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May 17, 20100 found this helpful

I always stay in B&Bs, and often without reservations. Just ask locals where they are, and there will be streets with lots of B&B signs. Find out which currencies you will need, and think about getting some of each before you go. Changing money is expensive, and B&Bs don't always take credit cards.

Use your ATM at a bank, that is usually the cheapest way to get cash, but there will be charges. You'll have more fun if you have a bit of cash with you and don't have to do this first. Call banks in your area to find one that carries foreign currencies.

If you have time, open a Capitol One credit card. It is the only one that won't charge an extra fee to change the money, saving you about 2%. But cash advances are still too expensive, just use it as a credit card.

Let your bank and credit card companies know when and where you will be going.

Carefully check all of your credit card charges when you get back. Save the receipts for this.

I like tours in areas where I don't speak the language. Cosmos has some reasonable ones. DON'T buy any options. If you do you won't have any time on your own to explore, and that's one of the real joys of travel.


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