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July 14, 20070 found this helpful

First off, take internal oils. I highly recommend you take a tablespoon of Eskimo 3 oil, a tablespoon of grapeseed oil and a tablespoon of walnut oil EVERY DAY. My mom who is 60 has very good looking healthy hair after taking the grapeseed oil. However, I have dry skin all over and also naturally dry hair and so, the above 3 oils have done wonders for me.
Secondly, I would recommend you get a good quality Body scrubs however you will need to exfoliate for a good 30 mins all over every few days.(NOT the face!) Another thing you could use is a shower brush -takes less time to exfoliate!
Now for the body creams. You can either use natural or commercial products.
Natural oils I would recommend are Sweet Almond Oil or Burt's Bees Apricot Baby Oil.
Commercial ones I would recommend are The Santury Crème Soufflé or
Mande Lular (http://cgi.ebay … Z1QQcmdZViewItem)
Now for your face- I highly highly recommend that you still take the above oils, but also the 30 day Beauty Secret (http://www.evit … uct.asp?pid=1353)
and use Lavera Face Wild Rose Range for Dry and Mature skin. (
I use the combination one, mom uses the Wild Rose Range and we've both been happy for the past year!
If not happy, try Dr. Hauska Mature skin range - it's more expensive though and doesn't have the same effect as I like from Lavera!
Hopefully, you will find the answer through my suggestions!! The oils are essential no matter what else you do!:)

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