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November 22, 20140 found this helpful

I just wanted to add; I have had several puppies that had parvo tried many different things to save them some succesful and some not. The Pit I have now who was saved from parvo by the vet. The vet told me what saved her was somehow I kept her hydrated and believe me, it is key for the survival of any pup with parvo! Because once they have it, it is there till it runs its course. Actually it is not the virus that kills them, it's what it does while it lives inside them. All the vet can really do is try and keep them hydrated via an IV. I don't mean to carry on anyway. I have tried everything to try and make the dog drink water.

It is going to sound strange, but it works and that's what matters. Try pouring small amounts of water in your palm and offer it to them as much and as often as they want. I have also tried this on other puppies that had parvo and it worked every time. Good luck and remember it is in the best interest of the pup to get him into the vet at least for a check up. I give my own vaccines. I make sure as soon as pups leave mom to give the first set of parvo vaccines and another in 2 weeks. I have yet to have any parvo problems. It is recomended to give more, but I haven't.

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