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September 5, 20100 found this helpful

For a moment I thought someone was writing about my childhood. There were 4 of us and dad decided to be MIA.
No running water, some winter nights we slept in the living room where the furnace was because the rooms were too cold.
Often we had other families living with us , that was fun to have all of those kids with us. I am now a mom and wife . We have 2 sons and they are being taught the very lessons that we learned. Gratitude, appreciation, love, patience and perseverance.
Mom crocheted and people bought her items, sometimes there was child support but we learned not to expect it. Mom sewed and made out clothes, we all did our share. I started babysitting when I was 11 so that I could buy what I needed. I will never forget the smell of my 1st pair of leather clogs. Ahhh.
Mom always made Christmas the best time ever and I still love the holiday. We never knew we were poor because we always had what we needed (not what we wanted). We had 1 tv and we all watched together or not at all. We were loved and for the most part taken care of, but best of all we had each other.
Thanks Jess for reminding me of that most precious things in life, are not things.

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