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By ingesting Agar-Agar with your preferred tea choice, you may lose weight while controlling your hunger, with the induced feeling of fullness enhanced by the high fiber content of Agar-Agar.

List of Ingredients Agar-Agar is acquired from various kinds of seaweeds with the method of boiling and drying the seaweed transforming it into a powder in most cases. The fiber content is estimated to be about 81%. There are also many other minerals in Agar-Agar such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Potassium.

Product Features When drinking Agar-Agar in your tea of choice, you are to drink the tea approximately 10 minutes prior to consuming your meals so that you will become full prior to eating and therefore, consume less food. You may also use Agar-Agar as an accelerated setting base for many desserts or as a glaze, and also in Miso Soup so that you do not taste the powdery mixture. It is known to set in a cooled setting, such as with refrigeration and has a gelatinous texture. Agar-Agar has no calories.

Advantages Agar-Agar is said to only take 10 minutes to give you a feeling of fullness.
Agar-Agar can be used in your own tea of choice or can be added to multiple dishes and/or recipes.
Agar-Agar has vitamins and minerals that meets daily needs as well as high fiber content and has zero calories.

Disadvantages Agar-Agar is only available through a select few online retailers.
Agar-Agar does not have sufficient evidence that is works and consumer reviews are not readily available on the internet.

Agar-Agar does not contain a proven fat burning ingredient.
Although the Agar-Agar powder is a convenient in being able to add to foods or liquids, it may not be appetizing to most consumers.

Conclusion Agar-Agar seems to be readily available through many online retailers and it is a convenient way of ingesting a dietary product by adding to various foods and liquids before consumption to help users to consume less food at meals. Dieters can feel that they are doing a good or "healthy" thing for their bodies by ingesting a product derived from natural sources such as seaweed and also which contains vitamins and minerals the human body needs on a daily basis.

Agar-Agar can be expensive, so the fiber content that is making consumers obtain the "full-feeling" may very well be obtained through similar products that are conveniently available through local grocery stores and other brick and mortar locations at cheaper prices. There do not seem to be any consumer reviews to prove that the Agar-Agar powder is a useful weight loss measure and could keep consumers from even trying it before turning to other methods.
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