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By sarah_bellum (Guest Post)
October 27, 20040 found this helpful

I used to work in a burn unit. We always tell people never put mustard, eggs ect on a burn. If the skin is broken or peeling it can cause a serious infection.

The mineral water is a good idea. That is similar to the techinque we use in the burn unit.

In a burn unit for semi-minor 1st and 2nd degree burns they put neosporin on the burn and wrap the burn with gauze soaked in saline (which is similar to mineral water). You can use a clean tee shirt or anything that does not have a lot of fuzz (no towels!! if the skin is broken)

When relieving the pain anything that dulls nerve endings will do, tylenol, cold compress ect. Those compresses are fine as long as the skin is not broken!

The only thing that will calm the swelling is Tylenol or good old fashioned time.

I hope this helps!!!

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