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Making a Custom Bottle Washer - cut down bottle scrubber

Making a Custom Bottle WasherI freeze my half and half, plus I make flavored water. When the bottles need washing, it's hard to get them clean.


Photo of an after Christmas mess.

"Twas the Day After Christmas"Twas the day after Christmas when all through the mall, not a shopper was stirring, they had all hit the wall. The stockings were empty, the trees were all bare, in hopes that the Visa bill, wouldn't be there.


Cat inspecting feeder.

Recycled Pet Feeding SystemI got tired of stepping on cat food and water. This idea came to me when the bag I had this old bread keeper in fell apart.


Cool Bathroom Shelving

Cool Bathroom ShelvingRecently, I moved into a home where there was a perfect space in front of a window, but I didn't have the ability to use brackets. I went to a thrift shop and got 4 cups, all the same height. I used them for shelf supports.


Ideas For Crocheted Chains - chain in process

Ideas For Crocheted ChainsI am sad to say that over 3 years ago, I received a request for samples of what can be made with crocheted chains. Just two days after that, I was flying across country to spend five months with my former in laws.


Sage advice for 2013

Sage Advice for 2013So, here is my sage advice for 2013. Let everyone you love know it, even if it isn't returned. It means a lot. And for those who know it already, it means everything. Work when you can and save like you won't have a job tomorrow. For some of us, that might be the case.


New Baby Frame - finished frame

New Baby FrameI made this for a friend's new grandnephew, Luciano. It's time intensive, but I love how it turned out.


Romantic Wreath - wreath hanging on closet knob

Romantic WreathI won't get this on in time for crafters to make it for Valentine's Day, but it's pretty for a romantic room/wall hanging any time of the year!


Mark Top of Cans in Drawers

Mark Top of Cans in DrawersRight now, the cabinet fronts of the kitchen are coming off, I mean literally falling off! So I moved my food to the dresser where I keep my dishes for now. Not wanting to take them all out to find just one, I marked them on the top. This helped me and I hope it will help you.


Dog tag used as medical ID with "Diabetic" on the first line and "Tetanus Allergy" on the second.

Saving Money on Medical Alert JewelryAs a diabetic and a person severely allergic to Tetanus, I needed a medical ID bracelet or necklace. However, even the cheapest ones are upward of $39.95 plus shipping. Ouch!


Yarn Wrapped Coffee Can Mummy Candy Dish - finished candy dish

Yarn Wrapped Coffee Can Mummy Candy DishThis was so much fun, and I was able to do it while watching TV! It was made with a lot of white yarn, a little gray, and some black for the eyes. I loved the way it turned out!


Patriotic Straw Wall Art - finished wreath hanging

Patriotic Straw Wall ArtI saw something like this on line, but I made my own. I had to improvise because I didn't buy enough of two colors, but I think it came out pretty cute anyway.


closeup of necklace on hook

Use Dress Hanger for Jewelry RackMy roomie bought some dresses for her grand babies at Costco. They come with this wonderful hook she was about to recycle. I scooped it up and now use it for jewelry.


Crochet Yarn Pumpkins - two styles of yarn pumpkins

Crochet Yarn PumpkinsToday I did two pumpkin crafts from yarn that were fun and are very easy. For one, you don't even need to know how to crochet.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Poem: "A Night Without the Internet"I didn't hear the doorbell. I must have been asleep. I didn't get my package and it almost made me weep. The box contained my modem. Connectivity was lost. With life unplugged I didn't know if I could I bear the cost?


Dish Drainer Filing

Dish Drainer for FilingI have just moved and ended up with five dish drainers. So, I was gathering them up to donate and thought of a way to keep a second one in the bedroom's office.


finished button magnet

Button MagnetThis very big button has the perfect holes for threading through bright crochet thread and yarn for magnets.


A close up of a dirty spatula with the handle removed.

Clean Inside Spatula HandlesQuite by accident, I realized that spatula handles come off. And when they do, omgosh! Now I am guessing this is not all food that gets trapped, but perhaps soap scum and/or?


