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February 28, 20160 found this helpful

I'm adding to my other comment stressing the importance of keeping an accurate & up to date medication list. The daily pill containers are of great benefit for those living alone, elderly, or with memory impairments where moving pharmacy bottles from one box to another as they are taken won't work. For those taking the same medication multiple times per day this is especially confusing. Additional pharmacy bottles for each dosage throughout the day adds to the confusion. Many people in this situation don't know which pills to take at which time of day so pills must be put in those daily pill containers, or weekly pill containers. Sometimes the patient cannot open the pharmacy bottles and having bottles with easy-open caps isn't always the solution when frail hands cannot manipulate the caps & get the proper dose from the bottle. Sometimes there are vision impairments making it difficult to read the labels, even large print. Note: Easy-open caps might not be safe if there are children living in or visiting the household.

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