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July 26, 20101 found this helpful

I live in Winnipeg. When we moved into our present home, I dug up 2 tiny maple seedlings and transplanted them to the south side of our yard. They are now each about 35 feet tall! Took 26 years, but they are beautiful! Water them in the morning, so the leaves have a chance to dry off before nightfall. If they are wet overnight, they may develop a fungus, or mold, and fall off. I left a small depression in the ground around each tree when I planted them, so the water would pool around them and soak the roots. I watered them about an hour every day all spring, summer, and fall, for 2 years, then 2 times a week every year after that, for 3 years. Once they are about 5 feet high, they only need watering once a week. I use a soaker hose. It was worth the effort and the water. They shade my whole front yard.

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