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June 22, 20060 found this helpful

My hair is the same length. i am lucky that I have curly hair so pulling it back in a low ponytail works for me most of the time. I also wear it straight from time to time. When I do I have this same issue. (I have two little boys who are still in the hair grabbing stage.)

I tend to braid my hair into two braids on the hot days. When I want a classy updo that isn't jus a bun, I pull almost all of my hair up, leaving a litle in the front to pull behind my ear. Then I part my pony tail which is high on my head into about six diferent sections. I fold these into loops and pin the ends down. If Im nowt going anywhere fancy or don't feel like putting all that work into it, I just pull up the top half of my hair into a pony tail just below the crown and leave the little bit loose up front. I can pin this back so it blends into my pony or leave it hanging to put behind my ear as I please.

I also will do an upside down flip with my ponytail. I only pull half the pony tail through on the last trip through the band and leave a good bit of the ends loose. They will flop over the top of your makeshift bun and look very trendy.

Hope this has helped!

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