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August 13, 20131 found this helpful

Ok wow lots of good info here. Lets put the whole money issue aside for a moment any of you vetters ever ask your vet what percentage of parvo pups they actually save? If you did you would find it to be very low. The reason it is so low is because they just don't give the care and nutritional support a parvo puppy needs, parvo puppies need round the clock treatment for at least 3 days and we are talking every 30 minutes till eating and drinking on their own consistantly.

Vets either are not willing or not capable of doing this most will hook them up to fluids give antibiotics and check temps then there is no treatment overnight and a parvo pup left at the vet for the weekend is most certainly doomed to pass away. So regardless of homepathy or modern medicine at home treatment is a must to have the best chance of saving your pup.

The emergency tea is great and so is the parvo buster I bought it for my catahoula bulldog he was diagnosed with parvo, however I feel it was because he had been vaccinated 4 days before I took him to the vet. The reason I don't believe it was parvo is he only threw up once and had 3 diareahas. You see he tested positive because I had just injected him with the virus. Vets don't want us to know this for fear we might wise up to the whole vaccination scam.

He was at the vet for 4 days we were not allowed to see him and recieved very vague information on the treatment he was receiving (I have since changed vets). So I had a spirit led urge to take him home to finish treatment I purchased the parvo buster and made the tea. He came home on Friday. He would not have made it through the weekend as he was already very overhydrated puffy eyes, muzzel and very loose squishy skin. I cried he cried I prayed and we went home, he licked my tears the while way. We got home started the tea and waited for the pb to arrive.

It came Saturday around noon and we started it right away. I was so tired from being up all night treating my puppy but a red bull helped me so I could keep helping him. After 2 days of round the clock care he was hungry eagerly licking the babyfood, I had been rubbing on his gums. So I had a can of gastro from the vet, I have him a spoonfull with the treatment.

He made a full recovery I did finish the antibiotics the vet sent home (which upon researching had nothing to do with the treatment of parvo hmm) I never needed the nausa meds they sent and he is doing great all together I spent $1000 to save him but if I had known sooner it only would have cost less then half that for all the tea ingredients and the pb.

Pedialight is good if your dog isn't vomiting but if he is that can make it worse just stick to oatmeal water with maple syrup and emergency tea for hydration. Also there are alot of er teas out there they are good for the most part but stay away from those with garlic as they can make vomiting worse. Collidal silver is good too.

My favorite thing to insure great health in my animals is diatomacious earth google it its great I take it myself dogs and cats get it and its great in the litter box too. Impprtant things to know pale gums =dehydration cool paws =low nutients and fever =infection hope this helps someone.

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