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September 19, 20170 found this helpful

Since you know the name of your succulent then I feel sure you read care instructions (the Lipstick plant?).

My only suggestion would be to very carefully remove your plant and make sure the soil at the bottom is not wet. You can use a water instrument/gauge if you have one but be sure the point goes to the bottom of the pot.
Have you changed your watering schedule lately? Do you water more than once per month? Does your pot have good drainage and no saucer underneath?
Overwatering and underwatering both have the same characteristics so it is difficult to judge by the photo. Light could be an issue as the sun has changed and there may be less light than before.
I usually just add one or two ice cubes to my succulents and that seems to be sufficient water.

Here is a good source of care instructions so maybe you might see something you haven't noticed before.

http://www.youn … eria-care-guide/

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