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June 2, 20110 found this helpful

Call Nzymes 877 876 6500. No, I don't sell it. I get dogs in as foster, as helper (not hoarder) as volunteer for those that would not have a chance otherwise. Nzymes are a favorite of mine. My house will never be without Nzymes. Most of all for your same problem. Unbelievable cures that you will pass on. Claims are true once you read their site. A must. Other help. Change diet. No corn, wheat or soy. Not in biscuits even. Include raw in diet like raw peas, green beans and even a few fruits. Cook a pot of sweet potatoes and ground turkey or organic short grain brown rice, organic lentils, ground turkey. coconut oil, fresh good fish oil, raw flax seed oil is a good addition. Fresh farm eggs once in a while also good.

Get away from the poison additives in commercial foods. Never buy from grocery aisle pet food. If you need a little kibble, EVO, California naturals or a specialty from groom shop, small pet store. NO vaccines. Bet your babies skin problems showed up right after vaccine. Poison mercury, formaldehyde, rotting monkey parts, anti freeze, yeast pumped into a little body causes harm. Read documented ingredients on any anti vaccine site. is a good one. A homeopathic thuja will help with some of the vaccine poisoning. No steroids. Problem comes back worse after immune system is destroyed by steroids. Contact me if you need. I would love to hear that things are going well.

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