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September 19, 20170 found this helpful

Caring for echeveria agavoides.

Step 1
When you water Echeveria, water the soil and not the rosette.

Step 2
Pour on the water until it drains out the bottom.

Step 3
Repeat this a couple times.

Step 4
Then don't water again until the soil has dried out.

Step 5
Once the threat of frost has past, gradually move them back outside in the spring.

Step 6
They like full sun.

Step 7
Do not keep them in the afternoon sun if it is very hot.

Step 8
Echeveria, indoors or outside, dont like to be kept too wet, but they also dont like to be kept too dry.

Step 9
Echeveria need soil that drains quickly. This helps prevent moisture from rotting the roots.

Step 10
Getting a fresh change of soil every couple years will keep them healthy and growing well.

Step 11
Use a slow-release fertilizer at the beginning of spring, or a liquid fertilizer diluted 2-4 times more than normal and used less often than recommended.

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