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February 20, 20091 found this helpful

What I do is place about a half dozen per freezer bag as soon as I purchase them and then can easily just grab what I need from week to week. They keep well in the freezer that way for quite a few weeks.

Corn tortillas freeze just as well as flour tortillas. You just have to be sure to dab the moisture off of them if you're going to to cook them straight from the freezer in oil as taco shells or chips first. Have been freezing them since I moved away from home in 1972 and haven't had one single batch be bad.

A frugal tip: Instead of throwing those freezer bags away, simply fold the empties and place in a spot in the freezer for when you purchase more tortillas. It saves time and water washing the bags and keeps the inside of the bags from growing bacteria. Actually, I do that for any non-fluid freezer items.

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