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January 26, 20130 found this helpful

I would start with this article: The Power of Training a Dog with Markers or Clickers.
http://leerburg … ers-clickers.pdf

Also, when you give him a treat, it should be when he is calm and bored and when you are training this dog, a small quiet word of praise such as "yes" will work better than getting all excited and getting hyper.

As far as the treat goes, roll the treat up in your hand and when he goes to bite your hand, or mouth your hand, then bump his nose back, gently but firmly and say "take it soft". Offer it again and repeat the same thing if he takes it too rough.
He will eventually get it and understand.

He seems like he is overstimulated and he needs to be calm and not have much hyper activity around him. Give him some sort of a job, even if it is putting down a towel on the floor and throwing him a treat on it at a certain time every afternoon.

Check out for fun ways to interact with your dog, but remember that lots of dogs need quiet leadership and not a lot of talking and chatting that makes them nervous.

When a dog jumps on me, I am limber enough to bring up a knee and bump him in the chest, not firmly enough to hurt but enough to knock him off a little of his balance. Then I turn away and ignore him by walking off when he is acting snotty. They all go thru this.

Here are a lot of videos on that cover teaching not to jump up.
http://www.yout … ac.1.Ty0thQ-kZN0

Hope any of this applies to your situation!

Robyn from Tennessee

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