made a pig of ourselves eating it.


Keep Animals from Eating Your Grapes - bowl of grapes

Keep Animals from Eating Your GrapesFor the past several years we didn't get to enjoy our Scuppernong grapes, except the ones we found as they were beginning to get ripe. Starting in August, before the grapes were fully ripe, the raccoons came at night and had a family reunion in our grapevine. They didn't even clean up after themselves.


skunk leaving trap

Removing a Skunk from a Live TrapI got up early yesterday morning, looked out the window and could see something in the trap I had set for pecan stealing squirrels. It was larger than a squirrel, had a long bushy tail and digging like crazy trying to get out of the cage. I had caught a skunk.


A cucumber wrapped in a cucumber.

Keep Cucumbers Crisp and FreshTo keep cucumbers fresh and crisp, I wrap them in a paper towel before putting them in the refrigerator. They keep so much longer this way. This cucumber has been in the refrigerator for 5 days.


Square of meatloaf with vegetables.

Cheesy Meatloaf (Gluten Free)After having this meatloaf for a meal, I cut the remainder in squares, wrap each square in plastic wrap and put in a zip lock freezer bag and freeze. It is just as good warmed over if not even better than when first baked. Makes for a nice quick meal when I don't have time to cook.


My Frugal Life: Keeping Our World CleanFall is here and I'm so thankful for cooler weather. It has been a long, hot summer and not a good time to pick up a lot of litter.


Fresh green beans from the farmer's market.

Keeping Green BeansI love the farmer's market in our little town but it is only open on Fridays. I purchased some green beans. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw some more green beans that looked even better so I bought them too.


Oil lamps with clean globes.

Clean Globes on Oil Lamps Before a Power...Now that the days are getting shorter, it's a good time to clean your oil lamps and get the dust off the globes. That's what I have done because, when we lose power, we have no water.


Fall at Mabry Mill, VA - old mill with fall color

Fall at Mabry Mill, VAI took this photo on 10-24-07. It was a rainy day and it has turned out to be the best shot I have gotten of this beautiful place. I think it's due to it being a cloudy day.


Wrist Brace Sleeve

Wrist Brace SleeveI have developed tendonitis in my wrist and the doctor gave me a wrist brace to wear. It was not as comfortable as I would like so I cut an old sock off, just below the heel, made a little hole in the heel for my thumb and I had a sleeve to go over my arm under the brace. To keep the holes from stretching, I hand stitched around them and pulled the stitches up to fit my hand. The extra padding has made the biggest difference in the comfort of this wrist brace. I don't mind wearing it at all now.


A bottle planted near a plant.

Plastic Bottles to Keep a Plant WateredTo help keep our garden plants watered, this year we tried burying soda bottles, with holes in them, beside the tomato, squash and cucumber plants leaving the opening exposed. To easily fill the bottles, we used a flex funnel and the garden hose. The bottles worked very well to help keep the plants watered and we will be doing it again next year. The garden has just about given out and we have removed all the bottles that are no longer used, rinsed them and put them in the recycling bin.


Keep Birdbath Clean

Keep Birdbath CleanI change the water in our birdbath every 3-4 days. To keep moss from building up in the bowl, I brush the bowl good and then tip it up and slosh the dirty water out. Using the hose, I spray the remaining dirty water out and fill it with fresh water


Putting Away Clutter

Putting Away ClutterAt our house, it only takes a few days for things to get out of place. I have figured out an easy and quick way to get things back in order.


slices of apples frying in a skillet

Fried ApplesFall will soon be here and so will the fall apples. There are so many ways to prepare them but one of my favorites is fried apples. I never was good at frying them until I ran across this recipe on the internet. I made a few changes and just want to share the recipe.


Scenery: Autumn Driving In VirginiaIn October when the trees have turned, my husband and I take a day trip to the mountains to get some mountain apples and see the leaves. It's a 4 hour drive to the mountains from where we live so we pack a picnic lunch and snacks. It's a beautiful country drive all the way.


Finished log.

Pecan Marshmallow LogI love this recipe for pecan log and it is so easy to make. It's a little messy, but well worth the trouble involved when you taste of the results. Delicious! Time to complete can vary.


Using buckets and a red wagon to transport wet clothing to the clothesline.

Transporting Wet Clothing to ClotheslineThis is a tip for old folks like me and maybe some young folks as well. Use 5 gallon buckets and a wagon to take heavy wet laundry to the clothesline.


Leaf blower cord wrapped around a modified milk jug.

Milk Jug Electric Cord ReelI use the electric leaf blower frequently to blow off the porch and carport. I've just been looping the cord and laying it across the blower for storage and having to untangle it every time I use it.


Folding Fitted Sheets - folded sheet sets on the closet shelf

Folding Fitted SheetsI remember the days when we did not have fitted sheets and if the sheet was not tucked in good, you would wake up and find yourself laying on the mattress.



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