Meals being prepared for the freezer.

Freeze a Month of Dinners in One AfternoonIn just three hours, I made dinners to freeze for the entire month. I do this each month and it's so much easier than freezing the raw meat, then thawing it then cooking. This way, the kitchen is only hot for a few hours.


blue and white ombre crochet mat with cup and small plate

Saucer and Cup Place MatI often serve just a coffee and small meal so a big place mat isn't practical. I came up with this for one of my year long scrap crafts and thought this might be a good idea for the upcoming holidays.


Autumn Wreath

Autumn WreathThis wreath is a combination of fall flowers and veggies, plus some leaves and love.


Repurposing a Dishwasher Baby Bottle Rack to Store Thread - loaded rack

Repurposing a Dishwasher Baby Bottle Rack to Store ThreadI am always looking for something to make my craft supplies easier to store, find, and use. I spotted this at a local thrift store and scarfed it up.


Cornelius the Cat on Purple Pet Bed

Cornelius (Tabby)Cornelius is a 1 year old Tabby cat. I got my pet when my grandson and his girlfriend couldn't keep him. He is the deity that keeps me sane. He loves to look out the door for critters and other cats in the yard.


The baked pan of French Onion Chicken.

French Onion ChickenThis recipe has only 5 actual ingredients (minus the spices), 6 if you like it a bit thicker by adding spuds. It is delish!


Tin Can Craft Supply Organizer - finished organizer with lids to tilt it back a bit

Tin Can Craft Supply OrganizerI have been washing and saving veggie and fruit cans for about a week. The time came last night to finally do something with them. This was what came of it.


watermelon cookies

Watermelon CookiesYou really have to allow yourself some space and time to make these. They are time consuming, but I won First Prize in 1998 at the Oregon State Fair for them, so for me, they were worth it.


New Life for Old Cabinet - full view

New Life for Old CabinetI had this little cabinet next to my living room chair for a while. Then I went to a friend's house and saw that she had a similar little one in her bathroom. I was inspired! And then I went to work.


Sorting Buttons or Beads - buttons in top lid

Sorting Buttons or BeadsI often work with buttons and beads. Pouring them out into a bowl or cup just takes up more room on the small work table. So yesterday, I decided to make a sorting space where I can see and sort tiny things without having them roll off onto the floor. My feet and vacuum are happier for it.


Photo of using laundry detergent caps in the bathroom for organizing.

Laundry Detergent Caps For Bathroom OrganizingThe house I live in does laundry a lot. And, they didn't recycle till I showed them the error of their ways.


bowl of soup

Jason's 7 Can Chicken Taco SoupMy grandson Jason gives me ingredient money to make him 3-4 crock pots of soup each month. He works for the state and it's perfect to just grab from the freezer and heat for lunch. I keep back two servings of each too... just for me!


finished sun catcher

Glitzy CD Sun CatcherWith a CD, mirror pieces, jewelry findings and recycled jewelry, you can make this pretty sun catcher.


Coffee filter lining a pet dish

Coffee Filters As Pet Dish LinersI just got my cat, Cornelius back from a three month stay with a friend. She took such good care of him that he is half the cat I knew! He was 25 pounds so now he is 12!


finished pumpkin

Ring Pumpkin Using Plastic CanvasBy using strips of plastic canvas and wrapping them with yarn, you can make this unique pumpkin, too!


Reusing Crisco Shortening Packaging

Reusing Crisco Shortening PackagingMake your own cheese and crackers for pennies! needing just a bit of shortening, I came upon a great idea. These Crisco tubes, containing baking sticks, are perfect for 12 crackers and a hunk of cheese. You can also use them for veggies, fruit, nuts, and other things you can't eat like meds, change, and so much more.


Storing Foil and Waxed Paper Boxes

Storing Foil and Waxed Paper BoxesIf you get a wire mesh document holder from the Dollar stores, they work great for those boxes you have to roll things out of. I found one in blue for .25 at a thrift store and did just that.


