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February 27, 20160 found this helpful

I keep my meds in original packaging at home, but I also carry a small supply in a little pill container in my purse. It's not the daily one, it's a square with 4 compartments. But, I always worried that if I should have any incident where I have to submit to a search or have an emergency, I could be in trouble because they were not labeled. There is a solution as long as you are keeping one kind of pill per compartment. Either write or type the pill name and size (10 mg, 20 mg etc) on small pieces of paper, tape securely to the container lids of each pill. You can shrink the font on a computer to make the labels fit. However you do it make sure it is legible and securely taped, and have a backup so you can replace the label should it wear off. Solves the problem and keeps anyone from wondering what those strange pills are that you have in your purse.

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