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November 10, 20101 found this helpful
Best Answer

If you can't sleep, read this immediately!
I to have some type of whitish mite driving me nuts too! I don't know how to kill them yet but I do know how to get through the days in comfort.

1. Go buy Dupont Brand Tybex booted suits at a safety supply store. Make sure the boots are built in. At Grainger Industrial supply, you can buy 25 suits for about $150 dollars model number "3wxc3". Put rubber bands around the wrists and your neck to keep the bugs off your body and to prevent them from biting your skin.

2. Buy Grandpas Thylox acne treatment soap with sulphur and University Medical Therapeutic Sulfur Mask. Take a normal shower and wash with a sulfur bar, dry off with a clean towel that has been washed in hot water with soap and dried on hot heat.

The trick is to get into the suit without getting any bugs in the suit with you. Put the rubber bands on your wrists and around your neck to keep the bugs out and off your skin. If your house is really thick with these type of bugs you will feel them crawling on the outside of the suit, but at least they cant bite your skin and lay more eggs in your body hair.

3. Take some Benadryl to help you sleep.

4. Listen to a relaxation tape from the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program from the Midwest Center 2 to 3 times and you should be able to fall asleep.

I feel everyone's pain that they are going through and I care about every single one of you suffering with this new unidentified problem. Some tips, get in the suit naked and stay in the suit, your skin rash should start healing up pretty fast. You might want to shave your body hair as I have noticed small while eggs in my body hair. Take a shower once a day. Put on a new suit each day or wash air dry and freeze before you put it on after the shower. Stay out of normal cloths for as longs as possible you will notice you will start to get bit once you put normal cloths on.

Make sure you buy a large enough suit so that you will be comfortable to move around when you sleep, if you tear the suit cover the hole with duct tape. If you go to the doctor and they think you are crazy keep talking to doctors until you find one who believes you. Your gut feeling is never wrong and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! My life has been turned upside down for about the last month with this insane problem. Remember you are not alone and there are people all over the world who are suffering with this! Hang in there and I will figure out what these things are and how to kill them, I will post more later.

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