Repurposing an Old Walker - walker with lath strip shelf and decorations

Repurposing an Old WalkerI have a free walker someone left in our donation station. If I ever need it, it will be easy to "disassemble" and use in about 3 minutes.


Cutting PVC pipe

Milk Crate for Cutting PVC PipeRecently, I needed some white plastic shelves put back together in a closet. However, I had a gap that didn't reach the top, but the full height of the shelf was too high.


A shoe that has been fixed with a key ring.

Fixing a Broken Shoe with a Key RingRecently, I realized that shoving my shoes off with my other foot was going to come back on me. It did. The little pot-metal clip that the Velcro strap went through broke. I can't afford shoe repair so I did it myself.


A makeshift shelf for the bathroom counter, covered in contact paper.

Makeshift Shelf For Bathroom CounterI moved into an apartment that has almost no counter space, especially in the bathroom.


finished basket

Crochet Chain Woven BasketI embellished a simple thrift store basket with just yarn and a hook. It's the only one of its kind and yours can be too.


A roll of tape on top of a recycled glass jar containing a roll of twine.

Corralling Twine and Strapping Tape in One SpotI was tired of the roll of strapping tape and the twine falling out of the pantry every time I needed something next to them. So today, I saw and empty jar and went "Hey!".


Turn a Silverware Tray into a Small Shelf

Turn a Silverware Tray into a Small ShelfI found this for .50 at a local yard sale. I find that most of these trays are a bit slanted so you can't use them for shelving. But this one was perfect in 3 ways.


Lid Pumpkin Wall Hanging - finished pumpkin decor with faux sprig  and button glued in place

Lid Pumpkin Wall HangingI have had this idea in my "to do" file for longer than I care to admit. I have seen these on line. So this week, I decided to just mark it off and share it with all of you. Just 9 components and about an hour of time (not counting paint drying) and it's done. Hope you like it.


mismatched sets of dishes

Unique Place Settings Instead Of A SetWhy do my dishes have to match? Why can't I find unique place settings that give each guest a set of their own? So, at the local St. Vincent dePaul, I found these plates, saucers, and mugs and gave them a new home.


Garbage container ready to be picked up

Has the Trash Been Picked Up?Sometimes it's hard to tell if the trash has been picked up, without multiple trips out to lift the lid. By leaving a bit of the yellow or red bag handle out, I know when it's been picked up just by looking out the window.


Giant Christmas Ball Decoration - blue ornament

Giant Christmas Ball DecorationFrom such humble beginnings I was able to create something pretty cute. Dollar Tree plate chargers and some glitter hot glue come together for this cute scene.


Several rolls of crochet thread on a toilet paper holder.

Bath Tissue Holder to Store Crochet ThreadWhen your counter space in your work room is limited, you do what ever you can to save space. Today, I gathered up the spooled crochet threads and put them on this bath tissue holder.


mayo jar with dimes inside

Recycled Jar as a Dime BankWhen you clean out a mayo squirt bottle, you get a bank for dimes only. The bigger ones might hold bigger coins, but I don't have one to show you. The mayo with olive oil cleans very easily so that is my recommendation.


Blanket Curtain in a doorway hung with binder clips and shower curtain rings Without Sewing

Blanket Curtain Without SewingThis blanket was the perfect size, color, and price to cover my closet. But my sewing machine is in storage so I got 10 binder clips and a package of shower curtain rings from the dollar store, and made them work.


Hoarding: Too Much Stuff

Hoarding: Too Much StuffThere are many programs to watch these days on bachelors, dancers, singers, racers, survivors, and the like. But, there are none so compelling as those that dissect a little known malady known as hoarding.


Converting a Twin Bed into a Day Bed

Converting a Twin Bed into a Day BedI recently moved into my own place after 28 months of home sharing. The apartment is tiny, so I gave up my bedroom for my "Croffice" or 'craft room/office'. I found I enjoy sleeping in the living room. I can stay up a bit and not disturb the lady below me.



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