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March 19, 20080 found this helpful

TOFU is amazing stuff. It takes on the flavor of ANYTHING you put with it. Here's my favorites, though unusual things to make with Tofu:

TOFU "CREAM CHEESE" filling: Take tofu (any type) & put it into the blender with a bit of Honey & half a teaspoon of Vanilla & an optional squirt of lemon juice. Then blend this until it's creamy. I drop a teaspoon dollop of this into the centers of my bran, carrot or fruit muffins before baking, it adds extra moistness without adding extra fat.

TOFU ICING: Same recipe as above, (honey, vanilla & lemon juice) except I also add just a bit of the zest from an orange, a lemon or both. This gives a bit of "tang" to the icing... Thin this out a bit with either several tablespoon of milk, lemon, orange, cranberry or other juice. Pour the "icing" on to your muffins or cake right from the blender. It will set up a bit after it sits.

NO HONEY or SUGAR ADDED: If you like the above ideas but don't care to use honey, then instead blend the Tofu with several tablespoons of any type of frozen concentrate juice, like Orange-Mango-Banana, Orange-Pineapple, Apple or whatever juice suits your fancy. Don't forget the Vanilla as this makes a big difference in the flavor. The only difference between the Tofu "Icing & the "Filling" is the thickness.
---> The taste is somewhat like the icing on carrot cake but less sweet & much better for you because there's NO sugar & NO butter, only healthy Tofu, Juice & Vanilla in it!

* TOFU APPLE PIE: Years ago, I went to a potluck where I tasted a wonderful Apple/Tofu cinnamon pie. As I stated earlier, the tofu takes on the flavor of whatever is around it or what you add to it. The tofu was cut into chunks & just added to the pie with the apples.

* TOFU CHIP DIP: Another thing you can do with tofu is to make a chip dip (just think of Tofu as a sort of "cream cheese" or sour cream base" once it's blended) Just throw half a tub of tofu into a blender & add a pinch of salt & either fresh or dried onion, garlic &/or chives with a pinch of salt. Thin this down with a bit of milk or plain yogurt & blend. If you like your dip slightly chunky, then first blend the tofu with the milk or plain yogurt, then add green onions, chives & garlic & blend again for a very short time. If you want the dip to be a bit sour, like real sour cream, you can add several drops of vinegar.

* TOFU SCRAMBLED "EGGS" - This recipe isn't for everyone, I have to admit, but here goes: Spray a skillet with Pam then heat to Med/High Heat (cast iron works best) & then scrunch up the tofu in your hand & between your fingers. Add the tofu to the hot skillet & sprinkle in a bit of salt, pepper & a small sprinkle of onion power, then sprinkle over the top of this about a teaspoon of Nutritional Yeast then mix everything together, heat & eat. If you hate the taste to nutritional yeast, substitute it with a bit of turmeric (for the yellow color). The trick to this recipe is to heat & cook the tofu QUICKLY, like you would a stir-fry.

---> I never told my kids they were eating tofu! They always thought it was cream cheese or sour cream in or on their muffins & food. Keep an open mind. Tofu can be added to smoothies, blended into cream soups, or breaded, seasoned & fried. Just use your imagination! I've been a vegetarian for 29 years now & love to try anything & everything new. Everything that's not meat, that is! But, tofu is Gods gift to us, an "all around" food that can be transformed into most anything!

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